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Full text of "Book Your Own Fuckin' Life 1 (1992)"

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The neanderthal 
comes through in 

Troll keeping up on 
glamor tips from 
Ben Is Dead "Glam- 
our" issue 

Tod, Joel, 
Troll, Crito, 
Donovan, Ya- 
hoo!, Kristi, 
Adin, A-Ron 


Before you complain to 
us.... I’ve been spending hours and 
hours in front of this stupid fucking 
screen, typing in listing after listing 
after listing and it gets me in a really 
shit piss mood. Half the time I began 
to wonder who the fuck I was doing 
this for, why the fuck I was doing this, 
and why the fuck am I not asleep at 
4 am. I guess those who know why 
are the ones who it’s for, those who 
live it, breathe it, sleep it. I thought 
that’s who would be listed inside of 
here too, and they are, the response 
was great (at the deadline), but I can 
iust tee! thousands of assholes in 
nere, folks who are just out to make 
a buck off of you, folks who smelled 
money and dove in, folks who will take 
away your last piece of bread after 
they gave horse shit for the show you 
played, MEGAzines with glossy 
pages riddled with corporate 
endorsement, etfuckingcetera. So 
what I’m saying isdon’ttrustthis, ask 
around about people in here, some of 
the fuckers stand out like day-glo 
Coors hats at a Crucifix gig, some 
are sly and have learned howto blend 
in so be careful, use your head, trust 
your instincts, don’t get fucked. DIY 
is about taking back control of our 
everyday lives, and just like every 
other aspect of daily life there’s 
gonna be some wretched fuck 
waiting around the corner to push 
your face into the ground and take 
whatever you have. Be careful. Do It 

Over the last decade and a half the world has witnessed the blossoming of one 
of the largest underground countercultural movements in history. Born out of youth 
anger (and probably just boredom), which created the original *77 punk explosion, this 
self-motivated and self-created movement has spread throughout tne furthest reaches 
of industrial society. People grown tired of pre-packaged consumer entertainment and 
everywhere punk has spread rts "Do-It-Yourself” attitude. Punk is a new folk music, 
where anyone can take part who has the desire for expression and freedom. 
Communication and interaction on a personal level is the foremost goal, with 
production, packaging and marketing coming secondary. The DIY movement is vibrant 
and as more people, ideas, thoughts and actions interconnect all the various aspects 
making it an ever-changing and growing movement. 

Over these past years the DIY movement has grown at an unprecedented rate, 
in some cases fueled by profit-making trends, but for the most part on a real grass-roots 
level. The national ana international communication within the DIY movement is what 
has kept it strong over the years. Through the efforts of certain individual and fanzines, 
people have been able to make concrete connections between people of similar 
interests and have created an entire underground economy based on the spreading 
of our own living culture and ideal. Bands have been able to promote themselves, book 
tours, put out records without bowing down to the corporate music industry. That is 
the essence of DIY. People helping other people without an eye for profit, only for 
creating a better world and having some fun. Networking has played a major role in 
making all this happen. That is why we present "Book Your Own Fucking Life” for just 
this tool. 

We hope this magazine will help us make a giant step forward towards 
international solidarity for DIY people and organizations. This is the first attempt at such 
an interactive listing in recent years where people have been given equal and free 
opportunity to take part. We realize that there are a few restrictions that have made 
this listing in many ways incomplete. We regret that we had less time to spread the word 
of this project to mere people but the desire to get it out before summer prevented this. 
As well, we realize that not everyone involved in the DIY movement does not necessarily 
read MRR or FYofane Existence or perhaps doesn’t speak English! If for whatever 
reason you did not know of this project before publication and therefore are not listed, 
we are sorry. 

We hope this magazine will be at least a yearly event in order to maintain a 
current networking tool. For this issue the assembly of these listings was mostly done 
by members of the Profane Existence Collective. Hundreds of hours were spent typing 
in these listings and in one sense we feel elated that it’s near completion, and on the 
other hand we are exhausted. We do not know if we will take charge of assembling this 
again next year. If any group or individual would be interested in stepping forward for 
the next issue we would strongly encourage such an undertaking. There is no reason 
that this project could not be rotated among different people each issue. 

As for how we feel this project connects with the Profane Existence Collective. . . 
For those who do not know, we are a group of anarchists who have put together our 
collective energies into numerous projects; a bi-monthly magazine/newspaper, a 
distribution, a record label, T-shirt shop, etc. By pooling our skills and knowledge we 
have been able to produce our efforts into reality. However, we would not be able to do 
anything with our projects except sell them through the usual capitalist (rip-off) means 
if it weren’t for our sisters and brothers around the world. We feel that by breaking 
free from the established capitalist system we are creating freedom in our own lives. 
We need the kind of global interconnections that this magazine presents the possibilities 
of creating. When we take control of our immediate interests this will set an example 
for creating a better world. We hope that the people who use this magazine will realize 
that DIY goes furtherthan just a music "scene ana directly translates into the liberation 
of everyday life. 

The idea for this magazine comes directly from need as well as inspiration from 
the others who have compiled similar resources in the past; namely Pete from Reaching 
Out Distribution, Julia From Warzone, Nabate, MaximumRocknroll, etc. We thank MRR 
for their part in this project and especially for patience when we lost ours. For all those 
involved in the DIY movement full-neartedly, past present and future, this maqazine is 
dedicated to you. . PROFANE EXISTENCE • APRIL 20, 1 992 

I was really excited when Joel and Dan from Profane Existence first approached us with the idea of this joint 
project. I want to thank them for doing all the complilation (glamourous word for typing, yuck!) of the listinqs, and 
having the dedication to follow this through to the end. 

T envision this being a magazine that people can pick up and from it get a good idea of how to start getting in 
contact with people from all over the world, either for setting up shows at clubs, or finding a label to put your record 
out, or, for traveling punks, the lowdown on record stores and the cool places to eat. Obviously, that’s just a few 
ways that this magazine can be utilized, and I’m sure you’ll think up your own creative schemes. 

What makes a project like this so inspiring is that it’s like a bi g "Fuck you!" to the commodization of punk by 
major labels and the record industry", something that flys in the face of recent trends. I’m always amazed at the 
organization our “scene" can pull off if we set our minds to it. The sheer number of listings we’ve received for only 
our first issue is pretty heartening. I see this as putting us one step closer to the self-reliance we are striving for. 

Okay, so here’s a start as to what’s out there, now it’s up to you to get invovled and make your own ideas 
happen. Hope to see your listing in here next year. Suzanne April 1992 

DIY (or Do It Yourself), has become in my mind a state of being which can be applied not only to music, but 
to all facets of your life. Doing It Yourself is not supporting major labels, and not supporting the economic war 
machine. DIY is finding alternatives to frequently overpriced and occasionally substandard medical care, irradiated 
food products picked by under paid and abused laborers, it’s finding ways around pay to play big name rock n’ roll 
bullshit. Doing ItYourself means taking control of your life by being independent of any corporation, political/social 
power , or group outside of what little old you can accomplish with your own two hands and what lies between your 

In an era of deli trays, major label contracts, and exhorbitant guarantees, this is our (MRR and Profane 
Existence - not to mention the great folks who sent in the listings) way of giving the finger to corporate rock and 
roll. This is just a smidgen of the bands, zines, venues, alternative clinics/food stores, etc. out there, (Those of 
you too lazy to send in listings, shame on you.) but the huge number of listings gives me great hope that not all 
is lost for the underground. 

I’d like to think that this project this will be enough of a success that it will warrant putting one of these together 
every year, and that next year even more people will respond increasing the amount of information out (here . 
erhaps this way, we can include more and varied listings as well.) To add to what Tod mentioned in his piece, 
lease, if you sent in a listing, do not fuck people over. If you are a label, send people their records or zines. 
‘romoters, treat bands well. Touring is tough enough without having to worry about shady promoters backing 
out on you at the last minute. Bands, you need to be honest as well. A lot of this is up to you; don't turn and run 
to the first ( or any) major label that offers you what seems like the deal of a lifetime. A huge chunk of this movement 
we call punk rock is the music you all create, and you can do so much to make or break it. Basically, just be honest 
and nice to each other, and hopefully from all of this we can continue to create and foster a true alternative to 
the mainstream world. 

A lot of work went into this, and to me it has all been worth it. If even just a handful of people can use it in 
some way which helps them or spreads information, we have achieved our goal. Remember, there are alternatives 
to avoid playing the money game, and even if these alternatives are more difficult or less convenient, in the long 
run they are totally and undoubtedly worth it. So get off of your asses, throw out those $1 5.00 CDs of some crappy 
band with big hair, and go fuck a little shit up. Just get out there and DO IT YOURSELF! Lot’s of love Lali April 

1992 H 

B 1 


MRR Shit- 
workers: Su- 
zanne Bar- 
tchy, Lali 
Mike Mcniel. 
Dave Steven- 
son. John 
Yates. Tim 








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Pg 61 

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H D 1 S T R 1 - 


w& butors 













Z I N E S 






qf***** BANDS 


/ Donthan, AL 36307 / 205-677-5689 (Richard Boatwright) 

Good old fashioned noisecore since 1986. "Speed spew-the best in 

RANDOM CONFLICT / 1224 Glenn Avenue / Florence, AL 35630 / 205- 

A thrash mixture of punk, hardcore, and metal. Goal: to provide a 
musical experience that is positive and enlightening, as well as, 
powerful and heavy. 7' ep, $4.00 ppd, Peer Pressure Productions 
(address in label section). LP out soon. 

WORKING MOTHERS / PO Box 26541 / Birmingham, AL 35226 / 205-733- 

They don't have a concept, a plan, or way cool haircuts. They can 
play, and yeah, they write great songs too. A "poppunkmetalrock" 
kinda thing. Two albums out. 


PEER PRESSURE PRODUCTIONS / 4023 Lucerne Dr. / Huntsville, AL 
35802 / 205-883-1642 

Six releases (since May 1989): Random Conflict 7" ep, a compilation 
tape of 1 2 Huntsville punk and thrash bands from 1981 to present, 
and 4 demos of Huntsville bands. SASE for catalog. Future releases: 
Random Conflict LP on CD and cassette, and Skeletal Earth 7” ep. 


CARL OTALORA / noo 14th Ave. / Apt. 19 / Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 / 205- 

Capacity: 325. Lodging is possible. We work on guarantees and/or 
percentage of door after costs. 

PEER PRESSURE PRODUCTIONS / 4023 Lucerne Dr. / Huntsville, AL 
35802 / 205-883-1642 

Armory-iooo*, or maybe a local bar-?. Can provide food and maybe 
lodging. Costs average around $1000, we can work out a percentage 
after that. Shows, at best, once a month. 

STUART ELLIS / 202 E. Samford / Auburn, AL 36830 / 205-821-8573 
Shows set up in alternative arrangements (houses, parties, etc.) 
turnout usually is between 50 to 70 people. Lodging is no problem. 
Money is usually $70-150, after expenses all money goes to bands. Or 
before June '92 try Ken Sanderson 205-826-1566 

\ y. 


WEGL 91.1 FM / 116 Foy Union / Auburn University, AL 36849-5231 
/ 205-844-4057 (business), 844-9345 (on air), 844-4056 (music director 
office) / Contact: Ken Sanderson through June 92 after that try Brian 
Teasley or Cat. / Punk Show: Tuesdays 10-12 "Mystery Playhouse 91" 
They play a lot of punk regularly too. 

WIUS 95.1 FM Cable / Indiana University Student Radio / 815 East 
8th St. / Bloomington, IN 47401 / 812-855-6552 / Contact: David Baird. 
Punk/HC show times change each semester. 

WVUA 90.7 FM / University Of Alabama / PO Box 870152 / Tusca- 
loosa, AL 35487-0152 / 205-348-6461 / Contact: Carl Otalora. Tues 


IMAGINARY RECORDS / Mailing address: 332 N. Dean Rd. / Auburn, 
AL 36830 Store address: 100-b N. College St. / Auburn, AL 36830 / 205- 

Specializes in independent music and vinyl LP's/45's, good prices/ 
low markup. 

VINYL SOLUTION / 1207 University Blvd. / Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 / 205- 
758-3710, Fax: 205-752-6545 / Contact: George Hadjidakist, Jillana 

Specialties: "alternative" garage* cool indie stuff - T's, p-cards, 
accessories too 


(f — * m BANDS 

ALAN'S FEAR / 1865 Broadway # ii6 / Tempe, AZ 85282 / 602-968-3891 

Punk/metal. Diverse musically (jazz, blues, gothic rock, alternative, 
classic rock influences) and lyrically (sexual, psychological, politi- 
cal, spiritual). Believes punk is: No rules, no limits (as life itself). 
HORACE PINKER / 1432 S. Stanley PI. / Tempe, AZ 85281 / 602-894- 

Has an Arizona desert sound that blends pop and punk and beer and 
rawness. They've been around for a year or so and have a 7” out 
called 47. They put it out themselves and it goes for $3 plus a few 

PRIMITIVE TRIBES / PO Box 785 / Flagstaff, AZ 86002 / 602-527-8394 
Brutal, grinding, ear damaging, assault from the thrashing bowels of 
Satan.. ..Just kidding! Why do people always say that shit? Our 
sound? Perhaps Joy Division on amphetamines. We have a cassette 
"New world death frenzy" - $4.50. We'll play anytime in the west. 
RAW SEWAGE c/o Craig Hallam *91497-012 / F.C.I. / 8901 South 
Wilmot Rd. / Tucson, AZ 85706 

(WWP) Raw Sewage: hardcore industrial, nihilistic vegetarian punk. 
Looking for correspondence from L.A. Will be in L A. spring '93. 
Wiki-CrackBabies-Christian Islam-Globe High Transvestites-Herbi- 
cidal Tendencies-Rah Many Times-Lone Dog-More Aa I Can Them 
Up. / PO Box 2561 / Globe, AZ 85502-2561 / 602-425-4360. I'm in all 
these bands and write most of their songs. The reason there's so 
many is so I can keep playing at some time. Working on a comp, with 
them. AZ residents call if you want good, cheap, entertainment. 


85502-2561 / 602-425-4360 

Small as shit label. Kinda conceptual. Looking for good bands with 
lotsa originality. Also looking to start indie trading-distribution 
operation. Write!!! 

TOXIC SHOCK / Box 43787 / Tucson, AZ 85733 / 602-623-2008 
A label, distributor and store. 


3 GUYS PRODUCTIONS c/o Eric Astor / PO Box 1865 / Tempe, AZ 
85280-1865 / 602-820-5506 

Venue: Silver Dollar Club (Phoenix). Capacity: Inside-450, Outside- 
2500. Lodging G Food: Always upon request. Terms: $5, all ages, no 
bullies, work on % - flexible. Fair S honest. Major media hype. 
ALEX BONE / PO Box 30571 / Flagstaff, AZ 86003 - 0571 / 602-527-1686 
The hall capacity is 500? and we are going for a scene oriented 
bigger by 5/92 in Flagstaff and I have other AZ connections, 
particularly in Tucson. Lodging is available if contracted in advance! 
Food is also provided if people need it. We can work percentage or 
wage guarantee's under 1500 dollars, but if you want over 500 you 
better be a big band. We can guarantee a 300* show with a rippin' 
energy pit. Want to get a crowd to blast into action check out 

SCOn EASTMAN / 1432 S. Stanley PI. / Tempe, AZ 85281 / 602-894- 

Venue is Silver Dollar Club, 417 E. Madison, Phoenix. All ages. Shows 
are $3-$5. No gangs or violence. Food S lodging can be worked out. 
There are no guarantees, bands are paid a % of door. 


EUZA BLACKWEB / PO Box 3582 / Tucson, AZ 85722 
Printing services available: anarchist, punk-friendly printing (some 
bindery and typesetting available too.) I won't censor your work or 
charge you outrageous prices! Have printed Hippycore, Bad Newz, 
No Longer Silent, etc. Send specifications for free estimate. 


CACTUS PRICK / 1265 E. University Dr. *1014 / Tempe, AZ 85281-8427 
/ 602-921-0421 / $1 ppd / About every two months / 8 1/2 x 11, 20 pgs. 
Ouch ouch!! Barf barf!! Ouch! 

C.H.A.O.S. / PO Box 30571 / Flagstaff, AZ 86003-0571 / $2.00 ppd or 
$12.00 ppd for 6 months / monthly / Legal size, 25 - 45 pages 
We are an anti-fascist zine. We have a community calendar. 
Political commentary is a mainstay in our zine. We have serious art 
work and stories, scene reports, etc. We also expand on ethics and 
psychological perspectives. We are Alex Bone and Mary Disaster. 
Collected Humans Against Outdated Systems. 

HANLEY NEWS c/o Mat Foote / 7781 N. Avenida de Carlo tta / Tucson, 
AZ 85704 / $1 ppd / Not often 

Tends to dwell on personal editorials, cheezy comics, reviews of 
odd things and brief interviews with good photos. Actually the 
frequency of the zine is decreasing as I have a mind to get into 
distribution and music. 

NO LONGER SILENTI c/o Eliza Blackweb / PO Box 3582 / Tucson, AZ 
85722 / $10 for a 5 issue sub. / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 64 pages 
Anarchist, post-situationist zine. Focus on intentional community 
building and creating practical, anti-authoritarian environments 
now. Revolutionary self-theory; barter and alternative economy; 
the technology of intimacy; pro-wilderness, sex-positive; disman- 
tling alienation and authority! Submissions welcome. 

SAA DOO / PO Box 2561 / Globe, AZ 85502-2561 / 602-425-4360 / 50 
cents ppd / 1 put an issue out whenever I can. 

Lotsa opinion about this world. Non-punk magazine (or mag). Have 
gotten good reviews from lots of folks so you might want to check 
it out. Send tapes/LPs/7"s for review. No commercials accepted. 
THE SECRETS OF LIFE AND DEATH / 67 E. Roanake # 9 / Phoenix, AZ 
85004 / 60 cents ppd / Frequency? - Whenever I feel like putting out 
an issue. / 3 6/8 x 4 1/4 

Bizarre and strange graphics, words. Current issues lean towards 
fiction, non fiction, art, band info 6 essays, zine reviews and just 
plain weird shit ♦ trash culture. Always accepting contributions of 
words, art, free stuff. 


CORNER of Mill Ave. and University Ave in Tempe. 

Everyone hangs out here. There are record stores, a veggie co-op, 
thrift stores, book stores, and punx on or very near that corner. If 
you're bored or you want to hang out and meet people, got there. 

PO Box N / Jerome, AZ 86331 / 602-634-8894 / $19.95 ppd 
A step by step manual on every aspect of making and selling your 
own vinyl/cassette/CD outside major label networks: budgeting, 
financing, manufacturing, selling, promoting, copyrighting, record- 
ing. A musicians bible. 



THE ABORTED c/o Brady / 23iGreenwich Dr. / Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 
Punk's not dead, it's just resting, and we're here to wake it up! 
AFTERBIRTH c/o Shane / 2151 Canyon Rd. Apt. # D / Costa Mesa, CA 
92627 / 714-969-6144 

A "free for all" punk rock band in the vein of Disorder, ENT, Chaos 
UK, Discharge with members of Confrontation, Mindrot, Phobia and 
whoever else is playing for us this week!! We ll play anywhere in 

So. Cal. for beer, buds, or just a smile, handshake, and good 

AMYGDALA c/o Suburban Wasteland / PO Box 6963 / San Mateo, CA 
94403 / 415-595-8113 (Matt) 

"Experience The Nocturnal Burrito. Potsy Loves Chachi. Demo for 
$3.00 ppd, 7" out soon." 

ALL YOU CAN EAT / PO Box 312/ Larkspur, CA 94977-0312 / 431-2525 
Diverse and melodic HC. By a bunch of of goofy dorks who love 
comic books and toys, we like to smile and jump a lot as our 
attention span’s are short and we often forget that the world 
around us is rapidly destroying itself. 

ARTISTIC DECLINE / PO Box 862003 / L.A., CA 90086 / 213-715-0511 
Progressive-minded punks. Jello Biafra described our 1988 LP as 
"the closest hardcore album to Wire's Pink Flag ." In the interven- 
ing years, we've traveled a lot as individuals throughout California 
and rest of the world, sporadically appearing on compilations, 
BAKAMONO / 849 C Almar Ave. *154 / Santa Cruz, CA 95060 / 408- 

Noisy punk rock along the lines of Steel Pole Bathtub/early Sonic 
Youth/Rapeman etc. New band looking to trade tapes with others, 
we have a 9 song demo only for trade not for selling - vinyl soon. 
BI-CURIOUS GEORGE c/o Craig Usher / 1614 - 24th St. / Sacramento, 
CA 95816 / 916-444-2598 

Diverse political group interested in playing benefits, free shows, 
and alternative events - not traditional male-dominated gigs in 
macho-smoke-infested clubs. 

BUSTER / 415-863-0582 (Charles) 

BONESAW / 2063 Mendota Way / San Jose, CA 95122 / 408-730-5269 

Old school grindcore sprinkled with the likes of Celtic Frost ♦ 
Possessed, Eye Hate God ♦ Cathedral, Lush ♦ Cocteau Twins, Booze 
- L.S.D. 

BOYSCOUTS OR ANNIHILATION / 6934 Calvin / Reseda, CA 91335 / 
818-341-7257 (Manager-Oliver South) 

Noise, experimental, jerky grungy punk. 

BUMBLESCRUMP / PO Box 14841 / Berkeley, CA 94701 
Snarling nepetistic noise punk with confusing lyrics and members 
that bump into each other whilst playing. Strong message, stronger 
musical presence. Not afraid to say, "We are all losers." 
BYPRODUCTS c/o Rabble Productions / 2912 Warrington Ave. / San 
Jose, CA 95127 / 408-251-4383 

Steamrollin' punk rock with lots of unexpected twists and turns 
accompanied by equally twisted lyrics and vocals, insane guitars 
and thundering bass lines all are held together by extremely loud 

CANDY APPLES c/o Bakers Dozen / 849c Almar Ave. *154 / Santa Cruz, 
CA 95060 / 408-426-6331 

Noisy pop punk. The new Pixi/Goo scene only wishes they could 
sound as grungey as these guys. Multi-melodic voices. Rockin' 
instrumentals-meth-like drumming. Tina screams bettr' than Kim. 
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT / 1731 E. Belmont Ave. / Fresno, CA 93701 / 

Founding members Dale and Joceylin are still pounding out "in- 
your-face HC with damn good lyrics." Hints of rockabilly, psychedel- 
ic and metal. Continuously active since 1981, CP has released 4 LP's 
and 3 EP's and is available for gigs. 

CAPTAIN CRUNCH / PO Box 7768 / Santa Cruz, CA 95061-7768 / 408- 

If you are sick and tired of all the fast time changes punk rock trend 
and want to listen to good old fashioned simple punk like The 
Ramones - this band would be the answer to all cynics. 7"s are $3.00 
ppd U.S., $5.00 ppd world. 7" trades welcome. 

CARA DE NADA c/o Bakers Dozen / 849c Almar Ave. *154 / Santa Cruz, 
CA 95060 / 408-426-6331 

"Face of Nothing" High energy happycore, versatile pop-punk. 
Singing, screaming thrashing and songwriting better than Bob 
Mould's. You will want to take Pat, Shaun, Anthony home with. 
CASTIN CLAY / PO Box 1223 / Claremont, CA 91711-1223 / 714-625-6713 
Mike Baker-Bass, Drew Gilbert-Guitar 8 vocals, Richard Barnes- 
Drums. Somewhere between pop punk/D.C. hardcore and every- 
thing else in between. Topics range from human rights to politics. 
For demo or info write or call. 


CUTORISAURUS REX / PO Box 4047 / Berkeley, CA 94704 
You figure it out 

CONFRONTATION c/o Slime / 8241 Yorktown Ave. / Huntington 
Beach, CA 92646 / 714-968-9842 

Ultra-techno-ioo MPH-door slamming-crustcore in the vein of 
Seige, Napalm Death and someone dragging their fingernails down 
a chalkboard in English class!! 

CREAMERS / 4120 1/2 Somers Ave / Los Angeles, CA 90065 / 213-258- 

Hard hitting punk rocknroll. 

DARK HORSE CANDIDATE c/o Bakers Dozen / 849c Almar Ave. *154 
/ Santa Cruz, CA 95060 / 408-426-6331 

Ethreal punk rock. Driving downer music similar to 4AD/ Birthday 
Party/Bauhaus/ early Cocteau Twins with a demented tripped out 
singer. And a touch of Beefheart. 

DEAD AND BLOATED / PO Box 1054 / Thousand Oaks, CA 91358-0054 
/ 805-492-3410 

Hard working punk band. We have a CD out on a small indy label. 
It is distributed by Caroline. We will play for gas or maybe no gas. 
Call us now. 

DEAD LAZLO'S PLACE / PO Box 265/ Van Nuys,CA. 91408/818-997-3231 
Pop-punk, squiggy-core 

THE DEEP EYNDE / ioni Variel Ave. / Chatsworth, CA 91311 / 818-772- 
6832 or 818-594-4123 

The Deep Eynde is an alternative local band from LA that is inspired 
by fairy tales. The music is melodic with howling vocals. The live 
show consists of colors, costumes, etc. A live performance of six 
songs is available for $6. 

DETHSHIT c/o Marcel Seva / 21 121 Aqua / Mission Viejo, CA 92691 / 714- 

Goofy-fucked up-dumb-ass-noizecore similar to Old Lady Drivers, 
Meatshits, and the Bee Gees obsessed with a pitchshifter!!! These 
Oriental lads and their honkey drummer are ready to rock-n-roll 
your night away with songs about Mr. Rodgers, Metallica, and even 
a soft love ballad for all you Holly Hobby fans!! Demo # 2 out now!! 
DISCREPANCY / 2095 Orlando Dr. / San Jose, CA 95122 / 408- 
251-6236 (Joey) 

Farm-core! Killer thrash in the vein of D.R.I., Verbal Abuse, Attitude 
Adjustment, Corrosion of Conformity, ♦ all your other favorites 
before they turned to shit! 

DOGMA MUNDISTA c/o Cesar / PO Box 943 / Receda, CA 91335 / 818- 

Borderless, unnational hardcore. 

DRUNKEN WHORES / 837 Flin Ave. / Sunnyvale, CA 94087 / 408-737- 
9408 (Roy Page) 

H.H.M. / LS.D. influenced industrial/thrash holocaust, (not "P.C." in 
the slightest). 

DUH / 290-C Napoleon St / San Francisco, CA 94124 / 415-695-1154 
Hitting the brick wall of turning 30. Punk rock nostalgia. 
DYSTOPIA c/o Todd / 20792 Colima Ln. / Huntington Beach, CA 92648 
or Matt / 27502 White Fir Ln. / Mission Viejo, CA 92691 / 714-969-1221 
Sick, depressing, off-beat, energetic grindcore, with a twist of 
complexity. With members of Apocalypse, Confrontation and 
Mindrot, and ready to blow the doors off anyone's household or 
dwelling!! Demo out soon so drop us a line folks!! 

ECONOCHRIST / PO Box 3458 / Berkeley, CA 94703 / 510-654-7105 
Independent hardcore, will play only all-age/low door shows. 
ELEGY / 4800 Marconi *257 / Carmichael, CA 95608 / 916-488-4939 
Synaptic hardware noise beat cyber punk. 

EMPIRISMO / PO Box 26452 / Los Angeles, CA 90026 / 213-250-7462 
Hablamos acerca de problemas sociales y politicas. Tomamos punk 
como media de expression para un cambio en la sociedad. , 
ENGAGE c/o Re-Evolution Records / PO Box 4842 / Santa Rosa, CA 

Ample example of the DIY ethic. 

Ave. / San Jose, CA 95127 / 408-251-4383 or 729-0578 
Progressive, punk, fusion, off beat, fast, slow, heavy, emotional, 
melodic, insane, complex, simple, conflicting, creative, imaginative, 
inspiring, original, typical, yet elusive. "EOS on the cutting edge of 
societal evolution." 

F. DEFECTIVE / PO Box 9663 / Fountain Valley, CA 92708 / 714-550-4703 

(24-hour line) 

Three-piece, thrashy metal punk band with a gothic twist and very 
aggressive duo female vocals. Promotes animal liberation, psychic 
revelation and human liberation in general. We have four cassettes 
and one video for sale by mailorder. 

411 / c/o Josh or Dan / PO Box 5846 / Huntington Beach, CA 92615- 

Self-originated, self-defined Southern Californian. Go. (Genius 

FACE TO FACE c/o Trever Keith / PO Box 1182 / Victorville, CA 92393 
/ 619-951-0139 

3 piece early 80 s So.Cal. style melodic punk. 7" "No Authority" 
available May 1992. LP/CD "Don't Turn Away" available Fall 1992 on 
Dr. Strange Records. 

FAMOUS TEA / PO Box 6681 / Huntington Beach, CA 92615 / 714-841- 

Sarcastic, obnoxious punk fused w/ reggae, jazz, funk. Ridiculous 
reputation of absurdity. O.C., L.A. area demo tape well circulated, 
LP recently recorded seeking label/distribution or Do It Our Fuckin' 
Selves vinyl out summer '92. Group of sluts, will play anywhere. 
FIENDMASTERFREAK c/o Bakers Dozen / 849c Almar Ave. *154 / Santa 
Cruz, CA 95060 / 408-426-6331 

Funky hardcore mix and mesh of Jesus Lizard/Public Enemy/Slayer. 
It's about time for this shit to happen. 

FIFTEEN c/o Lookout Records / PO Box 11374 / Berkeley, CA 94701 

FILTH / PO Box 2322 / Berkeley, CA 94702 / 510-658-6580 

FINAL CONFLICT c/o Crash Course / PO Box 5905 / Buena Park, CA 
90622 / send SASE or IRC for reply 

Southern California HC/noise band. Been around since 1985, active- 
ly involved in SoCal scene. Possibility to help touring bands find 
shows and places to stay. 

THE FIXTURES / PO Box 16283 / Encino, CA 91416-6283 / 818-996-9733 
So-Cal rock/punk/psyche/core. '87 release "Dangerous Music" on 
cassette and '91 release "Defect" on LP/Cassette direct from the band 
or Blacklist Mailorder or Semaphore in Europe. 

F.Y.P. / PO Box 1112 / Torrance, CA 90505 / 310-316-7879 
Sloppy punk. If we can get our shit together we wanna tour this 
summer. Please call if you can help. 2 7"s and an LP soon. 
GARGOYLES / PO Box 170562 / San Francisco, CA 94117 / 415-454-1693 
i978ish punk rock! 3 singles and 1 CD available from Sympathy for 
the Record Industry, and 1 12" EP from Shakin' Street (UK). 

GOOD GRIEF / 2319 40th Ave. / San Francisco, CA 94116 / 415-665-8316 
Just a plain old punk band, cranking out tuneful social commentary 
with a sense of humor. Should have a 7" out Summer 1992, as well 
as trip to Pacific Northwest. Any help, interest welcome. Plagiarism 
is god, so copy whatever you want just for the fuck of it. 
GRIDLOCK / 7888 Old Redwood Hwy, Apt. D / Cotati, CA 94931 
Politically correct, analy retentive, self indulgent, punk rock with 
good old fashioned values. Parental guidance suggested. 
GRIMPLE c/o Pat / 2727 California St. / Berkeley, CA 94708 
We ll go as far as our money, gas, and pot will take us. 

GR-UPS / PO Box 460346 / San Francisco, CA 94146/ 510 526-4451 
Fairy tale punk rock. 

HEDGEHOG c/o Bakers Dozen / 849c Almar Ave. *154 / Santa Cruz, CA 
95060 / 408-426-6331 

Recently signed to Cargo-YouhappyFace-the first release-takes the 
listener to where Fugazi/NoMeansNo/Victim's Family wouldn't dare 
to have so many time changes in their songs. Watch for a tour in 
summer 92. Agit-core. 

HEROIN / 13440 Portufino Drive / Del Mar, CA 92104 / 619-237-9864 


INFLUENCE 1 3 / PO Box 1380 / Ukiah, CA 95482 / 707-468-8123 (Nick) 
We combine influences that include Crimpshrine, Sham '69, '77 
English Punk, LA Punk and East Coast Hardcore, yet we don't fit into 
any single category. We emphasize on the future and are nota retro 
band. Demo tape available. 

INSANITY PUPPETS / 413 Umland Dr. / Santa Rosa, CA 95401 / 707-544- 

Formed in the late 1985 with the intent of playing loud and fast, a 

tradition upheld to this day. We have a self released 7" and 12" 
available. Let the music paint the picture, let the words tell the 

ITISEYE / 837 Flin Ave. / Sunnyvale, CA 94087 / 408-737-9408 (Roy 

Henry Otis inspired doom! Hear the agony-taste the flesh! Deadly... 
Heaviness.. .Another man's festering entrails. 

J-CHURCH / PO Box 460346 / San Francisco, CA 94146 / 415-863-5163 
Still learning how to play their instruments and write songs after all 
this time. Anarcho-power pop-punk-sorta... 

JABBER JAW c/o Homemade Records / 3907 Peidmont Ave. *5 / 
Oakland, CA 94611 / 510-547-7491 

Melodic punk that's fast, catchy and fun. Sounds like Jawbreaker 
mugged Screeching Weasel. Punk! 

JACKKNIFE / PO Box 45154 / Los Angeles, CA 90045-0154 / 310-306- 

"Totally raw fuck shit up punk rock. No pretenses or poses, just rip 
it up garage mayhem that declares war on everythir j." - Tim 
Yohannan, MRR # io6 

JADESTICK c/o Bakers Dozen / 849c Almar Ave. *154 / Santa Cruz, CA 
95060 / 408-426-6331 

Funk/psyche/thrash/jazz punk. What the Minutemen would have 
sounded like if D. Boon used a lot of distortion. 

JAGGED EYE c/o I'm a Shredhead / 8033 Sunset Blvd. Suite 25 / W. 
Hollywood, CA 90046 / 818-769-8049 

LA's only neo kickassical all instrumental heavy metal band! "Shread 
to the Max" 3 song (Ultra intense, expressly excessive, adrenaline 
driven) demo. Send $3 (U.S.) any way you can. 

JAWBREAKER / PO Box 411324 / San Francisco, CA 94141 / 415-252-9108. 

Jose Ave. / San Francisco, CA 94110 / 415-824-1356 
Punk / Oi rock with Naked Raygun, Stiff Little Fingers, old-style feel 
to it. "Gives You Strength" 5 song ep on Detroit's Force Majeure 
records, 9-song cassette available from Kevin. 

JUKE / 1021 Cragmont Ave. / Berkeley, CA 94708/ 510-524-8745 (Richie) 
or 510-527-6865 (Nick) 

Fuck music. 

LAG WAGON / 464 Reed Ct. / Goleta, CA 93117 / 805-685-8334 

We sound like RKL-Descendents-Creedence Clearwater-ish. We 
have a 7" out now and an LP coming out in July 92, both available 
on Fat Wreck Chords. U.S. tour in August, European tour in 
September. Call or write for bookings or info. 

LEBOWITZ, D.J. / 999 Steiner / San Francisco, CA 94117 / 415-292-2315 
(Home), 995-2689 (Voice Mail) 

A one man act solo piano player plays punk, hard core, nerd wave, 
power pop, and unpopular music all on acoustic piano. Instrumen- 
tals and annoying vocals. LP and new 7" single out on Fowl Records. 
Plans to tour soon. 

LIQUID COURAGE / 3850 H Vineyard Ave / Pleasanton, CA 94566 / 

Yeah, well, I wouldn't really describe our music as punk, but it's not 
funk, either. It's not classic rock or country, definitely not 
industrial...Ya know, we're just so gosh darned original that a 
fascist, restricting label would demean our integrity. 

LITMUS GREEN / 1630 Marion Way / Santa Ana, CA 92706 / 714-543- 

Hardcore, Apolitical, vegetarian, anti-vivisection, anti-sexist, anti- 
homophobic, anti-war, anti-religion, anti-nationalist, DIY, and es- 
pecially anti-label, dadaist (this is known as saveasoul) Three 
quarters Media Children. All ages only, we re available for benefits 
or beer. All hail Discordia. 

LUNGBUTTER / 328 Center St. / Berkeley, CA 94706 
Did you know that God fucked his Mom? 

M.D.C. / 2440 16th St *103 / San Francisco, CA 94114 / 415-861-6536 
Band and label of discordian punk. 

MINDROT c/o Dan Kaufman / 11271 Espanita / Orange, CA 92669 / 714- 
639-5278 or Matt Parrillo / 27502 White Fir Lane / Mission Viejo, CA 
92691 / 714-380-7822 

Heavy, heavy, heavy, dark, gloomy, tuned down grind with influenc- 
es from Amebix, Bolt Thrower, Deviated Instinct, Entombed, Frost, 

Hellbastard, Melvins, Sabbath ♦ Winter. 1992 demo available for a 
blank tape and stamps. "Endeavor" ep still available along with 
Apocalypse/Mindrot split ep. Drop us a line!! 

MINDSL&M c/o "$rini" Kumar / PO Box 9961 / Stanford, CA 94309 / 
415 - 497-574 

Pop you can slam to. Send SASE with .75 cents postage for free demo. 
Also, give us a call if you're in the mid-peninsula. You can probably 
crash at our place. 

MONSULA / 282 Firestone Ct / Walnut Creek, CA 94598 / 707-647-2774 

Monsula - you figure out what it means. New LP out this summer. 
MORGION c/o Jeremy Peto / 1716 Norfolk Ln. / Anaheim, CA 92802 
/ 714-635-1408 or Dwayne Boardman / 920 S. Nutwood *26 / Anaheim, 
CA 92804 

Heaviness is the best way to describe 'em, in the vain of the Swedish 
sound such as Carnage, Unleashed, Entombed with a taste of 
Autopsy. Six song demo available for 3 bones or a blank tape and 

MR. T EXPERIENCE / 1156 Hampshire St. / San Francisco, CA 94110/ 415- 


Punk rock. 

MY BROTH 'R HANS / PO Box 1383 / Loomis, CA 95650 / 916-652-4194 

Suburban punk rock that cries fun through cheap food and televi- 

NEUROSIS / PO Box 863 / San Jose, CA 95106 / 408-298-4214 (Steve) 
Musical and spiritual bloodletting. 

THE NIGHT SHIFT / 8736 W. Barstow Ave. / Fresno, CA 93722 / 209- 
431 -0591 (Donovan), 275-1417 (Brent), 432-1106 (Gabe), 439-2827 (Carrie) 
A punk band examing the personal and political problems of our 
existence, breaking down the societal taboos and pressures that 
desensitize and dehumanize us. We plan to have fun in the process! 
We desperately want to tour and (are eager) to help others do so 
NOFX / PO Box 460144 / San Francisco, CA 94146 
We're a punk band. If you want to book a show for us, write with 
info and send phone number. We have T-shirts, shorts, stickers, 
and lots of records and CD's for sale. Write for a catalg. Thanx, Fat 

NO USE FOR A NAME / 1268 Gainsborough Dr / Sunnyvale, CA 94087 

NUISANCE /. PO Box 14712 / Santa Rosa, CA 95402 / 707-795-6067 
New album "Confusion Hell" out now on Lookout. Northern Califor- 
nia DIY 3-piece. 

THE OFFICIALS / 9831 Glasgow PI / Los Angeles, CA 90045 / 213-410- 
2377 (Steve) 

80s punk and oi influenced, playing for those who want to listen. 
PAPER TULIPS / PO Box 21815 / Long Beach, CA 90801-4815 / 310-436- 

A 3 pc. poppunkpowwowdirgegrindgarageband on Flipside 
Records. Flip 24 "Insects" LP. Flip 35 "Linoleum" 7". Out soon Flip 42 
"Orbital" LP/CD. 

PAXSTON OUIGGLY / PO Box 210, 2625 Alcatraz Ave / Berkeley, CA 
94705 / 510-548-1752 

Paxston Quiggly is East Bay punk that's more PC that Spitboy, 
heavier than Gag Order, cuter than Grimple, punker than Filth, 
drunker than Blatz, older than Special Forces, and has more tattoos 
than Econochrist. Fuck East Bay fluff-core. 

PHOBIA c/o Shane / 2151 Canyon Rd. Apt. # D / Costa Mesa, CA 92627 
/ 714-969-6144 or Shawn / 8192 22nd St. Apt. # B / Westminster, CA 
92683 / 714-891-6466 

Balls out Blur-fest grind in the vain of Terrorizer, and old Napalm 
Death!! Precision is the word here folks!! Featuring ex-members 
of Apocalypse ♦ Conscious Alarm and some others, these boys are 
out to level anything that gets in their way!! EP out soon on 

PLATYPUS SCOURGE / 3113 Eastern Ave. *22 / Sacramento, CA 95821 
/ 916-487-9867 

I really don't know what we sound like, but we've been compared 
to: Crimpshrine, Dag Nasty, Fugazi, Government Issue, REM, Scream, 
7 Seconds, Soulside, Swiz, and the Vagrants to name a few. People 
like to say "emo." 

^RANCID / PO Box 4596 / Berkeley, CA 94704 / 510-654-6584 (Lint) 

Punk with a punk edge. 

THE REFRESHMENTS / PO Box 2712 / Redondo Beach, CA 90278 / 310- 

'The Refreshments put a California spin on the Dickies, The 
Ramones, and The B 52's. In a land of big ego big hair rockers, they 
refuse to take themselves too seriously. Instead they ride the waves 
of punk, ska, and surf-pop. CD out on Rainforest.” 

RHYTHM COLLISION / PO Box 865 / Agoura, CA 91376 / 818-991-4428 
Punk rock/HC, melodic noise, original, whatever. 

RICE c/o ROP / PO Box 711962 / San Diego, CA 92171 / 619-274-1956 

The grain serves as fuel for the revolution, and the band as 
soundtrack, fucking destruction. 

THE RICH KRINOCK EXPERIENCE / 573 Waite Ave. / Sunnyvale, CA 
94086 / 408-746-0815 (Rich) 

Drunk punk with acoustic guitars ♦ some very close friends. 
SANTA CLAUS / 9122 Hector Ave. / San Diego, CA 92123 / 619-278-5673 
(Paul) or (619) 754-1052 (Ben) 

Music - in one word, thrashcore; a mix of various styles, primarily 
influenced by hardcore punk and thrashmetal. Ideas in a serious/ 
sarcastic manner. Releasing full-length, independent cassette in 
late summer/early fall of '92. 

THE SARNOS / 3968 24th St. / San Francisco, CA 94114 / 415-647-5308 
Underground pop. 

SHEEP SQUEEZE c/o Dan Bolleri / 1661 Connecticut Dr. / Redwood 
City, CA 94061 / 415-366-9697 
Whiny highschool goof punk? 

SCHLONG / 510-658-2486 

SHORT LIVED / PO Box 710456 / Santee, CA 92072 / 619-562-2747 
Melodic hardcore from S.D. Releases - 12 song LP, 5 song 7”. Looking 
for label/distributor, tour info. For booking contact Ray at phone 
number above. 

SPECIAL FORCES / PO Box 4041 / Berkeley, CA 94704-0041 
Always seek infomation because the media is always lying to you. 
SPITBOY / PO Box 40185 / Berkeley, CA 94709-4185 / 510-653-2969 
HC/Punk with a strong outspoken stance on human issues. 
STRAWMAN c/o Tommy Strange / 181 Shipley St. / San Francisco, CA 
94107 / 415-554-0540 

’77 influenced melodic punk. Anarchist Mission band. 

STRONG REACTION / 445 Fair Dr. Apt. # 202 / Costa Mesa, CA 92626 

/ 714-641-3154 

We are a new band from Orange County (three of us are originally 
from King City, central Cal hicksville). We are a mix of old punk: The 
Clash, Ramones, SLF with Social D, Peg Boy, Bad Religion, etc. Our 
lyrics deal with everyday concerns of ours (religion, greed, etc.) We 
may be looking for a vocalist M/F and drummer; please write. 
THORNUCOPIA / PO Box 4877 / Davis, CA 95617 / 916-758-1881 (Jed) 
Weird pop music with lotso' guitar and female vox. 

TOTAL CHAOS / PO Box 6188 / Fullerton, CA 92634 / 714-983-5371 
Distortion till deafness crazy punk band. 

VICIOUS MIDGETS c/o Bakers Dozen / 849c Almar Ave. *154 / Santa 
Cruz, CA 95060 / 408-426-6331 

Santa Cruz veterans of punk/hardcore. Ole Iggy/Dead Boys mixed 
with the new (NoMeansNo). Catch 'em live. 

VINCENT'S EAR c/o Micheal Alden / 2410 Trout Gulch Rd. / Aptos, CA 
95003 / 408-688-2261 

"...oh, let me be true to myself, and in a rough manner express 
severe, rough but true things.” - Vincent Van Gogh. Brand new 9- 
song cassette called "Give” out on Lemur records c) 1992. Publicity 
package upon request. We want to exchange demos and trade gigs 
with other bands. 

THE WYNONA RIDERS / c/o Lookout Records / PO Box 11374 / 
Berkeley, CA / 94701 / Booking: 510-521-2979 (Skip) 

Punk pop with gothic/modem touches. 

THE YAH MOS / 2236 River Trails Circle / Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 
/ 916-363-1438 (Nick) 

Hard, abrasive, early 8o's communist punk. Will play anywhere for 
gas S food. 


BLACKLIST MAILORDER / 475 Valencia / San Francisco, CA 94103 / 415- 

Specialty-vinyl, also carry cass/CD/zines. Retail mailorder only. 
Send promo for distribution consideration. Catalogs $1 U.S., $2 

BOMP RECORDS / PO Box 7112 / Burbank, CA 91510 
A label, mailorder and distribution. 

BY-PRODUCT / PO Box 680 / Goleta, CA 93116 / 805-968-0274 
Vinyl/zines. Mailorder/gigs/wholesale. LPs are sold for no more 
than $6 ppd and 7”s are sold for no more than $3 ppd. Send sample, 
but taste not profit runs the show. 

94701 / 510-653-2680 (24 hour info line) 

Primarily distributes books by a select few San Francisco bay area 
writers, also some music and occasionally T-shirts. Mailorder or 
wholesale. 29 cent stamp for catalog. 

DAN BOLLIRI / 1661 Connecticut Dr. / Redwood City, CA 94061 / 415- 


Vinyl, cassettes. Mailorder. 

MORDAM DISTRIBUTION / 181 Shipley St / San Francisco, CA 94142 
/ 415-243-8230 

Distributing direct to stores and mail oder companies, the following 
labels: Allied, Alternative Tentacles, Amity, Bacchus, Broken Rekids, 
Desolation Row, Dionysus, Dr Strange, Empty, Flipside, Hell Yeah, 
Jade Tree, Kirbdog, DeKonkurrent, Lookout, MRR, Mordam, Piggly 
Wiggly, Shredder, Sympathy, Vinyl Communications, World War III. 
MULCH RECORDS / PO Box 711962 / San Diego, CA 92171 / 619-237-9864 

Vinyl, cassettes, zines. Mailorder, gigs, wholesale. 

RAVE RECORDS / PO Box 410209 / San Francisco, CA 94141 / Tel. 415- 
282-6455 / Fax. 415-282-6646 
It's not merchandise, it's music. 

Francisco, CA 94142 / Tel. 415-695-1637 / Fax. 415-824-9276 
Retail distribution and mailorder for indie rockin' punk. 
SUBTERRANEAN / PO Box 2530 / Berkeley, CA 94702 / 415-821-5880 
Vinyl. Covers very small underground bands. We do pretty much 
anything that's anti-commercial. 

SUNNY SINDICUT/3113 Eastern Ave. # 22 / Sacramento, CA 95821/ 916- 

Vinyl only-small mailorder-sell at shows mostly. 

UNEVEN / 6934 Calvin / Reseda, CA 91335 / 818-343-5407 
Specialty-vinyl. Mailorder, wholesale. 

V. STREET RECORDS / 2611 Via Campo, Suite 228 / Montebello, CA 
90640 / Fax: 213-728-7296 

Specialty: vinyl. Area of coverage: Mailorder, wholesale, gigs. 


ALLIED RECORDINGS / PO Box 460683 / San Francisco, CA 94146 / 415- 
541-9043 (Daytime only: Monday-Friday) 

Likes to build independent records for independent bands. Home 
of fine audio and visual infotainment since 1990. Previously 
constructed vinyl for Antischism, Nausea, Phleg Camp, The Un- 
amused, Buzzoven, Strawman, NoMeansNo, and others. Music for 
the proletariat, my friend. 

BONER RECORDS / PO Box 2081 / Berkeley, CA 94124 / Tel 415-695- 
1637 / Fax. 415-824-9276 

Attractive music performed by incredibly good-loooking people. 
BROKEN REKIDS / PO Box 460402 / San Francisco, CA 94146 / 
Disconnected Fax: 415-431-2725 (Attn. Mike!) 

Just 7' records so far but a Naked Aggression LP will be released this 
fall. J Church this summer - 1 do this label * hate writing these things. 
Send your demos to Very Small not me. 

Sunnyvale, CA 94087 / 415-366-9697 or 357 Causeway / Lancaster, NH 
03584 / 603-788-2257 

CARGO RECORDS / PO Box 9055 / La Jolla, CA 92038 / 619-459-3777 
(Label office and college radio promotion) 

Our labels: Cargo (Shadowy Men, SNFU), Nemesis/Headhunter/ 
Workshed (Olivelawn, Hunger Farm), Fistpuppet (Honeymoon Kill- 
ers, The Ex), KK(Kode IV), Cest La Mort, Earth Music, Patois, we also 
do PSDs with Knitting Factory and Scat. 

CONVERSION RECORDS / 26861 Trabuco Rd # I43 / Mission Viejo, CA 


DR. STRANGE RECORDS / PO Box 7000-117 / Alta Loma, CA 91701 
EBULLITION RECORDS / PO Box 680 / Goleta, CA 93116 / 805-968-0274 
There was a vision in punk rock, in the frantic calling of angry kids 
playing hardcore; it was a burning desire for something more. That 
desire gets stuck in your throat, and you do all you can to relieve 
the pain. 

ENTRAIL COMMUNICATIONS / PO Box 577241 / Modesto, CA 95357- 

Mostly (all?) Meat Shits stuff-blurr/noise/etc. 

EPITAPH RECORDS / 6201 Sunset Blvd # m / Hollywood, CA 90028 / 

FAT WRECK CHORDS / PO Box 460144 / San Francisco, CA 94146 
Hi, I'm Fat Mike and this is my label. 1 put out records, tapes, and 
CD'sofbandsthatllike. So far I have only 3 releases. NOFX"PMRC” 
7", Lag Wagon "Angry Days” 7”, and NOFX "The Longest Line” 5 song 
mini LP on vinyl and CD. See ad in mag or send SASE for catalog and 
prices. Thanx, Fat Mike. 

FLIPSIDE RECORDS / PO Box 60790 / Pasadena, CA 91116 / 818-585- 

At this point we deal with a small group of dedicated, hardworking 
bands and are not currently getting involved with any other bands. 
Our family includes: Babyland, TVTV$, Sandy Duncans Eye, Dirt Clod 
Fight, Paper Tulips and Popdefect. 

FLUSH RECORDS / PO Box 1050 / Richmond, CA 94802 / 510-233-2544 
Tapes and now vinyl. 

GRAVITY RECORDS / PO Box 17052 / San Diego, CA 92177 / 619-476- 


HOMEMADE RECORDS / 3907 Peidmont Ave. # 5 / Oakland, CA 94611/ 


East Bay punk label dedicated to geeks, losers and nerds. No CD's. 
Cheap records that are always hand numbered, hand printed and on 
colored vinyl (we cater to record scum) we re the other label. 
INSURRECTION RECORDS / PO Box 4314 / Santa Rosa, CA 95402 
KILL A TREE HUGGER RECORDS / 413 Umland Dr. / Santa Rosa, CA 
95401 / 707-544-5716 

Hard, fast, and/or agressive music only. No funk, or Nirvana 
poseurs. We are accepting tapes for upcoming compilations. Send 

KIRBDOG RECORDS / PO Box 286 / Santa Rosa, CA 95402 / 707-576- 

Small DIY label into putting out diverse underground music. Also 
wanting to help touring bands with shows. Send demo. 

LATHER RECORDS / PO Box 4877 / Davis, CA 95617 / 916-758-1881 (Jed) 
or 916-758-1184 (Mike) 

Brand new label looking to put out whatever interesting rock music 
it can afford to-starting with own band and friends' bands. 
LOOKOUT RECORDS / PO Box 11374 / Berkeley, CA 94701 
Who knows what music lurks in the hearts of punks? Lookout does, 
East Bay style. Send a stamp and get the latest news... 

MILKING A DEAD COW RECORDS / 1661 Connecticut Dr. / Redwood 
City, CA 94061 / 415-366-9697 
Goofiness and/or punk. 

MINDSL3M RECORDS / PO Box 9961 / Stanford, CA 94309 / 4*5-497- 

Right now we have free studio time! Call us! 

MISSING RECORDSI / PO Box 710456 / Santee, CA 92072 / 619-562-2747 
(Ray) or 619-562-0576 (Dennis) 

Collecting bands for vinyl comp, to be released in '92, send tape to 
above address. We need distributor for current and future MR! 

NEW AGE RECORDS / 1036 Mt Whitney Dr / Big Bear City, CA 92314 
/ 310-926-899 2 
Definitely straight edge. 

NEW RED ARCHIVES / 6520 Selma Ave. Suite *1305 / Hollywood, CA 

1987- Started in NYC by ex UK Subs songwriter/guitarist Nicky Garatt 
as a forum to release previously unavailable classic punk records. 

1988- Branched out with new music and signed an exclusive distro 
deal with Caroline. 1989-Further new music releases and distro 
opening to most of the independent US distros. 1990-Increased 
European distro. Samiam signed to label in Jan. Relocation to^ 

Hollywood. 1991-New UK distro. Fully integrated computerization of 
the company. Gift of Life signs a marketing and production deal for 
the US w/ NRA. 

OUTPUNK/ PO Box 170501 / San Francisco, CA94117 / Fax-415-431-0425 
"We're going straight to hell. Long live satan.” 

RECESS RECORDS / PO Box 1112 / Torrance, CA 90505 / 310-316-7879 
# i FYP-Extra Credit 7", # 2 FYP-Made In USA 7", # 3 Garden Weasel 7”, 
A 7" comp, and FYP LP-soon. I do small distribution too. Write. 
RE-EVOLUTION RECORDS / PO Box 4842 / Santa Rosa, CA 95402 
Home of Engage. 

SST RECORDS / PO Box 1 / Lawndale, CA 90260 / 213-430-7687 
SCUD PRODUCTIONS / PO Box 1383 / Loomis, CA 95650 / 916-652-4194 
(Jeff) or 725-1086 (Ryan) 

SECRET CENTER RECORDS / 1008 10th St. *277 / Sacramento, CA 95814 
/ 916-442-1907 (Scott) 

SHORT HARE RECORDS c/o Ian Harper / PO Box 7768 / Santa Cruz, 
CA 95061-7768 / 408-464-8084 

Originally started to release Captain Crunch's first 7", Short Hare 
now has other projects and is a small distributor. Trades of 7" vinyl 

SHREDDER RECORDS / 181 Shiplet St / San Francisco, CA 94107 / 415- 

It’s just basically a punk label. I don’t know what else to say about 

92392 / 619-245-9812 

Our DIY label puts out releases by unknown, as well as older, bands 
from punk and hardcore. Most releases are aimed at documenting 
the Southern California punk scene, but we are also interested in 
working with bands in other states/countries. 

SLAP-A-HAM RECORDS / PO Box 420843 / San Francisco, CA 94142- 


Non-pretentious noise for hi-speed thrash freaks. Send SASE for list 
of current releases. 

SUNNY SINDICUT RECORDS / 3113 Eastern Ave. # 22 / Sacramento, CA 

Bands with emotion. Low prices are important. All records are $3 
ppd (US) $5 elsewhere. Wholesale $1.50 per 7" for 10 or more. Demos 
are always cool. 

Have released 2 7’’s by local bands - Platypus Scourge 8 Elegy. Sells 
some other labels records at shows. 

Beach, CA 90805 / 310-423-0281 (John) 

Sympathy is about colours that run the spectrum from goofy grape 
to loudmouth lime. It is about the ugliness and beauty in the world. 
It is about people. It is about music of the mind and of the heart. 
Sympathy is a necessity. 

SYNTHETIC PRODUCTIONS / PO Box 3506 / Oakland, CA 94609 / 707- 
257- 3910 

Synthetic Productions is at present a book publishing company 
featuringjerme Spew, Skip and Justin Marler. For further informa- 
tion on the books in stock, send two $.29 stamps to the PO Box or 
call the info line 24/7. We plan to expand into the area of vinyl when 
finances are available. 

TEMPEST / PO Box 1597 / Huntington Beach, CA 92647-1597 / 714-969- 

A new (and hella-independent) label focusing on the ever increas- 
ing world of grind. Releases to date: Mindrot "endeavor” ep and 
Apocalypse/Mindrot split ep. Coming soon: EP's by Morgion ♦ 
Dystopia; Bands, get in touch!! 

TRUE FOUNDATION OF NOISE / 27502 White Fir Lane / Mission 
Viejo, CA 92691 

A cassette only label, styles ranging from traditional punk to death/ 
grind and even a little industrial, basically anything i can get my 
hands on as I'm into everything! Available: "Southern California Not 
Saudi Arabia” 90 min. comp, of So. Cal. bands and out soon "Bite the 
Hand that Bleeds You” 90 min. international comp. Bands get in 

VERY SMALL RECORDS / PO Box 8223 / Emeryville, CA 94662 
I put out the music that my friends make. I don't want your tape. 
Send a stamp for a current list. 

VIABLE UTTERANCE RECORDS / PO Box 4191 / Burbank, CA 91503 
^Society Gone Madd lives here. 

VINYL COMMUNICATIONS / PO Box 8623 / Chula Vista, CA 91912 / 
619-422-3265 (Bob) 

Intelligence a must. 


BOBO c/o Bakers Dozen / 849 C Almar Ave *154 / Santa Cruz, CA 95060 
/ 408-426-6331 (until July 1992) 

Shows to happen when a new club opens up here. Send tapes. 
CARLOS DEBARRIOS c/o Giant Productions / 1320 El Corral Ln. / Lake 
San Marcos, CA 92069 / 619-752-1701 or 237-9864 
Place to crash provided! Out of town bands guaranteed 75 bills plus 
percentage of door. Call to settle pay. 2 months advance notice 
prefered, but not mandatory. Note: all money goes to bands and 
expenses-no capitalism. San Diego shows! 

CHE CAFE / 0323 Student Co-op Center, UCSD / La Jolla, CA 92093-0323 
/ Booking: 619-455-7321, General Info: 619-534-2311 or c/o Andy / B- 
023C / Student Coop Centre / UCSD / 9500 Gilman Dr. / La Jolla, CA 

The capacity here is 200. All people in bands get a food tab. As for 
lodging, it can be arranged. There are plenty of us involved who will 
let bands crash at our pads. Nothing's for sure, but it shouldn't be 
a problem. As for money, there is no guarantee other than gas 
money for out-of-town bands. The bands will get a percentage of 
the door money and the food, too. The percentage is 60% for bands, 
40% for Che. We are a vegetarian cafe and collective run by those 
who want to get involved. We're not a club, and we aren't run like 
a club. The people who run this are the San Diego bands and anyone 
who cares enough about the scene to get involved. 

CRAIG USHER / 1614 - 24th St. / Sacremento, CA 95816 / 916-444-2598 
I book benefits and am interested in hearing from any kinds of 
performers willing to donate their skills/time for a good cause. 
Shows are always all-ages. Try to avoid traditional gig atmosphere. 
Have access to two venues-one holds 40 people, the other 300, at 
most could pay you gas money. 

DAVIS TEEN CENTER / 303 B Street / Davis, CA 95616 / 916-757-2065 
200* capacity, call for more information. 

FISHDIVE c/o ROP / PO Box 711962 / San Diego, CA 92171 / 619-237-9864 
(Scott, Dustin or Rop) 

Hall capacity: Varied. Lodging-yes, Food-open for talk. Most money 
given to out of town bands, guarantee open for talk. 

GILMAN STREET / 924 Gilman St / Berkeley, CA / 510-524-8180 
Take your mom to Gilman Street. 

GREG MCDEATH/MUNCHIES CAFE / PO Box 1861 / Victorville, CA 
92392 / 619-245-9812 or 714-629-3747 

Capacity 250-300 max. Food/Beer provided. Lodging at our houses 
can be arranged. Money is usually a percentage of door/guarantees 
can be arranged. Door admission is usually $3.00 or $5.00 bucks - 
all shows! Unfortunately, club is 18 and over. 

HELFYRE / Mailing: 1791 N. Sycamore # no / Hollywood, CA / Club: 333 
S. Boylston at 3rd 4th St entrance / Downtown LA-the Vertigo / 213- 


We are a new club with a lot of unique ideas which we plan to 
demonstrate by having a constantly changing agenda. We would like 
to feature live bands as well as any other creative activity that is new 
and helps people to understand a view on something that is not 
necessarily their own. We encourage suggestions! 

HOMEMADE BOOKING / 510-547-7491 / 3907 Piedmont Ave. # 5 / 
Oakland, CA 94611 

I book shows at a place called Paradigm Studios at 9029 San Leandro 
St. in Oakland. The man who runs the club is too busy to deal with 
bands but I'm not. If bands need a place to play besides fuckin 
Gilman I'm your man. Place can hold up to 150-200 people and bands 
get percentage of door. Bands and myself and owner set price. No 
guarantees (ie Bad Religion, All , etc.) for bands! Usually $3-5 dollars 
(two to studio, one for bands) Fun place! 

KEYNOTE CLUB / 3764 Capitola Rd. / Santa Cruz, CA 95010 / 408-475- 

ioo* Capacity. 21 and over. No food -perhaps lodging can be worked 
out. good percentage at door ♦ bar. No guarantees. 

KOMOTION INTERNATIONAL / PO Box 410502 / San Francisco, CA 
94141-0502 / 415-648-6826 

Booking shows for anything between 0-1000 capacity. Food and 

lodging are a possibility, but can't be guarenteed. At this point, the 
Komotion Club is in exile, but we're still booking other shows. 
Guarantees are unpredictable. 

MAIDU COMMUNITY CENTER / PO Box 1383 / Loomis, CA 95650 / 916- 
652-4194 (Jeff) or 725-1086 (Ryan). 

125 capacity, 200 capacity, and 500 capacity rooms. Shows around $4. 
Bands are paid good percentage after all expenses are paid. 

NEW VIEW MUSIC PRODUCTIONS (The Cattle Club) Booking: Brian 
McKenna 916-863-0279 

Club holds 200-300. Not all shows are all-ages. 

NUTHING SACRED c/o Jay Sosnicki / PO Box 3516 / Hollywood, CA 

90078 / 213-850-1028 


RAVE BOOKING / PO Box 410209 / San Francisco, CA 94141 / Tel. 415- 
282-6455 / Fax. 415-282-6646 

SUNNY SINDICUT PRODUCTIONS / 3113 Eastern Ave. # 22 / Sacremen- 
to, CA 95821 / 916-487-9867 (Scott Torguson) 

Various venues. Send music w/ lyrics ♦ I will get back to you. 
Lodging-yes. Food-no. Small guarantees if absolutely necessary. 
Percentage preferred. 

THE SIXTH DIMENSION / Reseda, CA / 818-366-BRAT (Nathan) 

Call and work it out personally. 

SPIRIT CLUB / 1130 Buenos Avenue / San Diego, CA / 619-276-3993 
150 people. 21 8 over. Active 12 years. 


ANDROMEDA PRESS / PO Box 423592 / San Francisco, CA 94102 
Publishes fiction/poetry by punk writers, to increase the exposure 
of this form of creative communication. 25% of all proceeds of every 
book goes towords some worthwhile organization/cause/person, 
except benefit projects where most of the proceeds are donated. 
Write for current list of books for sale. 

PRESSURE DROP PRESS / PO Box 460754 / San Francisco, CA 94146 
/ 415-821-4592 

We publish books. Entertainment and information for troublemak- 
ers in a poetry-free environment. Send two 29 cent stamps for our 


KALX 90.7 FM / 2311 Bowditch / Berkeley, CA 94704 / 510-642-1111 
UC Berkeley radio station featuring punk, hardcore, rap, reggae 8 
everything else. Airs MRR Radio on Weds nights at midnite. 

KCBL 88.7 FM CABLE c/o Access Sacramento / 4623 T Street / 

Sacramento, CA 95819-4743 / Contact: Dave Leon / 131 Riverchase 

Circle / Sacramento, CA 95864 / 916-482-9751 

"Total Carnage Hardcore" plays punk every other Friday from 2- 


KDVS 90.3 FM / 14 Lower Freeborn / U of California / Davis, CA 95616 

/ 916-752-0728 / Contact: Andrew Featherstone 

There is a possibility to play live in Studio A If interested, send 

demos and contact Tony Hascall or current Asst. Program Director. 

Punk/HC times vary quarter to quarter (call if you want to know 


KEDG / 6000 J St. / Sacramento, CA 95819 

A student run radio station heard on CSUS campus with shows 
ranging from rap, industrial, heavy metal, hardcore, and punk. 
KPFK 90.7 FM / 12 O'clock Rock / Saturdays 12-6 / Andrea Enthal / PO 
Box 4904 / Panorama City, CA 91412 

112,000 Watts. Can be heard from Santa Barbara to San Diego. 
Prefers bands like Gas Huffer/Nation of Ulysses to thrashers or 
metal punks. 

KSDT 95.7 CABLE FM / UCSD / B-015 / La Jolla, CA 92093 / 619-534- 
KSDT (Adam Eisenberg) 

Punk times: Sat. 2-5pm/varies. 

KSPC 88.7 FM / Thatcher Music Building / 410 N. College Ave. / 
Claremont, CA91711 / 714-626-5772 Hard Times- Friday 3 6pm. Contact 
Drew Gilbert 714-625-6713 or Chris Jensen 714-621-8555 ext. 5508 
We play HC/pop punk and have live bands in studio-if you are on 
tour, please drop us a line and maybe we will get you on the air. 
KSSB 106.3 FM / Cal-State University San Bernardino / PO Box 1861 
/ Victorville, CA 92392 / 714-880-5772 

Greg McDeath's Radio Chaos Show Monday nights 8:oopm to 

KUCR 88.1 FM / University of California, Riverside / Riverside, CA 
92521 / 714-787-KUCR (Brad Southard) 

Punk/HC shows 8 times: Mon. 2pm-2am,Wed. 4-6pm, Thurs. 12 2pm 
8 8pm-midnight, Fri. 12 2pm, 2 6pm (ska), Sat. 2-6pm 8 12 3am 
KXLU 88.9 FM / 7101 W. 80th Street / LA, CA 90045 / Business:3io-338- 
2866, Request Line: 310-338-KXLU 

KXLU is a non-profit radio station owned by Loyola Marymount 
University 8 operated by students who are overseen by LMU staff 
members. KXLU is a 24-hr-365-days-a-year station that survives with 
the help of a yearly fundraiser and odd donations. Alternative/rap/ 
er etc. is played on KXLU Mon thru Fridays from 2am thru 6 pm with 
many obnoxious deejays. Monday nite 11-iam Noise Pollution, Tues 
nite i2-2am Psycho technics, Wed. nite 1112pm Full Throated Ordeal, 
Fri nite 6 7pm Demolisten, 7~8pm Skankshaft, i2-3am Stray Pop. 
KZSC 88 . 1 FM / UC Santa Cruz / Santa Cruz, CA 95060 / 408-459-2811 
/ Contact: Stacy Lewis or Vinny Esparaza 

Tues nite. Female punk show fast and frightening 10:30 pm / Mon 
nite 8:3opm-3am independent noise/punk/post punk / Thurs. Exis- 
tential Nightmare 8:3opm-io:3opm Manic Metal io:3opm-i2:3oam / 
Fri midnight mix of stuff open minded. 

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL RADIO / PO Box 460760 / San Francisco, CA 
94146-0760 / 415-648-3561 

A weekly internationally syndicated 1 hour cassette program. 
Started in 1977, the show documents the spread of punk and 
hardcore independent releases worldwide, and costs $60 for 12 
weeks in the US and Canada, $65 for Europe and $70 for Asia/ 
Australia. For radio stations only! 


ANUBIS WARPUS / 803 Pacific Ave. / Santa Cruz, CA 95060 / 408-423- 

Zines, comix, books, clothes, shoes, whip-its, incense, body pierc- 
ing, tattoos, toys, Hi-tech shit, videos. 

THE BEAT! / 3257 Folsom Blvd. / Sacramento, CA 95819 / 916-736-0147 
Good source of info on upcoming shows in town. Sells some stuff 
on consignment. 

BEAT CITY RECORDS / 813 Pacific Ave. / Santa Cruz, CA 95060 / 408- 
425-3903 (Speed Cosebooni, owner) 

Not just another record store, we buy, sell and trade new and used 
records, cassettes, and compact discs. 


Francisco, CA 94117 / 415-431-8355 

Books, records, periodicals, political and otherwise. 

CHERRY RECORDS / 170 Cleveland Ave. / Auburn, CA 95603 / 916-823- 


Specializes in reggae. 

EPICENTER COLLECTIVE RECORDS / 475 Valencia St. 2nd Floor / San 
Francisco, CA 94103 / 415-431-2729 

We are an all volunteer worker run, not for profit, punk record 
store/community center. We've got new ♦ used punk 7"s, i2"s, 
cassettes, ♦ CD's plus an alternative reading library. We specialize in 
poor service (oops! Right sleeve wrong record), workers with 
attitudes (Fuck NoFX!), West Bay pride!!! ♦ teen idols, all inside jokes 
aside we are trying to create an alternative to corporate consumer- 
ism as well as a place where the positive aspects of punk ♦ political 
thought can be put in to action. Kim»Chaos. 

MAKOTO RECORDS / 730 K Street Mall / Sacramento, CA 95814 / 916- 

Sometimes there are shows in the basement here. 

NEW SOCIETY BOOKSTORE / 1917-a 16th St. / Sacramento, CA 95816 
/ 916-446-1092 

Cool political bookstore. Source of information on political hap- 

OFF THE RECORD STORE / San Diego, CA / 619-265-0507 
Carries tickets for many local gigs. 

STAGEDIVE RECORDS / 1731 E. Belmont Ave. / Fresno, CA 93701 / 209- 

Mostly used, some new. Will sell records for bands on consignment. 

ZED RECORDS / 1940 Lakewood Blvd / Long Beach, CA 90815 / 310- 


ABSOLUTELY ZIPPO / PO Box 4985 / Berkeley, CA 97407-4985 
It all started around 10th grade. 

ACTION + DEFIANCE / PO Box 581 / Mt. Ranch, CA 95246 / $2.00 a year 
ppd / 4 times a year 

THE ANGRY THOREAUAN / PO Box 2246 / Anaslime, CA 92814 / 714- 
647-2307 (24 hrs) / $1.50 U$, $2.00 elsewhere ppd / Every other month 
Loads of noise 8 zine reviews, articles, contacts, occasional i/views, 
letters, whatever the hell i want. I can help bands to get gigs, places 
to stay, stores in which to distribute ♦ much more. I also do a small 
distro ♦ have a phone line to announce local events ♦ gigs. 

ANKLE BITE / 1498 Wright Ave. / Sunnyvale, CA 94087 / 408-245-4184 
/ $1 ppd / Sporadic / 8 1/2 x 7 

Art phag skateboarding zine looking for any ♦ all contributions 
(information ♦ photography) in regards to psychotronic films, gay 
disco counterculture, obscure toys, ♦ G.G. Allin. 

ATAKRA / PO Box 15 / Areata, CA 95521 / $1 or donations of any type 
(stamps accepted) / Whenever funds allow it, about every 3 months 
/ 12 to 40 pages 

A scene zine with facts, opinions, and just shit. Like: news, stories, 
punk rock music 8 industrial music. Hate: Poetry, government, 
lawyers, etc. 

BAD NEWZ / POB 14318 / San Francisco, CA 94114 / $3 ppd / 4 x year 
/ 8.5 x 11, 40 pages 

Insane opinions, ranting, raving, sleazy art and abuse. If we have 
not offended, please let us know what will. Mental abuse, punk 
debris, massive theft, and meaningless drivel. 

BAKERS DOZEN / 849 C Almar Ave *154 / Santa Cruz, CA 95060 / 408- 
426-6331 (Until July 1992) / $1.75 ppd or $1 and 75 cents in stamps / 
Quarterly (if we don't flake) / *3-48 pages HL 
With Helios Creed, Johnny Pee-Bucks and The Swinging Utters, art, 
poetry, prose, comix. Contributions welcomed but it is a Santa Cruz 
local scene rag. 

BEN IS DEAD / PO Box 3166 / Hollywood, CA 90028 / 213-960-7674 / 
$3.00 / bi-monthly/ 64 pages 

After over three years in production, BID continues to supply S. 
California with a free paper that covers alternative and under- 
ground interests while growing to international distribution. Each 
issue has a theme; past issues include "Gross", "Broke", and 
"Glamour". Call # for free listings of local shows. 

BREAKFAST WITH EARL / 1661 Connecticut Dr. / Redwood City, CA 
94061 / 415-366-9697 / $1 or less / 4,5,10 per year? 

Reviews, interviews, local info, concise 8 funny. 

COMETBUS / PO Box 4726 / Berkeley, CA 94704 

More than an East Bay zine. Available through Blacklist Mailorder 

(see distro listings) 

DEAD LE1TER / 6934 Calvin / Reseda, CA 91335 / 818-343-5407 / Price 

fluctuates / Infrequent / 8 1/2 x 11 

Send art, graphics, opinions. Noise 8 experimental. 

DO IT! / PO Box 9961 / Stanford, CA 94309 / 415-497-5714 / $1.00 ppd 
/ published twice every three months, 40 pages copied 
We re about how you can do cool stuff. We exist to print anything 
anyone (you as well) writes that wouldn't get printed anywhere 
else. It also serves as a guide to odd, political things that can be done 
for fun. It doesn't take $90 nikes to just do it!!! 

DISASTER FILMS VIDEO ZINE / PO Box 172 / La Miranda, CA 90637 / 
310-941-3112 (no collect calls, please) / $12 ppd. / quarterly / 2 hours 
- VHS 

Our video zine isn't just a comp. - we include non-musical features 
of interest to the punk/underground community in addition to 
featuring 8 to 10 bands. Forty words isn't much space, so write to 
us for more information (contributing, purchasing, advertising, 

DROP KICK / 11632 Coldbrook Ave. *14 / Downey, CA 90241 / 310-861- 
9631 / $1 ppd / Every 2 months / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
An effort by a guy who is trying to educate people on the horrors 
of the world. It is peace punk oriented and is against everything that 
harms my fellow earth beings. Drink and be merry. 

EAST BAY COMIX / PO Box 11374 / Berkeley, CA 94701 / $2 ppd / 4 
issues a year / 8.5 x 11 

This comic book showcases punk comic artists that would usually 
remain unnoticed with other well known cartoonists. Thirty-six 
pages with a glossy full color cover. 

E.B.D. ZINE c/o Homemade Records / 3907 Piedmont Ave *5 / 
Oakland, CA 94611 / 510-547-7491 / 2-29 cent stamps / (almost) bi- 
monthly / Half page 53/4x8 usually 40-50 pages 
Stupid fukin zine about coffee, peanut butter, geekness and stupid- 
ity! Comes out when we can scam free copies. Free if we see you, 
stamps from the mail. Take it from us - it sucks! Issues # 3 and 4 are 
going to be with cassettes so buy em punk! 

EXEDRA / PO Box 422937 / San Francisco, CA 94142-2937 / 415-243-8624 
/ 48 pgs / 8 1/2 x 11 / copied / $2 ppd / 3 times a year. 
Socio-political writing includes art and poetry by various contrib- 
utors. Our focus is on fostering communication between any and 

FINSTER /1825 nth St. # 6 / Areata, CA 95521 / 707-826-0668 / $1 ppd / 

Sporadic / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 20 pgs. 

stories, poetry, recipes, local fun, wimmins issues. 

FLIPSIDE FANZINE / POB 60790 / Pasadena, CA 91116 / 818-585-0395 
/ $2.50 ppd (US), $4 (Europe) / Bi-monthly / 8 1/2 x 11 
We cover underground music; (mostly punk, experimental and 
industrial with some hardcore and no metal) and other interesting 
subjects. Letters, poetry, interviews, reviews, articles and lots of 

GENETIC DISORDER / PO Box 151362 / San Diego, CA 92175 / 619-463- 
9314 / 2 - 29 cent stamps / About every 8 months / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 copied, 
usually 26 pages 

I have interviews with bands that tour through San Diego. I also try 
to feature 1-2 local bands starting with issue # 6. Also reviews and 
whatever else I feel like printing. Other zines, please write for 

GRIND MAGAZINE / 25791 Parada Drive / Valencia, CA 91355-2415 / 
805-254-7432 (after 5pm) / $3 cash or money order, $3.75 Foreign 
Circulation: 500 sold, 265 freebies. Issue one 70 pgs., # 2 40 pgs., *3 36 
pgs. We accept any hardcore, punk, thrash metal, any metal, 
alternative music. We will interview you if you call the number. We 
cover all kinds of metal, punk, alternative, and the downright 
obscure. We also cover the underground film market and comedi- 

HOLY TITCLAMPS / Box 591275 / SF, CA 94159-1275 / 415-668-6977 / $2 
or $5 for 3 issue subscription ppd / 3 times per year / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 56 

A zine of queer writing and art. We actively seek prose and art 
submissions with a queer orientation. Holy Titclamps also has the 
most extensive listing of queer zines. We trade with other zines. 
IT'S ALIVE FANZINE / 900 Azalea St. / Oxnard, CA 93030 / 805-485- 
5174 / $1.50 ppd / Frequency about every three months / 8 1/2 x 11 
Basic kind of zine with music being the main interest. Interviews, 
info, photo's, mainly hardcore but anything is welcome. Feel free 
to write or call (not too late!!!). 

KINGFISH / PO Box 14841 / Berkeley, CA 94701 / $1 ppd 
Frooty-loopy tales of a girl and her world, with other stuff that you 
don't know about. Chock full o' vitaminz. 

410502 / San Francisco, CA 94141-0502 / cassette and zine - $7.00 ppd. 
Comes out quarterly / 60 pages plus cassette 
Documenting the activities of Komotion International Collective 
based in San Francisco. Includes short story fiction, interviews, 
photos, essays, and live cassette of previous productions. 

THE LIST / PO Box 2451 / Richmond, CA 94802 / Long SASE or $1 for 
nest two mailings / Mailed monthly / One page folded 
Listings of upcoming funk/punk/thrash/ska. Shows in the San 
Francisco bay area. Also list club information for booking. 

LIFE IS A JOKE / 2288 Hawk / Simi Valley, CA 93065 / $1 ppd / 5 times 
a year? / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, 24 pages or so 
Hilarious comic zine-great!! 

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL/ PO Box 460760 / San Francisco, CA 94146- 
0760 / 415-648-3561 / $2.50 ppd (US) write for info elsewhere / 
Monthly, around the 15th / 144 pages 

Umm, well MRR has been around now for 10 yrs. to date, over 100 

issues have been put out, as well as seven record theme projects. 
Outside of MRR, we've helped initiate other community projects 
(Gilman, Blacklist, and Epicenter). We rely heavily on contributors, 
so get in touch with us on how to get involved. 

MUDFIAP ZINE / 666 Illinois / San Francisco, CA 94107 / $1 ♦ 2 stamps 
Punx, sex, chyx, and bikes. 

NO ANSWERS / PO Box 680 / Goleta, CA 93116 / 805-968-0274 / $2 
ppd/$5 world / Irregular / 48 pgs 

Sometimes you get caught inside of yourself and the only way out 
is achieved with tongue in pen. You tear and scream, and you find 
a little bit of your own identity. The process is ever changing and 
ever painful. 

Panorama City, CA 91402 / 818-703-7007 / $3 ppd / Bi-monthly / 8 1/ 
2 x 11 printed 

Thrash, punk, death metal, alternative, industrial, rap, hardcore 
music, weirdness and thrills for the highly curious. Free 40 words 
or less classifieds. 

NOTHING SACRED / PO Box 3516 / Hollywood, CA 90078 / 213-850- 
1028 / $2.00 ppd / 6 times yearly / 8 1/2 x 11 
Rock 'n roll, fiction, poetry, brainage. 

OFF: THE JOURNAL OF ESCAPE / 935 1/2 N Vendome St / Los 
Angeles, CA 90026 / $3 ppd (or a $2 bill, will consider barter) / 
Quarterly / 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, 32 pgs. 

OPHEUA'S DREAMS / 139 Gill Way / Benicia, CA 94510 / 707-745-6442 
/ SASE ppd / Quarterly / 10 pages 
It's the landscape of my brain. 

PAINTSPOT / 2102 B. St. / Eureka, CA 95501 / 707-443-6811 / $1 ppd / 
Every 3 months / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 

Has a lot to do with different peoples interpretation of life. The 
large amount of contributors make a diversely opinioned zine. Not 
very political but every issue changes. Reviews, stories, scene 
reports, art, centerfolds. Send things for review 8 contributions. 
POOR AS FUCK / 928 W. Laurel St. / San Diego, CA 92101 / 50 cents 
or trade / Whenever / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 

Your average punk as fuck zine, more on intelligence of punks, 
anything goes, survival. 

THE PROBE / PO Box 5068 / Pleasanton, CA 94566 / 510-606-7341 / $2 
ppd / Whenever / 8 1/2 x 11, 40 pages 

Interviews with L7, Melvins, Mr. Bungle and others with naked 
photo art and other stuff. Next issue will have a flexi, more naked 
people, band interviews, Suckdogand stuff about condoms and love 
and whatever. Fuck me. 

P.S.FUKU./POB0X991/ Solana Beach, CA 92075 / $1 or trade / every 
2-3 months / 10-20 pages 

Miscellaneous bullshit, stories, art, stealing, basic hatred towards 
humanity. I'll do free ads. 

PUDDLE PRESENTS FANZINE / PO Box 14841 / Berkeley, CA 94701 / $1 
ppd / As often as possible / Various sizes 

When something grows larger it also appears more intense and 
looms above all else as a frightening and challenging circumstance. 
That is the food of nightmares and so is this literary visual aspiring. 
PUNCHLINE MAGAZINE / PO Box 460683 / San Francisco, CA 94146 
/ 415-541-9043 (Daytime only: Monday-Friday) / $1.75 per copy ppd 
within the U.S. / Quarterly / 8.5 x 11, 32 pages. 

An ongoing series of theme-oriented sociopolitical magazines. 
Emphasis on to-the-point graphics. Assembled by John Yates 
(editor) with various guest contributors per issue. Offset printed, 
takes minimum number of ads required to help production costs get 
met. Printed matter for art that matters. 

SHITHAPPY c/o Adam Bregman / 11338 Joffre St. / L.A., CA 90049 / 310- 
472-7604 / $1.50 post paid / whenever I do it / 22 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 
Articles: Anarchist resistance to a world in collapse, what to do in 
LA for cheap, love, relationships, jealousy, rejection and liberation, 
a swift kick in the head to your daily fucked up reality, how to be, 
alternative school and more. 

STRANGE DAMAGE / 635 Princeton Dr. / Sunnyvale, CA 94087 / 415- 
366-9697 or 357 Causeway / Lancaster, NH 03584 / 603-788-2257 / $1 
ppd / at least 4 issues per year / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 around 48 pgs. 
Contributors get free copy. Specializing in printing stuff no one else 
would-our motto: "inconsistent incostence"-reviews, interviews of 


often lesser known bands, diversity 8 bizarreness encouraged. 
STUBLEDUCK 'ZINE / 2131 Edwin Way / Sacramento, CA 95825 / 916- 
927-3391 / $2 ppd / About every 2 months / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 40-60 pgs. 
Basic zine stuff. Xeroxed, cut 8 paste lay-outs, personal stuff, 
skateboarding. Record 8 zine reviews. Interviews recipes, Inspired 
by Agro rag. 

SUBURBAN WASTELAND c/o Jon / 2161 Bunker Hill Dr. / San Mateo, 
CA 94402 / .75 ppd / Every 3 or 4 months / 8 1/2 x 11 
Emphasis on obscure underground music/people/organizations. 
Write for info on free advertisments. # i and # 2 available. 

THINK AGAIN / PO Box 1223 / Claremont, CA 91711-1223 / 714-621-8555 
ext. 5508 (Chris Jensen) / $2.00 ppd / Bi-monthly / 45-60 pgs. 

A HC/pop punk fanzine which attempts to cover as many sides as 
possible. The zine attempts to break down the barriers within the 
"scene"; it is intended to be a collective-anyone who wants to write 
an article, interview, can send it in and published as long as it has 
no racism, sexism, classism, or homophobia prejudices. This does 
not pertain to letters. Chris and myself choose only to be editors. 
TIDBIT / PO Box 5846 / Huntington Beach, CA. 92615-5846 
Issues are $2.00 ppd / Put out whenever I have the money / 8 1/2 x 
11 size. 

Tidbit is a hardcore/punk zine that focuses on the Orange County 
scene and other D.I.Y. type of bands, labels and zines. I have 2 issues 
available. Each contains intv's, reviews, lots of photo's and news 
which contains addresses so people can contact local folk. Every- 
thing is done by me, Dave Sine. 

TIN DRUM / 2063 Mendota Way / San Jose, CA 95122 / 408-730-5269 
(Ed), 251-6236 (Joey) / $2 U.S., $3 world ppd / Quarterly / 8 1/2 x 7, 
usually pretty thick too 

Computer aided, substance abuse ♦ boredom inspired printed 
matter. Have: Grindcore/ Death metal ♦ local/friend's bands inter- 
views, bizarre fiction. Want: Rap, "4AD", industrial band interviews, 
artwork, stuff to review (music, books). More fiction, carnage ♦ 

Hayward, CA 94541 / 510-582-3965 / $1.50 ppd / Every two months or 
so / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 / 15 to 25 pages 

A straight edge zine. Along with the usual zine stuff is various 
photos of anything and everything. This is not one of those 
hardline, closed minded, white bread zines. Live and let live. Don't 
judge others. 

TWIUGHT OF THE IDOLS c/o John A. Marmysz / 3739 Balboa St. *142 
/ San Francisco, CA94121 / $3.00 ppd / 4 times a year / 8 1/2 x 11, around 
40 pages 

A journal of dangerous and not so dangerous writings, funny 
drawings, weird fiction, and various pieces of fluff and stuff not 
suitable for those who take their nihilism too seriously. Could be 
harmful if misused. 

Cruz, CA 95061 / $2.75 ppd / 86 pgs., digest size / Every 6 mo.s 
I can't think of a way to describe it 

VERBO SLAMMED / 1825 nth St. # 6 / Areata, CA 95521 / 707-826-0668 
/ $1 ppd / Sporadic / 5 1/2 x 8, 18 pgs. 

Feminist rag, theme oriented, stories, rantings, grrrl zines ♦ band 

WAFFLE c/o Noel Tolentino / Porter College *715 / UCSC, Santa Cruz, 
CA 95064 / $2 ♦ 2 29 cent stamps / 2-3 times a year / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 
Quirky and irrelevant. Music, fiction, art, and whatever you make 
of it. # i sold out, # 2 Melvins, Helmet, Duh, Consolidated, fiction, 
recipes, party favors, reviews, and more. Looking for contributions 
for # 3, the "Filth, Sleaze and Kinkiness" issue. Deadline either July 
or August. 

WAJLEMAC / PO Box 312 / Larkspur, CA 94977-0312 / 415-931-2525 
A magazine that’s not afraid to ask bands the important things in life 
like what’s the strangest things you've put in your bodily orfices, 
and who would win in a switch blade fight between Herve Vilachez 
and a pitbull. Write us anytime. 


ARCATA SPOTS: Veggie or vegan food-Coop (9th 8 1 St.), Wildflower 
Cafe (9 8 17th St.), Tofu Shop (18th Bet. 9th St.), Los Bagels (nth 8 1 St.), 

Tiffany's (8th bet. 9 ♦ F St.) TJ's Classic (H ♦ nth St.)/ Coffee-Harvest 
Moon/Golden Harvest (9 ♦ nth St.), Cafe Mokka (5th ♦ J St.), Don's 
Donuts (H 8 ioth-24 hrs.) 

CHE CAFE / 0323 Student Co-op Center, UCSD / La Jolla, CA 92093-0323 
/ 619-534-2311 

We are a vegetarian cafe and collective run by those who want to 
get involved. See listing under Promoters 8 Venues. 

THE COFFEE HOUSE / U of California - Davis campus 
DAVIS FOOD CO-OP / 600 G St / Davis, CA 

DIRKSEN-MILLER PRODUCTIONS / 1966 California St *8 / San 

Francisco, CA 94109 

Concert and promotion company started 1974 (Fab-Mab/Mabuhay 
Gardens shows). Current video releases: Dead Kennedys ’’Live’’ and 
DOA ’’The End’’ Coming soon: 45 Grave 
FAQUE BURGER / San Diego / 619-383-9520 / Good veggie food 
FOLLOW YOUR HEART CAFE / 21825 Sherman Way / Canoga Park, CA 
91303 / 805-966-3694 

Cool vegetarian restaurant/market. Serve breakfast, lunch, dinner. 
Reasonable prices, good food and a market too! 

HOMEMADE HOUSE / 3907 Piedmont Ave. *5 / Oakland, CA 94611 / 
510 - 547 - 749 * 

Bands (well probably band) are more than welcome to stay. Will 
provide a meal or two in exchange for a record or two! Near tons 
of stores and transportation. 

JEFF H. / 1516 Brannon Ave. / Modesto, CA 95350 
I do Charles Burns/Dan Clowes/Robt Williams-ish artwork for 
flyers, stickers, zines or whatever. If anyone's interested send an 

JOHN CAGLE / 800 New Stine # 20 / Bakersfield, CA 93309 
Free typesetting, graphic design for bands/labels etc. Macintosh, 
laser printer equals clean originals to take to Kinko's. You provide 
photos (half toned of course) artwork can be negotiated. I want to 
help the punk community and will not do crappy work. 
MOTHERS MARKET AND KITCHEN / Huntington Beach, CA (714) 963- 
6667-Good veggie food. 

P.A.'s / 415-221-4017 (Radley) or 415-647-5890 (Hernan) 

Available for shows. 

Sacramento, CA 95816 / 916-455-2667 

Good source of bulk foods; cafe on site that serves some vegan 8 
vegetarian fare. 

SHURGARD STORAGE / 400 S. Grand / Santa Ana, CA 
A storage facility in the depths of O.C., home of great bands such as 
Afterbirth, Big Fat Gig Mama, Carcinogen, Confrontation, Conscious 
Alarm, Dethshit, Dystopia, Fug, Mindrot, Morgion, Phobia and 
countless others. Anyone interested in a "guided tour" call Steve 
714-968-9842 or Matt 714-380-78 22 

SIUD AKALTAN / PO Box 187 / N. Hollywood, CA 91601 / 818-763-9028 
Anarchist mail order library. Send for information. 

SWAMPCHICK / PO Box 497 / Elmira, CA 95625 / 707-452-8854 
An invitation to any bands or people who need a place to stay (free 
of charge) while traveling through the area. My house is only an 
hour from S.F. My cupboard is stocked with shrimp top ramen and 
yes, I even have running water! There's an area where equipment 
may be stored safely also. My only request is that all guests give me 
at least a week's notice before arrival. 


Liberal center of the world. Plenty of cool places to eat for all 
dietary needs, even bike messangers. Free clinics are available, in 
particular the Haight/Ashbury Free Clinic located in, where else, the 
Haight district. Crash Pads - a lot of budding rollerblade enthusiasts 
use 'em on their elbows, knees sometimes. Visit Epicenter Zone (475 
Valencia) for records, Gilman Street (924 Gilman St., Berkley) for 
bands. Avoid gossip, the local air is filled with enough already. Visit 
everywhere "The Streets Of San Francisco" was filmed. Become one 
of Lance Hahn's friends. Wear tie-dye. And that's all she wrote. - 
John Yates. 

VEGAN HOUSE PUNK CRASH PAD / 115 Heather Drive / Santa Rosa, 
CA 95401 / 707-526-6066 

WORLD WIDE MUSIC UNION / PO Box 2246 / Anaheim, CA 92814 / 
714-647-2307 — 24 hour hotline 

Nonprofit Southern California's central for information sources 

for bands, zines, clubs, gigs, music workers, tours, contacts, and 
networking for the underground music scene, and political demon- 
strations. WWMU's funds are limited so please when writing send 
SASE. Long distance calls are also hard, but if we can call you back 
collect it will help. 



BLISTERING BODY PUS / c/o Mosh Pit Records / PO Box 9545 / 
Colorado Springs, CO 80932 / 719-548-8419 or 719-575-0226 (not Mosh 
Pit numbers) 

Band has been around four years, current lineup one year. The 
band consists of four members. Have available 5-song ep, cassette, 
lyrics included. Good ole hardcore music dealing with everyday 
life, hangovers, girls, stereotypes, etc. 

BUILD UP / PO Box 11422 / Pueblo, CO 81001 / 719-542-5018 
Intense old school hardcore. Energetic, upset and very anti-racist. 
The voice of SHARP. 

ULAWATT / 1376 Pearl St. *209 / Denver, CO 80203 / 303-831-8629 
Melody. Noise. Emotion. 

VEX / PO Box 263 / Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0263 / 719-473-2647 
Ballsy, bouncy punk with female vocalist. 

WRONG APPROACH / 3360 Larimer St. / Denver, CO 80205 
A Denver based HC band is selling two different demo tapes. Each 
are $3 ppd. Other bands send us your tape in exchange for ours. 


IAN / 1240 Pearl St. Apt. B / Denver, CO 80203 / 303-894-9746 
Cheap punk T-shirtz at $5.00 ppd and printing at cost for bands and 
zines etc. Mailorder. 

UFEPROOF DISTRIBUTORS / PO Box 2443 / Loveland, CO 80539 / 303- 
962-9443, Fax: 303-669-0497 

Vinyl (all sizes) and cd's. Mailorder direct worldwide. Wholesale to 
retail stores for US and Canada. 

MOSH PIT RECORDS / PO Box 9545 / Colorado Springs, CO 80932- 
0545/7*9-633-5752 „ if „ 

We will distribute all sizes and speeds of vinyl, we really like T 
shirts, any cassettes, CD's, videos, magazines or fanzines. We 
distribute locally, nationally, and internationally through several 
different avenues. 10,000 mail order catalogs go out worldwide, 
stuff is wholesale through stores in Denver, at shows and announc- 
ing the grand opening of our very own retail store. Send a 52 cent 
stamp for more information. 

NEVER ENDING VEGETABLE / PO Box 263 / Colorado Springs, CO 
80901-0263 / 719-473-2647 

Mostly music and zines, I prefer to trade for T-shirts and patches I 


BLACK PLASTIC RECORDS / 3030 W. 46th Ave. / Denver, CO 80211 
We have completed one tape comp, and are working on a 12" vinyl 
comp. Still need about 10 more bands. Any style of music accepted, 
must be hardworking, honest and punktual. Send all resumes to 
above address. No phone calls. 

DEMENTIA RECORDS / PO Box 2443 / Loveland, CO 80539 / 303-962- 
9443, Fax: 303-669-0497 

Small but growing label looking for more hardcore/industrial/ 
grind/anything!! Quality releases at reasonable prices write or call 
for latest releases and prices. 

RACINE RECORDS / 1376 Pearl St. *209 / Denver, CO 80203 / 303-831- 

Indie (DIY) 

RADIOTOXIN RECORDS c/o Christie / 3450 El Pinal Dr. / Evergreen, 
CO 80439 / 303-674-0234 

Small label working on getting the names of lesser known politically 
conscious bands out. Does not matter if your HC, Ska, grunge, punk, 
reggae, etc. Only that you've got heart and soul plus a message to be 
heard. We love all music! All will be considered ♦ replied to! 


INDEPENDENT SKATE PARK / Lewis Lambert / 123 Rear E. Bijou / 
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 / 719-630-8674 
Send demos! 

RICHARD ALVARADO (Equal Children) / 919 E. Arroyo / Pueblo, CO 

250 Capacity. Lodging and food available, vegan also. Anywhere 
from $50-$i50 upfront and a % of the door, up to 40%. All age shows 
STEVE / 1376 Pearl St. *209 / Denver, CO 80203 / 303-831-8629 
Lodging 8 food usually. Bands take door after expenses. 


MOSH PIT RECORDS / 908-F North Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, 
co 80907 / 719-633-5752 , , 

We carry everything listed in our mail order catalog plus national 
releases from Roadracer Records, Century Media, Relativity/Ear- 
ache, Nuclear Blast America, Relapse Records and much, much 
more. Come shop our catalog showroom. 


BUND ZINE / PO Box 11422 / Pueblo, CO 81001 / 719-542-5018 / $1.50 
ppd / monthly / 40 pgs. 

Covers the entire Colorado underground. Interviews with local 
bands and any that come through on tour, reviews, social/political 
issues, and loads of other stuff. 

INFINITE ONION / PO Box 263 / Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0263 / 
719-473-2647 / $1 ppd / 1-5 x a year / 32 pgs., 81/2x7 
Anarchist zine with shit on everything from draft resistance to 
avoiding work to scams to interviews. No band interviews. 


RED TABLE PRINTS / 330A W. Uintah *224 / Colorado Springs, CO 

Radical 8 revolutionary t-shirts, buttons, stickers. 

SOUP KITCHEN / First building on left after comin east off Bijou St. 
exit off I-25. 

11-ipm everyday but Sunday. 


— m BANDS 

BAD DREAM HOUSE c/o Nina Kyle / 9 8th Ave, Apt. 1 / Danbury, CT 
06810 / 203-792-2948 

Great women led band. Fun band to see live. Get their 3 song demo. 
BIG MISTAKE / PO Box 10355 / Elmwood, CT 06051 / 203-224-7071 
Incorporating 3 vocalists, we play variations on the hardcore sound, 
from stomping hardcore beats to laid back trumpet skanks. We'll 
play anywhere for food (5 members) and gas money. 

BIG TOP / 57 Saddle Rdg. Rd. / Wilton, CT 06897 / 203-762-9509 (Jeff 

No frills ska contraption in the spirit of local faves the Toasters (pre- 
beer promotion era) and NY Citizens. Likes people who will pay 
money to see them, but like to get a chance to play even more. No 
attitude, no problems. 

BIMBO SHRINEHEADS / c/o Tulpa Productions / PO Box 860 / 
Willimantic, CT 06226 / 203-423-1415 

Pissed off punky pagan noise duo, featuring Eclectic Bitch on guitar 
and vocals. EB is a womyn that rants and rants and rants some more 
against oppressive situations or every size and shape. 

THE BUNNYBRAINS/ 12 Mill Plain Rd. / Danbury, CT 06811/ 203-792- 

A-Bomb blast with a bomb beat. 

CHINA PIG / PO Box 278 / Brookfield, CT 06804 / Craig: 203-775-1189 
China Pig is a band that gets as heavy as Tar and as subtle as Slint. 
The first release will be on a Mondo Psychotic compilation LP out 

DEFORMED CONSCIENCE / PO Box 1751 / Torrington, CT 06790 / 203- 

Noisy European-influenced hardcore with politcal lyrics. Interested 
in doing benefit gigs for worthy causes. 

INFECTED GASH c/o Bob Butler / PO Box 1994 / New London, CT 
06320 / 203-447-9499 

Former leader of Senslis Killin has formed a new band. Experimen- 
tal self indulgent, thrash/HC/death metal. 

IRRESOLUTION / 82 Boyer Rd. / Stafford, CT 06076 / 203-684-6909 
Hardcore band from a small town who needs shows. Our first demo 
"All The Hatred" on sale for $3 U.S., $5 non-US. Six songs. Seven inch 
out in May of 1992. 

Mi6 c/o Vandal Children Records / PO Box 260805 / Hartford, CT 
06126-0805 / 203-456-8874 

Who says CT doesn't have a scene!? They obviously haven't seen this 

MUSHBUM / PO Box 958 / Willimantic, CT 06226 / 203-455-0164 
Bunny loving band playing mostly punk/pop originals. This band 
has a sense of humor! 

REKCUFREHTOM / 150 Birch St. / Manchester, CT 06040 / 203-649- 

Distortion, feedback, dyed hair and homade tattoos... Loud, fast, 
punk rok, along the same lines as Filth or Econochrist. Seven song 
tape available and another out soon. Send $3. Labels: Wanna put out 
a 45 by a real cool band? We re too broke to do it ourselves... please 
write, anyone. 

SASQUATCH / PO Box 1751 / Torrington, CT 06790 / 203-489-2657 
UK Influenced hardcore w/ dual male/female vocals. 

YOUTH KORPS / PO Box 506 / New London, CT 06320 / 203-886-9497 
The original CT hardcore band celebrating it's 10th anniversary with 
release of Youth Korps '82 the 13 song 7" recorded at Radiobeat in 


MONDO UNITED DISTRIBUTION / PO Box 278 / Brookfield, CT 06804 
/ Craig, Gillippie or Mike: 203-744-1551 

Distributes Mondo Psychotic records, Mondo Gillippie records, 
TPOS records and other self pressed vinyl by Connecticut and other 
eastcoast bands. 

TPOS/ 12 Mill Plain Rd. / Danbury, CT 06811/ (203) 792-1630. 

We distribute everything. Mostly mail order, to other stores also. 


BRAIN POUCE RECORDS c/o Bob Butler / PO Box 1994 / New London, 
CT 06320 

Mostly thrash/death metal bands but good stuff never the less! 
DUMPSTER DIVE RECORDS c/o John Colletti / 74 Osbourne Ave. / 
Norwalk, CT 06855 

This is a record label for Dumpster Dive fanzine. 

MONDO GILLIPPIE RECORDS / PO Box 278 / Brookfield, CT 06804 / 
Mike or Craig: 203-744-1551 

Hardcore label based in CT. Out now: Wide Awake "the end" last 
ever. Coming; Dismay 

MONDO PSYCHOTIC RECORDS / PO Box 278 / Brookfield, CT 06804 
/ Mike or Craig: 203-744-1551 

Documents what's happening in the Danbury area music scene of 
Connecticut. Out now: Onion, HED, G'Nu, Fuz, Monsterland. 
Coming: compilation with all above bands and Bad Dreamhouse, 
Freazbaby, Transylvania Death Express and China Pig. Plus Freak- 
baby single and a G'nu Fuz LP. We do booking too. 

SCRAP RECORDS / PO Box 8001 / New Haven, CT 06530 
Squat the lot! 

TULPA / PO Box 860 / Willimantic, CT 06226 / 203-423-1415 
We put out records and tapes by bands that we like or play in. We 
have a mailorder catalog of our stuff and stuff by some cool labels 

that we like to support. We're broke self-hypercritical anarcho- 

VANDAL CHILDREN RECORDS / PO Box 260805 > Hartford, CT 06126- 
0805 / 203-456-8874 (Charlie), 643-9554 (Nick) 

Rock and roll, f motherfucker! Punk rock from Connecticut and 


CLUB FOOT c/o Charlie K. / 183 Prospect St. / Willimantic, CT 06226 
/ 203-456-8874 

Hall capacity. 100. Lodging: yes. Food: maybe. Terms: you tell us. 
Club Foot is a community arts group run by people like yourself. 
Frightenin, isn't it? 

EL 'N' GEE / 86 Golden St. / New London, CT 06320 / 203-437-3800 
The place to play when in New London. Talk to Scott or Bob. You'd 
have to stay at a motel or friend's house if you play though. 


WCNI 91.1 FM / Box 5333, Connecticut College / 270 Mohegan Ave. 
/ New London, CT 06320 / 203-439-2853 / Contact. Ed Feltch / PO Box 
506 / New London, CT 06320 / 203-886-9497 
Show: Destroy All Music (w/ MRR) Sat. Midnight - 3am. 

Contact *2: Ethan or Emma. punk/HC shows vary. Tapes are fairly 
useless we really like 7"ers (I do anyway), we have no rotation 
system-it is all DJ choice 

WECS 90. 1 FM / 83 Windham St. / Eastern Conn State U / Willimantic, 
CT 06226 / 203-456-5354 or 2164 

There are a number of guys named Rick who work there-you can 
talk to any of them. 

WESU 88. 1 FM / Wesleyan Station / Middletown, CT 06459 / 203-347- 
0050 / Contact: Music Director 

1500 Watts to central Connecticut and southern Massachusetts 
(about 2.5 million people). Our programming is varied - there are 
specialty shows ranging from the Church of the Sub-Genius radio 
hour to Delta Blues. The bulk of our programming is free-form 
however - DJ's create their own shows playing everything from 
Nation of Ulysses to John Coltrane and back again. 

WFCS 107.7 FM / 1615 Stanley St. / New Britain, CT 06050 / Contact: 
Gordan Conrad / 203-223-6767 

My show is Thurs. 3:30pm - 5pm. I do a weekly death/thrash/grind/ 
hardcore show. The hardcore I play is mostly the more metallic 
sounding kind: Wrecking Crew, Killing Time, SOIA, SBC, etc. I don't 
know if that is good enough to make it onto your "Book..." radio 
section but I just thought I'd write anyway. 

WHUS 91 .7 FM / Box U-8R / 2110 Hillside Rd. / Storrs, CT 06269-3008 
/ 203-486-4007 or 486-2960 

One of the biggestand oldest college/community station in CT. Also 
one of the snobbiest. Some DJ's will help you and play your stuff 
though. Try calling Julie Medwin, Terry Kostic, Meredith Andrews 
or Rob Cappadona at the above number. 


EVERYDAY BOOKS & CAFE / Main St. / Willimantic, CT / 203-423-3474 
The cafe is vegetarian but over priced. The bookstore is way cool! 
Lots of left-wing literature (Anarchist, Marxist, etc.) feminist stuff, 
bi-sexual, gay, lesbian lit., recovery and 12 step books, alternative 
spirituality, etc. They also support a local needle-exchange pro- 
gram, have some local art shows, and have occasional acoustic live 
music shows. 

MY MOTHER THREW MINE AWAY / 109 South Main St. / Torrington, 
CT 06790 / 203-489-4880 
Punk-Death Metal-Alternative 

MYSTIC DISC / Steamboat Wharf / Mystic, CT / 203-536-1312 
TRASH AMERICAN STYLE f \ 2 Mill Plain Rd. / Danbury, CT 06811/ 203- 

Specialty: Underground noise, NO MAJOR LABELS. Records rule, CD's 
stink to high heaven. 


ADVERSITY / PO Box 1751 / Torrington, CT 06790 / 203-489-5031 / $1 
ppd / Whenever we finish / 30-40 pgs. 

Dedicated to covering the music and politics of the punk/hardcore 
counterculture. Each issue consists of interviews, opinions, re- 
views, and radical graphics and artwork. 

ARBITRARY / 14 Gilbert St. / West Haven, CT 06516 / $1 ppd / Quarterly 
/ 8 1/2 x 11 

Seeks to breed a decadent aesthetic for the last years of the 20th 
century. Cruel women, depraved poets, industrial sex, black boots, 
absinthe ♦ rock ♦ roll. Age statement requested. 

GILLIPPIE'S BOUTIQUE / PO Box 278 / Brookfield, CT 06804 / Mike 
or Craig: 203-744-1551 

A magazine to document and promote the underground culture of 
the Danbury area. 

SON OF SHIT c/o Jef / 150 Birch St. / Manchester, CT 06040 / 203-643- 
2595 / $1 ppd / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, 24 pgs. 

Issue *5 has been out for a while and has stuff written by my friends 
and myself, comix, stuff that 1 found, beer drinking/buying tips. 
Other stupid shit. # 6 will be out any day now. I need contributions 
for *7 please write. 


105 / Canton, CT 06019 / $2.00 or trade / Quarterly / 32 pages 
The madcap adventures of the Subliminal Zone Chronicles comix 
brings on # 3. Two earthlings and their dog find ways to escape the 
subliminal zone and outsmart the evil inhabitors. 

TURNCOAT c/o David Hake / 141 Cavalry Rd. / Wilton, CT 06897 ' 203- 
762-2339 / $1 ppd / When 1 feel like it / 8.5 x 11 
Hardcore coverage with exploration of "current" issues therein. 
Hare Krishna (not a believer) and sexuality issues emphasized. 
Correspondence encouraged. 


E Z MARKET h Division Street/ Danbury, CT / 203-743-3971 
Middle Eastern/ Vegetarian chow can be had here. The Sesame 
Street restaurant is across the street. Vegetarian also, but more 

WILLIMANTIC FOOD CO-OP / 27 Meadow St. / Willimantic, CT 06226 
/ 203-456-3611 

Health food store that carries no meat. Specializes in carrying bulk 
items, locally grown produce, organic produce and packaged items, 
vitamins, homeopathic medicines, etc. in other words a good vegan 
store. Although a co-op, non-members are welcome to shop there. 



AGENT 86 /PO Box 70354/ Washington, DC / 20024/ 301-434-2159 
(Mike Briggs or Michelle Orgill) 

Hardcore-punk-reggae. "Rastacore". Politically conscious, vegetar- 
ian, non-straight-edge. Records include: "protect the earth"(i983), 
"Scary Action"(i985>, "Aparthied American Style"(i986-two different 
covers), "Apartheid American Style"(i988-LP includes previous EP), 
"Vietnam Generation"(i99o),"Just Say No"(i992) 


WHACK! / 1030 15th St. NW / Washington, DC 20005 /202-289-0232 / 
$1.50 ppd (free in the city) / 11.5 x 12, 16-24 pages / Monthly 
Monthly free tabloid about DC music, art, life; emphasizes local 
bands, including punks; sponsors concerts. 


BURRITO BROTHERS / 3 locations in DC 
A great tasting low cost food establishment. 

Free medical care. 



ASSUCK / 5208 27th Ave. S / St. Pete, FL 33707 / 813-321-0717 (Steve) 
Politically crusty stuff - only one member has tattoos. We are all 
"cute" anarchist bomb throwers. 

CHICKENHEAD / 1520 NW 8th St. / Boca Raton, FL 33486 / 407-392-5157 
Punk a la' Germs style. Naked drunk men on caffeine. 

FRIEND OR FOE / 2960 1/2 Dartmouth Ave. N. / St. Petersburg, FL 33713 
/ 813-321-4561 (James) or 323-1770 (Gregg) 

Intense post-punk fury along the lines of Killing Joke and Big Black. 
We have been together since 1989 in a hell called Florida and we've 
been progressing with consistency and madness. 

NO FRAUD / 475 Fox Glove Rd / Venice, FL 34293 / 813-493-5999 
Hardcore/punk/funk (alternative). 

PSYCHO TRIBE / 11913 - 104 St. / N. Largo, FL 34643 / 813-393-5512 
Early 80 s punk, silly loud dysfunctional, no bullshit and very little 
memory. Together since 1987, easy to work with and very res- 

RADON / 125 NW 10th St. *2 / Gainesville, FI 32601 / 904-338-1785 
Catchy, melodic, happy, sing-a-long punk. Gushy like a little boy's 
tushy, (raw.. .no bubble gum here) Paul Westerbeg only wishes he 
could write these songs. 

SEVERANCE c/o Bob Goldie / 32^1-B S. Port Royale / Ft. Lauderdale, 
FL 33308 / 305-928-0713 

Punk/Hardcore band in the same mode as Econochrist, Born 
Against, Citizen's Arrest, etc. Anti-mosh, violence, nationalism, 
religion, sexism, etc. Bob Goldie - vocals, Bill McFadden - guitar, 
Rich Thurston - drums, Peter Gordan - bass. 

SLAP OF REALITY / 2009 Waikiki Way / Tampa, FL 33619 / 813-621-2681 

Yeah our name is stupid, but we're not a cheezy SxE band! Sound: 
kinda melodic with a heavy guitar and vocal harmonies and shit like 
that. Politics: we have none, we're not out to change anyone's 
mind, we just want people to hear our music and have fun. Vinyl 
available: 3 7"s and and LP/CD thang out on Cargo Records. We ll 
play anywhere for gas money and food. Write or call and say hi! 
SOLID ANSWER / 817 Hemlock Dr. / Apopka, FL 32712 / 407-889-00 22 
Straight-edge hardcore with an original over-all sound. Very 
diversified (Lawrence Welk meets Carcass). Our "thing" is hardcore, 
but we've got something for everybody! Signed to New Direction 
records and soon to Statue Records. Great on casseroles! 

SPOKE / 1202 SW 1st Apt. G / Gainesville, FL 32601 / 904-338-1489 
Melodic pasta-core; cooked al dente. 

THE SUBJECTS / Generic Nathanson / 918 Jacaranda Dr. / Lady Lake, 
FL 32159 / 904 - 753-5247 

Honest, original, garage punk three piece. Jerry Arnold: drums and 
vocals, Tim Shiver: vocals and bass, Generic: guitar and vocals. A 12 
song cassette is available for $5.00 cash. 


NONE YET c/o I.V. League Zine / 11525 SW 124 Ct. / Miami, FL 33186 or 
Emil Busse / 8810 SW 132 PI. *306 D / Miami, FL 33186 / 305-274-0272 
or 388-7022 

Vinyl, cassettes, zines (any form of underground communication, 
books, pamphlets, etc.) Literature.... Sell at shows (at wholesale) ♦ 
mailorder. Local HC/Punk rec. store way too expensive, we decided 
to try to establish an alternative ♦ also help out small bands ♦ labels 
♦ people with small projects. 


4 1/2 FINGER RECORDS c/o Emil / 8810 SW 132 PL *306 D / Miami, 
FL 33186 / 305-388-70 22 

I put out records by bands I like and try to keep prices relatively 
cheap. Write for more info cause I like to get mail. Bye. 

BURRITO RECORDS c/o Bob Suren / 3421 SE Micanopy Ter. / Stuart, 
FL 34997 / 407-286-2346 

Wants to put out 7" records by deserving, unheard of DIY punk 
bands. We ll probably do a series of compilations and split fers. 
That way we can give many bands exposure. Send a tape with lyrics 
for consideration. 

OUTBACK RECORDS / 5255 Crane Rd. / W. Melbourne, FL 32904 / 407- 

Specialties vinyl and cassettes/Wholesale, mailorder, direct with 
stores, distributors etc.... 

land Ave. / Tampa, FL 33604 / 239-2228, Fax:932-4372 
STIFF POLE RECORDS / 3665 E. Bay Dr. *204-271 / Largo, FL 34641 
Specializing in punk, hardcore and guitar noise. Have releases out 
by Flash Bastard, No Fraud and Conspiracy, all 4-song 7"s on colored 
vinyl. We do mailorder, send SASE for catalog of all the cool punk 
rock shit we carry. 


CHUCK / 1520 NW 8th St. / Boca Raton, FL 33486 / 407-392-5157 
Lodging depends usually yes, food provided depends usually yes, 
working terms vary w/ bands, get in touch. Only one (so far) who 
does shows for extra cheap, non-profit, ♦ comes through 


WNKR 101.1 FM (Cable) / 3301 College Ave. / Fort Lauderdale, FL 
33314 / 305-424-5763 / Contact: David (Boggy DJ) Ritchie 
Nobody there cares about you so if you want air play, air time or 
whatever - 1 can help you. I'm at the above number 6 - 9 pm on Fri 
S Sat. Also do not send stuff to the station -I'll never get it which 
means it will never get played. My home: 8421 SW 39 Ct. / Davie, FL 
33328 / 305-424-7360 


CUTTHROAT c/o Bob Goldie / 3201-B S. Port Royale / Ft. Lauderdale, 
FL 33308 / 305-928-0713 / $1.50 postage paid or trade / Every 4-6 
months / 20 page print 8 1/2 x n 

Covers punk and hardcore. Politics, articles, reviews. Anti big 
business, sell out, violence, racism, etc. Hated by many., need I say 

D.B.N. / PO Box 3547 / Lantana, FL 33465 / 407-586-0580 (Tim) or 305- 
344-0775 (Mike) / $2.00 ppd / Comes out every couple of months / Size 
varies, 48 to 64 pages 

We cover all kinds of non-mainstream music: punk, he, thrash, 
grind, crust, progressive, industrial, pop punk, noise, death, etc. We 
have a large circulation(it's free locally). Ad rates are cheap. We ll 
help touring bands by giving out club # 's, distributing flyers, etc. We 
also cover social topics, bizarre opinions and strange art, etc. 
FLORIDA CONTACT LIST / PO Box 7521 / Northport, FL 34287 / a stamp 
or 1 year subscription (6 issues) for $2.00 cash / bi-monthly 
This list contains names and addresses of bands, magazines, pro- 
moters, radio stations and other contacts. To be a part of this list 
all you have to do is send a letter with the information you want, 
printed and some proof that you exist (tape, zine, etc.). In order to 
stay on this list, you have to write in at least bi-monthly. We need 
to keep our list updated. If we do not receive a letter, chances are 
you will be deleted from the list. Since this list is free, advertise- 
ments help pay for the cost of printing and other costs. 

HOI ZINE / PO Box 105 / Brandon, FL 33509-0105 / $2 ppd / Bi-monthly 
/ 7 x 8.5, 30* pgs. 

A teen sexuality magazine cooler than Sassy, YM and 17. 

I.V. LEAGUE ZINE c/o Omar Angulo / 11525 SW 124 Ct. / Miami, FL 33186 
/ 305-274-0272 / $1.25 ppd / varies / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
Photocopied, currently on # 2. Attempt at underground communica- 
tion ♦ media through personal writings (rants, expression, politics, 
ideas, views, etc.) Graphics and art (same). Interviews (bands, music, 
politics etc.). Open to contributions to voice others views. 

LIZARD'S EYEUD / PO Box 8561 / Jupiter, FL 33468-8561 / 407-624-5961 
/ $2ppd / quarterly / 30 pages 

Every issue includes: interviews (zine, album, show, and book), 
Celtic graphics, original artwork, articles, and more. Always in- 
cludes bonus (glow-in-the-dark bead, lazer sticker, 7 ’, etc.). 
OUTBACK FANZINE / 5255 Crane Rd. / W. Melbourne, FL 32904 / 407- 
984-5320 / $2 ppd / Every 2-4 months / varies 
Mostly hardcore music but varies throughout, open to any kind of 
music. Includes interviews, reviews, ads, pictures, writings, 
etc.. .plus many other things. Open for zine trade and please send 
things for review plus any other contributions. Distributors please 
get in touch. 

TEEN MEAT / 125 NW 10th St. # 2 / Gainesville, FL 32601/ 904-338-1489 
Local Gainesville gossip and hot punx centerfold pin up mag. 
Features the Rad Babe Alert section every issue. Geeky nonsense. 
This issue has a hot photo spread of John Resh from Spoke in the 
nude, (he's soo cute...) 

XINEMA POBRESA / PO Box 105 / Brandon, FL 33509-0105 / $2 ppd 
/ Bi-monthly / 7 x 8.5, 30* pgs. 

A film zine geared to independent/poverty stricken film makers. It 
contains useful info if your into making films. We review videos, so 


CONDOMS IN ORLANDO. Cheapest place to buy condoms in 
Orlando is UCF's Health Center. For 25 cents you get a nice lubricated 
lifestyle condom, or a colored (red, blue, or green) condom. 
Compared to the price of Trojans, which are 3 for $2, the Health 
Center makes sex affordable and safe. You must have a student ID, 
so please contact Anthony at 407-823-4239 to get some, or write PO 
Box 105 / Brandon, FL 33509 in case I no longer live there (it's my 
dorm phone # ) 

FOOD UON IN ORLANDO: (grocery store) If you have no $$$, go to 
their mix n match candy bins. Take two of every item, and shake 
your head after you eat them, as though you were going to buy 
them, but they taste bad, you won't anymore. 



BLOODSPOON / 295 Dania Dr. / Alpharetta, GA 30201 / 404-772-0863 
or 475-4587 

Slap bass, grunge guitar, punk vocals, political and social lyrics. 
Write for a free tape. 

FIDDLEHEAD / PO Box 1457 / Tucker, GA 30085 / 404-354-1181 (Doug), 
416-6915 (Mike) 

Influences Am Rep bands-Touch and Go bands and sorted others 
like say.. .Bitch Magnet. Looking for label and tour contacts. Have 
1 - 45 out now and another on it's way also appear on classic "Bag 
of Jakes" comp 7" also big Letterman fans. 

LMNOP / PO Box mi / Decatur, GA 30031-1111 / 404-875-8951 
A punk/pop band. The band's mail order only cassettes contain 
themes of satire, homoeroticism, and serial murder. Sole member 
S. Fievet is also a cortoonist for baby sue magazine. Send SASE for 
details and ordering info. 

POSITIVE AGGRESSION / 175 Grogan's Landing / Atlanta, GA 30350 
/ 404-551-0040 

Straight edge hard core without the straight edge. Some melodic 
punk and ska influenced songs. Non-racist, non-sexist, non- 

THE VIOLETS / PO Box 6064 / Athens, GA 30604 / 404-546-9825 

Basic melodic punk. All original. 

VOMIT THROWER c/o Mad Mike Stembridge / 443 Old Epps Bridge 
Rd. / Athens, GA 30606 / 404-543-3667, 543-7983, or 613-2382 
Athens only punk band. We are purists (no crossover/thrash/funk/ 
ska). One 5 song demo out. the local townie REM freaks hate us. 
Some band member influences are: Stooges, Pistols, Ramones, Dead 
Kennedys. we are political. 


PLAID PRODUCTIONS c/o Schade E Labito /443 Old Epps Bridge Rd. 

/ Athens, GA 30606 / 404-613-2382 

We do cassettes, zines, etc. Mailorder and local sales. 



BABY SUE / PO Box mi / Decatur, GA 30031-1111 / 404-875-8951 
Has been releasing records, tapes, and compact discs since 1982. We 
are interested in cutting edge punk and pop music. Our current 
roster includes The Mommy, The Stereotypes, and LMNOP. 

LUNCH BOX RECORDS / PO Box 1457 / Tucker, GA 30085 / 404-354- 
1181 (Doug) or 404-416-6915 (Mike) 

Have been putting out records, mostly 45s, for about a year now in 
the Atlanta area. Bands and distributors desperately needed. 
TAKE CAUTION PRODUCTIONS / 175 Grogan's Landing / Atlanta, GA 
30350 / 404-551-0040 

Total D 1 Y. Little if any profit made. Puts out 7"s, comps, demos and 
benefits. Non-racist, non-sexist, non homophobic. 

WORRYBIRD DISK / PO Box 95485 / Atlanta, GA 30347 / 404-892-1187 
45 / 7" singles only label of predominately Atlanta bands. 


CLUB FRED / 1052 Baxter St. / Athens, GA 30606 / 404-549-2904 
Below a pizza shop, capacity of about 300. Sells alcohol. Will book 
almost anybody, but prefers local acts. One of the newer spots in 
town. Has a PA. Band gets door. 

DOWNSTAIRS CAFE / 140 E. Clayton St. / Athens, GA 30601 / 404-549- 

Small. Sells food and alcohol. Capacity of around 75. Will book 
almost anyone. There is a backup of a month or two. A popular spot. 
No PA but you really don't need one here. Band gets door. 

40 WATT / 285 W. Washington St. / Athens, GA 30601 / 404-549-7871 
In a big building. Capacity of about 1000. Sells alcohol. Picky about 
who they book. Lot of big label "alternative'' bands come here. Has 
a PA Might be better to play with a few bands at a time, unless you 
have a "name.'' REM has influence here. 

FLYING BUFFALO / 95 Hoyt St. / Athens, GA 30601 / 404-549-5123 
Smaller venue. Capacity of about 150-200. Sells alcohol. Easy to get 
gigs at. On some nights, has a PA. 

GEORGIA THEATER / 215 N. Lumpkin / Athens, GA 30601 / 404-353- 

Old movie place - big. Capacity of around 1300. Sells alcohol. Kickass 
PA/Soundsystem. Gigs are difficult to get here. Management are 
capitalist assholes. Draws lots of greeks and other college students, 
and lots of hippies. 



AGITATOR c/o Mad Mike Stembridge / 443 Old Epps Bridge Rd. / 
Athens, GA 30606 / 404-543-3667 / $1.00 ppd / Monthly / 8.5 x 11 
usually 20 pages 

Band reviews, interviews, poetry, ratings, editorials, letters, clipart, 
drawings. All contributions welcome. Trades welcome. Free ads. 
Free pen pal ads. Write me today. 

ANTI- / PO Box 20442 / Atlanta, GA 30325 / .50 postage, 1 year sub.- 
$6.00 / Monthly on the 15th / 8 1/2 x n, 10-20 pgs. 

A non-political punk zine concentrating on the Atlanta scene but 
taking submissions from all over the country. 

BABY SUE / PO Box mi / Decatur, GA30031-1111 / 404-875-8951 / $1.00 
for sample issue, $8.00 for four issue sub (send cash or check 
payable to S. Fievet) 

Features adult humor on such issues as hate, homoeroticism, serial 
murder and religions. Each issue features cartoons, poetry, and sick 
essays. We welcome submissions and trade freely with other 
magazines. Circulation: 10,000 

BABY SUE MUSIC REVIEW / PO Box mi / Decatur, GA30031-1111 /404- 
875-8951 / $1.00 for sample issue, $8.00 for four issue sub (send cash 
or check payable to S. Fievet) 

Features reviews of underground and commercial cassettes, CD's 
and records. The magazine reviews all types of music and provides 
tearsheets to those reviewed in each issue. Circulation: 5,000. 
THE NUCLEUS / PO Box 15264 / Augusta, GA 30919-1264 / 404-592-5649 
(Jason) / $1 ppd 

A center point for conglomerated ideas. Unfortunately not very 
many people utilize this resource so send us contributions. Write 
for more info. All letters answered. 

REWARD ZINE / 175 Grogan's Landing / Atlanta, GA 30350 / 404-551- 
0040 / $1.25 ppd 

Punk bands interviewed, reviews, columns, ads, classifieds. Dedi- 
cated to educating the uneducated and protecting the naive. 


CHICK / Athens, GA / 404-543-4348 
Music shop. 

D RAISON / Athens, GA / 404-548-7233 
Music shop. 

THE GRIT / 199 Prince Ave. / Athens, GA / 404-543-6592 
Cheap vegan food. 

GUMBYS PIZZA / Downtown / Athens, GA / 404-543-5000 
Cheap food. 


— ** BANDS 

WGHR 102.5 FM / noo S. Marrietta Pkwy. / Marietta, GA 30060 / 
Studio: 404-528-7300, Business: 404-528-7354 / Contact: Dan and Dave 

Dan and Dave show: Tues. 9pm - 12am 

WREK 91 .1 FM / GA Tech Station / Atlanta, GA 30332 / 404-894-2468 
/ Contact. Amy Potter or Thomas Peake 

Punk show. The good, the bad, and the ugly-Thurs. 8pm. HCshow: 
ToungueBath-Wed. 9pm 


BIG SHIT / Athens, GA / 404-543-6666 

BOOK NOOK / 3342 Clairmont Rd. / Atlanta, GA 30329 / 404-633-1328 
Specialties - 45's, comics, fanzines, cheap books. 

WUXTRY / 197 E. Clayton St. / Athens, GA 30601 / 404-369-9428, Fax. 
548-7703 and 2096 N. Decatur Rd. / Decatur, GA 30033 / 404-329-0020, 
Fax: 248-9679 

EPILEX / 3345 Akala Dr. / Kihei, Maui, HI 96735 / 808-875-0717 (Pete 

When Pat Sparks was accused of killing his mom with a lamp, he 
wigged out ♦ started this band! 1000 mph thrash with songs about 
killing everybody! Fun! 


JUST THE FACTS c/o R. Gleason / PO Box 291 / Laie, HI 96762 / Free 
with 2X 29 cent stamps / About once a month / 8 1/2 x 11, 3-4 pages 
Reviews, opinions, cheezy art. JTF welcomes any contributions 
from anywhere. Especially if it is already typed and ready on 8 1/ 
2 x 11. 

MIND PLAGUE c/o R. Gleason / PO Box 291 / Laie, HI 96762 / $1.00 ppd 
/ Indefinite / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 16-20 pages 

We ll print just about anything anyone sends us, whether we like 
it or not, as long as it's typed on 51/2x8 1/2. Fiction, opinions, art, 
poetry, reviews (of everykind), interviews, etc. First issue out in 



HAGGIS c/o Zentrum Productions / PO Box 1963 / Boise, ID 83701- 
1963 / 208-336-1137 (Mark) 

Accepting nothing less than total worship. Retro-punk noisemakers 
who don't care if you're listening or not Features an ex-member of 
Septic Death and other worthless scum. 


CLUB 91 1 c/o Zentrum Productions / PO Box 1963 / Boise, ID 83701- 
1963 / 208-336-1137 (Mark) 

Hall capacity-150 (if packed in), We can find you a place to stay on 
a floor, Food-not usually. Over 21 club. Open (usually) Fridays only 
10 pm - 2 am. Usually give bands 50% of door, but due to low overhead 
can go higher if low draw. Door price is usually $3. 


BSU RADIO / 1910 University Dr. / Boise, ID 83725 / Contact: Phil 
Matlock / 208-385-3663 

Hardcore show Wed. nights iopm-2am. BSU radio consists of 3 
transmitters and 7 translators covering most of Southwestern Idaho 
and Eastern Oregon. 


BLUNT c/o Zentrum Productions / PO Box 1963 / Boise, ID 83701-1963 
/ 208-336-1137 (Mark) / 2 stamps / 8 1/2 x 11, 16 pgs. 

Covers the Idaho scene and cities near the Idaho border (such as 
Spokane, WA). All types of independent music, but mainly punk. 
Record reviews, live reviews, interviews, political articles and 
whatever else we want to print. 



8 BARK / PO Box 476847 / Chicago, IL 60647-6847 / 312-772-4545 
Guitar-bass-drums-percussion, M-F vocals. Drive. Crunch. Groove. 
Impressionistic frustration. Have two 7"EPs on Underdog records, 
full length LP/CD out summer '92. We play out-of town, weekends 
and tours, all ages S independent shows preferred. Fuck "Big Time'' 
music biz. 

CRANIAL STRUCTURE c/o C.S. Productions / PO Box 29556 / Chicago, 
IL 60629 / 312-581-3480 (Rich) 

Chicago hardcore band, soon out with split LP and 7". Saving for full 
length LP. But forget us, I've a buncha other bands from punk to 
hardcore. We play for fun and gas money. Please contact me, get 
our demo's! 

ESKIMO NATION / PO Box 1911 / Chicago, IL 60690-1911 / 312-772-4545 
Music is melodic, energetic, aggresive. We play lots of shows, like 
to tour, and have a 7"ep and split 7"ep on Underdog records. Full 
length LP/CD S US tour summer '92. All ages shows/independent 
promoters preferred. 

FOCUST / 2203 Ridge Ave iA / Evanston, IL 60201 / 708-570-085 2 (Sean 
Riley) - address good only til June '92 look for new address under 
Massachusetts listings. 

We've been together for a year. Because of school we're only in 
Boston and "a functioning band" summer and breaks. Our first 7 "er 
(split with Wish) should be out on Community Chest records as you 
read this. Now booking summer tour. 

GAINSAY c/o Jesse Mendoza / 4110 Greenleaf # io6 / Park City, IL 
60085 / 708-249-4056 

A 5 piece melodic punk/hardcore band from Chicago. Our influenc- 
es include Naked Raygun, Dag Nasty, and Fugazi. Our studio demo 
is available for $4.00 ppd. We'll play anywhere for gas, food, and a 
place to stay. 

HEEL / 6570 Springside / Downers Grove, IL 60516 / 708-969-7444 


A fun hardcore band, along the lines of Green Day, and other 
Lookout material. 7" out soon, look for it, and in the meantime, 
write to them. Will play any shows, so call 'em up. 

THE HIDDEN / PO Box 517 / Algonquin, IL 60102 / 312-764-1757, 
FAX708-658-95 22 

Chicago-Broad shoulders, big guitars, and the Hidden. Raw alterna- 
tive, bold experimentalism, and good ol rock n roll. Used to be 
known as IMF. Dr. Suess didn't die for nothin, chump. 

IMPULSE MANSLAUGTER c/o Karl Patton / PO Box 25636 / Chicago, 
IL 60625-0636 

Hardcore/Thrash. Support DIY/work together. Peace. 

LOCAL H / PO Box 9161 / Waukegan, IL 60079 / 708-872-2605 (call 
before 10:30 pm) 

Sounds like sort of sub pop noise feed back stuff. You 

decide.. ..write for info an tapes, 7", T shirts, stickers, etc. (send a 


P.E.N. / 1208 Todd Ln. / Bourbonnais, IL 60914 / 815-932-0050 

Chicago, political, multi-gender punk-HC. Help with shows would 
be great. We're touring the US in June. 

SCREECHING WEASEL / PO Box 62 / Prospect Hts., IL 60070 
3 chord DIY punk rock ala the Ramones or Dickies. We ve put out 
3 LPs and a bunch of other things. Won't play shows where under 
age drinking is allowed, or shows where beer is sold in bottles. We 
won’t play parties either. 

URBN DK / PO Box 163 / Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096 / 708-746-8306 

Originally formed 1981. Released "World Gone Crazy" ep 1982 (still 
available). Reformed 1990 with original guitarist and drummer. 
New nine-song cassette/CD out soon. We are "the real horror rock." 
THE VINDICTIVES / PO Box 183 / Franklin Park, IL 60131 / 708-678- 

A five piece basic punk rock band who want to prove once for all 
that life would be an empty meaningless experience without the 
existence of punk rock. Melodic vocals, interesting lyrics, tight bass, 
guitars, and drums, plenty of back up singing and short well 
structured guitar solos to boot. 

YOUNG LORDS c/o Chuck Tipton / 913 W. Sheridan # 2 / Chicago, IL 

Heavy, heavy, heavy rock n roll band. 1990 debut LP on Behemoth 
Records of Las Vegas. 5 song Bucket EP on Paul-O-Riffic Records. 
Write for info on shows, records, T-shirts, etc. 


CARGO RECORDS AMERICA / 3058 N. Clybourn / Chicago, IL 60618 
/ 3I2-935-5583 

Importer from England, Germany, Italy, Austrailia, France and 
Belgium. Distributor of many fine indie labels. Carrier of all formats 
including CD, CS, 7 inch singles, mags, videos and vinyl. Promoters 
of all things cool that others tend to over look. Wholesale to retail, 

FUCK SHIT UP DISTRIBUTION / PO Box 3808 / Chicago, IL 60654-0808 
/ No Phone 

Anarchist ♦ Radical literature (papers, zines, pamphlets, flyers, 
stickers, and sometimes music). Mailorder (cash or blank money 
orders only), gigs, and other events. 

TIME FOR CHANGE DISTRIBUTION / 1208 Todd Ln. / Bourbonnais, 
IL 60914 / 815-932-0050 (Crystal) 

Vinyl 8 Cass. Covering mailorder 6 gigs. 



CARGO RECORDS / 3058 N. Clybourn / Chicago, IL 60618 / 312-935- 
5683 (All other promotion and advertising) 

Our labels: Cargo (Shadowy Men, SNFU), 

Nemesis/Headhunter/Workshed (Olivelawn, Hunger Farm), Fistp- 
uppet (Honeymoon Killers, The Ex), KK (Kode IV), C est La Mort, 
Earth Music, Patois, we also do PGDs with Knitting Factory and Scat 

Grove, IL 60515 / 708-852-8224 (Basil) 

Designed to help out bands, not only the ones signed to this label. 
So, write or call for information, or newsletter. Also, call if you want 
help with shows (any touring bands)... 

JOHANNS FACE RECORDS / PO Box 479-164 / Chicago, IL 60647 / 312- 

SHAKEFORK RECORDS / PO Box 9711 / Downers Grove, IL 60515 / 

A small one person run label. We have jfs out so far by bands like 
Gauge, Weedeater, Target, Mannequin Head, Ivy League, and 2 
comps. Shakefork only puts out local bands. Hope to have a Gauge 
LP out someday. > 

TIME FOR CHANGE TAPES & RECORDS / 1208 Todd Ln. / Bourbon- 
nais, IL 60914 / 815-932-0050 (Crystal) 

Put out mostly compilation tapes, used as benefits for various 
groups such as ALF, Act Up, etc. Also put out split LPs. 
UNDERDOG RECORDS / PO Box 14182 / Chicago, IL 60614 / V^T 7 ^- 

Collectively run independent label since 1986. i2"s by: Screeching 
Weasel, Impulse Manslaughter, ID Under, Sponge, Spongetunnel, 
Friends of Betty, Achtung Chicago comp, 7"s by Group of Individuals, 
Fudgetunnel, Dead Steelmill, 8 Bark, IMF, Eskimo Nation, Tasty 

VICTORY RECORDS / PO Box 146546 / Chicago, IL 60614 / 312-404-6214 
WE BITE AMERICA / PO Box 10172 / Chicago, IL 60610-0172 / 312-738- 


All kinds of crossover - HC, punk, thrash, metal, rock. If you send 
demos make sure your phone and address is on the shell and give 
us some time to respond. 


C.S. PRODUCTIONS / PO Box 29556 / Chicago, IL 60629 / 312-581-3480 

basically anything from 10 to 600 people. Lodging: floor space, one 
couch, and some blankets. Food if any, (I'm always hungry myself.) 
We can always find something. Any profits made go to you. Touring 
bands will probably get a guarantee. Call me, and I'll do anything 
I can. I'm real friendly, and if I can't book ya I'll find somebody 
friendly who can. 

DRUNK ROCK ENT. /1208 Todd Ln. / Bourbonnais, IL 60914 / 815-932- 
0050 (Crystal) 

Lodging provided, possibly food. Mostly basement shows, some 
halls, work by percentage. 

FRIENDS & CO. c/o Jeff / 509 Van Buren / Charleston, IL 61920 / 217- 

Hall capacity-225 (our slogan: too small, too dark, 8 way too loud). 
Lodging: you're more than welcome to crash at my place (most out- 
of-town bands do). Food: yes - best damn burgers in town. 

MATT NELSON - McGregors / 2434 N. Albany / Chicago, IL 60647 / 312- 

Capacity - 650 legal, have done 750. Food 8 lodging provided. 
Guarantee ♦ points or %, can work out. 


BEN WEASEL INC. / PO Box 62 / Prospect Hts., IL 60070 

Write for information about Oyster Publications. Movie production 

and chap books. 

GEIL PUBLISHING / 17 N. Elizabeth St. / Chicago, IL 60607 / 312-942- 


radio 8 magazine promotion for HC, Thrash, Metal, Punk, Rock or 
any Crossover of these. Over 450 magazines and 800 college radio 
stations! No more bulk mailings-we can focus on your music. 


WDGC 88.3 FM / 4436 Main St. / Downers Grove, IL 60515 / 708-852- 
0404 / Contact: Pete Havranek 

Sun 8-ioam, i2-2pm Mon. 3:30-8pm, Wed. 3:3010pm, Sat. 2-4pm. 
WZRD 88.3 FM / Northeastern Illinois University / 5500 N. St. Louis 

Ave. / Chicago, IL 60625-4699 / 312-794-2861 / Contact; Dave Katzman 

We are the only true alternative radio station in Chicago, covering 
the north side and northern suburbs with our wattage. Our 
activities include live bands every Thursday night and interviews 
(ask Mykel Board; we interviewed him a while back) along with 
community affairs and great alternative music (not E.M.F., Siouxsie 
or that shit!) and, of course, the fine MRR show every Sunday. We 
do MRR every Sunday at 2:00 and we mix our punk/hc in with 
everything else (free-form). 


DAMAGED ZINE / PO Box 9631 / Downers Grove, IL 60515 / $2 ppd 
/ Quarterly 

It's not MRR. You can't get it from Lookout. It doesn't even come 
from CA. It comes from the Great Lakes just like stinky fish. It covers 
government, religion, philosophy, music and more. Read it for a 

KNIFE SPEAK POETRY ZINE / PO Box 9161 / Waukegan, IL 60079 / 
$2.00 ppd / Comes out 3 times a year / 8 1/2 x 11 (full size) 
Underground poetry/art zine. Must layout your own page. 1 page 
per person. Send SASE along with your contribution. 

SPEED KILLS / PO Box 14561 / Chicago, IL 60614 / 312-561-6954 / $2.00 
ppd / Quarterly / 8 x 10.5, 40* pages 

Punk rock fueled auto junk culture. Focused on u-ground sounds, 
old cars and drag racing. We interview bands, racers, mechanics, 
and other people involved with punk rock and/or racing. Each issue 
features a hand-made cover, lots of cool graphics and the latest 
word in new records and new speed records! 

TIME FOR CHANGE ZINE / 1208 Todd Ln. / Bourbonnais, IL 60914 / 
815-932-0050 (Crystal) / $1.50 ppd / Bi-Monthly / Size varies 
Free classifieds, contributers also welcome, no racist, sexist, ho- 
mophobic shit. Bands send demos for review. This zine, like most 
political ones, is published with the intent of spreading our ideas 
8 action 8 to help the people struggling to keep punk alive. (8 of 
course a threat!) 

UNDERDOG 'ZINE / PO Box 14182 / Chicago, IL 60614 / 312-722-4545 
/ $1.00 and a stamp ppd / Quarterly / Length variable, minimum 20 

A compilation of many mini zines, and other contributions, under 
one cover; this is an open format, mostly other-than-music topics. 
Lots of slice'o'life things and rantings. Grew out of U-Dog records 

WIND CHILL FACTOR / PO Box 81961 / Chicago, IL 60681 / $1.50 ppd 
/ Bimonthly or close / size varies (usually close to 50 pages) 
Anarchist zine of ideas, rants, direct action tips, news, lots o' 
creativity and energy. Aims to educate and motivate, as well as 
network and unify. 


(Doug, RobRoy or Alan) 

In the city of Chicago. Plenty'o'space, a shower and a big kitchen, 
to put up touring bands. We'll even try and cook you some food too! 
Call in advance to make sure it's cool. We know how great it is to 
have a nice place to stay while on tour. 

CRASH PAD / Chicago / 312-581-3480 (Rich) 

Any bands passing/playing through Chicago that need a place to 
crash, (even if I don't promote you) look me up. I can most likely 
find you a place to sleep, and some friendly people to party with. 
LA FIESTA / On Archer and near Kedzie / Chicago 
24 hour burrito joint. They have the biggest burrito you'll ever see 
for 2.75, (they just went up a two bit piece.) They use only vegetarian 
beans, and have great fucking avocado stuff. All the south side crew 
eat here late on the weekends. 

P.E.N. CRASH PAD / 1208 Todd Ln. / Bourbonnais, IL 60914 / 815-932- 
0050 (Crystal) 

Need a place to stay in Chicago, stay with F.E.N. We re getting a 
house together G also an AYF collective, call and you'll get our 
phone number to the house because we haven't got the phone on 
when I sent this in! Stop in! We'll have lots of Homebrew! 
QUIMBY'S QUEER STORE / 1328 N. Damen Ave. / Chicago, IL 60622 
/ 312-342-0910 

Send 50 cents for catalog. Huge selection of underground zines, 
comix, and books. We accept small press publications. Send sample. 



ACID GREEN / 1440 N. Alabama / Indianapolis, IN 46202 / 317-464-9526 

We are a four member Indianapolis band with a sound that's 
somewhat punk/Subpop. The vocals have been described as an 
"angst yodel" which connects everything together. We have a new 
tape for sale containing original music for $6. 

NEUROTIC BOX / RR # i Box 328 / Elmwood, IN 46036 / 317-552-6384 
(Steve, Lv. message) 

Heavy alternapop based in Muncie. Not many shows in Indiana, so 
call and we can try to book one in indy, bloomington, lafayette, 
muncie or anderson colleges, ball state, purdue, IU. 

RATTAIL GRENADIER / PO Box 4035 / Lafayette, IN 47903 / 317-474-3124 
Classic Indiana punk rock, in the spirit of Zero Boys and Toxic 
Reasons. Formed in 1984, have issued several releases, most notably 
Rattail Grenadier (1988, Roadkill) and Too Much Of A Good Thing 
(1991, Helter Skelter/Assault Force). 


SONIC IGUANA RECORDS / PO Box 4035 / Layfayette, IN 47903 / 317- 

Vinyl, cassettes, CD's, Zines, Video. Mailorder only. 



PAUL-O-RIFFIC RECORDS c/o Paul Kasprzek / 2944 Glacier, Box 30- 
B-6 / Porter, IN 46304 

Quality chrome cassette only releases. Demos of all types of music 
welcome. Current listing: Paul Kasprzak-the wicked child, Young 
Lords-Bucket!, Paul Kasprzak-PauI-o-riffic. All releases $5 ppd. 
SONIC IGUANA RECORDS / PO Box 4035 / Layfayette, IN 47903 / 317- 

First release is a 16-band compilation, including Toxic Reasons, 
Rattail Grenadier, Datura Seeds, Young Lords, Delirium, and Stron- 
tium 90. Available only on CD. 


THE PATIO BAR / 6308 Guilford Ave. / Indianopolis, IN 46220 / 317- 
253-0799 (Roger) 

SPUD ZERO PROMOTIONS / PO Box 4035 / Layfayette, IN 47903 / 317- 

Capcity up to 600. Will help find lodging. No guarantees, strict 
percentages based on hall costs. Since 1986. 


WIUS 95.1 FM CABLE / Indian University Student Radio / 815 E. 8th 
St. / Bloomington, IN 47401 / 812-855-6552 (David Baird) 

Punk/HC show times change each semester. 


D.A.M. ZINE c/o Andy Hutchison / 8647 Cox Rd. / Indianapolis, IN 
46241 / 317-856-3621 / 2 stamps / varies / Half sized, usually about 20 

I am currently working on issue *3. It comes out when I collect 

enough stuff, which could take a while, especially now, during the 
winter. But it is free for 2 stamps. It is basically a skate/music zine. 
Contents include interviews with bands S pro skaters, reviews, 
creative writing and pictures/ art stuff. I usually know what is going 
on in the Indianapolis area (places to hangout, shows, skate spots). 
For out of town folks I can be helpful in that way. 



ERCHINT / 2103 Camargo Rd. / Louisville, KY 40207 / 502-897-2856 
Playing aggressive music with lyrics that are closser to being 
realistic than being idealistic. Have been compared to vintage Black 
Sabbath with some Neurosis and Bad Brains crossed in. We like to 
think of it as a sound all its own. 

HELLNATION / PO Box 17742 / Covington, KY 41017 / 606-341-6695 
(Jason) or 606-331-0134 (Ken) 

We hate: sexists, racists, homophobes, capitalism, speciesists, 
people that think they are cool or take themselves too seriously, 
and all other jerks. Love: 1000 mph energetic music! 


DESPERATE ATTEMPT / 1320 South Third Street / Louisville, KY 40208 
/ 502-636-0115 

We do mailorder to all around the world. We also sell at shows and 
to stores. We only offer retail rates on our label's releases, 
generally, but will be willing to give wholesale rates on extremely 
large orders (50 or more) of one item. We specialize in vinyl S 
cassettes, but are willing to distribute zines/books as well as long 
as they are of a political/ "punk rock" nature. Fuck CD's! Yuck! Boo! 



DESPERATE ATTEMPT / 1320 South Third Street / Louisville, KY 40208 
/ 502-636-0115 

Has been around for 2 years and have released 6 different EP's. So 
far everything we have released is stuff that could fit into the 
category of "anarchist/political grindcore," but we are willing to 

SELF DESTRUCT RECORDS / 1901 Bainbridge Row Dr. / Louisville, KY 
40207 / 502-587-8043 (Mike Bucayu) 

Documenting the Louisville underground since 1985. Strength of 
the label relies on each band's ability and drive to put out a good 
quality record. Louisville has a lot of good music to offer in the 
growing number of bands, labels and zines. 

SOUND POLLUTION RECORDS / PO Box 17742 / Covington, KY 41017 
/ 606-331-0134 (Ken) 

I've done stuff by~Cowboy Killers, Hellnation, Intense Degree, 
Meatfly, Can't Decide, Whipped, Animal Crackers, and Assuck. In the 
future stuff by: more Intense Degree, more Hellnation, G-Anx, plus 
various other shit in the works. 



EAR X-TACY / 1140 Bardstown Rd. / Louisville, KY 40204 / 502-452- 
1799, Fax: 502-459-8130 

7' s, LPs, CDs, CS. Hardcore, alternative, blues, jazz, local artists, 
mailorder service. Not a mall store! Owner: John Timmons. 


JASON KNOPP - THE JOURNAL OF HATE / 414 North view Drive / 
Sheph, KY 40165 / $2.00 postage paid. No regular release schedule 
/ 8 1/2 x n. 

I've done zines for 2 years and have gained lots of friends for my 
work. I'm proud of what I've managed to pull off. It is a DIY zine 
and will remain so. 



BUCK-O / 4116 Prytania / New Orleans, LA 70115 / 504-899-6015 
We're an unheard of four-piece consisting of former members of 
Florida's Headless Marines and distant silence. We are in there 
somewhere between hardedge and groovy but best to hear for 
yourself. CD to be out this summer on Fireball X. 

EYEHATEGOD c/o Mike D. Williams / 4836 Zenith St. Apt. *305 / 
Metairie, LA 70001 / 504-885-5394 

Disturbing, fucked up, hypnotic, pain, depression fueled by feed- 
back, alcohol, love, addiction, depravity, rape and sickness. "In The 
Name Of Suffering” LP/CD out now through Revolver! 

Bosstones, and the English Beat all playing at once after a really 
rough week. 

NOVENA c/o Jess Row / 5503 Boxhill Ln. / Baltimore, MD 21210-2001 

Influences: Jawbreaker, Fuel, Rites of Spring, Soulside, Admiral, 
Jawbox, and Steely Dan. Lyrics: Care, hope, love, hatred, bitterness, 
anger, joy. What else... 


more, MD 21218 / 410-467-8678 (Justin) 

Specialty: grind, crust. . . vinyl. Sell through mail and at gigs. 
MOOKIE DISTRIBUTION / 607 W. 38th / Baltimore, MD 21211 
We sell everything at shows and thru mailorder, as well as to stores. 


KLPI 89.1 FM / Flesh Hat c/o Spencer Henderson / PO Box 4113 T.S. 

/ Ruston, LA 71272 / 318-257-FM89 

Punk/HC show: Flash Hat is on Wed. 9-12 Midnight. 



Send stamp for info. 

PLASTIC FORK / 1107 Severnview Dr. / Crownsville, MD 21032 / 410- 

Vinyl, cassettes, fanzines. Mailorder. 

ROWHOUSE DISTRIBUTION c/o Jess Row / 5503 Boxhill Ln. / 
Baltimore, MD 21210-2001 / 410-433-3111 

An offshoot of A Plea For Sanity zine, looking especially to trade 
copies of APFS for other zines, records, etc-as well as normal 
consignment distribution. Focused on political material and bene- 
fits-zines, 7”s, and LP's. Small orders-selling to friends, to local 
record store, and at local shows. 

GAYBEE ZINE / PO Box 343 / Portland, ME 04112-0343 / 207-828-0864 
/ $1 • 2 stamps / whenever / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 

A queerzine and then some, but you don’t have to be gay to be 
queer! Sex, cats, comix, food, fun and more. 

PO PUBUCATIONS / PO Box 4293 / Portland, ME 04101 / $2 ppd, $8 

for 8 issues / 8 times a year / 4.25 x 5.5, 26 pages 

The focus will inevitably change. For now, it's about personal 

research and development. Corporations benefit from it, why 

shouldn't individuals? PO is a forum for exchange of stories, 

graphics, and information. Upcoming themes: ritual, pockets; 



IS THERE anyone in the Portland, Maine area who wants to try to get 
some shows going here? If so let's get together. Call Missy, Scott, Joe, 
or Nellie at the Gaybee phone*. 



ACME / 7919 Springway Road / Towson, MD 21204 / 410-494-0836 

We re a melodic punk band from Baltimore with absolutely no 
hopes for stardom, but a shitload of enthusiasm. We'd love to play 
anywhere for gas money, a place to crash, and a big hug. Call us, 
we’re friendly. 

THE COMMONWEALTH c/o Free Thought Conceptions / PO Box 432 
/ Glen Echo, MD 20812 

FREAK BEANS / 76 Summerfield Dr. / Annapolis, MD 21403 / 410-757- 

Not normal. 

HARBINGER'S PLATOON / 103 Ridge Rd. / Elkton, MD 21921 
Located in the Delaware/Maryland area. We play a variety of 
hardcore, punk, metal, alternative and rap songs. We are currently 
preparing for upcoming shows and hope to release an eleven song 
cassette in spring 1992. 

LAVA c/o Vermin Scum / 76 Summerfield Dr. / Annapolis, MD 21403 
/ 410-757-9226 

Further efforts in the field of sound exploration and demolition of 
musical status quo and mass cultural wiggling. 

MYSTERY SEVEN c/o David Nelson / 508 Whittingham Dr. / Silver 
Spring, MD 20904 / 301-622-0195 

Locally known as DC s favorite "slippin', sloppin' sophmore ska" 
band. We sound a lot like Operation Ivy, the Mighty Mighty, 



ENDGAME RECORDS / 607 W. 38th / Baltimore, MD 21211 
Our first release As It Stand's "World That Was” 7" is out now. Five 
songs in a blistering Virginia HC style for $3 ppd North America, $4.5° 

HYDE RECORDINGS / PO Box 831 / Reisterstowne, MD 21136-0831 
We don't have a big budget so bands might want to write for more 
info/correspondence before sending demos. Past releases include 
Ghoul Squad, Exhume, and a few compilations. 

SEA MONKEY RECORDS c/o Kevin / PO Box 5461 / Laurel, MD 20726 
Independent record label. We do HC/Thrash/Punk/Alternative 
comp tapes, 7"s, etc. We also destribute fanzines, shirts, records, 
videos or pretty much anything basically all mail order. We work 
mostly on consignment but will pay cash for some stuff up front. 
VERMIN SCUM RECORDS / 76 Summerfield Dr. / Annapolis, MD 21403 
/ 410-757-9226 

8 years of documenting sounds of Annapolis. Low key, full salvage 
operation. Bands like Spastic Rats, Hated, Moss Icon, Freak Beans. 
Cryptic organization seeking to reek havoc upon braindead subur- 
ban norms and the vampires of "entertainment” commerce. 
VICIOUS CIRCLE RECORDS / PO Box 3607 / Langley Park, MD 20787 
High energy hardcore. 


MD 21231 / 4T©-465t8678-todging and vegan food provided. No 
guarantees, negotiable. Hall capacity 300 and up. Prefer weekends, 
usually. No sexist, homophobic, violent, racist, patriotic or capital- 
istic bands booked. Ask for Justin or Mike or Steve. 

CLOCKWORK PROCUCTIONS c/o Micheal Straight / 2417 Hidden 
Valley Lane / Silver Spring, MD 20904 / -236-4848 (DC area), 410- 

561-5310 (Baltimore area) 

Capacity-various. Food-maybe, lodging-most likely. Pay-depends, 
shows are non-profit for us. 

TONIE JOY / 76 Summerfield Dr. / Annapolis, MD 21403 / 410-757-9226 
200-400 person capacity. Lodging S food most likely. Percentage 
(we ll talk). 

UNIVERSAL JOINT PRODUCTIONS c/o Eric / 169 Old River Rd. / 
Arnold, MD 21012 / 410-757-9226 or Jess Row / 5503 Boxhill Ln. / 
Baltimore, MD 21210-2001 / 410-433-3111 

Medium size (200-350) church hall in scenic downtown Baltimore. 
Shows only on Sunday nights. All benefit shows-can pay gas money 
to out of town bands, but that's it. Absolutely no contracts or 

guarantees. Lodging/Food possible. 


AYF RADIO WMBU / University Maryland, Baltimore, MD 
10:00-12:00 AM afternoons MWF. 


BOOKS: There are a couple really good used book/record stores 
within 5 blocks of one another on Greenmont Ave: Normal’s and 
Second Story books. 

REPTIUJON RECORDS / 403 J. Broadway / Baltimore, MD 21229 / 410- 

Punk, Grind, records * Tee-shirts ♦ comics ♦videos, all underground. 


A PLEA FOR SANITY c/o Jess Row / 5503 Boxhill Ln. / Baltimore, MD 
21210-2001 / 410-433-3111 / 8.5 x 5.5 / $1 or $1.50 ppd -write for list. 
Trading is welcomed / Loosely biannually 
Devoted to exploring the connections between underground mu- 
sic, radical politics, and the revolution of everyday life. Each issue 
has a theme-animal rights, religion and spirituality, and community 
are the first three-and brings together different opinions on each 
issue through interviews and articles. 

CLOCKWORK ZINE / 2417 Hidden Valley Lane / Silver Spring, MD 
20904 / $1 ppd / Every 6 mo.s / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
A zine of wandering thought and ideals. In someways like an East 
Coast Cometbus. I love mail and I travel a lot. 

CLOSET MONSTER / 11902 Lanner PI. / Laurel, MD 20708 / $2 ppd 
North America, $3 world / 40 pages 

Issue *2 features interviews with Otherwise, Mayday; musiczine and 
book reviews; articles, poems, photos and artwork. See you in 
straight edge hell. 

NOT EVEN ZINE c/o Daisy / 8709 Fenway Dr. / Bethesda, MD 20817 
/ 301-365-7610 / $1.00 and 3 stamps ppd / 2 or 3 times a year / 8 1/2 x 

Issue *3 with Born Against, Downcast, Shelter, Worlds Collide, 
opinions, etc. Issue *4 with Shadowman, Encounter, Function ♦ 
more. SxE is not just boys fun! Fuck traditional roles. 

PUDCHAIN / 1107 Severnview Dr. / Crownsville, MD 21032 / 410-987- 
2527 / $1.50 ppd / 8.5 x 11 

We review tapes and records. Everything sent in is guaranteed to 
be reviewed. Classifieds are free. For an ad, no matter what size, 
display or classified, take anywhere between nothing and $5. 
Interested in trade/contributers via poems, articles. 

SECOND HAND ARMAGEDDON / 169 Old River Rd. / Arnold, MD 
21012 / 410-757-9226 / $1 ppd / random, but frequent / 8 1/2 x 11 
Documenting Annapolis and global, subversion and culture. 
SHREDDING MATERIAL MAGAZINE/ 2515 Bidie Road / Middletown, 
MD 21769 / 301-371-7499 / $2ppd / quarterly / 8 1/2 x 11 
We offer interviews, editorials, record/zine reviews, feedback, etc. 
We can help touring bands make contacts in DC, Baltimore, Freder- 
ick areas. We're on a constant search to try and bring interesting 
articles to the zine. Please write, we'd love to hear from you. 


ANNAPOLIS: Can be viewed as lame or quite prosperous, depend- 
ing on the viewer. We will be your guides, info sources, Contact 410- 
757-9226. Definitely an active, little area. 

ARTIST / Timothy Renner / PO Box 831 / Reisterstowne, MD 21136- 

Can t afford Pushead? Try me instead! Underground illustrator 
available for record/ tape/CD/zine covers, comix, T-shirts, anything. 
I've done work for several bands (Sanity Assassins, Ghoul Squad, 
Exhume, Eleventh Hour, Etc.) and countless zines. Write for info. 
BALTIMORE: The only hospital in town that automatically admits 
people regardless of ability to pay (or having insurance) is Union 
Memorial Hospital on University Parkway. 

FUll BELLY FOOD CO-OP / 31st and Greenmont / Baltimore, MD 

OK veggie place. 

GOLDEN TEMPLE / 1900 N. Charles St. (approximately) / Baltimore 

OK veggie place. 

GREEN EARTH / Charles St. / Baltimore 
Vegetarian food. 

Vegetarian food. 

HIV TESTING: The Chase-Brexton Clinic offers free HIV testing and 
counseling by appt at 837-2050 

INNER HARBOR: Stay out, tourist capital of Baltimore and boycott 
the National Aquarium (It's one of the biggest marine prisons 
anywhere, as well as the recent acquisitor of several dolphins for 
"entertainment." Fuck that.) 

OK GROCERY / 10 Preston St. ♦ Charles / Baltimore, MD 
OK veggie place. 



DOC HOPPER c/o Chris Pierce / 671 Washington St. / Brighton, MA 
02135 / 617-783-0648 

Melodic pop with grungy parts, like the Monkees meet Black 
Sabbath. Songs about the important things in life: girls, food and 
coffee, with no satanic overtones. The Doughboys and Blast kind 
of stuff. Punk rock up your ass. Wimpcore! 

FOCUST / 133 Pond St. / Westwood, MA 02090 / 617-326-0459 (Sean/ 
Paul) Address good june-sept. See 111 . listing. 

IDIOT PURGE / Alejandro de Acosta / PO Box 391 / Hampshire College 
/ Amherst, MA 01002 / 413-549-4600 ext. 327. In summer (June- 
August): 3678 Tolland Rd / Shaker Heights, OH 44122 / 216-752-7254 
Noisy, babbling insanity. 

NOT WITHOUT / PO Box 808 / Southwick, MA 01077 / 413-569-3013 
(Mark, between 4-iopm EST) 

We have been compared to DC-ish HC and other "progressive" punk 
bands but basically we play slow to mid-tempo punk/HC, sometimes 
melodic, sometimes noisy. Our lyrics cover individuality, indepen- 
dence, and various attacks on our society. So there. 

RESPONSE c/o B. Hooley / 268 Main St. Box 340 / N. Reading, MA 

An Anti-Racist, Anti-Homophobic band. We are against labeling so 
we will play with any band on any bill so long as they aren't racist/ 
homophobic. We will be attempting a tour summer '92. Contact us! 
SHATTERED SYSTEM / PO Box 2746 / Lynn, MA 01903 
Punk rock/hardcore band featuring former members of Shattered 
Silence, No System, N.P.D., and current members of Third Degree. 
TOXIC NARCOTIC / PO Box 335 / Newton Ctr., MA 02159 
Grind/Punk/HC from Boston with a lot of various influences in our 
music! We are releasing a 7" on our own label. Write for more info 
or send SASE for free stickers. The enemy is ignorance! Peace! 


ALEJANDRO DE ACOSTA / PO Box 391 / Hampshire College / 
Amherst, MA 01002/ 413-549-4600 ext. 327. In summer (June-August): 
3678 Tolland Rd / Shaker Heights, OH 44122 / 216-752-7254 
I distribute free or very cheap zines throught the mail and sell them 
at shows. Interested folks can send me a sample zine. 

MARK DARGIE / PO Box 808 / Southwick, MA 01077 / 413-569-3013 
(between 4-iopm EST) 

Interested in 7" format mostly. I sell the records at a low mark-up 
to stores and at shows. Send sample. Depending on release, may 
take 5 to 50 copies. 

MEGAN / 89 Park Dr. *4 / Boston, MA 02215 / 617-266-3981 
Vinyl ♦ zines. Mostly shows, some wholesale to stores. Send sample 
-no racist, sexist, homophobic or nationalist shit! Thank You. 
SKULL DUGGERY / 77 Scituate Ave / Scituate, MA 02066 
Distributing zines, tapes, records, videos. 


&LOOM RECORDS / PO Box 361 / Boston, MA 02101 / 6i7-739~586( 


Contact Patrick Mahoney do Bloom for current catalog and other 

COMMUNITY CHEST RECORDS / PO Box 808 / Southwick, MA 01077 
Another one of those small labels that just puts out 7"s mostly by 
friends of mine or cool people 1 know. Just another way to speak 
my mind and let others do the sme. Human life is worthless without 

RODENT POPSICLE RECORDS / PO Box 335 / Newton Centre, MA 02135 
Boston based D 1 Y label/distro. Underground. Write for more info. 
Ignorance is the enemy! Peace! 

SUBURBAN VOICE / PO Box 2746 / Lynn, MA 01903 
Concentrating on 7" releases by Boston area hardcore bands, 
though that may change in the future. Current releases from 
Kingpin, Said and Done and Third Degree. 


ALEJANDRO DE ACOSTA / PO Box 391 / Hampshire College / 
Amherst, MA 01002 / 413-549-4600 ext. 327. In summer (June-August): 
3678 Tolland Rd. / Shaker Heights, OH 44122 / 216-752-7254 
1 can book a few shows at Hampshire College: capacity 500 or so , 
lodging and food can be arranged, guarantee $100 - $500 or so. 
MARK DARGIE / PO Box 808 / Southwick, MA 01077 / 413-569-3013 (4- 
10pm EST, anytime on weekends) 

Different halls, varying size; typical 150* crowd. Food-yes (veggie or 
not), Lodging-yes, Guarantee-No! Terms-After expenses band gets 
everything. Non-profit volunteer run. 1-1 1/2 hrs. from CT. 1 1/2-2 hrs. 
from Boston. 

TOOLS FOR REVOLUTION / 39 Chester St. # 2 / Aliston, MA 02134 / 617- 
783-3879 (Justine ♦ Nick) 617-986-0406 (Marc) 

Underground artist space. We have Sundays to do shows (if a band 
can't do Sunday we can possibly work something out). Hall capacity 
of 200. Vegan food and place to crash. No guarantees all money 
after expenses goes to the bands. We are not-for-profit. All shows 
all ages, $5. 


WHRB 95.3 FM / 45 Quincy St. / Cambridge, MA 02138 / 617-495-4818 
/ Contact: Mike Somerschein ♦ Steve Burt 

Mostly punk/hc show (The Record Hospital) Sun:Midnight to 6 am, 
Mon-Thurs: io:30pm-6am 

WOZQ 91.9 FM /Alejandro de Acosta / PO Box 391 / Hampshire 
College / Amherst, MA 01002 / 413-549-4600 ext. 327. In summer 
(June-August): 3678 Tolland Rd / Shaker Heights, OH 44122 / 216-752- 

Boston area fanzine which covers all kinds of music and points of 
view in the underground scene. Contributions are always needed! 
No racism, sexism, etc....! Ignorance is the enemy! Peace! 
HUNGRY GIRL do Zannah Marsh / 285 Concord St. / Gloucester, MA 
01930 / 508-281-2356 / $1 ppd / When she feels like it / 8.5 x 11 
Girlcore coverage with added insight on relations of feminist issues 
and racism. Correspondence encouraged. 

OOOMPAI OOOMPAI / 89 Park Dr. *4 / Boston, MA 02215 / 5 i ♦ 
stamps ppd or trade / 1/2 size, 42 pages 

Lots of gurlz and womyns stuff, wicca, penfriends, art, anarchy • 
non-violence, fashion no-no's, garlic, stories and opinions etc. and 
of course a prize! 

NO DUH / 2 Aldie St. *i / Alston, MA / sent no zip, duh! /617-783-2956 
/ $1 or trade / about every 3 months / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 / at least 22 pages 
"Geoff claims this was all done by hand without a computer. I 
believe him, and I'm amazed" - The Otisian Directory. "Good 
obsessive cumpulsive therapy" — Chain Letter . "Warm and Fuzzy. 

— The Raven. 

PERILLSIUM CANTOS do Alejandro de Acosta / PO Box 391 / 
Hampshire College / Amherst, MA 01002 / 413-549-4600 ext. 327. In 
summer (June- August): 3678 Tolland Rd / Shaker Heights, OH 44122 
/ 216-752-7254 / 3 stamps ppd / infrequent / full size 
Literary insanity. 

REBEL SOUND / PO Box 183 / Dalton, MA 01227-0183 / 413-684-3570 (to 
10 pm EST) / Monthly / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 

We are a copied thing out of western Mass, with no local scene 
(we’re trying to build one). Features interviews w/ touring bands in 
NYC, Boston, CT and in between. Received many positive reviews. 
World domination by 1994? 

SUBURBAN VOICE / PO Box 2746 / Lynn, MA 01903 / $3.50 ppd, $5.00 
foreign / 64-68 pages / About 3 times per year 
Al-editor publisher. If it's loud and obnoxious, chances are I'll cover 
it. Published since '82. Each issue contains a G 7"ep. 

T.Y. ZINE / Kenmore Station Box 15109 / Boston, MA 02215 
Touch Yourself is a zine about masturbation. I would like to hear 
from womyn and men of all sexual preferences. Send lighthearted 
and erotic submissions, (fantasies, poems, art, advice, techniques, 
etc.) Issue one may be out by now (send for price info). Submit now 
for issue 2. 

WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THIS? c/o Andy / PO Box 708 / Littleton, 
MA 01460 / 508-772-7545 

Postage paid price: $1.25. Frequency: 2-3 times a year. Size: 8 1/2 x 
5 1/2, 20-30 pages. Political zine with record, live reviews, poetry and 
some fiction. 

FF miscellaneous 

I do a show 4-6 am mondays. 


ROCKIT RECORDS / 120 Broadway / Saugus, MA 01906 / 617-233-7805 
(A 1 Quint-buyer/manager) 

Specializing in alternative and independent releases (including a lot 
of death metal and hardcore). Even though it's the mainstream crap 
that pays the bills! 

^ Z I N E S 

THE ALLSTON MALL / 107 Brighton Ave. / Aliston, MA 
A collection of cool shops, it’s not a real mall, OK? Art gallerys, indy 
books, etc. 

AMVETS THRIFT STORE / 80 Brighton Ave. / Aliston, MA 
THE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM / 300 Congress St. / Boston, MA 
Take T to So. Station. Free Friday 5-9. 

DOLLAR A POUND / 200 Broadway, Kendall Square / Cambridge, MA 
Sat ♦ Sun mornings 7:45 AM - 1 PM clothing for $1 a pound. 

FIVE CROWS / 131 Jersey St. / Boston, MA 
Cool super cheap junk shop. 

HARRY'S / 72 Commonwealth Ave. / Boston, MA 

Yes it’s the ISKON temple-steal their free veggie food on Sunday's at 

BLOWIN' CHUNX FANZINE c/o Alyssa / 75 Stanton Rd. / Brookline, 
MA 02146 / 617-232-2617 / $1 ppd / 2-3 times a year / 5 x n 
A forum for thought, ideas, stories, etc. to be expressed. A lot of 
topics deal with being a womyn in punk/hc although the zine is not 
exclusive to that. All submissions encouraged. 

DEEP SIX SUPERSTITION c/o Alejandro de ACosta / PO Box 391 / 
Hampshire College / Amherst, MA 01002 / 413-549-4600 ext. 327. In 
summer (June- August): 3678 Tolland Rd / Shaker Heights, OH 44122 
/ 216-752-7254 / 3 stamps ppd / infrequent / half or full size 
Anti-capitalist/consumerist rants and analysis, comics, humor, non- 
sense. No interviews. I also publish Exit and Perilisium Cantos. 
EAT A BAG O SHIT FANZINEI / PO Box 335 / Newton Ctr., MA 02159 
/ 617-782-1291 / $2.00 ppd, $3.00 ppd overseas airmail! / 8 1/2 x 11 

8 pm. 


Take T to ICA stop (green line). It's free on Thurs. nights until 10pm. 


Take T to Science Park. Free Wed. afternoon til 5 pin. 



BOLL-WEEVIL / 2459 Cora / Wyandotte, Ml 48192 / 313-283-5079 (Brad) 
Young enthusiastic “play anywhere, anytime, for anything’’ DIY 

attitude anxious to play out! Crimpshrine, Laughing Hyenas, Neil 
Yound, Rites of Spring, Samiam, Dave Brubeck, Dinosaur... Every- 
body tells us, "move to the east bay!" We might. 

CHUTES AND LADDERS / PO Box 154 / Wyandotte, Ml 48192 / 313-278- 
5840 (Bill) 

We put guitars in our big orange Volkswagens, and we drink beers, 
and we play (anywhere!) loud punk rock songs we stole from the 
Nils, Badfinger, the Go-Go's, Motorhead and Green Day. And you 
send $4 for our 2 ep's. 

THE DECONSTRUCTION / 1413 Douglas Ave. / Kalamazoo, MI 49007 
/ 616-382-2138 

Our goal is to create an original sound that is still a threat to 
mainstream music and society. We will leave value judgements and 
comparisons to the listener. 

DREW BARRYMORE'S DEALER / 417 W. Grand St. / Hastings, MI 49058 
/ 616-948-2233 

We are a hardcore/punk band basically looking for more places to 
play. A summer tour of the Midwest and East Coast with Deranged 
and The Fearless Cowards is being planned. More shows would be 
greatly appreciated. Full length cassette — $3ppd. 

FAQ / PO Box 2424 / Kalamazoo, MI 49003 / 616-342-6090 (Bob), 616- 
345-2238 (Geoffrey) 

Melodic pop-punk that is not limited to just "girl songs." We have 
a new 7" on Sub-Mission records along with a self released 7" 6 LP. 
We have toured the Mid-west extensively. Bob wishes to father the 
child of Jennifer from L7. 

LAUGHINGSTOCK c/o Brian Jackson / 4928 Thorntree / W. Bloom- 
field, MI 48322 / 313-661-2347 

We re a progressive melodic punk outfit. We mix songs that are 
socially conscious with songs that are about having fun. We are 
strong believers in individuality and freedom of speech. We'll play 
with just about anyone and just about anywhere. 

MUSTARD PLUG / PO Box 1440 / Grand Rapids, MI 49501 
I tend to think of us as a punk band that plays Ska. We have 10 
members, including a 5 piece horn section 6 have been compared 
to the Bosstones, Oplvy and the Busters. We'll play most anywhere. 
THE NERVO BEATS c/o Jeff Meier / 5939 Chene St / Detroit, MI 48211 
Post Garage junk with catchy soul riffs, car crash vocals, largemouth 
bass, and brute force sloppy drumming. It's pleasant. 

ORIFICE REX / 42754 Judson / Plymouth, MI 48170 / 313-455-0215 (Toby) 
Blunt, brutal, noisy, dirty structured 3 piece rock band. 

SPORK / PO Box 655 / Kalamazoo, MI 49005 (for demos) / 1624 Whitby 
/ Portage, MI 49002 (for questions or something else) 

We don't send out promo pictures, we don't care how much we get 
paid, playing music with intelligent, thought provoking lyrics is 
what we do. 7 song demo is available for $2 ppd. 

POWERTOOL c/o Steve / PO Box 267 / Otisville, MI 48463 / 313- 631- 

Noisy Subpop inspired spew. Sometimes offbeat, sometimes heavy 
and crawling, sometimes upbeat and corny. Inspirations include 
Mudhoney, Husker Du, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Melvins, and The 
Dwarves. We're interested in touring this summer and oding shows 
in the midwest anytime. 

SON OF SAM / 489 Prentis # 26 / Detroit, MI 48201 / 313-993-9046 
The punk rock band. 

WHEELCHAIR M.F/S / 433 # B Bayberry Pte. / Grand Rapids, MI 49504 
/ 616-453-5508 (leave message) 

A mix of Black Flag, Minor Threat speed at times, Slow Napalm Death 
riffs, Black Sabbath grooves with pained personal lyrics. No politics 
just power. 



/ Otisville, MI / 48463 / 313-631-6054 

Specialty: zines, records, tapes, cd's, patches, t-shirts, and whatever. 
Must send sample. Coverage: At shows in Flint and Detroit and 
wherever my travels take me and through a mailorder catalog. 
ERIC P. BUTTE MINISTRIES / 31529 Tyler / Wayne, MI 48184 / 313-728- 

Zines only! Local coverage-shows, etc. 

azoo, MI 49005 / 616-344-5707 (Joel) ^ 

We carry vinyl, cassettes, CD's, no zines, contact Plumbers Butt for 
that. We mailorder and sell at shows and out of our house too. Send 
sample, and we ll carry it! Work on 45 or 60 day consignment. 
JACK KNIFE DISTRIBUTION c/o Chuck Damage / PO Box 871 / Wayne, 
MI 48184 

Zines and cassettes, mailorder, wholesale, and gigs. 

OUT TO UVE DISTRIBUTION / 2164 24 Mile Rd. / Shelby Township, MI 
48416 / 313-739-6815 (Rob) / Vinyl, cassettes and zines / Mailorder, 
wholesale and gigs. 


44 CALIBER RECORDS / 489 Prentis # 26 / Detroit, MI 48201 / 313-993- 

Released two Son Of Sam 45's and the "Maniacs from the Motor City" 
10 band comp LP, dealing mostly in Detroit area underground bands. 
Maniacs vol. 2 due out summer '92. 



/ Otisville, MI 48463 / 313-631-6054 

Capacity: various (picnics, 100-500 clubs or halls) in Flint; can help 
with shows in Detroit. Lodging or food: we can work something 
out. Working terms: after rent and sound all money goes to bands, 
unless a benefit that you will be informed of. Band with biggest 
travel expenses get the most money. 

MI 48211 / Rob at 313-739-6815 or Sam at 313-546-4332 
Sexist, homophobic or racist bands need not bother, you won't be 
booked! Capacity is about 100 but a bigger space can be provided 
if need be. A place to sleep and vegan food is always provided. The 
404 is a collectively run, not for profit, showspace/comm unity 
center. After rent, sound, flyers, all money goes to bands. Punk for 
people, not for profit! 


4 venues capacities 100-600 some all ages, some 18 and over. 
Lodging or food is possible. Guarantee and/or percentage possible. 
JOEL WICK / PO Box 655 / Kalamazoo, MI 49005 / 616-344-5707 
Two places up to 400 capacity. Lodging 95% of the time, food 
sometimes. No guarantees, after expenses (rent, sound, flyers) all 
money goes to bands. Out of town bands get higher %. No shows 
over $5, all ages. 


WIOR 89.1 FM / 1511 Faunce Center / Western Michigan University 
/ Kalamazoo, MI 49008 / 616-383-6301 / Tony Rubino (GM) / Captain 
G O'Neill show (Joel Wick and Brian Jackson) Fridays npm - 2am. 
Punk/HC show. 

WORB 90.3 FM / 27055 Orchard Lake Rd. / Farmington Hills, MI 48334 
/ 313-471-7718 / Contact: Jon Moshier, Station Mgr. 

We are a totally free format radio station, so each DJ may play 
whatever they fucking feel like playing! Punk shows (?): Mondop- 
sychodirtbag 2000 Wed. 8-nam, O'Tollin' Fer Anus Mon. 7-iopm, 
Common Sense 92 Thurs. 37pm, Fun With Glue Sat. n-2:3opm, 
Radiation Tues.n-3pm. 


BEAT HOTEL / PO Box 71869 / Madison Heights, MI 48071 
We specialize in alternative, underground/DIY , Ska and Mod music, 
and we stock vinyl, tapes, CD's etc. (even 7”s). We accept consign- 
ment product from anyone and we do pay up when we sell. 


CHOKE c/o Steve / PO Box 267 / Otisville, MI 48463 / 313-631-6054 / 
$1 ppd / three times a year / 8 1/2 x n, around 30 pages 
Sometimes corny, sometimes serious. Goofy stories, things to do 

when you are bored, Anarchist Youth Circle section, contributions 
from local scenesters, what is going on in Michigan, contacts, and all 
the other normal zines things. 

DASHIKI CLOUT / PO Box 1440 / Grand Rapids, Ml 49501 / $2.50 ppd 
/ Every 4 months / 44 pages 

Looks at all aspects of underground art ♦ music and features 
interviews, comics, reviews, editorials etc. Previous issues featured 
Mike Watt, Ian McKaye, Ride, the Busters, etc. Future issues should 
expand the size ♦ scope of the zine. 

EGG ROLL / Suite 22, 6323 Cherrywood / Portage, Ml 49002 / 616-EAR- 
MALS / $1.25 or 4 stamps ppd / every now and then / 8 1/2 x 11 
Contains a full variety of ingredients: reviews of comics are mixed 
and lightly stirred with music and other zine reviews. A few prose 
pieces are added for flavor, with a dash of artwork, wrapped in a 
collage af awe-inspiring intricacy. It contains no MSG or fascist 

EXISTENCE / 1623 Suffolk / Portage, MI 49002 / 616-327-7710 / $1.50 ppd 
/ Bi-annually / 8 1/2 x u 

HEFFALUMP c/o Brad Hales / 2459 Cora / Wyandotte, MI 48192 / 313- 
283-5079 / $2 ppd / 100 pages 

Featuring Jawbox, Superchunk, Green Day, Slot, Afghan Whigs, and 
Shudder to Think, not to mention tons of reviews, Michigan stuff, 
tips, and my inane "yound and idealistic" babbeling. 

JUST THINK CONTORTION / 1413 Douglas Ave. / Kalamazoo, MI 
49007 / 616-382-2138 / Si. 00 ♦ 2 stamps ppd (U.S.) $2.00 foreign / Comes 
out approx, (very) 2 a year usually about 20 pages 
JTC is a zine that delves deep into the crossover between punk and 
skateboarding.. Yes, there is still a connection for many people. 
Photos of skateboarding, band interviews, special articles, local 
news and whatever else I feel like putting in is featured in every 

MICHIGAN CLUB TOUR GUIDE c/o Underground Productions / PO 
Box 214471 / Auburn Hills, MI 48321 / $2 US, $3 outside US. 

Great for tour planning or just visiting. 

PINCHPOINT / PO Box 871 / Wayne, Ml 48184 / $1 and a stamp or 5 
stamps or trade / 4 to 5 times a year / Half size, 30 pages 
Fiction, humor, art, penfriend ads, interviews, social and political 
comentary, contributions welcomed and I'm always in search of 
something to review. 

PLUMBER'S BUTT / 31529 Tyler / Wayne, MI 48184 / 313-728-4631 / $1 
• 2 stamps ppd / 2 x a year / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 44 pgs. 

An outlet for my beliefs, but spiced up with much humor. Commonly 
referred to as "Obnoxious." Hell-bent on mocking the shit of 
anything that bugs me. 

POOPVILLE c/o Dave Hill / 1415 Glenhaven / E. Lansing, MI 48823 / $1 

Truly stinx, so lame it's gross, "humor", nakedness, fetus's, health, 
my moronic opinions, fleas, hate, love, ambivalence, litterachure, 
reviews uv anything, reviews of Chris Dodge reviews. 

RANT N RAVE / PO Box 655 / Kalamazoo, MI 49005 / 616-344-5707 / 
$1 plus 2 stamps ppd / Every 3 months / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 30-50 pgs. 
Spout opinions, talk shit, inform, interview bands (not kissing their 
ass, actually interviewing them), talk more shit, piss you off, make 
you think, challenge the "industry", will trade, want to communi- 
cate, and eat lots of pork! 

WHAT'S NEXT?!! US c/o Mira-Can / PO Box 610828 / Port Huron, Ml 

48061 / $2 ppd / 2 times yearly / 8.5 x 11, 30-50 pages 

This zine dwells into the musical modes of punk, grunge, popcore, 

he and some death/grind. We also carry interest articles, reviews, 

scene reports S art. This project tries to keep a consistency in the 

humourous side of the hair club for men. All contributions 



NIHILISM COMPUTER BBS (Bulletin Board System) / 517-546-0585 
If you have a computer and a modem you can call this system. Topics 
of discussion include: underground music, politics, zines, litera- 
ture, hacking, record S tape trading, 101 ways to kill a trendy. The 
BBS is free! P S. Mykel Board and Ed Ivey of the Rhythm Pigs call 

STEADY EDDIES CAFE for veggie and vegan food. The food is good 

and the prices are reasonable ($2.50-5;). East side of M-15 (state 
road), south of Davison Road and north of the train tracks in 
Davison, Michigan. Convenient for bands playing in the Flint area. 



BLOODLINE / PO Box 40116 / St. Paul, MN 55104 / 612-642-9738 
Hardcore band with a message. Cheesy description? Maybe, but we 
want to play your town, be in your zine or whatever. Get in touch. 
LP out soon on Nemesis records. 

DEATH SQUAD / PO Box 6824 / St. Paul, MN 55106 / 612-333-4345 
(David), 612-772-2524 (Gary) 

Crossover styled HC/Metal. Been around for more than 6 years and 
still going. Singer (Bill Patton) is the older brother of Impulse 
Manslaughter's singer (Karl Patton). No! We are not from Seattle!! 
DESTROYI / PO Box 8585 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 / 612-871-0140 
(Felix or Mark) 

Superfast anarchist/political hardcore punk band. Musically we are 
influenced by ENT, Discharge, Doom, and early Napalm Death. Our 
lyrics deal with oppression and the battle of the individual against 
society with other political issues and some humor as well. 

DINK / 8108 Hemingway Ave. So. / Cottage Grove, MN 55016 / 612-458- 

A band truly dedicated to pissing off the world, we spend our spare 
time walking around St. Paul kicking apart gardens and dumping 
trash in the middle of the street! Musical influences-Bad Religion, 
NoFX, Descendents. 

IMPACT WRENCH / PO Box 9386 / St. Paul, MN 55109 / 612-458-3559 
(Lv. Msg.) 

Hypercore. Music ranging from pop punk to death metal. Truly 
original. On the faster catchier side of things. Positive hype, 
positively hypercore! 

JONESTOWN / 2541 Nicolett Ave. S. / Minneapolis, MN 55404 / 612- 
823-2653 (Geoffrey) 

Taller than most rhythm spaz rolling down the alley clanging and 
cahootin. Straight ahead Mock-N-Roll - a real twister. 

MOTHER'S DAY c/o Tim Face / 4424 Stevens Ave. S. / Minneapolis, 
MN 55409 / 612-822-6397 (eves) 

A junkdrawer trio-loud, fast, funny and afraid of the sun. Fungus- 
lung vocals, 3-string by Hatick driven rhythm machine. This band 
needs venture capital-buy their singles! sez corn King... 
MUZZUSHUCK/ PO Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612)871-2086 

The band name is still temporary, but the new musical project is in- 
effect. So far, it’s a multi-gender band with a dual-bass attack (high/ 
low end, melodic/ noise combo), a spazz-jazz saxaphone and 
creative drummer. Sorry, no 6-string guitar! Politically active also. 
NECKBRACE / PO Box 6174 / Minneapolis, MN 55406 / 612-331-7668 
Spinal cord ripping sounds somewhere between Scream and Roll- 

NEOMORT / 2437 Lyndale Ave. S. / Minneapolis, MN 55405 / 612-870- 

Minneapolis twisted sludgecore. Big Money Inc. recording artists. 
THE PEASANTS / 3009 Garfield Ave. S. / Minneapolis, MN 55408 / 612- 

Garage, punk, noise, shitheads, losers, no point, no purpose, D1Y, 
trying hard to find ourselves amongst the barrage of distractions. 
PISSED. / PO Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN 55405 
"For the liberation of generations to come it’s up to all of us to make 
a stand for long forgotten freedoms on Earth." There is no glory 
in the past, only in the present and future. 

REACH / 213 Dolph Rd. / Mankato, MN 56001 / 612-561-4983 (Mike) 
Emotionally intense music. 

TRIPWIRE / 14035 Hayes Rd. / Apple Valley, MN 55124 / 612-431-3982 

Formerly known as Trial, we want to play your club, basement, etc. 
Technical, heavy, original core with political/personal lyrics — 
that's us! Our demo is $3ppd; we're on the Takeover 2x7", too! Not 
edge, hardline, Krishna — just powerful and sincere. 

VINNIE AND THE STARDUSTERS / 480 Otis / St. Paul, MN 55104 / 612- 

874-6522 or 612-644-2786 

We play the classics and thoroughly destroy them with modern 
technology's greatest achievement: the distortion pedal. 


ADRENALIN DISTRIBUTION INC. / 2541 Nicolet Ave. S. / Minneapolis, 
MN 55404 / 612-871-1886 (Chris, John, Scott) / Fax: 612-872-9326 
Punk. Vinyl, CD, Cass, Zine, y”s. 

AYF DISTRIBUTION / PO Box 8585 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 / 612-871- 
0140 (Felix or Mark) 

Political punk records, tapes, and periodicals. Mailorder and tables 
at shows. 100% DIY proceeds go to distro and AYF activities. Send 
a stamp for a catalog. 

MN 55408 / 612-377-5269 

DIY punk and hardcore with a strong emphasis on anarcho-political 
music and literature. We sell T-shirts, books, magazines, newspa- 
pers, pamphlets, records, cassettes, etc. by mailorder and at gigs as 
well as wholesale to small distributors and shops. SASE or $1 for 

RIFT / Box 33302 / Minneapolis, MN 55433 / 612-786-0264 

We ll distribute anything. Music, zines, etc. Mailorder and to stores 

in Minneapolis and other places. 


BIG MONEY INC. / PO Box 2483 Loop Station / Minneapolis, MN 55402 
/ 612-871-1886 (Chris or Scott) / Fax: 612-872-9326 
Punk rock. 

33302 / Minneapolis, MN 55433 

Putting out compilation cassettes, and soon our first 7". Bands send 
in your music for one of our compilation tapes. 

BODYCAST RECORDS / PO Box 6174 / Minneapolis, MN 55406 / 612- 

Interested in cut throat hardcore rock. Will do all formats. 
PROFANE EXISTENCE RECORDS / PO Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN 

The big sleep is over... Profane Existence Records is back in 
operation with a massive release schedule for 92 with some of the 
best anarcho-punk bands around... info in P.E. distro catalog. 
PROJECT A-BOMB RECORDS/ 2541 Nicole tt Ave. S./ Minneapolis, MN 
S 5404 

A small co-op run label where the bands finance their records ♦ then 
get all the sales moola back in return. We do not seek demo tapes 
or new bands. Send a 29 cent stamp for a catalog. 

RED DECIBEL, INC. / 2541 Nicollet Avenue South / Minneapolis, MN 
55404 / 612-872-0646 / Fax 612-872-9326 

Bloodstar, The Coup De Grace, Drop Hammer, Fat Tuesday, Libido 
Boyz, Mas Optica, Rapscallion, Season To Risk. Red Decibel book- 
ings: Suzon Robbins 319-359-1680. 

SUB-MISSION RECORDS / PO Box 6824 / St. Paul, MN 55106 / 612-333- 
4345 (voice), 612-339-9280 (BBS) 

This is the worlds worst label. Don't bother even looking me up. I 
fuck sheep. 

TAKEOVER RECORDS / PO Box 40116 / St. Paul, MN 55104 / 612-642- 

Specializing in the finest in hardcore music. Interested bands send 
demos. Send a SASE for information. 

THD RECORDS / 2020 Seabury Ave. / Minneapolis, MN 55406 / 612- 

Hail Satan! Burn the Flag! 


RIFT c/o Rich Horton / Box 33302 / Minneapolis, MN 55433 / 612-786- 

We rent a hall. Hall capacity - 340 and 160. Work with guarantee vs. 
percentage. A place to crash and some meals if needed. 

THD HOUSE / 2020 Seabury Ave. / Minneapolis, MN 55406 / 612-333- 
4345 (Jason) 

Capacity: 50. Sleep OK, grubbin' optional. Guarantee: $20. Bands get 
100% of door. Yes, it's a basement. Call us last. 


PROFANE EXISTENCE RADIO / WMCN 91.7 FM / 1600 Grand Ave. / St. 
Paul, MN 55104 / 612-696-6082 / Contact: Dave Gardner 
Punk/HC shows: Mon. 8-iopm HC w/Bill and Dave, Wed. 12 2am 
Melodic to HC w/Dave and Zannah, Thurs. 8-iopm Noisy grind to HC 
w/Steve, Thurs 2-4am DCHC w/Jordan, Sun 8-iopm DCHC meets 
noisy rock. 


GARAGE DOR / On Nicolett off of 26th St. / Minneapolis 
Good indie section. New 8 used. 

MAYDAY BOOKSTORE / 301 Cedar Ave. / Minneapolis, MN 55454 / 

Unquestionably the coolest radical independent bookstore in the 
Twin Cities. Volunteer-run, nonprofit, lots of anarchist, feminist, 
labor, ecology, queer lib, etc. books, magazines, and pamphlets. 
Support them, they can use it. 

OARFOLKJOKEOPUS / Corner of Lyndale Ave. 8 26th St. / Minneap- 

OK indie section. New 8 used. 


ANOTHER PAIR OF SHOES / PO Box 300031 / Minneapolis, MN 55403 
/ 612-871-2780 / $1.00 ppd / Quarterly / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 30-50 pages 
A Do-It-Yourself zine, about half of which is dedicated to punk/ 
hardcore music, the other half deals with social justice issues and 
life-in-general stuff. Very cheap ad rates. Think, Speak, Act, Have 

ART FLUX/ c/o Profane PO Box 8722/ $1 ppd ♦ stamps/ # i- is 24 pages. 
A DIY comix zeen, with emphasis on change within the dilapidated 
art scene. No high brow crap, or low-brow slime, we accept anything 
floating in between. 1st issue includes erotic comix, Steelpole 
Bathtub, tattoo stuff, and comix reviews. A call for submissions for 
# 2 revolve around a "fuck tha' police" theme. Artfluxpunxgetito to- 
gether!! Stores write for distro info. 

BETTER THAN YOU1 / 900 Margaret St. / St. Paul, MN 55106 / 612-771- 
1362 / $1 or 50 cents ♦ 2 stamps / Every two months or so. / 25-30 pages. 
A personal type thing we use as an output for telling people what 
we do, what 8 who pisses us off 8 we also use it to offend people, 
which is always fun!! 

IMPULSE c/o Jon George / Route 1 / Red Wing, MN 55066 / 612-388- 
3481 / Price: variable / Frequency: variable / 8 1/2 x n copied (number 
of pages varies). 

Impulse is an anarchist journal of history, philosophical debate, 
current events and criticism. Focus is on revolutionary documents 
and militance. Also put out by Impulse are the Goof Liberation 
Front communiques and Anarchist Youth Federation propaganda. 
All correspondence is welcomed. 

LARD GORE / PO Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 / 612-871-1861. 
Got 4 issues out, only *3 and 4 available. $1.00 ppd. 

Personal political zine w/o music and reviews. Zines come w/ patch, 
poster, flyer or some other thing I feel like putting in. Love to trade 
with other smaller zines. Also can screen print things for a cheap 
price, especially patches, write soon !!!!!! 

NO EXTERNAL COMPULSION / PO Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 
This here zine is all done by me, Criterion, in an effort to minimize 
mental masturbation, develop style and correspondence and hope- 
fully empowertain. Kill the matic dog and the oric r het - that's what 
I wish. Send an SASE or contribution for a copy. 

PROFANE EXISTENCE / PO Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 / 612- 

377-5269 / $2.00 ppd / Bi-monthly / tabloid 

Viva la anarchisi revolucion. Punkity fucking punkity punk and 

chaos crammed into 24 huge pages. Issue # i3 had 5 pictures of Sam 

McPheeters... Ooooohhh baaaabeeeyyy! Guaranteed to destroy 


QUADOG / 1729 1/2 Collete Dr. / North Mankato, MN 56003 / 507-345- 
3994 / $1 ppd / Every 3 months / 8 1/2 x 11, 20 pages 

Helps out underground bands and provides an outlet for people to 
express themselves. Send ads, photos, a statement, poems, opin- 
ions, or artwork free of charge. Totally not-for-profit and indepen- 

RIFT MINDZINE / Box 33302 / Minneapolis, MN 55448 / 612-786-0264 
/ $2.00 ppd / Bi-monthly / n x 17 over 16 pgs (varies) 

Full of music, political opinion, creative writing, interviews and so 
much more. 


ANARCHIST COFFEE HOUSE / PO Box'8722 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 
/ 612-377-5269 

Every Sunday from noon to six. It's run out of the Profane Existence 
house and is open to anyone (aside from the usual undesireables... 
cops, businessmen, politicians) who wants to come down and get 
wired (or not) and talk or whatever. Bring your own cup or remain 
uncaffeinated. Sometimes there's even food. Donations welcome. 
ANTI-RACIST ACTION / PO Box 80634 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 / 612- 
776-4022 (hotline) 

We’re a group of anti-authoritarian people in the Twin Cities 
working to fight racism, sexism, homophobia, and class oppression 
in our community. We’re also working to develop a stronger 
analysis of our individual roles in these oppressions (as well as 
murder nazis!). We have three local chapters; call or write if you're 
interested in working with us. 

DICK TIDROW c/o Dave Gardner / 1600 Grand Ave. / St. Paul, MN 
55104 / 612-649-0441 

Wacky Hi-jinx of Tidrow. Perfect for your next party. 

EXPATRIATE CAFE / Right off the corner of Riverside and Cedar on 
the West Bank / Minneapolis / 612-338-9506 
Formerly the Global Cafe or Urban Peasant. Food & coffee joint run 
by cool folks, in an unpretentious atmosphere. Open 24 hours. 
FREE STORE / Off the corner of Nicolett and 31st St. / Minneapolis 
A kinda Christian run thing, and the hours are really fucking weird. 
But it’s free clothes and sometimes free food. 

LOVE & RAGE SUPPORTERS / PO Box 581354 / Minneapolis, MN 

MN / 612-647-9733 

Good cheap coffee (50 cents, 5 cent refills). The only reason to 
venture into St. Paul, art gallery and shows in the basement. 

NEW RIVERSIDE CAFE / Corner of Riverside and Cedar on the West 
Bank / Minneapolis, MN 

A bit on the expensive side. Good vegan/vegetarian food. They even 
give away leftovers to hungry folks at night. Many subverts work 

NORTH COUNTRY CO-OP / 2129 Riverside Avenue / Minneapolis, 
MN / 338-3110 / on # 2 and *7 bus routes 

" A food store where people matter more than profits." The best co- 
op in the city, they have a really cool staff, good food, decent prices, 
a great membership/discount policy, radical politics, supportive of 
local radical activities (they gave food to TCAF!) and hey, they 
advertise in Profane Existence! When you're shopping for tofu and 
Rice Dream spend your money here, not the gawdawful Wedge. 
THE PEASANTS CRASH PAD / 3009 Garfield Ave. S. / Minneapolis, 
MN 55408 / 612-825-4382 
Crash pad for touring bands. Call first. 

T-SHIRTS by the Profane Collective. We print T-shirts for the right 
price (ha!) and we've been known to rent out our equipment cheap! 
You know how to get in touch with us. 

Existence or Love and Rage Supporters of Mpls 
"A loose federation of Twin Cities area anarchists organizing at the 
community level in a nonhierarchical manner for better communi- 
cation, education, and coordinated action against institutions of 
oppression and all forms of domination." We meet every first and 
third Thursday at Mayday Books (address above). Check out a 
meeting, we're doing some really cool and fun shit. 

YOUTH GREENS / PO Box 7293 / Minneapolis, MN 55407 

YG's are in the process of initiating a continental eco-anarchist 

network. In the past they've been organized around the following 

democratically written set of principles: anti-capitalism, eco-femi- 
nism, gay, lesbian and bisexual liberation, revolutionary dual- 
power, radical municipalism, anti-racism and ethnic identity, social 
ecology and democratic decentralism. AWOL, the Mpls. local, 
publishes the journal Free Society; for a year's sub (4 issues) send 




STALE FISH / 72 Huffman Tr. Ct. / Rolla, MO 65401 / 314-364-0904 
Lyrically, we're about trying to take all the problems of growing up 
in this fine country with several grains of salt. Musically, we re kind 
of a surfy, melodic punk, like putting the Buzzcocks and Adolescents 
in a blender. 


FAST FORWARD PRODUCTIONS c/o David Dershimer / 1044 W. 
Walnut Apt. B / Springfield, MO 65806 / 417-864-7052 
All ages. No alcohol shows. 150 capacity s> Commercial Club Comm. 
Center. 350 capacity 5> Chestnut Hall. You will be fed and put up. 
We are non-profit. 100% after expenses goes to traveling bands. 
Guarantees are few and small (we'd rather not). 

GATHER ROUND PROCUCTION / 2742 Rosewood / Arnold, MO 63010 
/ 314-845-1969 (Shannon 6 Chuck), 314-282-2360 (Chuck) 

A few halls available 100-1000 persons. Food is always provided. 
Guarantee or percentage negoitable. A place to stay will be worked 



KMNR 89.7 FM c/o Doug Mesko /-jz Huffman Tr. Ct. / Rolla, MO 65401 
/ 314-364-0904 

"Alternative" or HC/Punk shows: Sun 3-6am, Tues. 9-Midnight, Wed. 
M idn igh t-3am/9-noon/6-m idnight, Fri. 9-midnight, Sat. 3-6am. 
KWUR 90.3 FM / Washington University / Campus Box 1182 / St. 
Louis, MO 63130 / 314-935-5952 (station), 863-4473 (contact) 

Contact Charles Long or Brian Cameron. We have only one purely 
punk show but a lot of DJ's play some punk, lotso pop punk (as to 
be expected) and DC stuff, and the metal DJ's play some crossover 
stuff. My show "Mood music in the 90's, A modern collaboration of 
noise" is the one with punk as its sole purpose Sunday io-i2pm. 1 
occasionally book shows on campus. Any band (no sexist, racist, or 
homophobic) can crash here if they call first. Welcome! 

WSUR 107.5 FM / Salisbury State University / Box 1525 / Salisbury, 
MO 21801 / 410-548-6195 (Office) / Contact: Jeff Hadaway 
HC/Punk shows: Sunday nights 7pm-iopm, Monday nights 10pm- 


BEATLE MIKES / 214 W. Walnut / Springfield, MO 65806 / 417-865-1856 
Books, zines, videos, T-shirts, stickers, etc. 

THE MAD PLATTER / 217 W. Olive / Springfield, MO 65806 / 417-863 
1720 (Rick) 

SPINEY NORMAN / 1715 W. 39th St. / Kansas City, MO 64m / 816-931- 

Specialties: Imports, indy records-CDs-cassettes-books-videos-T- 

VINTAGE VINYL / 6362 Delmar / St. Louis / 314-721-4096 
Wave, jazz, blues, punk, rap. Used records and CD's. 


CLOUDBREAK c/o Eric / 834 W. Deerfield / Springfield, MO 65807 / 
417-887-3098 / 60 cents or trade / 3 or 4 x a year 
Deals mostly with SE, animal rights, etc., but open to anything. 
Anyone write in, all letters answered, free ads. 

POOP RAG c/o Egg Boy / 650 S. National Apt. *i / Spingfield, MO 

65804 / 417-831-0774 / $1.50 ppd / Infrequent / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, 20-30 pages 
Interviews with bands and people, record 8 zine reviews, humor- 
ous and Anarchistic. Contributions get free copy. 


BLUEBERRY HILL / 6509 Delmar / 727-0880 
Cheap bar. 

BRENDTS / 6525 Delmar / 727-3663 
Expensive health food store. 

CICEROS / 6510 Delmar / 862-0009 
Cheap bar. 

GOLDEN GROCER / 335 N. Euclid Ave. / St. Louis / 367-0405 
Health food store. 

GOVINDA'S / 3926 Lindell / St. Louis / 535-8085 
Krishna Temple vegetarian restaurant, real cheap! 5 8pm. 
KENNEDY'S / 612 N2 / 421-3655 
Cheap bar. 

RED SEA / 6511 Delmar / 863-0099 
Cheapest bar in St. Louis. 

ST. LOUIS BREAD CO / 6309 Delmar / St. Louis / 726-6644 
All you can drink coffee, they are everywhere-good coffee! 
SUNSHINE INN / 8 1/2 Euclid Ave. / St. Louis / 367-1413 
Expensive vegetarian restaurant. 

THAI CAFE / 6170 Delmar / St. Louis / 862-6868 
Vegetarian restaurant. 




Specializes in punk rock on vinyl; lots of fs, used vinyl. Also large 
used book section, art gallery. 

DRASTIC PLASTIC / 419 S. 13th St. / Omaha, NE 68102 / 402-346-8843 
Specialties: Imports, indy records-CDs-cassettes-books-videos-T- 


CULTURE RAG / PO Box 55115 / Omaha, NE 68155-0115 / 402-572-8557 
(Bill), 402-346-3408 (Scott), 402-346-9472 (Brian) / $2.00 ppd / Quar- 
terly / 8 1/2 x 11, 30* pages 

Our zine will focus on all forms of exciting and original music with 
a good portion of it going to the visual arts and politics. The zine 
will be both parts national and Omaha interest. 



WHOLES / 3120 Liberty Circle South / Las Vegas, NV 89121 / 702-457- 

An organized array of parts or elements forming or functioning as 
a unit. Hey man that's cool just don't get any on the rug. 


RUMPLE DISCS + CASS. / 3120 Liberty Circle South / Las Vegas, NV 
89121 / 702-457-2953 

Gonna bring you that wack, travelin, groovin Lost Vegas sound. 

CULTURE FIRE / PO Box 55115 / Omaha, NE 68155-0115 / 402-346-9472 
(Brian), 402-341-5326 (Tim) 

A mix of grunge, power pop, ♦ experimental with a traditional punk 
feel. Omaha audiences were blown away at recent shows by these 
3 energetic gentlemen who expect to cause a stir locally as well as 
on a national level! 

MOUSETRAP / 1202 S. 62nd St. / Omaha, NE 68106 / 402-551-7816 
Sizzling punk played tighter’n you know what. New single out on 
One-Hour Records. Always looking for Midwest dates. 

NUNS WITH GUNS / PO Box 111133 / Omaha, NE 68m / 712-325-0275 
Hard driving late 70's style punk from the school of self destruction. 
Featuring former members of: Say No More, Apathy, No Heroes and 
False Modulation. 

SIDESHOW do Caufield Records / 5701 Randolph / Lincoln, NE 68510 

/ 402-476-7857 

Spring and summer tour. 


DRASTIC PLASTIC / PO Box 8005 / Omaha, NE 68108-0005 / 402-346- 

Specialty/Coverage: T-shirts wholesale 8 manufacturer. 


ONE-HOUR RECORDS / 1215 Harney St. / Omaha, NE 68102 / 402-341- 

Seven-inch label emphasizing punk rock from the Midwest. 


NE 68155-0115 / 402-572-8557 (Bill), 402-346-3408 (Scott), 402-346-9472 


CHAIN LETTER / PO Box 72671 / Las Vegas, NV 89170-2671 / 702-641-8661 
/ $i.25ppd / bimonthly / digest / 32 pages 

The symptoms: glumness, lack of inspiration. The cause: the disease 
of the '90s, ultraseriousness. The cure: Chain Letter , a spunk humor 
zine that's looking for humorous writers and cartoonists. Send a 
sample of your stuff. All types of humor considered. 

VOID c/o Boyde / PO Box 72671 / Las Vegas, NV 89170-2671 / $2 ppd 
/ "whenever" / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 

If you are a life-loving, shit-taking, snow-throwing, frozen corn- 
eating, alien-believing, buttocks-blurting, art fiend, non-depres- 
sion-seeking, Converse-wearing, parking lot-hanging, pig in your 
front yard-having, gut bustin' person, then you'll enjoy Void 


0F — m BANDS 

INCEST REPELLENT / 8 Cannon Drive / Nashua, NH 03062 /603-888- 

Three piece punk/hardcore band that likes beer and playing our 
good punk music. We do punk weddings, funerals, and parties. 


DEAD AT BIRTH / 46 Old Hillsboro Rd. / Henniker, NH 03242 / 603- 
428-7490 / $1 ppd / Monthly (?) / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
A collage of high weirdness. Political rantings, fiction, deep 
thoughts, reviews, cookin’ 5 drinkin' S fuckin' shit up. Need ads S 
contributions of opinion S art. Who says a zine has to be good? 


Hall capacity - A * of different venues to accomodate different crowd 
sizes. Food and lodging provided. Working terms - usually 
percentage of the door but can work with the bands - call for details. 


THE ANHQUARIUM / 1215 Harney St. / Omaha, NE 68102 / 402-341^ 


BLANKS 77 / 1303 Myrtle Street / Hillside, NJ 07205 
1977-style total fuckin’ pogo punk. Seven song cassette available for 
$3/$5 world. Compared to Partisans, UK Subs, Pistols. 7" ep's 
available soon. Write for details. Pogo, pogo, pogo. 

DOG TIRED / 24 McKinley Ave. / East Hanover, NJ / 201-887-2245, 991- 

Rhythmic punk/core four-piece with influences from both genres. 
Lyrics range from socio-political to personal, without attaching us 
to any particular "scene." Released "A bone to pick with the world" 
7" (Skene!) and new 7" on Germany's GOAR records. 

LIFETIME / 2671 Wildberry Court / Edison, NJ 08817 / 908-572-3082 
Powerful, melodic hardcore band looking to tour the U.S. this 
summer ('9 2) with Ressurection, and can use any possible help with 
shows, places to stay, etc... if there is any way you can help, please 
get in touch, thanks. - 

MATTER OF FACT / 142 Frankford Ave. / Blackwood, NJ 08012 / 609- 
227-6830 (Bull) 

We re basically an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, vege- 
tarian, DIY band with a heavy, melodic sound, 1 think. 

POINT OF VIEW / PO Box 295 / Somerdale, NJ 08083 / 609-783-8264 
We re an energetic band with heavy and aggresive music backed 
with thought provoking lyrics. We love playing shows all over and 
only ask for expenses. 7" and cassette on Horizon Records. New 7" 
out on Reflection Records out soon! 

REGRESS / 237 Stevens Ave. / Jersey City, NJ 07305 
A band that is strongly into resistance and awareness. We are a 
punk/hc band. We need correspondance with other punks around 
the world. We need places to stay and sleep at when we tour. We 
seek a label to put us out. We have a tape also. 

RESSURECTION / 60 Gurley Rd. / Edison, NJ 08817 / 908-572-3309 
Aggressive fuck you hardcore. Will be touring the U.S. in the 
summer of 92 with Lifetime. If you can help with shows, a place to 
stay or even a number please contact us. Thanks. 

RORSCHACH / 305 Haywood Dr. / Paramus, NJ 07652 / 201-265-9025 


MINDSET DISTRIBUTION / 305 Haywood Dr. / Paramus, NJ 07652 / 

Mailorder, shows, stores, vinyl, fanzines, cass, CD's. 


CHICKEN FARM RECORDS / 509 Little York-mount Pleasant Road / 
Milford, NJ 08848 / 908-996-2587 (Bob Jr.) 

First release was out in March 1992, the Sheep Squeeze "It's Not 
Working" 7"ep. In the future, I am interested in working with any 
type of band. Interested bands write. Except racist, sexist ♦ ho- 

COMPLEX RECORDS / 131 N. 6th Ave / Highland Park, NJ 08904 
Sam Shiffman's ongoing attempt. 

DESTROY ALL MUSIC / 10 Montclair Ave / Little Falls, NJ 07424 
Pulverizing hardcore. 

FOREFRONT RECORDS / Box 1964 / Hoboken, NJ 07030 / 201-653-1990 
(Mike Young) / Fax: 201-653-2011 / Promotions Dept, (trip Costner) 

Specialization in Punk/Hardcore. We have jammed packed 
mailorder catalog available by request. Forefront also deals direct 
to stores and has a wholesale catalog. Bands on Forefront: Soda Can, 
AG's, and The Fiendz. 

GERN BLANDSTEN RECORDS / 305 Haywood Dr. / Paramus, NJ 07652 
/ 201-265-9025 

HEADACHE RECORDS / 53 Myrtle Ave / Midland Park, NJ 07432 / 201- 

REITZ ZOUND RECORDS / 305 E. Verona Blvd. / Pleasantville, NJ 
08232 / 609-646-4916 

Jimmi Reitzler "Looking Through Bobby's Diary" (solo tape and LP) 
New Release: Jimmi Reitler "Save The 7 Inch" 4 song EP. 

TROUBLE MAN UNLIMITED / 16 Wilow St. / Bayonne, NJ 07002 / 201- 
437 - 3*49 

Put out Merel cassette and "Superpowers" tape compilation with a 
lot of nice music you like. Next will be probably Heroin/Merel flexi. 
Who knows? Maybe you'll send me something and I 'll listen to it and 
shit. Yoda, greed and grand moff tarkin. 


WDBK 91.5 FM / Camden County College / 609-227-8070 
This station covers just about every aspect of music there is, from 
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince to the Dead Milkmen. Such an 
erratic format change can be annoying at times, but worth the wait 
at other times. 

WFMU 91.1 FM / Upsala College / East Orange, NJ / Contact: Pat 

Live bands, Thursday nights 9:30-12 midnight, punk-HC. 

WJTB 550 AM / 323 Martin Luther King Blvd. / New Jersey Institute 
of Technology / 201-596-3666 / Contact: Marco Carbone 
Tuesday 6-8pm. punk/hc. 

WLFR 91.7 FM / Stockton State College / 609-652-4917 
If for any reason you're in the Atlantic City/Ocean City vicinity in the 
summer, look out for medical waste on the beach and tune to WLFR. 
Loads of fun await you hardcore/punk/british/rap, etc. are the 
flavors of the day. Decent radio station considering it's located in 
the middle of nowhere. 

WPRB 103.3 FM / Princeton University / PO Box 342 / Princeton, NJ 
08540 / 609-258-3655 / Contact: Jen Moyse or Corey Magnell 
All afternoon and night is free-form rock with lots of HC/Punk. 

A pretty comprehensive station, even though they play car, beer and 
Sears commercials. Decent hardcore/ska and rap shows, but watch 
out for the basketball/lacrosse games and classical music. Most 
notable for their massive signal - 5000 watts. They can reach up to 
Brooklyn, NY to northern Delaware. Impressive for a college 

WRSU 88.7 RM / 126 College Ave. / New Brunswick, NJ.08903 / 908- 
246-9308 / Contact: Matt Gard 

Radio Riot Mon. i2-2am, other DJ's play cool shit as well. 


FACE THE MUSIC / 337 Franklin Ave. / Nutley, NJ 07110 / 201-661-4336, 
Fax: 661-4338 

Specialty: Hardcore 7"s and specialties. 


DISINFECTANT / RPO Box 4057 / PO Box 5063 / New Brunswick, NJ 
08903 / 201-828-1954 / Free if you write us / bi-monthly / 8x10, 15- 
20 pgs. 

If you were to say "Disinfectant is strictly a music zine" you'd be 
lying because we're not. We do run interviews and record reviews 
but we also print comics, photo's, funny poems, snack food reviews 
and guides to buying Caruel Cakes. 

DISSONANCE MAGAZINE / PO Box 4772 / Highland Park, NJ 08904- 
4772 / $2 ppd USA $3 ppd elsewhere / Quarterly / 32 pp. 

Ranting and fringe information networking zine with a futurist 

RADIO RIOT / 126 College Ave. / New Brunswick, NJ 08903 / 908-246- 
9308 / SASE / Monthly / 1 pg., 2 sides 

Done in conjunction with my radio show. Has lots of ideas, news, 
S reviews. It's free in the tri-state area 8 free everywhere else. Huck 


SHOELACE / PO Box 7952 / West Trenton, NJ 08628 / Eric: 609-883- 
9529 or Bob: 609-771-9143 / $1.50 ppd / Twice a year (June 8 Dec. 
usually) / 8 1/2 x 11 around 40 pages 

Shoelace is a music zine, but also prints opinions, articles, poetry 
and other writings. Contributors are welcome. Each issue is 
different and unique! 

THE PAUL EMIL EXPERIENCE c/o Paul Steffens / 33 Jefferson Ave. / 
Kearny, NJ 07032 / 201-997-0146 / $1.25 ppd / Every 6 mo.s / 5 1/2 x 8, 
64 pgs. 

Not about punk rock or bands or politics, but about people. So many 
zines are dry interview or politically based rags. PEE is 
different ...well not really, but I try. Rants, stories, lies and assorted 

other shit. 

WANNA COMMENICATE? / 16 Wilow St. / Bayonne, NJ 07002 / 201- 
437-349 / $1.50 ppd / Every 3-5 mo.s / 8 1/2 x 11 
A zine for champions, up to # 3, 1 take donations. My name is Mike, 
send me star wars stuff and I'll send you an expensive thing. 



FOR GENERIC USES ONLY / 65 East 20th St. / Patterson, NJ 07513 
Punk and gothic clothes. Bondage pants, bondage skirts, straight- 
jackets, book bags, hats, lingerie and lots of other cool shit. Write 
for catalog. 

HARDCORE VIDEO c/o Peter De Mattia / 8 Haddon Rd / Hewitt, NJ 
07421 / 201-853-4420 

Over 1000 shows available. Also do tape transferring from one 
format to another. 

JUSTIN'S CRASH PAD / 201-434-4067 / Jersey 
Touring bands: need a place to crash and stay at for a night or two. 
I will be letting bands stay over in the summer for bands who don't 
have a place to stay at. Food will be available. Located about 10-20 
minutes from New York City. Call. 


freedom and our passion in the hope that it will inspire you to offer 
yours. Start your own tribe. Contact us about gigs, radio and other 
subversive stuff. 

FLOORSHOW / 57 Joyce Lane / Woodbury, NY 11797 / 908-458-1815 
(Holligan Management) 

Noisy wannabe gothic industrial sludge sometimes ethereal some- 
times post-pop-punk inspired sometimes an all night techno party 
stool sample with corn niblets. Always very serious. 

GLEE CLUB / c/o Rake Records / 3 Highland Dr. / E. Greenbush, NY 
12061 / 518-477-2706 
We re just a band. 

GROWING UP SKIPPER / no 9th Ave # 2C / NY, NY 10011 / 212-727-7590 
(Jane) or 212-529-3321 (Laura) 

Right now, we need a guitarist. And yeah, we’re a girl band. Got a 
problem with that? 

HUASIPUNGO / 80-50 Baxter Ave. *125 / Elmhurst, NY 11373 / 212-475- 
2806 (Amanda) 

A punk-HC-Oi! (and a little ska) band that sings mostly in Spanish. 
There are a bunch of different social/political opinions within the 
band. Our influences cover an extensive spectrum of bands from 
Koratu to Poison Idea. Concentrated mostly on Latin American HC 
(Atoxxico, Kaos, Sociedad Violenta, etc.). We do covers of Latin 
bands just to let people know there are scenes outside the US and 
Europe. Oi! 


BIGDAMNCRAZYWEIGHT c/o Resin Records / 2300-13 Central SE / 
Albuquerque, NM 87106 / 505-764-8697 



AFFIRMATIVE ACTION c/o Jim MacNaughton / PO Box 2263 / E.S.P. 
Station / Albany, NY 12220-0263 / 518-449-4280 
(Way cheese wiz, you know) We're a Noisy, sometimes obnoxious, 
sometimes too straight faced for our own good punk or hardcore 
or whatever the fuck you want to call it this week band that 'didn't 
get stabbed in the back'' and thus survived the "youth'' era in NY. 
ARTLESS / PO Box 137, Prince Street Station / New York, NY 10012 / 
Fax: 212-979-8167 

3 12" records, 3 singles 6 a couple cassette bootlegs. Anti-PC. Around 
in various froms since 1981. Mykel Board the consistent member. 
AWKWARD THOUGHT / PO Box 245 / Buchanan, NY 10511 
Noise-fun-good stuff here-this guy yells a lot, golly gee-ah just shut 
up and listen to 'em. Wow, hmmmmmm. 

BORN AGAINST / PO Box 1145, Cooper Station / New York, NY 10276 
/ 201-867-4903 

THE BROWN CUTS NEIGHBORS c/o Erl Records / 418 Madison Ave. 
/ Albany, NY 12210 / 518-432-0851 

Run with a heavy iron fist by former Regurgitones drummer Jason 
Martin, The BCN takes no prisoners with its Beefheartian war on 
musical preconceptions and good taste. 

BUGOUT SOCIETY / PO Box 1014 / Yonkers, NY 10704 / 914-776-2279 
Formed around 1986. Have 2 LP's "Just Say Yo!" and "Yo Baby 'Sup." 
Most live appearances end up in riots of pure carnivorous gluttony 
and it's always a big job for janitorial personnel. 

THE DEVIATORS / 32 Saint James Place / Brooklyn, NY 11205/718-399- 

"Strong point-blank guitars and a lively rhythm section... oodles of 
energy..." - Jersey Beat. "Cool pop-punk with great singing" - MRR. 
Influences include: Clash, Jam, SLF, Naked Raygun. 

DONNY THE PUNK / 3417 Broadway # I2A / New York, NY 10027 / 212- 

Spoken word performer (preceeds or between bands). One of the 
few original (since '77) punx still on the scene. Donny does satirical 
and serious poetry and prose, punk related or general, short 
(between sets) or longer ("Jail Is..."). Can occasionally put up bands 

FALSE PROPHETS / PO Box 20043, Tompkins Square Station / NY, NY 
10009 / 212-674-6384, Fax: 212-673-1467 

On our new Cd, Invisible People (Cargo) we offer our revolt, our 

HUMPER c/o of Mike Westfall 8 Lisa Gerhan / 221 Seward Place / 
Schenectady, NY 12305 / 518-372-2263 

Two singers (one of whom will be going into labor about the time 
you read this), at least three guitarists, two bassists, a twelve year 
old drummer and Erik the conga player not much more you can say 
about a set up like this. 

INTENT / 5 Oxford Rd / Albany, NY 12203 / 518-438-4384 (Adam) 
Intent is an old-style hardcore band — fast, tight, heavy, moody, and 
loud. We have a pretty upbeat feel that sometimes lapses into 
psychic terrorism. In other words, we once made a local music 
reviewer wet his pants. Music is our thing. 

IRON PROSTATE c/o George Tabb / 45 Carmine St # iB / NY, NY 100 14 
/ 212-989-7632 

Geriatric, imbecilic, metamucil, vegan, straight edge drunk punk. 
IRON WORKS c/o Jonathan / PO Box 100270 / Brooklyn, NY 11210 / 

Post-industrial thrash rock n roll. 

JO / PO Box 847 / Schenectady, NY 12301 / 518-374-2166 
Jav-core band from the land of General Electric's still choking 
corpse. Big influences are Arlo Guthrie, Neurosis, Sweet Honey in 
the Rock, Blatz and Voivod. Doing July 92 US tour thing. Need gigs. 
Tape available. 

JOHNNY PUKE / 151 First Avenue Box A / New York City, NY 10003 
/ David Sapp: 803-768-1421 

Johnny Puke is a spoken word performer currently residing in 
South Carolina. The former singer of the now defunct Tennessee 
band Stinky Finger, Johnny performs his mis of storytelling, perfor- 
mance and poetry at many of the countrys punk venues. Johnny is 
also the new lead singer in New York City's legendary Letch Patrol. 
LETCH PATROL / 151 First Ave. Box A / New York, NY 10003 / 
Management: 803-768-1421 (Dave Sapp) 

Letch Patrol have long enjoyed the dubious moniker of "NYC's most 
hated band!" In the bands long history they have been noted for 
their bold publicity stunts and outrageous live shows. 1992 brought 
on Johnny Puke on lead vocals replacing Harris Pankin, who is 
rumored to be considering touring as a spoken word performer, 
MEDICINE SUNDAY / PO Box 394 / Forest Hills, NY 11375 / 718-849-1317 
Have been called the best thing to emerge from the "Brooklyn Beat :/ 
CBGB's" scene in a long time. Years of slugging it out in clubs have 
paid off in a fully developed sound and a CD release on Rainforest. 
MEGATHERIUM / 132 Shoreham Dr. / Rochester, NY 14618 / 716-244- 

The typewriter is not dead. Joe said Jan has seen the old red rooster. 
Jail is the right thing for John and Lee. Ida rode a jetstar for the 
entire season. Yumm. Megatherium, a giant sloth and a fun band. 
MOMENT OF TRUTH / 641 Melville Street / Rochester, NY 14609 
Debut demo now on sale! Send $5.00 (U.S.) or $6.00 (Outside). For 
info or bookings write to address above. 

NIHIUSTICS c/o Visionary Records / 524 West 23rd St., Suite *4049 / 

NY, NY iooii or c/o Punk Core / PO Box 916 / Middle Island, NY 11953 
/ 516-679-5206 

Punk rock the way it's supposed to be. We’re still here, where the 
fuck are you? You're all fuckin shit. 

NY 11004 / 718-464-7484 (Jim), 465-1883 (Mike) 

Ramones/Motorhead rock with shades of New York City style 

NO WIN SITUATION / PO Box 245 / Buchanan, NY 10511 
Hardcore? Punk? Shit? Ah who knows, who cares. Listen-you might 
actually like it. It's know fun. 

P- 1-9 / PO Box 020154 / Brooklyn, NY 11202 
Features 3 ex-members of Product 19. The music is heavy, angry 
hardcore with various other forms of music mixed in. Lyrics are 
socially concerned, attacking "me generation" institutions. 

RAIL c/o Jamie / 2176 Turk Hill Rd. / Fairport, NY 14450 / 716-223-4500 
We're located in Rochester, NY. Interested in playing Canada, NY, 
Pennsylvania, NJ, and surrounding areas. DC/melodic hardcore 
sound. Flexible and enjoyable. 

RAINHOUSE c/o Chris / 20 Catherine St. / Port Jervis, NY 12771 / 914- 
856-5907 (Chris), 856-6356 (Nate) 

A 5-piece that plays a primarily DC influenced style mixed with NY 
noise and a little pop. We currently have a 7 song demo out ($3 ppd) 
and a 7" planned for the summer of '92. 

SCAPEGRACE / c/o Framework Records / PO Box 216 / Port Jefferson 
Stn. / New York, NY 11776 / 516-758-7414 (Eric), 516-361-9431 (Steve) 
Progressive Long Island hardcore band coming out with 7" in the 
summer on Framework records/bookings. Get in touch with us for 
band info and Long Island bookings through Framework. Suck the 
head of Scapegrace! 

THE SHRIEKING VIOLETS c/o Stephanie Saddler / 28-10 Astoria Blvd. 

/ Astoria, NY 11102 / 718-932-2902 

All female trio from NYC w/ two vocalists. Combining various 
influences to play alternative rock with a melodic punk edge. 
Compared to Ramones, Slits, Lush, Velvet Underground 8 Wipers. 
Look for the debut release sometime in 1992. 

SLAVE STATE c/o Mike Gifford / PO Box 1201 / Buffalo, NY 14213-1201 
/ 878-6895 

Fast. Thrash-core sort of along the line of Infest, Born Against and 
Christ on a Crutch. 

SOCIAL DISORDER c/o Mike / 297 18th St. / Brooklyn, NY 11215 / 718- 

Brutal, guitar-oriented NY, East Coast styled hardcore / alternative 
music. Debut album, "Goin’ the Distance" on Bodonski Records due 
out soon. Write or call for more info or bookings. 

SUBMIT c/o Ian Lynam / Box 1833 / 735 Anderson Hill Rd., S.U.N.Y. / 
Purchase, NY 10577-1400 

Your usual run of the mill Catholic slaughtering DIY punk grindcore 
band. We prefer benefit shows fi are anti all the usual nastly 
prejudicial things. Just add caffeine. 

THIRD EYE BUTTERFLY / 61-36 160 St. / Flushing, NY 11365 / 718-463- 

Third Eye Butterfly are Charles Caracciolo - drums, vocals, John 
Gallo - Guitar, vocals and Carol Rowan - Bass. Not wanting to be 
classified, the band describes its music "psycho pop," a sort of 
mixture of pop and punk/60's garage. Adebut ep cassette "What the 
thunder said" is available from Galt/Psycho-Pop tm. 

UNSANE / PO Box 1828 / NY, NY 10009 
Distortion levels bordering on pain. 


EDITH / i Mead Way / Bronxville, NY 10708 

We re starting a small mailorder thing (vinyl and zines) and at gigs. 

We have no phone number. 

ICE RECORDS / PO Box 020154 / Brooklyn, NY 11202 
A label and limited distributor. We press 7”s, trade -j"s and send 7”s 
anywhere. We do mailorder and wholesale 
MUSHROOM DISTRIBUTION c/o Jonathan / PO Box 100270 / Brook- 
lyn, NY 11210 / 718-859-0596 

NOISEVILLE / PO Box 124 / Yonkers, NY 10710 / 914-793-5122 
Swill, Radicts, Bench and more. Support the indie scene! 

PUNK CORE MAILORDER / PO Box 916 / Middle Island, NY 11953 
Specializing in classic and current punk rock on vinyl. 

TRIBAL WAR DISTRIBUTION / PO Box 20012, Tompkins Square 
Station / NY, NY 10009 / 718-383-6522 (Neil) 

Specialty: vinyl, cassettes, zines, patches and T-shirts. Coverage: 1 he 
world. Send 29 cents for a copy of our distro list. We carry stu ff from 
around the world. If you are interested in dislro at shows in your 
area please contact us for our wholesale prices. If bands or labels 
are interested in having us carry their records drop us a line. 


DESPERATE RECORDS / PO Box 402 / Glen Oaks, NY 11004 / 718-465- 
1883 (Mike Bys (AGR)) 

Hard rock/hardcore/metal 

DISASTRO-MIX RECORDS / PO Box 423, Madison Sq Stn / NY, NY 10159 
Home of the Meathooks. 

DRUNKEN SHAOUN RECORDS / PO Be 1014 / Yonkers, NY 10704- 
1014 / 914-776-2279 

To put out Bugout Society records and serve their every need. 
FRAMEWORK RECORDS / PO Box 216 / Port Jefferson Station, NY 
11776 / 516-473-5669 (John) 

Our first release will be by the band Scapegrace. Please feel free to 
write or call for bookings, show and record info, mailing list, etc. 

FUNKY MUSHROOM RECORDS c/o Jonathan / PO Box 100270 / 

Brooklyn, NY 11210 / 718-859-0596 

ICE RECORDS / PO Box 020154 / Brooklyn, NY 11202 

A label and limited distributor. We press 7”s, trade 7”s and send 7”s 

anywhere. We do mailorder and wholesale 

KLUGE RECORDS / Box 18 / 135 E. 12th St. / NY, NY 10003 

Beer, cars and fuckin' (kluge sludge fudge pudge nudge) 

NAWPOST / PO Box 245 / Buchanan, NY 10511 

Totally DIY label into hardcore, punk, having a good time, blah blah 

blah. My first release is a comp called Sick But Slick- a 7” with SFA, 

Yuppicide, Awkward Thought, No Win Situation - Huasipungo. Out 

soon No Win Situation 7" and Awkward Thought 7". 

THE ONLY LABEL IN THE WORLD c/o Seidboard World Enterprises 
/ PO Box 137, Prince Street Station / NYC, NY 10012 / FAX: 212-979-8167 
Record label w/ Artless, John Trubee, You Suck, Swanic Youth and 
others. Unpopular music by unpopular people. 

RAKE/FOOTLONG RECORDS / 3 Highland Drive / E. Greenbush, NY 
12061 / 518-477-2706 

We put out music from the Capital District area of NY. 

ROIR / 611 Broadway *411 / NY, NY 10012 / 212-477-0563 
Cassette-only label. 

ROUND FLAT RECORDS / 63 Lennox Ave / Buffalo, NY 14226 
Shit we don’t have: big bands with limited edition pressings with 
nice names who you would actually pay to see more than once. 
SANJUANITO DISCOS / 80-50 Baxter Ave. *125 / Elmhurst, NY 11373 
/ 718-458-7051 (Esneioler) 

We are a label that specializes on the HC punk independent music 
from Latin America. The label was started to release Huasipungo, 
a NY band that sings in Spanish. Our next releases include Odio Que? 
(Venezuela) Cares de Hambre (Panama) Kaos (Peru). 

SPARTADISC / 117 North Fifth Street / Brooklyn, NY 11211-3240 / 718- 

A new independent CD only label. We will be releasing new CD's so 
we encourage people to send in tapes, singles, albums, etc... and we 
will also be re-issuing punk/post-punk classics that have not made 
it onto CD . .yet. We would love suggestions on these too. 

SQUAT OR ROT / PO Box 20691 / NY, NY 10009 
A zine and a record, 3 issues out to-date. 

TRIBAL WAR RECORDS / PO Box 20012, Tompkins Square Station / 
NY, NY 10009 / 718-383-6522 (Neil) 

Tribal War is dedicated to the production of low cost / social 
political aware music. We have distribution throughout the world 
and support the DIY belief 100%. Bands and labels can contact us at 
the above address. 

VERMIFORM RECORDS / PO Box 1145, Cooper Station / New York, NY 
10276 / 201-330-0575 

It’s 6 in the morning and leave it blank! 

WARDANCE RECORDS c/oF Alva / 35-18 93 St / Jackson Hts, NY 11372 
/ 718-672-2507 

WOW COOL / PO Box 2657 / New York, NY 10185 / 413-586-9525 (Marc) 
4 years old. We carry/publish many small press (mainly comics) stuff 
and have put out several cassettes, a record, T-shirts and other neat 
shit. Artists include: Gary Panter, The Brown Cuts Neighbors, Steve 
(Drunk Tank) Cerio, Jo, Tuna Casserole, Zapiro andtWayno. Have 
also been involved with putting together shows in Schenectady, 
Albany and Saratoga, NY as well as doing radio. 

WRECK-AGE / 451 W Broadway # 2N / NY, NY 10012 / Fax. 212-388-9778 
Yuppicide, S.F.A.Bad Trip and more. 


ABC NO RIO / 156 Rivington St. / NY, NY / 718-383-6522 (Booking-Neil) 
/ Mailing address: PO Box 20012 Tompkins Sq. Sta. / NY, NY 10009 
Lodging/Food: No, but you can get a mean rice 8 beans at Don Pepe's. 
Working Terms: Out of town bands get a higher % of the door. No 
guarantees. New Yorks only all age, not for profit, volunteer run 
space. Dedicated to the continuance of the underground alternative 
music scene. 

FRAMEWORK / PO Box 216 / Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 / 516- 
758-7414 (Eric), 473-5869 (John), 361-9431 (Steve), 467-3615 (Kevin) 
Hall capacity: 150-200. Lodging and food is available! Working 
terms: negotiable (as generous as possible). Framework, a Long 
Island organization, puts on all age nonprofit and low-door price 

HUMPHRY / New York City, NY / 212-260-7922 


DESTROY TELEVISION c/o George Tabb / 45 Carmine St # iB / NY, NY 
10014 / 212-989-7632 / Manhattan Cable Ch 17 / Fri 3:30AM and Sat 
4:00 AM 

Punk rock television over the edge. Wayne's World without the 

RADIO USA Shortwave usually near 7415 kcs / PO Box 452 / 
Wellsville, NY 14895 / Contact: Mr. Blue Sky 
A pirate station that has no schedule. However, we have received 
hundreds of letters from 50 states and provinces in the US and 
Canada 6 letters from countries in Europe. We focus on hardcore/ 
punk, so send us your demo records and tapes! 

WBAI 99.5 FM / 505 8th Ave. / NY, NY 10018 / Station: 212-279-0707 
(Not reliable for getting through to DJ's), Contact: Ed Banger: 212-924- 
5205 / Show Title: Monsters From The Id, Tues/Wed overnight 3:30- 
6:00 AM 

A 50,000 watt listener sponsored pacifica station in mid-Manhattan 
covering the tri-state area. 

WITR 89.7 FM / 237 Emerson St. / Rochester, NY 14613 / Mondays: 716- 
2 54-7534 / Contact: Jeremy / Sudden Death Overtime. 

WUSB 90.1 FM / PO Box 174 / Stony Brook, NY 11790 / 516-585-7694 
/ Contact: Steve K. / Punk show: Turmoil - Wednesdays 10:30 pm - 
12:30 am 

On the air since 1980! Playlists sent regularly. 

WUSB 90.1 FM / SUNY at Stony Brook / Stony Brook, NY 11794-3263 
/ 516-632-6901 / Contact: Tom Martin or Scott Warmuth (music 
director) or Contact: Steve K. / PO Box 174 / Stony Brook, NY 11790 / 

Punk show: Lust and Apathy - T uesdays 4.00-6:30 AM. Turmoil-Wed. 
io:3opm-i2:3oam. WUSB is based on Long Island with a 5000 watt 
transmitter. We are in the process of moving our antenna to a higer 
point above sea level so we can eliminate some "dead spots" in our 
power output. We generally cover middle and eastern Long Island, 
southern Connecticut, and once in a while upstate NY, meaning a big 


ERL RECORDS / 418 Madison Ave. / Albany, NY 12210 / 518-432-0851 
Specialize (as in only sell) in punk, noise, hardcore and jazz. They 
do trades, will buy wholesale from bands, labels directly, etc. A 

RECONTRUCTION RECORDS / 216 E 6th St / NY, NY 10003 
Strictly punk-HC-alternative. Volunteer operated. 

THE RECORD STOP / 13 East Hartsdale Ave. / Hartsdale, NY 10530 / 914- 

Specialties: punk, hardcore, metal (death and thrash), new wave 
and more! 


BATHSHEBA / 3518 Weidner Avenue / Oceanside, NY 11572 / 516-678- 
2483 / At least $1.27 ppd / 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 - 20 pages 
100 copies made for each issue. Back issues are available if one 
wants 'em that bad. I've put out 9 issues so far. I'm presently 
shooting for 11 more by May 1993. Lots of talk about masturbation 
(fantasies, sexual freedom, tranvestitism and transsexual interests). 
"Stream of consciousness" writing that isn't a load of vague bullshit. 
Interviews with people who really aren't famous. Anti-draft, pro- 
conscientious objection. Agnostic. Feminist. Anti-fashion punk / 

THE BOOK OF FALSE GODS / PO Box 9471 / Schenectady, NY 12309- 
9471 / Phone # : piss off / 50 cents, 2-29 cent stamps, or trade ppd 
until Fall 92 / 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, 40 pages until fall 92 / Very erratic.. ..don't 
even bother 

The ever-growing collection of all things/ideas/information 
strange, obscure, or stupid; But, nothing musical and no reviews for 
things that cost money. It's earned escellent reviews in spite of its 
overall meaningless. Are you curiow enough? 

BORDER CROSSINGS / PO Box 1428 / New York, NY 10276-1428 / 212- 
465-2547 / price varies (write for info) / 8 1/2 x 11 / published quarterly 
Music news, regional features, some reviews, music-to-music con- 
nections. Accepting press and promo materials, ad sales and 
classifieds. Distributed worldwide. 

CREWCUTT FANZINE / 621 Minnesota Ave. / Buffalo, NY 14215 / $1.50- 
$3.00 ppd / quarterly / varies 

Tries to cover all aspects of hardcore, including the punk, straight 
edge and crossover scenes. It is filled with interviews, record 
reviews, zine reviews, comic book reviews, and editorials on 
subjects that haven't been beaten to death already. 

CRUD BOMB / 71 Hubbs Rd. / Ballston Lake, NY 12019 / $1.00 ppd / 
Standard (8 1/2 x 11) / 20 pages 

A stupid punk horror zine, focusing on 70 s rubber monster flicks. 
No "scholarly" review / research shit, just the truth. Some band 
interviews once in a while. 

DEAR JESUS / PO Box 1145, Cooper Station / New York, NY 10276 / 
$1.50 ppd / 8 1/2 x 11 / 40 pgs / quarterly / newsprint 
Don't send any promo material whatsoever. 

EDITH / 1 Mead Way / Bronxville, NY 10708 / $1.25 ♦ 3 stamps / 8 1/2 
x 11 / 30-40 pages 

Five angry grrrls and two angry boys writing about life and music 
and happiness. Edith 2.5 is going to have a "Punk Travel Guide" for 
hardcore, inexpensive travel in DC, Berkeley, London, (maybe) NYC, 
and others. 

Enterprises / PO Box 137, Prince Street Station / NYC, NY 10012 / FAX: 

A fanzine that reviews only independent records, tapes and CDs. 
Also video reviews, weird letters and ads. 

NOZZLEHEAD / 5 Oxford Rd. / Albany, NY 12203 / 5*8-438-4384 (Adam) 

/ $2 ppd / every 6 months / 7 x 8 1/2 / 40 pages 

Across between an ordinary fanzine, a pop. psych book and a diary. 

I cover nonfiction topics, serious and light, that are relevant to 

young peoples' lives and my own. Often enough, it's funny as all 


PANSY c/o Ian Lynam / PO Box 265 / Averill Park, NY 12018 / 518-674- 
3045 / $1.25 ppd / Whenever / A lot 

Well, it's a good mixture of anarchist ramblings and coverage of 
punk/hc bands. Lots of reading guaranteed to both inform and 

PUNK CORE FANZINE / PO Box 916 / Middle Island, NY 11953 
THE SHADOW c/o Shadow Press, PO Box 20298 / New York, NY 
10009 / $1.00 ppd 

\The underground newspaper of New York City's Lower East Side, 

reporting on government and police corruption and violence, 
counter-cultural news, fighting the state through direct action, 
squatters' rights, homelessness, drug war and marijuana news, 
Anarchy, and more!! Information is strength, and knowledge is 

SLUG & LETTUCE / PO Box 2067 > Peter Stuy. Stn. / NY, NY 10009 ' 212- 
477-5514 / Free with a SASE / Bi-monthly / 11 x 16, 4 pages, newsprint. 
Providing free classifieds, for communication and contacts, plus 
reviews and a lot of photographs. 

SMASHIN' THROUGH / PO Box 1014 / Yonkers, NY 10704-1014 / $1.50 
- $2.00 ppd / 1-2 times a year / 7 x 81/2 
NY based HC/Punk zine. Usually sifly and retarded. Duh... 
SNEEZING JESUS FANZINE c/o Queen Itchie / PO Box 624 / 
Sherburne, NY 13460 / 607-674-4163 / $1 ppd / 8 x a year / Varies 
Has been described by F5 as " Anything but boring" and "like being 
on a rollercoaster inside someone's brain." Spurted out by evil fly 
chick Itchie. Stuff to read, stuff to look at, stuff to live by. Long live 

SO BE IT FANZINE / 2077 North Dr. / Seaford, NY 11783 / 2 29 cent 
stamps / Bi-monthly / size varies each issue 
Mostly news tidbits of hardcore and punk bands, interviews, 
reviews and comics. We accept contributions of art, poetry, 
rhetoric to be reviewed etc. 

URBAN RAG c/o Jonathan / PO Box 100270 / Brooklyn, NY 11210 / 718- 
859-0596 / .75 cents or 3 for $2.00 ppd. / Two times a year, sporatic 
/ Digest size, 12 pages 
You won't find it anywhere else. 


Home of the punk hits. 


The two fuckin' cheapest pizza places on earth right next to 
eachother! Usually 50 cents a (big) slice, but last summer I heard 
competition drove it down to 25 cents! Plus it's on Washington Ave. 
right across from the QE2 (local alternative club). 

SEE HEAR / 59 E 7th St / NY, NY 10003 / 201-505-9781 
Zine store, mailorder and distributor. 


Cheap non-alcoholic beverage, like two liters for eighty cents, plus 
the most environmentally friendly packaging available - reused (not 
recycled, reused) bottles. But the deposit is 25 cents and is only 
redeemable at Stewart's 

THE WORLD FOR FREE c/o Siedboard World Enterprises / PO Box 137, 
Prince Street Station / NYC, NY 10012 / Fax: 212-979-8167 
A co-op where people offer a place to stay in exchange for the right 
to stay with others. Membership $25 a year. Address book has all 
members addresses and cheap travel tips. 



ANTISEEN / Rt. 3 / PO Box 239E / New London, NC 28127 / 704-333-6275 
The finest in destructo rock since 1983. 

HELLBENDER c/o Oedipus Records / 307 Bluer idge Rd. / Carrboro, NC 
27510 / 919 - 968-4335 

A savory melange of crisp and tangy guitar, tart yet delicate vocals, 
smooth and creamy bass and crunchy, fibrous percussion stewed in 
the sultry marshlands of Chapel Hill. 

NAKED ANGELS / c/o New Start Records / PO Box 10110 / Winston- 
Salem, NC 27108 / 919-725-6339 

We're basically a straight band but try to sound different. Our songs 
deal with environmental issues, animal rights, anti-selfishness, etc. 
We're real nice guys and will play almost anywhere if we can find 
a way. Call us! Peace. 

SODA CAN / 4609 Jenkins Rd. / Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
LP on Forefront 1990 Powertool-7" due out early summer 1992. 
Spreading chaos and raw live power-trio energy all over the new 
south east. Write for info or to trade gigs. 


MERGE RECORDS / PO Box 1235 / Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
Seam, Superchunk, Polvo and more. 

NEW START RECORDS / PO Box 10110 / Winston-Salem, NC 27108 / 

WARM FUZZY RECORDS / 2419-I Keaton Ave. / Charlotte, NC 28269 
/ 704-548-1838 

Manufactured and distributed by Jettison Records. The next releas- 
es include the Brickbat CD (produced by Jesus Lizard), Siddharta 7" 
(w/ Antiseen's Jeff Clayton), Garbagman 7", and the Me 8 Emma EP. 
Warm Fuzzy is cold hard punk! 


FOREFRONT PROMOTIONS / 4609 Jenkins Rd. / Winston-Salem, NC 
27105 / 919-661-0780 (Seth or Trip) 

If anyone is interested in playing the North Carolina area get in 
touch. We can arrange trades with all sorts of bands or get you the 
info you need. 


/ Charlotte, NC 28256-1008 / 704-372-2871 (Rachel Stewart, music 

The address above is for ARC, not WSGE. Range: 5 kW. Punk/HC is 
about 20% of our music mix and gets blended in with garage, 
"college," blues, jazz, traditional, wimmin's, dance, and world. 
Thus, more people exposed to punk and more punx exposed to that 
other stuff that everyone knows punx don't care about. 

WUAG FM 103.1 c/o Eric Sheppard / Taylor Building / University 
of North Carolina at Greensboro / Greensboro, NC 27413 



BOY IN LOVE; / PO Box 2143 / Stow, OH 44224 
BIL; has existed since 1988 and ever since has been doing music "for 
the people." They believe in the virtues of beer and television, and 
not much else. Will soon have a vinyl debut on a Scat Records comp. 
Ignorance is their path of knowledge. 

DUPONT c/o Chad / 2273 Robinwood / Toledo, OH 43620 / 419-243- 

Grunge rock with samples, tribal drums, noisy guitar, pounding 
bass. Not "dance" or Ministry type music. We want day away or less 
shows!!! Cheap!!! "Nervous white soul..." 

FOSSIL FUEL / PO Box 2143 / Stow, OH 44224 

Fossil Fuel is punk, tougher than fuck. So punk they are that they 

prefer a casio drumbeat to a real drummer. They sing songs of punk, 

hate and all around teeth-grinding shit. Punk, punk, punk, punk, 


GAG REFLEX c/o Wedge / 122 Gillett / Painesville, OH 44077-2934 / 

Musically, cross Poison Idea with Japanese HC. We play intricate 
structures but always fast and raging. We don't meddle in political 
ideologies because that's pointless anymore. Lyrics deal with 
personal experiences/confrontations, stabs at racism, nukes, idiocy 
and fascist sXe, but always with humor. Vinyl out in '92. 
GHOSTNOTE c/o Lee Diamond 336 Brough House / Ohio University 
/ Athens, OH 45701-3119 / 614-597-7187 / Address after June 10, 1992: 
18421 Lynton Rd. / Shaker Hts., OH 44122 / 216-491-9325 
Punk, jazzy, heavy, slow, quick, mellow and so forth. It would be 
hard to pinpoint "a sound" which gives a sound in and of itself. 
IN TOUCH / 5599 Dumfries Ct. / Dublin, OH 43017-9429 / 614-798-0603 
Hardcore influenced by everything from Face Value to Descendents. 
Positive-oriented lyrics and open-minded attitudes. We are not a 
straight edge, krishna or hardline band. We ll play for gas money. 
Demo 8 7" on Super J Records. 

JAILEAIT BABYSITTER c/o Chad / 2273 Robinwood / Toledo, OH 43620 
/ 419-249-ANAL (Keith) 

Non-arty 2 piece guitar/synth drug type stuff. Noisy sometimes, 
strange others. Will play almost anywhere for gas. Very strange 
show. Get in touch. 

PLANET ED / 1031 Joffre PI. / Dayton, OH 45430 / 513-426-2248 
Planet Ed is a three piece band from Ohio. We have been around 
for a little over a year and have a seven inch record out. Our sound 
goes from noisy feedback to straight forward punk rock. YOU 
should write us immediately! 

PUPPET GOVERNMENT / PO Box 215 / Chesterland, OH 44026-0215 / 

Political satire/alternative rock (serious about being ridiculous 
with no reservations about exposing political scum). 

SOCKEYE / PO Box 2143 / Stow, OH 44224 

Sockeye formed in 1987 and hasn't gotten one bit better along the 
way. Somehow, people seem to enjoy our ineptitude. We have two 
7"s, two split 7"s and are on two 7" comps. Pretty good for a band 
that doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. 

VOLKSWHALE / PO Box 2143 / Stow, OH 44224 
Volkswhale is the collaboration of two enigmas, Disco Sitizen and 
Necco, who hate all music. They have set about to destroy it once 
and for all by procucing hideous gutwrenching garbage. As of now, 
we have two 7"s and one split 7" with Titwrench. 

WELERSHUTT c/o Bring It On Records / 1230 City Park / Columbus, 
OH 43206 

Electric heavyweight jihad between the eyes right in yer face now 
standing above your fallen body, taunting you and drinking Mick- 
ey's bigmouths. $3 for 30 min. 

ZEN BUTCHER / 211 Bell St. / Cleveland, OH 44022 / 216-247-8311 
Listen, Holmes, we played Cleveland, Kent, Columbus, Dayton; 
we re tired of that shit. Any touring info from St. Louis to Boston, 
send to us. Our new EP "Degreed In The Greed" now available 
through Bring It On Records. Buy It! 

ZOMBIE TERRORISTS / PO Box 114 / Mt. Orab, OH 45154 / 513-251-DARN 
Fast, heavy hc/grind. Anarchist/ Anti-authoritarian views. 


AARDVARK RECORDZ / PO Box 215 / Chesterland, OH 44026-0215 / 

Specialty: cassettes, CD's and 7"s. Area of coverage: Great Lakes 
area, East Coast, and Midwest (wholesale, mailorder and gigs). 
DAVE SCHALL / PO Box 2143 / Stow, OH 44224 / 216-677-5360 
Vinyl, cassettes. Mailorder. 

GDOING PUBLICATIONS / 18421 Lynton Rd. / Shaker Hts., OH 44122 
/ 216-491-9325 

We trade our zines on an even trade basis for any type of item we 
can, then retrade or sell. We must see the product before we will 
jump into anything. Sell through mail. 


Specialty: Anarchist grind/hc. Political punk. We carry 7" ep's, 
cassettes and zines. Mailorder list can be obtained from address 
above. Also available at Zombie Terrorists/End Political Authority 
shows. Wholesale available on limited EPs/zines. 

WALDO PRODUCTIONS / n Freemont / Athens, OH 45901 / 614-593- 
6729 or 336 Brough House / Ohio University / Athens, OH 45701-3119 
/ 614-597-7187 

We will sell zines, records, shirts, etc. At our shows and through our 
developing mail order business. Please allow us to see product first. 
Trade preferred, some commission, some wholesale, Call or write 



AARDVARK RECORDZ / PO Box 215 / Chesterland, OH 44026-0215 / 

A growing, socially conscious, independent, politically orientated 
underground Cleveland-based label. We re interested in promoting 
vocally strong, song oriented acts between underground/eclectic 
punk and alternative top 40 to tour at least part of the year. No 

mainstream or death metal. All tapes for review must be copyright- 
ed, labeled, and contain band's return address and phone number. 
BRING IT ON RECORDS / 1230 City Park / Columbus, OH 43206 / 614- 

Unleashing fierce music upside yo' head, Jack. Send stamp for 
catalog. Bands send tapes, demos, etc. Guaranteed reply, y'know. 
New releases from Zen Butcher, Weldershutt, A-hep. 

MUDPUPPY PRODUCTIONS / 2273 Robinwood / Toledo, OH 43620 
Cassette only (so far 15 or so releases). All tapes are Cr02 and cheap 
(2 or 3 bucks). Bands range from H.C. to experimental and also prank 
phone calls, oddities, etc. Send tapes, always looking for stuff to 
appear on comps, SASE please. 

WALDO RECORDS / 11 Freemont / Athens, OH 45701 / 614-593-6729 or 
336 Brough House / Ohio Univ. / Athens, OH 45701-3119 / 614-597-7187 
First 7" out soon. Initial project will be 6 7 's, every 2 available also 
on cassette and all 6 available on one CD. Interested bands please 
send demo, letter, etc. 

/ Stow, OH 44224 / 216-677-5360 
Bizarre, funny, crazy, unique stuff. 


DAILY DOUBLE c/o Doug / 370 Orleans Rd. / Akron, OH / 216-535-1855 
EUCLID TAVERN c/o Derek Hess / 11629 Euclid Ave. / Cleveland, OH 
44106 / 216-229-7788 

WSGR CONCERT COLLECTIVE / South Freen Office / O'Bleness 
House / Ohio University / Athens, OH 45701-3119 / 614-597-7458 or 
John and Rob /n Freemont / Athens, OH 45701 / 614-593-6729 or Lee 
/ 336 Brough House / Ohio University / Athens, OH 45701-3119 / 614- 

A non-profit enterprise bringing all sorts of bands (Shudder to 
think. Coffin Break, Edsel, Annie's Hot Cargo, A.D.R., Nation of 
Ulysses, Sweetback, Victim's Family, Pitchblende, Alice Donut, GMI, 
are some recent acts) to Athens. We provide 1. Guarantee ♦ possible 
percentage. We have never backed out on a guarantee 2. All ages 
shows. No alcohol or drugs 3. Shows $5.00 or under (provided we 
are the sole promoter of the show) 4. No alcohol venue 5. 1100 
capacity hall 6. Veggie/vegan meal for bands 7. Place to crash 8. Lots 
of fun! Well advertised. 3 or 4 bands usually. Not a place for 
violence or stupidity. Shows on Friday or Saturday. All bands 
interested please call or write. 


WCSB 89.3 FM / Cleveland State University / Rhodes Tower, Suite 
956 / Cleveland, OH 44114 / 216-687-3523 

WOBC 91.5 FM / Oberlin College Student Network / Wilder Hall / 
Oberlin, OH 44074 / 216-775-8107 or 216-775-8139 / Contact: Josh 

Show times vary with the season and year since we are a college 
station continually getting new DJ's. Write or call for the current 
program guide. I might also be able to help book bands here at 

WRUW 91.1 FM / Case Western Reserve University / 216-368-2208 
WUJC 88.7 FM / John Carroll University / 216-397-4438 
WSGR 540 AM (Going FM soon!) / South Freen Office / O'Bleness 
House / Ohio University / Athens, OH 45701-3119 or John and Rob / 
11 Freemont / Athens, OH 45901 / 614-593-6729 or Lee / 336 Brough 
House / Ohio University / Athens, OH 45701-3119 / 614-597-7187 
Alternative, punk rock, metal, grindcore, progressive, hardcore and 
so forth 6 days a week! Very low budget so we have to bring our 
own records. Desperate for more music! Send stuff to above 
addresses. We report to CMJ and have contact with many other 


RECORD REVOLUTION / 1828 Coventry Rd. / Cleveland Hts., OH 44118 
/ 216-321-7661 

Sells hard-to-find alternative and import music. 

WAX STACKS / 2254 Lee Road / Cleveland Hts., OH 44118 / 216-321-7935 
CD, record, and tape exchange. 


ARE YOU LISTENING? / PO Box 307 / Hiram, OH 44234 / $2.00 ppd / 
40 pages 

Opinionated, biased, personal zine containing strange submissions. 
Free tapes sometimes. 

FUNNY PAGES / Box 317025 / Dayton, OH 45431 / $5.00 - 4 issues ppd 
or $10.00 - 10 issues ppd / Monthly / 10 pgs. 8 1/2 x n 
“To Delight and Offend" is our motto. Each issue is packed full of 
the latest in offensive humor. Send us your sick jokes, you may get 
to see your name in print! 

IG OBSERVER / 18421 Lynton Rd. / Shaker Hts., OH 44122 / 216-491-9325 
/ ppd price varies with issue / 

Poetry, art, music and politics. Issue # 2-$2.oo*3 stamps, Issue *y 
$1.00*2 stamps. Tons of reviews, poems, editorials, cartoons, 
photos, etc. Looking for contributors, material to review, etc. 
LOVE BUNNI PRESS c/o John Xerxes ksc / 2622 Princeton Road / 
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 / 216-371-BUGS 
four stamps or rational trades, a title or two every coupla months, 
various according to moods. LBP is an all encompassing umbrella, 
sheltering the ever changing titles and formats of self-indulgent 
pleas for exile from culture. Reality begs reconstruction thus the 
burnt offerings of extermination. We aim to please, thru exploita- 
tion of “Operation Mindfuck" heh. Hail Eris. 

POINT BLANK / PO Box 114 / Mt. Orab, OH 45154 / $1 or 4 stamps ppd 
/ 3-4 times a year / 8 1/2 x 14 (folded), 36 pages 
Social and political views from a small town perspective. Anarchists 
from the corn fields! Musical focus on D1Y hc/grind/punk/noise 
bands. A literary compilation of the opinion and views of a diverse 
group of anarchists, punks, hippies, and other assorted weirdos. 
D1Y and with a sense of humor. 

REPUCA REPUBLIC / 18421 Lynton Rd. / Shaker Hts., OH 44122 / 216- 
491-9325 / # i is $1.00 and 2 stamps / 

Leftist music/political zine. Tongue in the proverbial cheek. Lots 
of info, reviews, anger, humor, etc. Send materials for review, 
inquiries, etc. 

fries Ct. / Dublin, OH 43017 / 614-798-0603 / $2.50 ppd / Every few 
months / 8 1/2 x 11 

Interviews with young hardcore bands. Lots of reviews. Photos. 
Editorials and articles concerning political issues, education, revo- 
lution, student issues, and lots more. Todays youth Tomor- 

row's revolution!!! SbV productions. 

WALDO ZINE do John and Rob In Freemont / Athens, OH 45901 / 
614-593-6729 or do Lee / 336 Brough House / Ohio University / 
Athens, OH 45701-3119 / 614-597-7187 

A zine full of interviews, reviews etc of bands who played WSGR 
shows, etc. Including Waldo bands! Send inquiries, material for 
review or anything to above address. Out Soon! 


COVENTRY PIZZA for late night pizza in Cleveland Heights. 
JOHN AND ROB /n Freemont / Athens, OH 45901 / 614-593-6729 or 
Lee / 336 Brough House / Ohio University / Athens, OH 45701-3114 / 

We work together and try to network with as many others as 
possible. Plenty of contacts in Ohio, D C., Pennsylvania and various 
other places. We can possibly hook folks up with a crash pad, but 
don't assume without calling. We support DIY fully and are 
involved in almost every aspect. If we can do it, you can do it! We 
all can create because we all have energy. Do it! 



ANCIENT CHINESE PENIS c/o SNM / PO Box 472084 / Tulsa, OK 74147 

/ 918-585-3921 (Chad) 

EVE'S VOLCANO / 2304 Elgin Ave. / Muskogee, OK 74401 / 918-682- 
7166 (Jim) 

Heavy guitar, melodic punk with meaningful lyrics. 

LINES c/o SNM / PO B0X472084 / Tulsa, OK 74147 / 918-585-3921 (Chad) 
SENSUAL UNDERGROUND BAND c/o SNM / PO Box 472084 / Tulsa, 
OK 74147 / 918-585-3921 (Chad) 

SUBSANITY do Mike S. / Rt. 3, Box 126 / Pauls Valley, OK 73075 / 405- 

Death * Doom, Rock * Roll. 

TATTERED REMNANTS c/o SNM / PO Box 472084 / Tulsa, OK 74147 / 
918-585-3921 (Chad) 

UNSOCIETY c/o SNM / PO Box 472084 / Tulsa, OK 74147 / 918-585-3921 


74147 / 9*8-585-3447 

We are a small grassroots label which tries to give badly needed 
exposure to local bands that we like a lot. It also serves as an outlet 
for our own music. We have a wide range of muscial interests. 
However, we are particularily interested in music that is unusual, 
umcompromising, and extreme. Loud, harsh and ugly. Although not 
necessarily limited to that, all tapes are $4 each ppd. 


MIKE STANDRIDGE / Rt. 3, Box 126 / Pauls Valley, OK 73075 / 405-238- 

Oklahoma needs shows! Have scene, just scarcity of shows. Any 
punk/hardcore/grind/death, etc.. ..bands interested please write or 
call. Not a promoter, but have connections and can book you a 
show, place to crash, etc. 

Tulsa, OK 74147 / 918-585-3921 (Chad) 

We can book shows and alway a crash pad (not to mention access 
to veggie grub in Tulsa). We like music that is hard and fast and 
sometimes we like music that is insane. 


KNGX 91.3 FM / Rogers State College / Claremore, OK 74017 / 918- 
341-6100 / Contact: David Nixon 

They often play cool music on a variety of special interest programs. 
Probably the best show is the “edge of insanity." 


DACHAU / PO Box 5663 / Norman, OK 73070 / 405-231-9263 (Digital 
pager) / $1.00 ppd / Bi-monthly / 24 pages 
Xeroxed fanzine covering the Oklahoma/Texas scene. Concert 
reviews and photos, local record reviews, odd points of interest and 
lots of photos. 

SUBSTANCE / PO Box 701416 / Tulsa, OK 74170 



CAUSTIC SODA / PO Box 8513 / Portland, OR 97207 
4 piece gothic punk band, 3 females up front plus a guy drummer. 
Music influenced by Slits, Melvins, Sabbath, Siouxie, W.S. Bur- 
roughs. Has 7' ep out on Rainforest Records. Heavy, melodic, lyrical- 
ly intriguing. 

DEPRIVED / 1951 W. Burnside / Box 1654 / Portland, OR 97209 / 503- 
235-9022 (Mike) 

For more info or questions write to the above address. 
DETONATORS / PO Box 11623 / Eugene, OR 97440 / 503-485-8429 
Punk rock troopers, willing to take all on in two on two basketball. 

HOLY RODENT c/o Don Haugen / 2172 West Irwin Way / Eugene, OR 
97402 / 503-689-6307 

Holy Rodent blend many styles; including elements of performance 
art, Gothic, experimental, industrial and punk. Nothing is as 
terrorizing as the sonic assault that they generate. Holy Rodent is 
a sonic skull fuck; best washed down with acid. 

NAKED VIOLENCE / FO Box 194 / Clackamas, OR 97015 
Smelly Portland dope infested hardcore. 

POISON IDEA / PO Box 86333 / Portland, OR 97286 
The world's loudest drunks. 

RESIST / 1951 W. Burnside / Box 1654 / Portland, OR 97209 / 503-235- 
3357 (Kelly) 

Hello - we re Resist from Portland. We play politically oriented 
hardcore punk and we'd like to hear from anyone involved in DIY 
projects - zines, compilation cassettes, benefit shows/all ages 
shows, distributors, etc. Whatever the reason, just write! 
YOUNG TURKS / 2027 SE Madison # 6 / Portland, OR 97214 / 503-232- 

Led by Billy Snow, an inventive songwriter possibly in the league of 
Lou Reed, Roger Manning and Bob Mould. Released various 7"s 
while based in NY/NJ and have a new 7" out on Rainforest, a label 
based near their new home-Portland. 





GENOCIDE PRODUCTIONS / 934 NW Sycamore *7 / Corvallis, OR 
97330 / 503-758-4308 

Promotes shows to entertain, amuse, shock, and wake people up. 
Our shows bring people together to have fun and make them feel 
good and/or enlightened. Shows are all ages. Door price $5-6 
maximim. Bands are paid a percentage. Usually guarantees can be 
arranged. We like to give an out of state band at least $100 and up, 
depending on the act. 

STARKWEATHER PRODUCTIONS / 665 E. Main / Ashland, OR 97520 
/ 503-488-4875 

Various venues. No guarantees, but decent money. Food, yes. 
Appreciative crowd. Halfway between San Francisco and Portland. 
X-RAY CAFE / 210 W Burnside / Portland, OR 97209 / 503-721-0115 
An all-ages cafe, may have a kitchen soon, small (legal) capacity, no 
alcohol, bands get 50% of door. No rip off. 



GREEN NOISE RECORDS / 388 W. 6th Ave. / Eugene, OR 97401 / 503- 

Specialties: punk rock, garage, grunge, psych, good indie pop stuff. 
LP's, CD's, tapes, singles. We've also got lotsa zines and comics, even 
some videos! Visit us whenever you are in scenic and charming 
Eugene. Zines and labels get in touch! I like to deal direct. P S. We 
are not a wimpy new age store! 

DOGHOUSE RECORDS / PO Box 8946 / Toledo, OH 43623 / 419-475- 

Majority Of One, Split Lip, Stronghold and more. 

IMP / PO Box 34 / Portland, OR 97207 / 503-284-7880 
Released singles by Calamity Jane, Oswald Five-0 (2), Crackerbash, 
Mudwimin, Jackknife S Spennanes. We have no agenda. 
RAINFOREST RECORDS / 8855 SW Holly, Ste. no / Wilsonville, OR 
97070 / 503-682-3944 (fax-same) 

Independently owned and distributed label. Started in 1990, six 
releases to date by Affirmative Action, Worm, The Refreshments, 
Young Turks, Caustic Soda, Medicine Sunday. Alternative rock with 
progressive ecological ideology. 

SCHIZOPHONIC RECORDS / 115 NE Liberty / Salem, OR 97301 / 503- 

Independently owned and distributed label. Guitar rock with an 
edge. Has releases by Sugarboom, The Whirlees and the I-5 Killers 
(a northwest band compilation album). 

97207 / 503-284-7880 / 50 cents ppd / 2 or 3 times a year / 24-28 pages 
Celebrating trash-pop 6 noise shit and my own stupidity. 



CYNICS / PO Box 666 / Canonsburg, PA 15317 / Tel. 412-231-4766 / Fax. 
412-231-4777 (Greg) 

DRAWTHE LINE / Star Route Box 61 / Franklin, PA 16333 / 814-437-6719 
DTL play progressive hardcore. The music is played by good 
musicians and the songs don't all sound the same. Melodic vocals 
about everyday life, work, people, and some politics. 

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY / PO Box 2344 / Upper Darby, PA 19083 / 215- 
970-7761 (Dave) 

Formed in 1982 monster mindfuck ultracore metal free thrashouts. 
Melodic buzzsaw punk/ amelodic drone noise. 3 LPs, 1 EP, whole 
lotta comps. 

INCOHERENTS / 423 W. James St. Apt # 3 / Lancaster, PA 17603 / 717- 

Alt/hardcore band seeking bookings, fans, or whatever. Lunk or 
Socrates Johnson EP's $4. Check us out. 

THE INSIGNIFICANT / RD * 2 Box 282 / Williamsburg, PA 16693 / 814- 

Hi! We re the Insignificant from Altoona, PA We re influenced by 
MDC, Born Against, DI and Kiss. We'd love to play your basement, 
closet, funeral parlor, etc. Write for info on demo and stickers. 

LAST MAN STANDING /156 Imperial Way / Edinboro, PA 16412 / 814- 

Melodic punk/hc from Erie with abstract lyrics about personal 
topics. Demo out, 7" to be released very soon. Going on tour summer 
92-get in touch. 

LOVEGUTTER / 12 W. Willow Grove Ave., Box 130 / Philadelphia, PA 
19118 / 215-242-3471 

Been together and playing around the philly area for nearly three 
years. They have released a 4 song ep and are working on a full 
length album. They play straight ahead grunge/punk with lots of 
early UK influences and have been compared to UK Subs and Dead 

MAINUNER / 4306 New York Ct. / Harrisburg, PA 17112 / 717-545-0617 

Decadent punk rock from Harrisburg. Have demo available. Fuck 
rock stars. 

PUBLIC DESCENT / 8500 Widener Rd. / Wyndmoor, PA 19118 / 215-233- 

We have a unique crusty, punky, noisy core sound. We've put out 
our own 7" ep and gotten good reviews. We're hoping for an East 
Coast DIY tour this summer (hint, hint). Please write us, we love 

SLUDGE c/o Clete Wilt / 1905 5th St. / Altoona, PA 16601 /814-943-0026 
Beer fueled, chemically induced hardcore. We will play anywhere, 
so check us out. 

SMILING APE / 232 W. Main St. / Hummelstown, PA 17036 / 717-566- 
6508 (Glynis, Mgr.) 

A punk/funk/hardcore/pop all original band located in central PA. 
The band has quality tapes and T-shirts for sale and is currently 
scheduling a summer tour of the upper east coast. 

SUBMACHINE / PO Box 81942 / Pittsburgh, PA 15217-0942 / 412-621- 
6035 (Doug Fedinick) 

We play heavy punk. Our songs are based in working class realities, 
conflicts, and fantasies. Our shows are fun because we question and 
make fun of anxieties and frustrations, rather than ignoring them. 
Someone called us "eight-track punk'' (?). 


BLACK HOLE RECORDS /i 2 W. Willow Grove Ave., Box 130 / Philadel- 


phia, PA 19118 / 215-242-3471 

Mailorder distro. We send out a quarterly flyer/catalog type thang. 
CHAOS INTO POWER DIST. do Doug Brunell / 39 Sterling Rd. / Mt. 
Poeono, PA 18344 / 717-839-3925 

We carry anything you'll send (so far vinyl, cassettes and zines). We 
do mailorder and sell at gigs. All anti-profit! 

GET HIP DISTRIBUTION / PO Box 666 / Canonsburg, PA 15317 / Tel. 
412-231-4766 / Fax. 412-231-4777 

I've released some records myself, but I basically distro 7", 12" vinyl 
* some tapes ♦ zines, no CD’s! All 7" $3 ppd or less. No rockstar shit 
here, just DIY ♦ fun. I can give info on how to do your own vinyl too. 
JOHN DUDECK / 9 E. Saylor Ave. / Plains, PA 18705 / 717-825-7913 
Smaller, though well known hardcore (mostly SE) bands 8 labels 
that I particularly like; including vinyl, cassettes, CD’s, and some- 
times even bootlegs S shirts. Mostly at gigs, mailorder upon request. 



BLACK HOLE RECORDS /12 W. Willow Grove Ave., Box 130 / Philadel- 
phia, PA 19118 / 215-242-3471 
Interested in Grunge/Oi/Punk. 

GET HIP RECORDS / PO Box 666 / Canonsburg, PA 15317 / Tel. 412-231- 
4766 / Fax. 412-231-4777 

RELAPSE RECORDS / PO Box 251 / Millersville, PA 17551 / Tel. 717-872- 
6315 / Fax. 717-872-6317 
Grindcore, hardcore, thrash. 

RUST RECORDS / PO Box 81942 / Pittsburg, PA 15217-0942 / 412-621- 
6035 (Doug Fedinick) 

Our focus is Punk Rock from the rust region around Pittsburg and 
the Great Lakes. We have done bands including Necracedia, Doom- 
watch, and Submachine. We also distribute records and T-shirts 
from all over on a small scale. 


BLACK HOLE CLUB /12 W. Willow Grove Ave. f Boxyo/Phila, PA 19118 
/ 215-886-0199 ff O O j 

Book between 1-3 all ages shows a month. Capacity 200. It s a non- 
profit kind of thing so all money after hall rental goes to bands. No 
food/lodging provided usually, but could probably be arranged. 
Terms subject to discussion. 




Former sight of the infamous Chaos Records. Check out at your own 

RECORD EXCHANGE / 5th and South, near the Gap / Philly 
Lots of used records-good selection of new ones. They sometimes 
have a good mix of hardcore 7”s and zines. Set some time aside to 
browse through all the records-you might find a rare gem for cheap. 
Watch out on weekends-theyre sometimes packed. 


THE BIG TAKEOVER / 10 Dahl St. / Warren, PA 16365 / 814-726-3879 
/ $1 ppd / Monthly / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 16 pages. 

Has a different theme each issue. The last issue will be *13, I'm on 
*10/11 now (Double issue). *13 will be much larger. Back issues 
available. Nice clean layout, cool art, free sticker, letters, articles, 
and no reviews. 

CHAOS INTO POWER c/o Doug Brunell / 39 Sterling Rd. / Mt. 
Poeono, PA 18344 / 717-839-3925 / $1 or trade / 3-4 x year / 12-25 PS S - 
Covers the scene in the Poconos and does articles on everything and 
interview with bands etc. We also will be doing an anarchist guide 
to various ways of fucking things up. Poetry and art, reviews etc. 
THE COMMONS / PO Box 113 / Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 / $1 ppd (cash 
or stamps) / usually monthly / 20 pgs. 

Interviews (not just HC bands) articles, artwork, reviews, classi- 
fieds, information, contacts, etc. Ad space available. So are subscrip- 
tions. I'm seeking distribution, trades and submissions too. Free to 

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (FOE) c/o Frank FOE / 145 S. Chestnut St. 
Apt. *5 / Bath, PA 18014 / 215-837-6507 / Free (2 stamps for postage) 
/ 2 - 3 month intervals / 8 1/2 x 11, page number varies usually 16 
My mission is to get people to realize they are missing out on some 
great music and to inspire thought, through interviews, reviews, 
opinions, artwork and local coverage (Allentown, Bethlehem). 
Available free at various locations in PA, NJ, NY etc. 

VERY 'ZINE c/o John Duceck / 9 E. Saylor Ave. / Plains, PA 18705 / 
717-825-7913 / $3 ppd 111 30-40 pgs. 

First issue out in May. Covers mostly northeast hardcore (SE, NY 
style, emo, etc.) plus some metal, grunge, noise, etc. Lotsa reviews, 
pictures, gossip, road report graffitti section, articles, etc. Also 
includes live 60 min. compilation cassette with lots of bands (HC), 
some well-known, some not. 

WIXQ 91.7 FM c/o Student Memorial Center / Millersville Univer- 
sity / Millersville, PA 17551 / 717-872-3333 1 Contact: Paul 
Tuesday 2-4pm, wed. 7 9am, fri. ioam-2pm, Sat. iopm-2:3oam. We've 
got about 13 hours of hardcore/punk stuff, and if we had more stuff 
to play, we'd probably get more airtime. 

WKDU 91.7 FM / Drexel University / 215-895-5917 
Definitely one of the best in the area when it comes to hardcore/ 
punk/alternative muzak that drives the parents nuts and sends the 
kids slamming into each other. Almost 60% of the airtime is 
dedicated to "alternative"music, while the rest goes to rap, ethnic, 
jazz and metal. Uncensored, gritty and obnoxious, this is what real 
radio should be. 



3RD ST. JAZZ AND ROCK / 20 N. Third St., about half a block off 
Broad St. / Center City 

One of the most comprehensive record stores in Center City-two 
floors of tapes, cd's and records await you. Upstairs is dedicated to 
jazz, blues and rap while downstairs is for all you way cool 
alternative/rock types. They have a decent selection of hardcore 
and punk, plus a pretty extensive collection of alternative music. 
DIGITAL UNDERGROUND / 5th St. between South and Lombard / 

Check out at your own risk. 

NOISE POLLUTION / 4th St., between South and Bainbridge / Philly 

CEDAR'S / 2nd St., half a block off of South St. / Center City 
Mmm. Did someone say falafel? They have probably one of the best 
falafel sandwiches in Center City, but why don't you find out for 
yourself? They roll their sandwiches up in pita bread, rather than 
the typical "open faced'' way. Warning: the waiters are incredibly 
snobby, don't punch 'em in the face. That's the way they are. 
GOVINDA'S / Between 5th and 6th on South St., right across from 
Blockbuster Video / Philly 

So you don't like Krishna's, but did you ever try their delicious 
vegetarian food? Then come on in and try their scrumptious buffet, 
chocked full of good stuff that mom neglected to tell you about. All 
you can eat is about $10 but you can pay by the pound and save some 
money because the last time I was there, I only got one plateful of 
food and was absolutely stuffed. If you're lucky enough, Ray Cappo 
might be floating around somewhere-avoid him if possible... 
HARMONY VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT / 135 N. 9th St., near Arch St. 
/ Philly 

Take a stroll in Philadelphia's Chinatown-look at some dead meat 
in the market windows, browse through some tattoo art at Eddie's 
Tattoo and then head on over to Harmony. A nice Quaint place-all 
the food is vegetarian, so you don't have to worry about stray pieces 
of meat in yer rice. It's kinda pricey at about $10 for a complete meal, 
but you can always get an eggroll or steamed dumplings if you 
wanna spend less. 

SABRA'S / Corner of 13th and Pine / Philly 
Another tasty restaurant with a middle eastern theme. Delicious 
falafel stuffed with the usual stuff. About $3.25 per sandwich. 
TACO HOUSE / Between 12th 8 13th St. on Pine / Philly 

Where do all the hip people go for their food? Taco House. Expect 
to find art students from hell talking about “arty" things and people 
complaining about the smoke from your cigarette. They have 
vegetarian taco's, burritos, taco salad s, etc. Small, cheap and way 
rad-expect to spend $5 for a good meal. 



GOLPE JUSTO c/o Computer Crime Records / 74 Osborne Ave / 
Norwalk, CT 06855 

HIJOS DE NADIE / Calle H. Figueroa Ci / Villa San Anton / Carolina, 
PR 00987 
PR punk/hardcore 

SHAM PAIN c/o Computer Crime Records / 74 Osborne Ave / 
Norwalk, CT 06855 



HIGHLY COLLECTABLf RECORDS / PO Box 27532 / Providence, R 1 


INDUSTRIAL COWS c/o A 1 Barkley / 68 Daniel Dr. / N. Kingstown, RI 
02852 / 401-295-7330 / $1.50 ppd / Every few months / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 
A hardcore zine with straight edge tendencies covering New En- 
gland and the east coast. Always looking for contributors and 
growing with each issue. 

LUNCHTRAY FANZINE / 637 Park Ave. / Woonsocket, RI 02895 
$i.ooppd / Quarterly (or so...) / Half-standard 32 pages. 

Interviews, tons of reviews, opinions, columns. Issue '1 is rather 
straight edge oriented, but we hope to expand our coverage to 
include East Bay kinda stuff and more fringe kinda stuff. All 
contributions are more than welcome. We review vinyl tapes and 



BEDLAM HOUR c/o Adam Kolesar / 1308 Pinecroft Dr. / Taylors, SC 
29687 / 803-322-9326 

Has rocked the Carolinas since 1983. Currently the sound is an 
industrial thrash pop conglomerate. From the bands 1st release 
Rock the Cradle on Positive Force, to the latest EP Porcupine, 
diversity has been an aural mainstay. 

THOUGHT CRIME c/o John Foster / 13 Powell St / Seneca, SC 29678 
EP now out. 


URSUS PRODUCTIONS c/o Adam Kolesar / 1308 Pinecroft Dr. / 
Taylors, SC 29687 / 803-322-9326 

Venue-Ape City, Columbia, SC. Capacity 400-500. Food-no. Lodging- 
work something out. % of door with out of town bands receiving 
higher %. 


DAMN NATION c/o Dave Jehulz / PO Box 3902 / Myrtle Beach, SC 
29578-3902 / $1 ppd / When I can afford to / 8 1/2 x 11, 20* pgs. 
Anarchist, libertarian, atheist, liberal politick editorial policy; often 
iconoclastic; includes minimalist short-fiction and record reviews; 
interested in theory and practice of alternative free-market societ- 
ies, as well as non-syndicalist approaches to anarchism. Intelligent 
and insightful contributions are welcome. 



BRAD AYCH / PO Box 1916 / Rapid City, SD 57709-1916 / 605-348-4262 
Vinyl, zines, cassettes. Sell at local shows. Usually pay cash up front. 



Compilation tapes of DIY punk bands are my specialty. I put out 
tapes as soon as I have enough music. I want to help your band! 
Interested bands get in touch. Send info/lyrics because I give each 
band half a page to show me what you're made of. 


FLAGRANTE DEUCTQ / PO Box 1916 / Rapid City, SD 57709-1916 / 605- 
348-4262 / A couple stamps / Every 3-4 months / 8 1/2 x 11, 15-20 pgs. 
Mostly consists of me writing about different things; school, war, 
personal junk, local junk, etc. Contributions of any kind gladly 
accepted! Not trying to be PC or anything but no racist, homophobic, 
sexist, or any other idiotic crap accepted. 

UBERATE THE OBSESSED / PO Box 1916 / Rapid City, SD 57709-1916 / 
605-341-3342 / $1 ppd everywhere / Every 1-3 months / 8 1/2 x 11, 10- 
4 PSS- 

Ano-bullshit(okay, some bullshit...) zine dedicated to the liberation 
of the individual from society. An interesting combination of 
personal babble and politics that might even entertain somebody. 
If not, give us your money anyway. 


(£• — m BANDS 

COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS c/o Jack / 901-274-1151 
This band features former members of the Painkillers. They're a 
crazy Memphis style blues / rockabilly / punk combination. Their 
newest incarnation includes a violinist and they've recently pressed 
their own 7". 

COUSIN IT / PO Box 120861 / Nashville, TN 37212 / 615-834-4790 
Progressive punk rock from music city usa. A mix of early black flag 
meets a brick wall, makes a nasty mess, but it sounds good! Willing 
to play anywhere in the southeast for food S gas money 
MAN WITH GUN LIVES HERE /1726 Madison Ave. / Memphis, TN 

A cacophony of noise, punk rock style with all kinds of crazy 
unexpected surprises thrown in, have an incredible homemade 
demo available. 

PEZZ / PO Box 42185 / Memphis, TN 38104 
An "emocore” band influenced by Bad Religion and other mainstays. 
They've mutated that predictable sound with a refreshing bit of ska, 
good musicianship and fresh lyrics from 17- year old vocalist Ceylon 
Mooney. A demo tape is available from Truant Records and 
hopefully a 7" wil be recorded before Gey’s voice changes. 
TAINTSKINS / 562 S. Edgewood / Memphis, TN 38104 / 901-276-2864 
Quality performance spectacle since 1989! Anytime, anyplace, heavy 
mellow high voltage insurrection. Indigenous punk music. 

TIME FOR A CHANGE / PO Box 40163 / Memphis, TN 38174-0163 
A good no-frills, full-on hardcore band who have a demo available. 
Order it! It's well worth the bucks and a great fanzine (No Clue ) is 
included with every order. 


HOUSE O' PAIN / PO Box 120861 / Nashville, TN 37212 / 615-834-4790 
Yes, we release more than just a fanzine! We have fs by Wooden- 
horse (Pensacola, FL), 8 Stupid Americanz (Nashville), and the 
Cousin It cassette, who knows what will be next, got any sugges- 




38174-1836 / 901-726-5636 (Buddy Douglas) 

Specialties: Cassettes 8 Vinyl. 

SUGARDITCH RECORDS / 1861 Poplar Ave. *3 / Memphis, TN 38104 
Gina Barker and 1 are getting our own idea, Sugarditch Records, 
rolling with a TAINTSKINS 7" which should be out by late spring. 
TRUANT RECORDS / PO Box 42185 / Memphis, TN 38104 
Truant has several releases under their belt: two 7"s by Sobering 
Consequences (1 believe their second is still available) an Econo- 
christ 7" and an LP by Little Rock's Trusty. Pezz should be next. 


THE ANTENNA CLUB / 1588 Madison Ave. / Memphis, TN 38104 / 901- 
357-1728 (Mark Mcghee) 

Still the mainstay. The club holds up to 400 people, all ages and over 
21 shows can be arranged. Everyone from Fugazi to G.G. Allin, 
Rollins to R.E.M. has played the Antenna. Money-wise, it's some- 
what risky, make sure you're billed with a local band to guarantee 
a crowd and make sure, somehow, that your gig is publicisized. Do 
not mail material to the street address - they will not receive it. 
DECADENCE PERFORMANCE HALL / 1655 Madison Ave. / Memphis, 
TN 38104 / 901-726-5636 (Buddy Douglas) 

Capacity of 150. All age shows. Local 8 out of town bands. Booking: 
Please send press kit with demo tape - practice room tape OK. Food 
possible. Crash space available - we re not a hotel. Terms: Local 
bands - total door less $30.00 promotion cost, less 10% of the balance 
for overhead. Out of town bands - small guarantee. 

38174-1836 / 901-726-5636 (Buddy Douglas) 

Books: "New" bands - features premier performances - promotes on 
their own, and in concert with others. 

THE PANTHEON / 615 259-2403 

250 capacity, lodging is possible, % of the door. Small club, but cool 

SHRANGI-LA, INC, / 1916 Madison Ave. / Memphis, TN 38104 / 901- 

Bands can call for booking info (Please, no booking agents). 


CHEAPSKATES / 1576 Getwell / Memphis, TN 38104 / 901-744-131 2 
Avery reputable skateboard and record store which stocks alterna- 
tive releases. 

DECADENCE MANOR / 1655 Madison Ave. / Memphis, TN 38104 / 901- 
726-5636 (Buddy Douglas) 

Specialties: Unusual bands - some european - cassettes 6 vinyl. 
Extensive selection of outspoken zines. 

MEMPHIS MUSIC MEMPHIS / 708 Union Ave. / Memphis, TN 38104 
/ 901-521-0691 

This is a new record store located above Sun Studios. It's a Memphis- 
only record store. 

SHRANGI-LA, INC. / 1916 Madison Ave. / Memphis, TN 38104 / 901- 

Independent label. LP/CD, T-shirts, books, fanzines, videos, 
mailorder. We also have a tour guide of Memphis 8 the area 
available for $2 for travelling youth. It will be available in April. 
Bands call phone number for booking info (Please no booking 

k z,NEs 

HOUSE O' PAIN / PO Box 120861 / Nashville, TN 37212 / 615-834-4790 
/ $2 ppd / Every 4 mo.s / 40-50 pgs. 

The pride of Music City USA, here at the House o' Pain we can't spell 
or puncuate worth shit, but we got all the punk rock madness you 
could want or need! 

38174-1836 / 901-726-5636 (Buddy Douglas) / $2.50 plus postage / 
Quarterly / 8 1/2 x 11, number of pages varies with available material 
Positive outlook, articles, poems, graphics, featuring memphis 

scene happenings, higher consciousness, no age restrictions! 

NO CLUE / PO Box 40163 / Memphis, TN 38174-0163 
Available from the band TIME FOR A CHANGE. I've seen two issues 
so far and the writing looks steady and the layouts look good. One 
unique topic covered in No Clue is a review of musical instruments, 
usually tried by the band at expensive guitar shops. A great idea! 
TRUANT / PO Box 42185 / Memphis, TN 38104 
A must-have. It comes with a flexi featuring local talent Sobering 
Consequences, Pezz, Trusty and Econochrist among others. Buy it! 


BIO-PHOTOS-PRESS KITS c/o Nation Of Sheep Organization / PO 
Box 41836 / Memphis, TN 39174-1836 

DECADENCE MANOR (crash pad) / 1655 Madison Ave. / Memphis, TN 
38104 / 901-726-5636 (Buddy Douglas) 

Please contact in advance! Contact us for other needs in the area. 
FISH N BUDDY PRODUCITONS c/o Nation Of Sheep Organization / 
PO Box 41836 / Memphis, TN 38174-1836 
Recording Studio. 

ANDREA LISLE / 1861 Poplar *3 / Memphis, TN 38104 / 901-274-3186 
Get in touch with Andrea for any further information on the 
Memphis area. 


— ** BANDS 

BIG MOUTH / PO Box 270684 / Corpus Christi, TX 78427 / 512-883-4173 
The ever so resourceful Big Mouth are still alive after a brief 
encounter with satan at an after hours bed and breakfast! Weaving 
tight discordal song structures and empty meanings, Big Mouth are 
Texas' favorite sons. For mentally challenged people. 

DISEASED FLAGELLANTS / 915B W 22nd / Austin, TX 78705 
A new band that is truly horrible. (Still looking for members) very 
fast, very out of tune, very ugly, anthems for a corrupt and foul 
world. Send for a tape. 

EL SANTO / PO Box 120191 / San Antonio, TX 78212-0191 / 512-738-0739 
(Aaron 8 Terry), or 512-805-9444 (Marshall) 
a coffee-fueled 4 piece power trio. Vague hints of subsonicsteel- 
jawritesofminutepopmeansnomen3, but we preger to call it post- 
rational vitamin rock. Single out in April on Full Drop Forged, tour 
(hopefully) this summer. 

FACTION X c/o Patty / 493 Borrett / El Paso, TX 79907 / 915-591-7940 
Angry sounds w/ a purpose in mind. It's energetic and fun. We'll do 
benefits and other stints. Stuck in a "scene" that's apathetic and 
worries about fashion, we try to stir change. Approach w/ open 
minds and feel our wrath! 

GRUESOME FATE c/o Llano Collier / 151 E. Littlecreek Apt. E8 / 
Cederhill, TX 75104 

For G.F.'s "Live Gurgulations" tape, send 3 stamps 8 a blank tape. 
Bands/zines please write. 

KNOW IDEA / 3325 Fontaine St. / Plano, TX 75075 / 214-422-4770 
Influences are Green Day, Samiam, NoFX, Jawbreaker. Melodic 
hardcore with a lot of backing vocals and harmonies. Been headlin- 
ing in Dallas and want to expand. Love road trips. Constant stage 
antics and comedy, up beat, power pop fun. 

THE KRAYONS / 6237 Hanley / Corpus Christi, TX 78412 / 512-992-5856 
A band of drunks and one straight guy that would fit in at an anti- 
Republican convention. Songs about soul searching, unobstructed 
love, fuking shit up and heartwarming anti-system diatribe set to a 
catchy yet sauce pounding beat. 

YUCK c/o Paul Newman / 5402 Renwick *1095 / Houston, TX 77081 / 

Upbeat and energetic with a slight Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. 
influence, but I hate making comparisons, as we try not to worry 
who we sound like, but we admittingly have similar feel. No 
recordings yet, but soon, and we really want to play anywhere. 

TX 78765 

Billy Dave Wammo is so legendary among the Austin underground 

scene, Billy Bragg jokingly urged him to run for president With his 
WORM band, Wammo slams together rock, funk, hip hop and 
industrial musics. Worm has a CD out on Rainforest Records and 
another in the works. 


DISEASED DISTRIBUTION / 915B W. 22nd / Austin, TX 78705 
Needs DIY bands, send us tapes, records, zines anything! We want 
to start this shit so Texans can obtain DIY, Anarchist music ♦ 
literature for cheap so please help. 


BUG SCRATCH RECORDS / 5321 South Loop 289 Apt. *713 / Lubbock, 
TX 79424 / 804-798-1974 

Small, DIY label, with one current release, called "I sold my 
trombone (for rock n roll)" an 8 inch flexi compilation with 
Humidifier, Thompsons Disease and Face of Decline, available for 
only $2 ppd. 

DIRECT HIT RECORDS / 3609 Parry Ave. / Dallas, TX 75226 / 214-826- 
5222 (Kelly Keys) 

Releases: Lithium X-Mas 7", Agitators 7". Upcoming: Yeah Yeah Yeah 
7". Direct Hit Records focuses on local Dallas music. Promoting DIY 

FETISH RECORDS c/o Cris / 1754 Starcove / Corpus Christi, TX 78412 

/ 572-993-0397 

It had to happen! Cris has a record label and his first release is a 
choker. A split between Big Mouth and Face Of Decline, this seven 
incher can level a building after just one play! Hemp fans take note. 
FULL DROP FORGED RECORDS / PO Box 120191 / San Antonio, TX 
78212-0191 / 512-738-0739 (Aaron) or 805-9444 (Marshall) 

We've released a cassette by Jangly Popsters Living End and El 
Santo s debut 7". Big plans to continue documenting the San Antonio 
underground and more, tentatively including a local compilation 7" 
and singles by other area bands. 

SCRATCHED RECORDS / PO Box 800867 / Dallas, TX 75380-0867 / 214- 

The label with total band control, offers up bands with a heavy, 
thick, full, beefy sound in the HC/punk vein. Scratched Records is 
100% Prime US Beef. 

SELFLESS RECORDS / 2157 Pueblo / Garland, TX 75040 
The label with no apparent direction. 

STAPLEGUN RECORDS / PO Box 867262 / Plano, TX 75086-7262 / 214- 

Bands included on Staplegun are: Just Say No, Tesco Vee's Hate 
Police, When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water. Send 
an S.AS.E. for current label information. Anymore information 
would be hard as we are truly too cool for words, cheese... 


0013 PRODUCTIONS c/o Derek / 1013 S. Lipscomb / Amarillo, TX 
79101 / 806-376-7945 

Capacity 150-200 people. Lodging-yes. Food-maybe. Call for 
working terms. 

THE AXIOM / 2524 McKinney / Houston, TX 77003 / 713-225-3343 
Capacity: 300 (legally). Food/Lodging: No, but you drink for free. 
Work on guarantee. All shows are all ages. 

FULL DROP FORGED PRODUCTIONS / PO Box 120191 / San Antonio, 
TX 78212-0191 / 512-738-0739 (Aaron) or 805-9444 (Marshall) 
Tacoland has the capacity of up to 100. We can probably help with 
larger venues, too. We can provide comfortable floors 6 a shower. 
We can't guarantee to provide food, but do know of cheap/veggie 
places to eat. We can't make any guarantees, but all money (after 
expenses) goes to bands. San Antonio is only one hour south of 
Austin so please get in touch with us. 

PAUL NEWMAN / 5402 Renwick *1095 / Houston, TX 77081 / 713-660- 

I am willing to help book any band who wants to play in Houston, 
give them a place to sleep, feed them if I'm working and can afford 
it, and show them around if time allows. ^ 

SUPPED DISK PRODUCTIONS c/o Common Ground / 3430 Irving 
Blvd. / Dallas, TX 75247 / 214-637-4404 

All ages alternative DIY venue since 1990. Terms open. BYOB, sleep, 
house PA/lights. 250* capacity. No UPS. New: No fleas/stable stage. 
Send tape 6 weeks out. 

TWISTWORTHY / 4030 Cypressdale Dr. / Spring, TX 77388-4925 / 713- 

Capacity 250, we'll help you find a place to stay and eat. Bands get 
all the money after expenses. 



KNON 89.3 FM / Twisted Kicks c/o Dave Kaos / 4415 San Jacinto / 
Dallas, TX 75204 / 214-823-7490 
Show runs Wed. 810:30pm 


AXIS RECORDS / PO Box 49136 / Austin, TX 78765 / 512-445-6423 
Alternative vinyl sales. Touring bands: we will place your promo- 
tional posters (larger than 11x8 1/2 only) in high traffic areas! 

BILLS RECORDS / 8136 Spring Valley / Dallas, TX / 214-234-1496 
Vinyl, CD, all types, imports. 

DEEP ELLUM SOUND / 2700 Commerce St. / Dallas, TX / 214-748-6113 
Vinyl-CD, all types, imports. 

DIRECT HIT / 3609 Parry Ave. / Dallas, TX 75226 / 214-826-5222 (Kelly 

Direct Hit focuses on independently released music on all formats. 
Promoting DIY ethic. 

LAST BEAT / 2639A Elm St. / Dallas, TX / 214-748-5600 
Vinyl-CD, all types, imports. 

LAST WAY / 5318 Birchman / Ft. Worth, TX / 817-731-6852 

OFF BEAT RECORDS / 1100 W. Arkansas, Suite # 8io / Arlington, TX 
76013 / 817-795-5591 

Specializing in imports ♦ domestic independents: hardcore, punk, 
industrial, and the latest from Europe. New and used vinyl, cass. and 

RPM / 961 W. Centerville Rd. / Garland, TX / 214-681-8441 
Vinyl-CD, all types, imports. 

VINAL EDGE / 13171 Veterans Memorial Dr. / Houston, TX 77014 / 713- 

Punk ♦ hardcore Ip's, 7"s, cassettes, and CD's.. .new and used. 


DIARRHEADER / 817 Raintree Rd. / Ft. Worth, TX 76103-1130 
New 'zine out soon! Featuring: death, grind, doom, noise, crust, 
industrial. No glam metal or pop/subpop. Bands send tapes, demos, 
pics, etc. Please get in touch! I will send a blank tape in necessary! 
Absolutely not a rip off! 

GEPPETTO'S DESK c/o Paul Newman / 5402 Renwick *1095 / Hous- 
ton, TX 77081 / 713-660-8703 / $1 ppd / Bi-monthly / 30-40 pgs. 
Issue one isn't quite done yet so don't send money yet, but do write 
and ask. Trying to keep all the typical zine stuff to a minimum, and 
trying to have a sense of humor. Issue one will have Dry Rot, 
Samiam, Jawbreaker, and Victim's Family. 

S.A. SCUMAG / 6514 Pernwoods / San Antonio, TX 78240 / 512-690- 
5074 / $1 and couple stamps / Every so often / 8x11 
Covering various aspects of the scene get in touch and get involved. 
SPIDERWORKS FANZINE / 609 E. 38th St. / Austin, TX 78705 / 512-322- 
9624 (ask for Bones) / $2.00 ppd / Frequency: Between beers, now 
8 then / 8 1/2 x 11, pages vary 

Spiderworks is a xerox fanzine intrested in the new hardcore scene. 
No metal/speed shit! everything is handwritten, like interviews, 
reviews (demos, records, zines, etc.), commentary 6 lots of graphics. 
Everything that's punk G matters! Touring bands call for gigs. 
TRAVIS BICKLE SOLILOQUY / 11602 Poplarwood Drive / Houston, TX 
77089 / 713-481-1484 / $1.25 ppd / Frequency: One-shot / 5 x 8, 28 pages, 

Extreme words and graphics combine in a disturbing and provoca- 

tive manner. Rod McKuen meets Charles Manson. Due to the nature 
of the subject matter, include a signed statement that you are 18 
years of age or above. 

TWISTWORTHY / 4030 Cypressdale Dr. / Spring, TX 77388-4925 / 713- 
288-0230 / $1 ppd / quarterly / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
Music zine covering the Houston scene. The editor also works in a 
record store, books bands, and occasionaly does a radio show. The 
zine is best known for its silly sense of humor and its great photos. 


St. # 8i / Austin, TX 78705 

Anarchist zines put out by the ATLATL Collective. We are organizing 
a squat/protest/homeless feed/music festival/spectacle for the 
Republican nazi convention for August 14th in Houston. We want 
this to be a national anarchist gathering so write for info on how 
to get involved. 


q / Er 0 *** band 

MORAL SUCKLING / PO Box 521312 / Salt Lake City, UT 84152-1312 / 801- 
595-0645 (Kaj) / For distribution or ordering info write to Profane 
Existence / PO Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 
Subversive, political band emphasizing personal liberation and 
autonomy. An attempt to dismantle barriers of prejudice, igno- 
rance, and apathy. One ep "No More War Toys" released in'9o and 
distributed by Profane Existence. 


FLATLINE RECORDS / PO Box 520202 / Salt Lake City, UT 84152-0202 
A larger local label. Has released four 7" records from local hardcore 
bands, including Brainstorm and The Stench. Flatline has a lot on 
the horizon for the future. Catalog and stickers for postage. 
GIVING GROUND RECORDS / 604 East Kensington Ave. / Salt Lake 
City, UT 84105 

Modern music. Giving Ground released the Commonplace 7" and 
are working on a Commonplace LP/CD. Quality stuff if you're into 
modern dance-ish stuff. 

R.U. DEAD MUSIC / PO Box 11015 / Salt Lake City, UT 84147 / 801-595- 

Utah's very punk label. RU has put out both of the Hate X 9 fs and 
plan to put out a Hate X 9 full length album. Also on the horizon 
is a local compilation LP. Nice guys too. 

SLUG PRODUCTIONS / PO Box 1061 / Salt Lake City, UT 84110-1061 / 

Slug has released two SLC compilation tapes. Nice people that do 
it all for nothing. 

THANATOID LOVER RECORDS / 1257 Forget-Me-Not Ave. / Sandy, UT 
84094 / 801-576-9760 

A small little label. Our first release is folk music. Next releases will 
be folkish with some punk mixed in. Catalog available for one 


HATE X 9 / R.U. DEAD MUSIC / PO Box 11015 / Salt Lake City, UT 84147 
/ 801-595-1213 

Crash pad, occasional small donations only warehouse shows. Talk 
to Ru or Uncle Shame. Independent 

RAUNCH PRESENTS / 820 South Main / Salt Lake City, UT 84101 / 801- 

Hasn't done shows for awhile, but I'm sure he would love to have 
the work. Call about the info. 

RU DEAD PRESENTS / PO Box 11015 / Salt Lake City, UT 84147 
Mostly punk music. Shows are in a basement. Non-profit. Call for 

SLUG PRODUCTIONS / PO Box 1061 / Salt Lake City, UT 84110-1061 / 


Puts on most of the local shows. They rent a venue that holds about 
200-300. They are quite meek people and don't ask for much. 
Contact them about lodging, food, working terms, etc. 


KRCL 90.9 FM / 208 West 800 South / Salt Lake City, UT 84110 / 801- 

Does a weekly punk show called Behind The Zion Curtain on 
Saturday nights from 11:00 PM to 3.00 AM. Contact Brad Barker at the 
above address or at the Flatline records address. 


HEAVY METAL SHOP / 1074 East 2100 South / Sugar house, UT 84110 
/ 801-467-7071 

Mostly CD's and tapes. Lots of metal stuff with some real jem punk 
stuff mixed in. Also clothes, jewelry, etc. 

RAUNCH RECORDS / 820 South Main / Salt Lake City, UT 84110 / 801- 

Carries everything from ska to funk to punk to grateful dead. 
Records, tapes, CD's, stickers, shirts, videos, hats, shoes, leather 
goods: Raunch has it all. Best punk records in Utah. 


SLUG / PO Box 1061 / Salt Lake City, UT 84110-1061 / 801-467-4742 / 
$1.00 ppd / Monthly / 24 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 

Free if picked up. Utah what's up zine. Newsprint. Good to look 
at when bored. 

ZION DISPATCHER ZINE / PO Box 1001 / Sait Lake City, UT 84110-1001 
/ free 

A cute little photocopy zine. I don't know how often it comes out. 
Very political and punk rock. 



DO IT NOW FOUNDATION / 25 Russell St. / Burlington, VT 05401 / 

A psychedelic/pop/body rock deep soul mindslam heavy on emo- 
tionally intellectual renderings of life, love and the pursuit of the 
perfect high. Female and male vocals combine and alternate singing 
tunes that range from grindcore to hard pop to psychedelically 
influenced noise. Tapeworm cass. avail. $6 ppd. 

JOHNNY SMOOTH / RD *2 / Box 3370 / Bristol, VT 05443 / 802-453- 

Formerly known as Ratdogs Army. 4 song demo available. Watch for 
new tape or LP soon. We are basically a hardcore/sex rock crossover 
band with deep baritone vocals and hard driving guitars and back 
up. Call or write anytime. 

JONATHAN HUGHES / PO Box 1087 / Wilmington, VT 05363 / 802- 

An original style HC band with a positive attitude and a new sound. 
Influences:EFAE, Burn, Vision, Quicksand, etc. Planning a 2 week 
tour of New England, NY state, PA etc. Very reasonable price. Tour 
in August. 


242 MAIN / 242 Main St. / Burlington, VT 05401 / 802-862-2244 
Friday and Saturday shows, 300* people, 1/2 way between NYC, 
Montreal, Boston. All ages. Call for more info. 

JONATHAN HUGHES / PO Box 1087 / Wilmington, VT 05363 / 802- 

Capacity: 400 people (big!). Lodging and food (vegetarian if desired) 
available. I pay a tentative guarantee. This means if guarantee is 
affordable for me, I agree to it, letting the band know my $ comes 
from the door. Very flexible and willing to compromise. (Never had 

trouble paying full guarantee before). 


WRUV 90. 1 FM / University of Vermont / Burlington, VT 05401 / 802- 


This station plays a wide mix of alternative music, local, and is sonn 
to be doing the MRR show Thursdays 67pm. 1 urge all bands and 
labels to send your material here. 25 to 35 hours per week devoted 
to punk/hardcore/speed metal, etc., etc. Call station manager. 


RAPID FIRE MAGAZINE / RD *2 / Box 3370 / Bristol, VT 05443 / 802- 
453-4078 / $2 ppd / 4 times a year / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 16 pgs. 

We cover the northern New England HC/punk scene and add a bit 
of motorcycle info also. Back issues are available. Call or write 


" m BANDS 

ASKANCE / 12350 Pond Run Drive *203 / Woodbridge, VA 22192 / 703- 

Askance are four humans, void of race, sex, creed, or nationality. 
We would like to play your show, your benefit, your party, your 

CAVE CLOWN MICROWAVE / PO Box 14592 / Richmond, VA 23221 / 

This is the ultimate DIY band. We record our music by sending tapes 
of partial songs and/or lyrics to each other. Sick nursery rhyme type 
noise, we become whoever has the guts to contribute, everybody 
welcome! Mail it now. 

EVERYTHING EATS A SQUIRREL / PO Box 14592 / Richmond, VA 23221 

/ 804-359-2295 

Really twisted soft folk music. Favorite topics include cockroaches, 
shit, and your mom, all sung with a pretty feminine voice. Death to 

JERMFLUX/ 214 Downes St. / Hampton, VA 23663 / 804-728-1520 (little 

Melvins, Cringer, Scratch Acid, Black Flag. We want to be on comps, 
do interviews, play benefits, shows, parties, help out other bands 
in the area. We have a demo commin' out soon. Write or call for info. 
KINGDOM SCUM / PO Box 14592 / Richmond, VA 23221 / 804-359-2295 
Thee eternal gospel of filth: screaming prayers and whispering 
threats. Extremely diverse musick. From industrial hardcore to 
rabid waltzes. This is thee compassion of the New Chaos. Please 
contact us! 

THE POPSICLE MELTS / PO Box 14592 / Richmond, VA 23221 / 804-359- 


Bouncy garage grunginess with double-gender vocals. Distorted 
bass hooks specially designed to drill themselves into your head 
with color-coordinated lyrics chock-full of spit and nonsense. 


PROEM c/o Russ / 204 N. Cameron St. / Sterling, VA 22170 
DIY distribution service. 


EERIE MATERIALS / PO Box 14592 / Richmond, VA 23221 / 804-359-2295 
Formed to help promote alternatives to what most people consider 
alternative. Our goal is to continually destroy the borders of music 
and ideas. We all need diversity as m uch as we need unity. Celebrate 
the New Chaos. 

EMPTY RECORDS / PO Box 12034 / Seattle, WA 98102 / Tel. 206-325- 
3775 / Fax. 206-329-2271 (Blake) 

NUT MUSIC INDUSTRIES c/o David Craig / PO Box 5033 / Herndon, 
VA 22070 / 703-437-0213 ^ 

Suburban punk, industrial folk, chaotic improv noise. Homemade 
cassette-culture-oriented (recently pressed first vinyl). Send stamp 
for a catalog. 

SIMPLE MACHINES / PO Box 10290 / Arlington, VA 22210-1290 
ZINGEN c/o Kevin Hall 8 665 3/4 c/o Jay Loy/ 4304 Salina Ct. / Fairfax, 
VA 22030 

Don't call. Art-noise S electronic shit; cassettes only. 


CROSSROADS CAFE c/o Joe Castellanos / 518 Massachusetts Ave 
Apt. 1 / Norfolk, VA / 23508-2116 / 804-465-9617 (venue), 804-625-4020 

Capacity: 215-267 people. 30-80% of the door-depending on number 
of bands, distance, etc. Flyers, Newspapers, local zines, radio, we are 
the only consistent all ages venue in Hampton Roads (500,000 pop 
We constently draw ioo* people ♦ we are still building. 

POSITIVE FORCE DC / 3510 N. 8th St. / Arlington, VA 22201 / 703-276- 

A punk political activist group and not a concert promoter as such 
We as a group put on benefit or free concerts only. Can offer at be st 
$ 2 5"30 gas money to bands. Only 1-2 benefits a month. Always all 
ages, and never more than $5. We do our own security and recycle 
trash generated at our shows. We avoid the club circuit. We are not 
able to help as many deserving bands as we would like and hope you 
understand our limitations. Nonetheless, if you call us up or send 
us a tape we will help you as much as we can in your struggle to play 
in our foul capital(ist) city. 


FCAC 94.5 CABLE FM / PO Box 5033 / Herndon, VA 22070 / 703-573- 
8424 / Contact: Jeff, Donna Wilson, Todd Mason or Greg Kirwin 
Mole Radio Wed. i2-2pm. The musical culture of the deepest 
underground, the unclassifiable, the weird, al last available on free 
form radio format. From the public annoyance of industrial folk to 
the blacker pop of young rock to the heaviest of the noise-as-art 
bands to the otherwise unclassifiable. You need to know about 
these creative challenges to corporate ogre. Run, don't walk to the 
nearest revolution. And remember this show is dedicated as a 
community outreach of The Partnership for a Reality Free America 
and Mole Magazine. Sweet Freedom Sundays 8pm-iopm. Hardcore/ 
punk for 45 minutes to an hour weekly; spoken word (including 
anarchist stuff, Biafra's albums, rap) every show as well. Aural Image 
Sundays 6pm~7pm punk to pop to blues/jazz 
WLCX90.1 FM/High Street / Farmville, VA 23909 / 804-395-2475 - 
Station / Cool shows 10:00 pm to 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday 
WLCX broadcasts to approximately 5000 students at both Longwood 
and Hampden-Sydney Colleges. We broadcast with 10 watts of 
power, but an application for upgrading to 2000 watts is currently 
being reviewed by the FCC. 


(IN*SIT)/UBERATION / PO Box 21 / Fairfax Station, VA 22039 / $2 ppd 
/ Infrequent and way overdue / 8.5 x 11, varying pages 
Tries to cover area where anarchy/anarchism meets the rest of the 
world; Donna Wilson reviews punk stuff, with help from David 
Brown and Todd Mason. Hard as fuck, to be sure. 

JIMSONWEED / PO Box 559 / Ashland, VA 23005 / $1 ♦ 2 stamps / 3- 
4 times a year / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 60 pgs. 

Pretty much anything that I think is worthy of print and some stuff 
that isn't. 

MOLE MAGAZINE / PO Box 5033 / Herndon, VA 22070 / 703-573-8424 
/ $3.00 ppd / Irregular frequency / 8 1/2 x 11 
Mole is an outreach of the partnership for a Reality Free America, 
and carries out its mission of reading, writing and exploring all 
culture that is intensely creative, personal, independent, and in 
defiance of control. Music, media, literature and in jokes galore. 
Your questions may be answered. 

PROEM c/o Russ / 204 N. Cameron St. / Sterling, VA 22170 

Free with i stamp, send stuff for review and letters. Free ads and 


POSITIVE FORCE DC / 3510 N. 8th St. / Arlington, VA 22201 / 703-276- 

We organize protests and teach-ins, publish literature and do 
regular direct action work with needy people. We have a DIY 
booklet called "You Can Do It!" with information on how to set up 
your own activist group, lifestyle changes, how to organize a benefit 
concert, etc. available for $1 or a couple stamps. We are glad to house 
visitors who are interested in Positive Force or the DC underground 
community. We only ask that anyone who stays with us respect our 
decision not to have meat, smoking, drinking, or other drugs in our 
communal house. There is a cheap coop food store near where we 
live. Several of us work or volunteer there and might be able to give 
you a discount. Our house is very near both bus and subway, a mere 
10 minutes outside of DC. 



BRATMOBIUE / PO Box 1473 / Olympia, WA 98507 / 206-786-8980 
"Gidget ♦ Minor Threat - the worst band in America" - go - grrrl! 
COMB / PO Box 8515 / Tacoma, WA 98418 

"If you hate life, you'll love us." Send SASE for catalog G free stickers. 
We have 7 "s, T-shirts, taps, hats, videos and more. 

D.C. BEGGARS / 1 900 E. Denny Way / Seattle, WA 98122 / 206-726-1627 
Political punk rock from Seattle. Dialogue not preachers, not your 

THE DOBERMANS c/o Brian Horst / 959 Harrison St. # 88 / Seattle, WA 
98109 / 206-622-2619 

Seattles latest garage punk/70's pop punk power trio. "I'm a little bit 
Buzzcocks and I'm a little bit Sonics too with a little bit of psycho- 
surfing and a whole lot of bondage in my soul." Oi!! 

POSITIVE GREED c/o Whitewater / 1940 124th Ave. N.E. *103 / 
Bellevue, WA 98005 / 206-644-0063, 865-0113, 649-0538 
Loud, fast, powerful hardcore with male ♦ female vocals ♦ two bass 
players. We do not support sexism, racism or homophobia. 
RUINATION c/o Brennen G Chris G Jon / 211 16th Ave. / Seattle, WA 
98122 / 206-323-0096 

We are a politically based band dealing with issues like animal 
rights, social ecology, racism, sexism, homophobia and self aware- 
ness combined with mix of strong emotional energy coming in and 
out of chaotic feedback and rhythmic melodies. 

SLEUTH / PO Box 3103 / Bellingham, WA 98225 / 206-671-6474 
Melodic poppyseed punk rock detective-core. 80 miles away from 
Seattle on a map, but 900 miles away musically. Formed in Dec. 91 
by 3 guys who've paid their dues (receipts upon request). Descrip- 
tion courtesy of Billy Wad. 


DED BEET RECORDS / 7327 33rd Ave. N.E. / Seattle, WA98115 / Tel. 206- 
523-2958 / Fax. 206-323-0112 

Ded Beet mostly does 45's, LP's and CD's by local Seattle pop/punk 
bands of ill repute, ie. 10:07, Fastbacks, Daves, G much more. I want 
to try and distribute other stuff from the Northwest, directly to 
stores across the U.S., Canada G Europe. All ya gotta do is write. 
EXCURSION / PO Box 3103 / Bellingham, WA 98225 / 206-671-6474 
Small scale distro through mailorder G local shops. Write for list. 
MYSOPHOBIC RECORDS / 365 N. Arthur A-68 / Kennewick, WA 
99336 / 509-783-6434 

Vinyl, cassettes, CD's, zines, shirts. Anything and everything (if we 
like it). Send us a promo. 

523-2958 / Fax. 206-323-0112 

Ded Beet mostly does 45's, LP's and CD's by local Seattle pop/punk 
bands of ill repute, ie. 10:07, Fastbacks, Daves, G much more. I want 
to try and distribute other stuff from the Northwest, directly to 
stores across the U.S., Canada G Europe. All ya gotta do is write. 
EMPTY RECORDS / PO Box 12034 / Seattle, WA 98102 / Tel. 206-325- 
3775 / Fax. 206-329-2271 

ESTRUS RECORDS / PO Box 2125 / Bellingham, WA 98225 / 206-647- 

Mono Men, Brood, Marble Orchard, Half Rack, Phantom Surfers, 

EVER RAT RECORDS / PO Box 99284 / Seattle, WA 98199 / Tel. 206- 
283-3583 / Fax 206-285-6993 

Hardcore, metal, punk and grunge. Offensive, political and humor 
ous. Current bands -GG Allin, Dehumanizers, Just Say Yes, Mentors, 
Death Squad, Action Buddie, LSD Rexxx, etc. Seattle based label with 
worldwide distribution since 1985. (CD's, cassettes, and 7”s) No 12” 

EXCURSION / PO Box 3103 / Bellingham, WA 98225 / 206-671-6474 / 
(Dave Larson) 

7" vinyl only, so far. Write for info. 

MYSOPHOBIC RECORDS / 365 N. Arthur A-68 / Kennewick, WA 
99336 / 509-783-6434 

We do vinyl, cass., and CD's for a wide variety of Hardcore/Punk/ 
Alternative/Underground music. Send us a demo. 

OVERKILL RECORDS / PO Box 20224 / Seattle, WA 98102 / 206-632- 
1766 / (Ron/Kiersten) 

Trying to put life back into the HC scene. 


BRENNEN & CURTIS /211 16th Ave. / Seattle, WA 98122/ 206-323-0096 
Hall capacity: Any. Food G Lodging: Yea! You can hang at our house 
for a couple days and eat food with us, vegan food only please. Sorry 
no guarantees, but we talk percentages, let's talk. We like to deal 
with politically progressive bands. 

MICHELLE NOEL / PO Box 1473 / Olympia, WA 98507 / 206-754-6411 
Call for hall size. Vegan food ♦ lodgingcould most likely be arranged. 
Bands paid % basis. 

MYSOPHOBIC RECORDS / 200 Waldron *22 / Richland, WA 99352 / 

Several sizes of halls available. No band too big or too small. 
Excellent turn outs. Guarantees and terms depend on circumstanc- 
es. Send us a demo. 

RIOT GRRRL, OLYMPIA / PO Box 782 / Olympia, WA 98507 / 206-352- 

Monthly shows for bands with a female singing. Lodging yes. Non- 
profit club deal. 

WEIRDBEARD PRODUCTIONS c/o Jen or Andy / N 1221 Monroe *23 / 
Spokane, WA 99201 / 509-326-7054 

200 max. Food ♦ Sleep promised plus gas money. All money after cost 
goes to bands. Band furthest from home/needs it most gets the 
most . Fri, Sat, or Sun only! 




C/Z RECORDS / 1407 E. Madison / Seattle, WA 98122 / 206-441-0875 
DED BEET RECORDS/ 7327 33rd Ave. N.E. / Seattle, WA 98115 /Tel. 206- 

KAOS 89.3 FM c/o TESC / Olympia, WA 98505 / 206-754-6411 
(Michelle - home) 206-866-6822 (Station) 

Michelle Noel - "Color Outside The Lines" Tuesdays from 12-2 am. 
There are other punk shows on KAOS. Write station for listing. 
KUGS 89.3 FM / Viking Union Bldg. / Western Wash. University / 
Bellingham, WA 98225 / 206-676-5847 / Contact: Bill Baker or Brian 
Van Kleeck 

Spontaneous Laundry Mon lopm-Midnight, Attitude Adjustments 
Fri 122am. Contact during show times to assure response. 


EXCURSION / PO Box 3103 / Bellingham, WA 98225 / 206-671-6474 / 
Varies / Varies / Varies 

Punk, hardcore, politics, opinions, humor, G a little SE influence. An 

attempt to stress positive ideas and understanding, so it's kinda emo 

HAU SERAPHIM / PO Box 9517 / Seattle, WA 98109 

Weirdo, participatory zine/mail-art thing - funky shit, minus any 

sense (I think...) 

INTENSITY / 2502 W. Opal St. / Pasco, WA 99301-3352 / 509-545-6747 
(John Book) 

Intensity tries to interview little known bands from Washington 
State, as well as bands elsewhere that should be noticed in some 
way. With record reviews, anything goes. Punk, rap, funk, noise, 
everything and more. Not the best, but it's ok. Send SASE for cost 
of issue. 

INC. c/o Excursion attn. Smoky the Firedog / PO Box 3103 / 
Bellingham, WA 98225 / 206-671-6474 / Write 
Interest in abstract thought, abnormal behavior, and unhindered 
expression. All contributors use aliases to put focus back on work 
rather than names. 

VICIOUS VINYL FANZINE / 4739 University Way NE "1410 / Seattle, 
WA 98105 / 8 1/2 x 11 / Every 2-3 months 

Dedicated to covering bootleg recordings of punk/alternative 
bands. Reviews boots by "mainstream" bands too, but once in a blue 
moon. Sending in boot fs for coverage is encouraged/welcome. 


THE CORNER CAFE / The Evergreen State College Community Center 
/ 206-866-6000 

Cheap big plates of vegan/vegetarian food. Open for breakfast and 
dinner. If you don't have cash you can wash dishes! 

MEKONG RESTAURANT / 125 Columbia NW / Olympia, WA / 206-352- 

Thai food. Vegan / Vegetarian. 

OLYMPIA FOOD CO-OP / 1921 Rogers NW / Olympia, WA / 206-754- 

Vegan/vegetarian food. 

SAIGON RENDEZ-VOUS / 117 W. 5th / Olympia, WA / 206-352-1989 
Vegan/vegetarian food. 

SMITHFIELD CAFE /212 4th Ave W. / Olympia, WA / 206-786-1725 
Vegan/vegetarian food. 



BIRTH DFX / 1718 63rd St. / Kenosha, W 1 53143 

Toured with UK Subs in '90. Intense hardcore with occasional metal 

and funk edges to their songs. 

DEMISE / 2401 W. Layton Ave. / Milwaukee, WI 53221 / 414-384-9501 
Early 8o's influenced hardcore punk band with straight forward 
lyrics and independent ideals. 

HOBBLEDEHOY / 800 Crooks Ave. / Kaukauna, Wl 54130 / 414-766- 
7037 (Jason) 

Hard-edged pop punk. Down by Law, Naked Raygun, Snuff, etc. 
Write for shirts, tapes, etc. 

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER c/o Dan Duchaine / PO Box 83622 / 

Milwaukee, Wl 53223-8922 / 414-352-7279 

Hardcore thrash-support DIY/Work together. Peace. 

INSPECTOR 1 2 c/o Dave Barber / 907 Williamson St. # i / Madison, Wl 
53703 / 608-255-8701 

"The NO-FX of the midwest." - Jason Parker, THD Records 

JOHN BOYLE AND THE MAD HATTERS / 2613 Jackson St / LaCrosse, 
Wl 54601 / 608-784-4234 

3 piece melodic punk, experimental; candw, depending on the mood 
of the angry young front man Will gig real cheap in the USA-please 
call or write. 

KADAK c/o Chris Standish / 145 W. Gilman St. / Madison, Wl 53703 
Pop punk to watch Indiana Jones and read Calvin and Hobbes by. 
MISTER BILLS TEMPER c/o Jason Olson / 101 E. Mitchell Ave., Apt. 6 
/ Appleton, WI 54915 / 414-733-8094 

We are a 4 piece from the Midwest. Lyrics are personal, value 
conscious, but not str8edge. Music is heavy, fast, melodic, punk, 

power pop-we call itguitarcore. Fuck effects racks 6 disco lights! We 
just play our music... 

NAKED AGGRESSION / 539 W. Doty St. / Madison, WI 53703 
Politically oriented punk rock. 

TRADEMARK / 625 S. Oak Park Ct. / Milwaukee, WI 53214 / 414-476- 

3 piece medium heavy socially-oriented geeks. Dual scowerd/clean 
vocals. Intense, comical, but serious sets. All ages anywhere, no 
contracts, just gas money and enough to sustain life on the road. 

Will sleep on floor. Touring in June and July, Help. 

VEGETABLE SPIT c/o Weasle / 515 Jackson St. / Medford, WI 54451 / 

3 tapes out (studio recorded) "We re not for you," "Let me think » 
about it," and "Tube driver.” Iron hardcore w/ modern influences. 

Label, zines, promoters wanted. 

VENISON / 2816 Nimitz St. / Eau Claire, WI 54701 / 715-833-1084 (Rick 

Big guitar angst rock. 


DUWAYNE / 2401 W. Layton Ave. / Milwaukee, Wl 53221/414-384-9501 
Vinyl, cassettes (demos preferred) for sale at gigs. 

GATOR FARM DISTRIBUTION / 800 Crooks Ave. / Kaukauna, Wl 
54130 / 414-766-7037 (Jason) 

7”s, LPs, Cass., books, zines, T-shirts - We do mailorder, sell stuff at 
gigs, and some at local store. Send for free list. 

KERRY PRIES / 1741 N. Farwell # 2 / Milwaukee, Wl 53202 / 414-225-0117 
Consignments only. Prefrebly punk and hardcore only. Sell at 
shows, picnics, record swaps, no stores. Totally DIY. Just vinyl and 

Box 144 / West Bend, Wl 53095 / 414-334-4137 
Vinyl, zines, cassettes. Maybe some shows. 


DISCONTENT RECORDS / 2401 W. Layton Ave. / Milwaukee, WI 53221 
/ 414-384-9501 

Small label with only two releases so far, but we re looking to 
expand a bit. We work only with people we know and who are 
actively involved in doing creative and productive projects. 

MONK RECORDS / 1718 S. Sanders / Appleton, WI 54915 / 414-731-4084 
So far we have one release-a Vesicular Basalt 7". We are in the 
process of obtaining distribution and would love to hear from 
bands wanting to put out vinyl. No bullshit! Please, please write! 


FANG GANG LOUNGE c/o Karoline / 626 E. Johnson St. / Madison, 

WI 53703 / 608-259-0409 

Moldy basement holds around 50 (more if you don't mind being 
sweaty) or larger more civilized venues available if needed. Food 8 
beverage is common courtesy as well as couch/floor space. No 
guarantees for basement shows but all money made goes to bands. 

Larger shows guarantee may be possible but no contracts and no 
riders!! I also do distribution on a small scale... I prefer consignment 
but call or write and we ll work something out. 

KERRY PRIES / 1741 N. Farwell # 2 / Milwaukee, WI 53202 /414-225-0117 
There will be a place to play, various locations. Place to crash, food, 
fun time. A great place on a great lake! No guarantees, money 
negoitable. Various capacities usually around 100. Not for profit, , 
DIY. We do some basement shows and all money goes to bands. 
Box 144 / West Bend, WI 53095 / 414-334-4137 
Vinyl, zines, cassettes. Maybe some shows. 


WCCX 104.5 FM / 100 N. East Ave. / Waukesha, WI 53186 / 414-524- 
7355 / Contact : Chris Watermolen (office hours: 2pm to 6pm cental 
time on Wednesdays) 


Punk and hardcore is played all the time! 

WORT 89.9 FM / 118 S. Bedford / Madison, WI / 608-256-2695 
Talk to Michele Flannery about live interviews, or current schedule 
and DJ for alternative/punk shows. 

WRFW 88.7 FM / 306 North Hall / University of Wisconsin / River 

Falls, Wl 54022 / 715-425-3887 / Contact: Jeff Rupert 

Shows vary from semester to semester, but two that should stay the 

same are: White Trash Radio Mon. upm-iam, Felonious Punk Fri. 



ATOMIC RECORDS / 1813 E. Locust St. / Milwaukee, Wl 53211 / 414-332- 

Near the corner of Locust 8 Oakland Av. "Post modem" rock, punk, 
techno, imports, independents, CD's, tapes, vinyl, videos, comics, 
collectables, fanzines, T-shirts, posters, rare stuff, new G used, 

MADCITY MUSIC EXCHANGE / 600 Williamson St. / Madison, WI / 


10-15 CIVIL DISTURBANCE c/o Dan Fischer / South 70 West 17374 
Muskego Dr. / Muskego, WI 53150 / 414-679-9275 / $1.00 ppd / 
Frequency: Xerox / Size: Full 

It will consist of 30 to 40 pgs. With interviews, opinion, poetry, facts, 
reviews, etc. Over all a real political background dealing with 
pollution, resistment, religion, war, racism, sexism, etc. Overall an 
anarchist zine. 

ALIEN RELAY c/o Jake Pickard / 38317 Sunset Dr. / Oconomowoc, Wl 
53066 / 414-965-3415 / 3 stamps ppd / Every 5-7 months / 8 1/2 x 11 
A brutal data construct. A virtual reality, an abstract look at living. 
A psychotic anti-reality which takes form in graphics and words 
webbed together by three individuals. Poems, short-fiction, graph- 
ics, personnal opinion: a sprawl of cyber connected, contorted, and 
formed onto paper. An abstract look at reality, society, politics and 

APEX FANZINE c/o Curious George / S68 W13037 Bristlecone Ln. / 
414-425-6787 / 2 stamps / Every 4 or 5 months 
A straightxedge, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and has many thought over 
articles dealing with racism and the Milwaukee hardcore, punk DIY 
scene, (includes pictures of shows, skating, and other stuff). 

BUTT UGLY 'zine c/o Cory / 408 East Roberta Ave. / Waukesha, WI 
53186 / 414-544-0934 / Three 29 cent stamps or $1.00 ppd / Three times 
a year / 22 ♦ pages, 8 1/2 x 11 

The documentation of my (and others) personal psychosis wrapped 
in and around interviews, seething rants, hateful criticisms, endless 
reviews, pretty rad graphics, etc. Kinda punk, barely queer, sorta 
wierd. In a word... irritating. 

THE EGGPLANT PLACE / 627 Criglas Rd. / Wales, WI 53183 / 414-968- 
5576 / free or whatever you feel like sending / supposedly monthly 
/ full size, varying length 

Where do you go if you can't sleep? The Eggplant Place, of course! 
Not a fanzine, just loads of creative stories, poems and cartoons. 
Please a stamp or $ if you can. 

FLEM MAGAZINE c/o Jason Terd / PO Box 193 / South Milwaukee, 
WI 53172 / (414) 762-1934 / $1 ppd. / 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" / usually about 40 

A punk zine, kinda. If you're into ugly, hateful, coffee-drinkin', 
stupid, cynical and just plain worthless attitudes, write. It's got the 
usual reviews, bad humor, interviews and other zine stuff. Coz 
we re worthless. 

GATOR FARM / 800 Crooks Ave. / Kaukauna, WI 54130/414-766-7037 
(Jason) / $1.50 ppd (includes a tape) / Sporatic / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 
A fun zine filled with writings, reviews, interviews ♦ junk! Every 
issue comes with cassette of two bands. 

HOPSCOTCH c/o Allyson Steffans / 1420 Riverdale Dr. / Appleton, Wl 
54914 / 414-730-9450 / $2 ppd / Quarterly 

We are a fairly new midwestern zine that primarily focuses on 
music, but also tries to be an open forum for different views and 
opinions about life in general. Columns, interviews, writing, art, 

demo reviews, live stuff. All contributions welcomed. 

Box 12741 / Green Bay, Wl 54307-2741 / 414-497-4716 (Dan) / $2.25 ppd 
/ Every 3-4 months / 30-36 pgs. 

Expose yourself to Wisconsin! Free ad space with item for review. 
Free classified. Call and we'll do an interview. M-Th 6-iopm central, 
or all day Sunday. Call or write for more info. 

PSHAW ZINE / PO Box 2382 / Janesville, WI 53547-2382 / 608-755-1272 
/ $1.00 ppd / Jan., Apr., Jul., Oct., or as needed / 8 1/2 x 11 copied, 20 

Pshaw is an exclamation of impatience, disgust, contempt, etc. Sian 
for nonsense. Essays, sone reviews, free classifieds, photos and 
band word association. Submissions welcome. Bands write us, we 
do shows! You are a good submitter, you like to submit! Pshaw! 
From Johann Zweifel and Noah Lamson. 

PSYCHOTHERAPY c/o Pete Prodoehl / 5215 S. 58th St. / Milwaukee, 
WI 53220 / 414-421-2395 / $1.00 ppd / Every three months (or so...) / 
51/2x8 1/2, 28 pages (or so...) 

A 'personal' zine, thoughts, graphics, commentary, wacky stuff, a 
little love, a lot of hate, tons of sarcasm, journal entries, occasional 
refrences to music, no big ads for record labels, not for everyone, 
but you might like it... 

RHETORIC c/o Brad Marta / 461 Rivermoor Dr. / Waterford, Wl 53185 
/ 414-534-3207 / $1 plus 2 stamps ppd / Every 2-3 months / Around 30 

Total DIY covers all forms of music, but leans towards hardcore/ 
punk. Always looking for good editorials on meaningful topics. Has 
distribution between 500-700. I also do small distribution at shows, 
a radio show at UW Madison, and I set up shows in Madison/ 

SOUND OFF / 7875 W. Oklahoma Ave. Apt. # i / West Allis, WI 53219- 
3615 / 75 cents or 3 stamps or trade / quarterly / 8 1/2 x 14 
A politically-oriented fanzine with opinions, reviews, interviews, 
political contact lists, and bits of philosophy and graphic madness 
thrown in for good measure. Your zine gets mine. All tapes/records 
will be reviewed. Communicate. Educate. Demonstrate. 


AID I FOOD MARTS / Washington Ave. / Madison, WI 
In Milwaukee too. All generic super cheap groceries. 

BAHN THAI / 944 Williamson St. / Madison, WI / 608-256-0202 
Good Thai food, and they deliver too! 

BEANS & BARLEY / 1901 E. North Av. / Milwaukee, Wl 
Good health food store/restaurant, a bit on the ex$pen$ive side. 
CAT'S MEOW / 254 W. Gilman (Upstairs) / Madison, WI / 608-258- 

Hair dye, T-shirts. Karoline does distro out of this store (records, 
zines, shirts, etc.) 

CLEVELAND'S LUNCH ROOM / 410 E. Wilson / Madison, WI / 608- 

Not totally vegan, but a Madison punk tradition. Especially for 
greasy breakfast on Sunday. 


2645 Ferry St. / Madison, WI / 608-257-3286 
Cringer G Citizen Fish both loved the food.. .said it was the best 
they'd had on their tour a couple years ago. Warning! It's hard to 
find and they keep weird hours. Call, first! 

GEORGE WEBBS / Many all over S.E. Wl 

Great place to hang out with friends, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, 
shoot the shit. Don't go right after bartime (2 am) too many drunk 
fucks to deal with. Much grease. 

HIMAL CHUU / 318 State St. / Madison, WI / 608-251-9225 
"Kitchen of the Himalayas." Nepalese and Tibetan food. 

KERRY'S CRASH PAD /1741 N. Farwell # 2 / Milwaukee, WI 53202 / 414- 

If you or your friends are in the Milwaukee area on your journey 
going nowhere you have a place to crash on the way, or if you are 
planning a joyful and enjoyable trip to Milwaukee as your destina- 
tion well, you're in luck, just get a hold of me at the number above. 

/ 608-251-5899 

One of the best coops in the country. Radical 8 revolutionary. 
MILDRED'S SANDWICH SHOP / 827 E. Johnson / Madison, W 1 / 608- 

Lotsa veggie stuff. 

OAKLAND GYROS / 2867 Oakland Av. / Milwaukee, WI 
Great Greek food, near Atomic records, inexpensive. 

THE MARRAKESH CAFE / 121 W. Main St. / Madison, Wl / 608-255-1345 
Morrocan cuisine. 

SOUND LOGIC / 2308 Atwood Ave. / Madison, Wl / 608-24M-USIC 
Place to get guitar strings, drum sticks, and amps fixed. Open 7 days 
a week, i2pm-9pm. If you're desperate for an E string at 1 am you can 
try banging on the door and hollerin'. Chuck is often in the back 
room. Don't let the big doggie that guards the store scare you. 
STEVE'S TATTOO / 2302 Atwood Ave. / Madison, WI / 608-244-9237 
Anyone there does good work. 

WHOLE EARTH FOOD CO-OP / hi E. Walnut St. / River Falls, WI 54022 

/ 715-425-7971 

Locally, co-operatively owned and operated grocery. Features good 
range of bulk food, locally grown, organically grown, vegetarian 
and vegan food, also cruelty-free products. Helps out in all kinds 
of nifty community projects as well. 

St. / Madison, Wl / 608-251-6776 
They have everything for vegetarians. 

WSA COMMUNITY PHARMACY / 341 State St. / Madison, Wl / 608- 

Homeopathic remedies, vitamins, books, 6 birth control! 


V8W 3N3 / 604-360-0372 

Heavy industry guitar noise meets low end grind as depression 
therapy. "It's time to put ol' yeller down." 2 7”s out on Vinyl 

FACEPULLER / c/o Temple North / 1552 Kilmer Road / North 
Vancouver, BC / V7K 1R4 / 604-986-7663 
Hyperdelic— industrial— noisecore. 


FINAL NOTICE RECORDS / PO Box 1457 Stn A / Vancouver, B.C. / V6C 

Phleg Camp, Sparkmarker, Paleface, Onionhouse. 

WAY OUTTRECORDS / Rick Andrews / # i02 535 Yates St. / Victoria, 
B.C. / V8W 2Z6 / 604-389-2828 

The label is mainly devoted to Victoria-area bands via the "Blobs" 
series of 7" EP's. Bands so far: The Show Business Giants, Hanson 
Brothers, Shovlhed, Seattle's Squirrels, Bum, Scott Henderson, The 
Vinaigrettes, and a Pigment Vehicle tape. 

THE WRONG STUFF / PO Box 3243 / Vancouver, BC / V6B 3Y4 
NoMeansNo, The Ex, Blobs comp 8 more. 


CJIV 93.9 FM CABLE / TC-216 Simon Fraser University / Burnaby, B.C. 
/ V5A 1S6 / 604-291-5940 




FUNHOUSE RECORDS / Rick Andrews / *102 535 Yates St. / Victoria, 
B.C. / V8W 2Z6 / 604-389-2828 

We specialize in indies and imports of all kinds, with plenty of punk 
and hardcore-related stuff. 

GRANDPA'S MAGICK PINECONE / 443 Barrett Dr. / Red Deer, 
Alberta / T4N - iMZ / Canada / 403-346-4412 
Powered by Fatties and scarifacation, this 3 piece is influenced by 
Sabbath, Plasmatics, Husker Du, and the Big Boys. Ignored for 4 
years in the 'Deer (pop. 60,000). Rock stardom is just around the 
corner for the Pinecone with Coca Cola's pending law-suit. 


CEASEFIRE / 29-10024 82 Ave. / Edmonton, Alberta / T6E 1Z3 / Gigi 403- 

Vinyl, cassettes, zines. Mailorder mainly within Canada but not 



CJSF 93.9 FM (SFU TC-216 / Burnaby, B.C. / V5A 1S6) and John Clark, 
one of the DJ's there, sent us a massive list of (mostly British 
Columbian) Canadian contacts (radio, retail, publications, venues, 
etc.) on an IBM disk. We didn't print all the addresses because it was 
so massive and because we didn't know which ones were DIY 
listings and which ones weren't, but if you'd like to get a copy (on 
paper or disk), write a real nice letter and possibly a few bucks to 
John and maybe he'll send it to you. 



CEASEFIRE-CALGARY / Box 51, 1405 17 Ave. SW / Calgary, Alberta / T2T 
0C6 / 403-245-6822 (Rusty) 

Lodging provided. Does tour booking. Terms: Expenses (postage 
and phone) to be reimbursed, percentage negotiated (booking fee). 
CEASEFIRE-EDMONTON / 29-10024 82 Ave. / Edmonton, Alberta / 
T6E 1Z3 / 403-432-1094 (Gigi or Grant) 

Lodging provided. 


SLUR MAGAZINE / Rm. 362-21 / 10405 Jasper Ave. / Edmonton, 
Alberta / T5J 3S2 / 403-433-8665 / $1.50 U.S., $1 Canada PPD / monthly 
/ 22 pages 

Although not "punk as fuck" we cover any and all indie/alternative 
music. All demos reviewed, guaranteed! Political and social 
commentary (i.e. spouting off) as well. 


I#* 00 ** BANDS 

DRONE / Box 40122, Harbour Square Postal Outlet / Victoria, B.C. / 

BATSWEAT / Box 46035 / 6650 Roblin Blvd. / Winnipeg, MB / R3R 3S3 
Very heavy, at times ultra-fast, at times slow and kinda weird. 
BREATH GRENADES / PO Box 25055 / 1650 Main St. / Winnipeg, MB 
/ R2V 4C7 

Winnipeg's oldest punkers spew forth a brand of thug rockin' ear 
swill, bass, synth, and percussion, landing them somewhere amidst 
the arrogance of Fear and the experimentalism of Hawkwind mixed 
with the insanity of TG fueled by Eno meets The Ramones. 
HOUSE OF PANCAKES / 237 Elm St. / Winnipeg, MB / R3M 3N5 / 204- 

Somewhat goofy (but not a joke band) punk rock, which tries at 
times to be heavy, with moderate success. 

PROPAGANDHI c/o Chris / 42 Shoreham Bay / Winnipeg, MB / R3R 
3J6 / 204-896-0536 (Chris), 204-488-7434 (John) 

Born Against meets NoFX (??). Premise of band: critical means of 
expression, maintain stupid sense of humor. Anti-authoritarians 
that fall down a lot and laugh at farts. Plenty of live experience. 
TourU.S. in July; need help. Any out of town shows will be seriously 
considered for future. 

TOOTHPICK HERCULES / 237 Elm St. / Winnipeg, MB / R3M 3N5 / 204- 

Kinda melodic but not "whoa whoa" punk. Influences include 

Jawbreaker Samiam, Dinosaur Jr., Fugazi, but high energy! 


FRICTION / FO Box 25055 / 1650 Main St. / Winnipeg, MB / R2V 4C7 
$6.50 US - $6 Canada - $7 world / Annually / 8 1/2 x 11 / 88-100 pages 
Subtitled The Journal for Both Sides of Your Brain, Friction is an 
entertainment mag including interviews, fiction, comix, and criti- 
cism. Past issue have had Feedtime, Nine Pound Hammer, Dickies, 
The Fluid, Am-Rep, Robert Williams, and more! Ask for it by name! 
ITCHY / c/o Simon Hughes / Box 46035 / 6650 Roblin Blvd. / 
Winnipeg, MB / R3R 3S3 / 204-488-0659 / $1 ppd / hopefully monthly 
/ 8 1/2 x 11 / 28 pages 

Centering on punk rock and ART. First issue (April '9 2) has NOFX, 
columns, reviews, art, Batsweat, and other fun stuff. 

...KNIFE / PO Box 2605 / Westminster Stn / Winnipeg, MB / R3C 4K9 


# i - 40 pages, # 2 - 28 pages, # 3 - ?? / The first two are 51/2 x 81/2 but 
i'll be experimenting with sizes and formats in oncoming issues / 
Each costs $1.00 ppd or trade. Stamps are IRC's alone are way tons 
fine by me. 

...Knife is mostly a poetry, art, photos, stream -o-consciousness 
creative type thingy. Any/all submissions are welcome, because i'm 
sure the planet has it's fill of my cheesy angst-ridden poetic 
working!! Sosendyour own in!!! I'm not all too concerned with the 
typical music/interviews/reviews thing, there's enough zines like 
that out here. The key words are creativity, self-expression and 


GOOD RESTAURANTS: When in Winnipeg pick up a phone book 
and go to Deen's or Bindy's. For Ukrainian food, go to ALYCIA S. 
GIG INFO: Call Pinnacle Plus or CKUW radio at U of Winnipeg. 


(f— BANDS 

ARMED AND HAMMERED / 135 Tecumseth St., 2nd Floor / Toronto, 
Ontario / M6J 2H2 / 416-941-1080 (Kiern) 

CHICKEN MILK / 65 Hepbourne St. / Toronto, Ontario / M6H 1K4 / 
416-563-2282 (Lisa) 

CHOKE-HOLD / 8 Coronet Court / Hamilton, Ontario / L9A 3J1 / 416- 
389-3436 (Jeff) 

GOATDANCE c/o Jim / 331 Dyson Rd. / Picering, Ontario / Li W 2N1 / 

Sheep rock at it's finest. Hard driving, chunky guitar noize, damit! 
Mr. Spock's Fav. band. Three men and some farm equipment. 1st 
demo and new 7" single available on Input Rage Records. Sassy, 
saucy and sexy! (and it tastes good too!) 

GUH c/o Henry Math / 96 Lappin / Toronto, Ontario / M6H 1Y4 / 416 

Heavy; like a rock, nice; like the grass. 

LOCKJAW / 2338 Cercle DesColes / Rockland, Ontario / K4K 1 A8 / 613- 
446-1367 (Marha), 230-4435 (Mark) 

We are 3 people who play music that reflects our present state sorry 
we don't compare ourselves to other bands. We leave that up to 

MR. NOBODY / 62 Centennial Dr. / Port Hope, Ontario / LiA 3T2 / 
416-885-7857 (Mike) 

MUD / 82 Wardell / Toronto, Ontario / M4M 2L6 / 416-778-6205 

Aural pastiche of present day popular musics presented in an 
improvisational style... irreverent yet non-referential...! 

PHLEG CAMP / # 2 - 381 / Roncesvalles Ave. / Toronto, Ontario / M6T 
2M8 / 416-539-0260 (Eryc) 

PA HOC RACY / PO Box 20161/ Barrie, Ontario / L4M 6H2 / 705-721- 
9431 (Glenn) 

PROBLEM CHILDREN / PO Box 133 / Dunnville, Ontario / NiA 2X1 / 416- 
774-1244 (Jamie) 

RABID DEFIANCE / 50 Fielding Cres. / Hamilton, Ontario / L8V 2P5 
RANDOM KILLING / 60 Castleknock Rd. / Toronto, Ontario / M5N 2J7 
/ 416-489-8721 (Jim) 

HC/Punk band with various records ♦ tapes. Will help book bands 
from out of town. Will help with other Toronto ♦ area info. 

THE SLUMKINGS c/o Ken Kuurila / R.R. # i / Murillo, Ontario / PoT 
2G0 / 807-935-2914 

We play a punk grunge type of music. As of now we have a 16 song 
cassette (5.00 ppd U.S. funds) and T-shirts ($10). We plan to release 
a flexidisc soon. Anyone who presses them contact me and hear my 

SPEAKEASY / 152 Hanson Rd. / Mississauga, Ontario / L5B 2E4 


ANOTHER FUCK'N DISTRO / PO Box 4402 Stn. E / Ottawa, Ont. / KiS 

We specialize in viynl, cassettes, and zines to sell at gigs. 
GROUCHETTA ZINE DISTRO / 212-440 Rathburn Rd. / Etobicoke, 
Ontario / M9C 3S7 

Zines, consignment at gigs and stores. 

INDEMNITY / c/o Paul Steele / 15 Polley Place / Stratford, Ontario 
/ N4Z 1C9 / 519-271-8011 

Indemnity operates on the DIY punk (pseudo) philosophy and is 
100% nonprofit. Records, CD's, zines, etc. from any non-sexist, racist, 
homophobic people/bands will be accepted in small amounts. We 
normally can pay up to 50% up front but this varies with quantities. 
Write for more info. Love/Rage! 

STILL ANGRY / 283 Roncesvalles Ave. / Toronto, Ontario / M6R 2M3 
STRICTURE / 52 Ravine Park Cres. / West Hill, Ontario / MiC 2M4 or 
Lakeshore Rd. East Unit *511 / Mississauga, Ontario / L5E 1G4 / 416-281- 
9559 (Simon), 274-4582 (Paul) 

Vinyl and zines especially — all punk/HC stuff OK on 60 day 
consignment. Non-profit DIY at gigs and local punk record swaps. 


AARDVARK RECORDS / 60 Castleknock Rd. / Toronto, Ontario / M5N 
2J7 / 416-489-8721 (Jim) 

ARM'S REACH RECORDS / 8 Coronet Court / Hamilton, Ontario / L9A 
3J1 / 416-389-3436 (Jeff Beckman) 

ELECTRODE RECORDS / 283 Roncesvalles Ave. / Toronto, Ontario / 
M6R 2M3 

EPIDEMIC RECORDS / 1920 Ellesmere Rd., Suite 104-363 / Scarbor- 
ough, Ontario / MiH 2W7 

/ PO Box # i2o / Toronto, Ontario / M4W 3E2 / 975-1688 (Melanie) 
We are an independent local label who put out records, tapes, and 
zines in the he scene. Interested in distributing wymyn positive, 
culturally aware, and Lesbian, Gay 8 Bisexual positive material. 
Involved with local community radio station-CHRY. Encourage and 
support material coming from wymyn. 

FRINGE / PO Box 670 / Station A / Toronto, Ontario / M5W 1G2 
They mostly license stuff. 

GRINDING EDGE RECORDS / 195 Apache Trail / Willowdale, Ontario 
/ M2H 2J3 / 416-491-8824 (Ted) 

We're looking to release any ultrafast, loud, noisy thrash bands 
(anything from grindcore to straightedge). Please send demos/ 
records for consideration. Other labels with fast records write for 
trade (especially foreign bands). Distributors also needed. Com- 
pletely DIY. 

INPUT RAGE RECORDS / 311 Dyson Rd. / Pickering, Ontario / LiW 2N! 
/ 416-286-2396 

Specializing in damn good music! Bands leaning towards guitar 
grunge shit! (with exceptions) Bands include: Project 9, Search 
Party, Goatdance, Just Another, Overly Addictive, Das Boot, 
Bob,. ..and more! Contact Jim for full list and prices. Please write 
and send demos! 

L.D. PRODUCTIONS c/o Ken Kuurila / R.R. # i / Murillo, Ontario / PoT 

2G0 / 807-935-2914 

Our theme is split 7", comp 7" and tapes, band releases. Any bands 
interested send inquiry and material (will be returned). Any place 

that presses 7"s contact me please! Bands that are released receive 
copies and percentage of sales. 

LONE WOLF / 1235 Lambeth Rd. / Oakville, Ontario / L6H 2E2 / 416- 
849-0244 (Jill) 

PROBUEM CHILDREN WRECKORDS / PO Box 133 / Dunnville, Ontario 
/ NiA 2X1 / 416-774-1244 (Jamie) 

RAGAMUFFIN SOLDIER RECORDS / 11 Reiber Cres. / Willowdale, 
Ontario / M2H 1C3 / 416-636-7017 (Stephe Perry) 

RAW ENERGY RECORDS / 2281 Kingston Rd. / Scarborough, Ontario 
/ MiN 1T8 / Phone: 416-265-6666 (Graeme Boyce) 

Record label and management for: King Apparaus - ska, Random 
Killing - punk 


DIY HARDCORE / 52 Ravine Park Cres. / West Hill, Ontario / MiC 2M4 
/ 416-281-9559 

Capacity 100, after phone bill and opening bands, you get every- 
thing. No guarantees, but since you get practically everything that 
shouldn't be a problem.. .intelligent and sloppy thrash bands are 
fine with us, but all HC styles are welcome. 

NIAGRA CAFE (The Backroom) / 875 Queen St. West / Toronto, 
Ontario / 416-588-6784, 416-368-1813 / Contact:Melanie Kaye Coution 
Productions / 18 Fernbank Ave. / Toronto, Ontario / M6H 1W1 / 416- 

Capacity: 120. Accomidations can be arranged. Food and drinks etc. 
negoitable. Licensed venue that is all ages accesible. Promotion: 
ads placed in local entertainment weekly, plus local radio ♦ news- 
paper support. 

1150 / 1150 Queen St. W. Basement / Toronto, Ontario / 416-323-3589 
(William New) 

Capacity: 500 

NO FASHION PRODUCTIONS / 2338 Cerde DesColes / Rockland, 
Ontario / K4K 1A8 / 613-446-1367 (Martin), 230-4435 
This is in Ottawa the Canadian capitol. The D.C. of Canada. 250-500 
capacity venues. Well organized. Food and lodging if desired. 
Payment is worked out individually with the band and varies from 
situation. But no guarantees over the phone!!! 

E / Ottawa, Ontario KiS 5B4 / 613-828-4963 (Dan) 

Hall capacities range from 150-600 people. Lodging provided. There 
are no guarantees, % from door after expenses. No racist, sexist or 
homophobic bands will be booked. 

JAMES WYSYNSKI / 11 Linwood Rd. / Lindsay, Ontario / K9V 5H2 / 
705-324-7652 / Venue Address: Ron Kennedy Hall, KYI / 38 Cambridge 
St. N. / Lindsay, Ontario 

About 100 KM from Toronto. Capacity: 200 or so. Lodging and food 
arangements can be made if necessary. All money split evenly 
between bands after sound system costs. Door price $5 all ages 


CHRY 1 05.5 FM / 258 A Vanier College / 4700 Keele St. / North York, 
Ontario / M3J 1P3 / 416-736-5293 (Matt Galloway) 

Shows: Fast n Bulbous, on the Spot - Tuesdays from 9-11 pm; 

Deathcore up yer Kilt - Wednesdays from 9-10 pm 

CIUT 89.5 FM / 91 St. George St. / Toronto, Ontario / M5S 2E8 / 416- 


Shows: Mods 8 Rockers Wednesdays from 12 pm - 1 am / Radio 
Nihilist Fridays from 1 am to 6 am 

CKLN 88.1 FM / 380 Victoria St. / Toronto, Ontario / M5B 1W7 / 416- 


Shows: Aggressive Rock Saturday 10 pm - 12 pm / In My Head Sunday 
1 am - 3 am 


BEGUILING BOOKSTORE / Toronto area /416-533-9168 

GLAD DAY BOOKSHOP / 598 A Younge St. / 416-961-4161 

PAGES BOOKSTORE / 256 Queens St. W. / Toronto, Ontario / 416- 


RECORD PEDDLER / 621 Younge St. / Toronto, Ontario / 416-921-3566 
SEEKERS BOOKSTORE / 509 Bloor St. W. / 416-925-1982 


/ 416-929-9912 

VORTEX RECORDS / 553 Queen St. W. / Toronto, Ontario / 416-360- 


ARM'S REACH do Adam Carr / PO Box 4, Station "C" / Toronto, 
Ontario / M6J 3M7 / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 

CRIMES OF SURVIVAL do Dan / PO Box 4402, Stn. E / Ottawa, Ontario 
/ KiS 5B4 / $2.00 ppd / 2 or 3 times a year / 8 1/2 x 11 
Issue # i: articles on squatting, ABMX, History of middle east, poetry, 
vegetarian recipes, interview with Grave Concern, and The Ex, 
record and zine reviews and more. Issue * 2 out soon. 

DRASTIC SOLUTIONS / 2 Embro Drive / Downsview, Ontario / M3H 
2M8 / Phone: 416-631-0785 (Paul Abrash) / $3.00 ppd / Usually 40 
pages, 8 1/2 x 11, Offset 

A hardcore zine emphasizing politics. Topics we've covered include 
the Palestinian struggle, international toxic trade, media coverage 
of Oka, Arab stereotyping and poverty; words from Sons of Ishmael, 
Oi Polloi, Fuel, Brotherhood, Moral Crux, Hopeful Monsters, Rorsh- 
ach and Born Against. 

DROWNING IN TOXINS do Mike Pyette / 62 Centennial Dr. / Port 
Hope, Ontario / LiA 3T2 / 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 

DYSGENIC / 52 Ravine Park Cres. / West Hill, Ontario / MiC 2M4 / $1 
and 2 stamps in Canada, $1 ppd in N. America, $2 ppd world wide / 
3 times a year / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 36 pages 

Cynical, straight edge-rooted punk zine. No metal, no mohawks, no 
melody. Fuck corporate infringement on our culture. 

FEMZINE / 2 Bloor St. W., Ste. 100 Box 120 / Toronto, Ontario / M4W 
3E2 / 416-975-1688 (Melanie) / $4 ppd / annually / 56 pages 
Art, wymyn, HC.... 

FESTIVAL MAGAZINE / Toronto, Ontario 
Rep. Cinema listings, free. 

NOW MAGAZINE / Toronto, Ontario 

Toronto's Village Voice, entertainment listings, free. 

SKULL SESSION / 2301 Derry Rd. W. # 8oi / Mississauga, Ontario / L5N 
2R4 / 416-567-8473 / free (trade only!) / bimonthly / 8 1/2 x 11 / 30 pages 
A magazine that focuses on hardcore and thrash, total DIY bands 
only. Free to those sending a trade. I'm always looking for more 
contributors that are willing to speak their minds on paper. 

SNOT RAG do Karl King / PO Box 1330 / Hagersville, Ontario / NoA 
1H0 / 8 1/2 x n 

SOMETHING SMELLS do Glenn McGarvey / PO Box 20161 / Barrie, 
Ontario / L4M 6H2 / 8 1/2 x 11, Offset 

TUNGA-TUNGA do Louanne Voskans / 3329 Lonefeather Cres. / 
Mississauga, Ontario / L4Y 3G6 / $2.50 ppd (US funds) / 8 1/2 x 11 / 24 

An annual fanzine dealing with the music and politics of punk rock. 
THE UNDERGROUND ZINE #1 do Ken Kuurila, R.R. # i / Murillo, 
Ontario / PoT 2G0 / 807-935-2914 / $2.00 ppd (U S. funds) / 8 1/2 x 11, 

Out soon with Pink Lincolns and Sub Pop interviews. Also has 
articles, review, scene reports. Ads are $1.00. Free classifieds! 
Bands send in articles, photos, demos and vinyl for review. Write 
for interviews. Scene report writers needed, contributers get free 

VAGINA DENTATA do Iza / 212-440 Rathburn Rd / Etobicoke, 
Ontario / M9C 3S7 / 2 or 3 times a year / 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 20 pages / $2 ppd 
world wide 

Non-exclusive, contribution-generated feminist straightedge punk 
zine; by women, for everybody. 

WEIRD FLOWER c/o Jim McMartin/ 10 Gore Street /Toronto, Ontario 
/ M6J 2C6 / Canada / Phone: 416-516-1088 / $2.00 ppd / 1 - 4 times 
annually / 8 1/2 x 11 but getting bigger... 

Fill-out-the-form interviews (respondents have included Sonic 
Youth, GG Allin, Penn 6 Teller, Mark Pauline, Byron Coley...), red 
show/book/vid reviews (everything sent gets reviewed), articles, 
artdamage 6 opinion. Witty, urbane, rectangular. 

WHAT'S NEXT?ll CANADA / 301 Edgewood Grd. # 22 / Sarnia, Ontario 
/ N7S 4X7 / Canada / 519-542-4045 / $2.00 ppd / 2 times yearly / 8.5 x 
n, 30-50 pages 

This zine dwells into the musical modes of punk, grunge, popcore, 
HC and some death/grind. We also carry interest articles, reviews, 
scene reports G art. This project tries to keep a consistency in the 
humourous side of the hair club for men. All contributors are 


BLACK MARKET / 48 Kensington / Toronto / 597-2197 
Clothing store. 

BLOOR CINEMA / 506 Bloor St. W. / Toronto / 532-6677 
BLUEBERRY HILL / Bathurst ♦ Bloor / Toronto 
North American food 

COURAGE MY LOVE / 14 Kensington / Toronto / 979-199 2 
Clothing store. 

KENSINGTON BAKERY / Bathurst * Bloor / Toronto 
Vegan food 

LE KASHMIR / Bathurst - Bloor / Toronto 
East Indian food 

PARADISE THEATRE / 1006 Bloor St. W. / Toronto / 537-7040 
QUEEN FALAFEL / Queen ♦ Bathurst / Toronto 
Middle Eastern food 

REVUE THEATRE / 400 Roncesvalles Ave. / Toronto / 531-9959 
ROTI PALACE / Bathurst ♦ Bloor / Toronto 
West Indian food 



Double Think 7" "Scars of our existence..." and some Treadmill 
coming soon 


AGENT SIX Management and Promotion / c/o Janice Fike / 4068 
Clark St. / Montreal, Quebec / H2W 1W9 / 514-289-8749 
Bookings and promotions in the Montreal area. "More head less 

LOUMAX BAR & MOTELS c/o Frederic Germain / 628 Route 138 / 
Portneuf, Quebec / GoA 2Y0 / 418-285-0498 (Ask for Fred or Carole, 
especially if you don't speak French!) 

30 minutes from Quebec City! Hall capacity: indoor-150, outdoor-no 
limit! Lodging provided (free motel room) not food. Working terms: 
all the door to the bands but bands must buy her beer the bar 
(father's business!) small:$3 Big: $4 Except for the motel room. Big 
head stars 6 capitalist bands, stay at home! (Racist 6 Fascist too!) 
Others, come on! You'll have lots of fun! 


CRSG 88.9 FM CABLE / 1455 De Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 647 / 
Montreal, Quebec / H3G 1M8 / 514-848-7401 or 848-7402 / Attn. 
Mimikos Atherias or Derek Lebrero 

Punk/Hardcore shows: Sing Along With Dave, Friday 12-2 PM; 
Mindgrind, TBA; I'll Take My Pants Off, ThankYou, Thursday 9-11 PM; 
Bad Taste, Wednesday 12-2 PM 


RSB RECORDS / Montreal, Quebec / 514-342-8511 / (ask for Shantale) 
Cheap pressing plant for CD's and cassettes 


BUSS / PO Box 425, Victoria Postal Sta. / Montreal, Quebec / H3Z 2V8 
/ 514-289-8749 or c/o Agent Six Management / 4068 Clark St. / 
Montreal, Quebec / H2W 1W9 / 514-289-8749 
2 tapes out. EP in April! 4 piece band - laid back but intense, fluid, 
unpredictalbe, paranoid, search for the unexpected. 

GENERAL FOODS / 105 Frontenac / Sherbrooke, QC / JiH 1J7 / Canada 
/ 819-562-7701 

Post punk? Energic? Ska? Hardcore? Original? Female Singer? 
Dementia? Exotico Francais/English? What? Won't Stick To My 
Denture? Yes. General Fools. Record coming soon. 

INEFFABLES TITOS / c/o Nicolas Thibault / 1180 Grand Rang / La 
Presentation, Quebec / JoH 1B0 / 514-796-2072 
Grunge/punk band (Mudhoney, Tar, NoMeansNo), singing in 
French. Beginners but can put on a good show. Living just outside 
Montreal so we can open for you in Montreal area, even Quebec 
City. May help set up show. Good demo so available for comps. 
TREADMILL / 30 PL. Leonard / Buckingham, Quebec / J8L 3N4 / 819- 
986-2661 (Yannick) 

Modern "melodic" HC with a heavy ♦ complex sound. Has a textural 
feel that's very brooding ♦weighty. Maybe a cross between D C. ♦ 
Econochrist. Brutal... 

VELCRO SOUL / C.P. 352 / Boucherville, Quebec / J4B 5W2 / 514-482- 
4684 (English: leave a message), 514-257-9240 (Francais) 

Loud and proud from Montreal, we are Velcro Soul, the punk-pop- 
metal-funk-reggae-rock'n'core extravaganza to end all punk-pop- 
metal-funk-reggae-rock'n'core extravaganzas. Onetwothreefour! 


DAYBREAK RECORDS / 30 PL. Leonard / Buckingham, Quebec / J8L 
3N4 / 819-986-2661 (Yannick) 

I will trade anything (vinyl, demos, zines, etc.) for some releases on 





CADAVERS c/o Patricia / Jose Marmol 1432 / CP 1255 / Buenos Aires 
/ Argentina 

It's one of the oldest bands in this country. We play in a killer punk 
rock vein G cover some stuff like Stooges, Thunders. We haven't got 
a good quality demo, but it's on the way. We play wherever it is. 


RESISTENCIA c/o Patricia / Jose Marmol 1432 / CP 1255 / Buenos Aires 
/ Argentina / $3.50 ppd / Twice a year or more / 34 x 23 cm 
The zine has been around since 1984. It deals with everything 
concerning music, horror films and some harder edged sort of 
themes. Punk, garage, rock'n'roll killer stuff. 



BASTARD SQUAD / PO Box 64 / Preston / Vic 3072 / Australia 
Alive and gigging! 


SPIRAL OBJECTIVE / PO Box 126 / Oaklands Pk / S.A. 5046 / Ph: 61- 
8-276-5076 (Greg Objective, Simon Spiral) 

Vinyl, CD's, zines. Mailorder, shops G gigs, wholesale soon! 



DAYBREAK RECORDS / 30 PL. Leonard / Buckingham, Quebec / J8L 
3N4 / 819-986-2661 (Yannick) 

POLYESTER RECORDS / 330 Brunswick St. / Fitzroy, Melbourne / Vic, 
Austrailia, 3065 / Tel. 61-3-419-5137 or Fax.61-3-419-4961 
Polyester records has been going as a record label for about 8 years 
now. With over 20 releases on LP, cassette or CD. More of a hobby 

than a money making concern, releases include I Spit On Your 
Gravy's album "St. Kildas allright." Two mini albums from an all girl 
band The Wet Ones and an album by local neo-psychedelic outfit 
Tyrnaround. Write for our catalogue and enclose 2 IRC's. 


POLYESTER RECORDS / 330 Brunswick St. / Fitzroy, Melbourne / VIC., 
Australia, 3065 / Tel. 61-3-419-5137 or Fa* 61-3-419-4961 
Specialising in Austrailian independent music, non-mainstream 
stuff, also "world music," RNB and other less represented. Kinds of 
CD’s, tapes and records. We can mail anywhere in the world. Just 
call and have you Mastercard or Visa ready. 


LUMPY GROOVY c/o Polyester Records / 330 Brunswick St. / 
Fitzroy, Melbourne / Vic.’, Australia 3065 / Tel. 61 3 419-5*37 or FaX: 61 
3 4*9-496* 

A fanzine put out for Polyester customers, it s appearance is a rare 
occurrence. We welcome contributions, especially subgenius rants, 
bonzo dog band information, general conspiracy theories and 
interesting silliness. 



THE WAY c/o Harold Rau / Favoritenstrasse 235D/11 /noo Wein / 

Ex-Boeslinge. Got formed in November 1990. Erwin "Boesling"- 
guitar, vocals, drums. Edgar-Bass, vocals. Harry "The Herbert"- 
Drums, guitar, vocals. Melodic punk. Lyrics deal with topics anti- 
militarism, police-oppression, exploitation, ecology, relationships 
between people, etc. 


SACRO EGOISMO REC c/o Tiberiju / Schelleingasse 39/24 / A-1040 
Wein / Austria 

The only one in Austria, we sell through mailorder ♦ at gigs. In 90% 
of the cases we just distribute stuff we traded with our own label 
releases. Especially LF's, EP's, zines. We cover just the Austrian 


SACRO EGOISMO REC c/o Tiberiju / Schelleingasse 39/24 / A-1040 
Wein / Austria 

Till now we have 12 own vinyl releases, mostly Austrian (small!) 
bands -few ex-Yugoslavian bands. Trades are always welcome. The 
only aim is to build up a well-functioning infrastructure for the no 
profit scene. 


FLEX'S DIGEST c/o Tiberiju / Schelleingasse 39/24 / A-1040 Wein / 
Austria / $3 ppd / 4 times per year / A4, 64 pages, offset print 
About 700 made ♦ sold! Area of coverage: Austria, Germany, 

Little Fingers. One demo out. Recorded 17 songs for debut LP/CD 
- out somewhere in 1992. Personal and social lyrics (no preachy 

WHAT'S THAT NOISE? c/o Herszaft Alain / Av. V Olivier 10 A - Bte 
67 / 1070 Bruxelles / Belgium / Tel. 02.521.76.52 (from 6 PM) 
Contains an ex-Mental Disturbance member. Funcore not involved 
politically. Not easy to describe or be compared to other bands. 



DRUIBZNUID c/o Gratien / Eksaarderijweg 246 / 9041 Oostakker 
(Gent) / Belgium 

Distributes DIY records, zines, tapes and anything else that seems 
to be worthwhile. The mailorder is totally non-profit, any profits go 
towards meaningful causes. 


NABATE / B.P. 92 / 4000 Liege 1 / Belgium 
We put out records of people we know and are friends with (in 
order to keep it fun and worth it). We sure believe we should 
venture into other paths than the capitalist one. Check out our ads, 


LES AMIS DE LA PLACE 4/14 Ruelle Rolans / 4000 Liege / Belgium 
Capacity 250 / Vegan food 6 punk lodging / depends on where you re 
from and how many people will show up. We re a no-profit 


RADIO PANIK / FM 105.4 / Tel. 02 734 04 50 / What’s That Noise? CJ 
o Herszaft Alain / Av. V. Olivier 10 A - Bte 67 / 1070 Bruxelles / Belgium 
/ Tel. / Every Friday from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM 


PITSBULL / St. Rochusiaan 1 / B-8500 Kortryk / Belgium / $2.00 ppd 
/ 12 times a year / A5, 30 pages 
In Dutch!!! Punk, Noise, Grunch. 

SKOINK c/o Johan Van Mieghem / Postbus 41 / 9550 Herzele / 
Belgium / $1.50 ppd (surface), $2.50 ppd (air mail) / 3 or 4 times a year 
/ Size: A4 (8 1/2 x 11) 

Punk -Oi! - Ska -Hardcore fanzine. Fullywritten in English. Wetake 
a strong anti-racist/anti-fascist stance but try to avoid heavy and 
preachy politics. We also run the Belgian S.H.A.R.P. chapter (same 
mailing address as Skoink). 

WHAT'S THAT NOISE? c/o Herszaft Alain / Av. V. Olivier 10 A - Bte 
67 / 1070 Bruxelles / Belgium / Tel. 02.521.76.52 (from 6 PM) / Every 
2 months / A5 

We're working to the making of # o. This new zine will be centered 
round new bands (Belgium and abroad), record S tape reviews, ads 
and more. We need contacts!! 





NATIONS ON FIRE c/o Jaak D.C. / Kapellestraat 66 / 9220 Hamme / 

Positive, political, powerful. 

VOID SECTION c/o Mario Van Den Bergh / Oude Beurs 36 / 2000 
Antwerpen / Belgium 

'77 punk band, influenced by The Lurkers, Bad Religion and Stiff 

DISOLUCION MORAL c/o D. Moreno / AA 56385 / Bogota 2 DC / 
Colombia / Phone: 235-7200, Bogota, Columbia 
HC/Punk band with communist lyrics. Sings in Spanish. Formed in 
1989. It's members are: David (bass), Carlos (guitar), Yesid (guitar), 
Manuel (drums) and Juan Carlos (voice). All of them are at the 
"Resistencia Redskin" - communist punx 'n' skins group at Bogota. 


EL PERRO ROJO c/o D. Moreno / AA 56385 / Bogota 2 DC / Colombia 
/ Phone: 2357200, Bogota, Colombia / Trades only / Frequency: non- 

periodical / 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 

Zine by the "Resistencia Redskin" - communist punx 'n' skins group 
at Bogota. Mainly political articles, comics and sometimes band's 
lyrics or interviews. In Spanish. Anti-authoritarian, too. 



MARTIN VALASEK / Ropice 281 / 739 56 Trinec 6 / Czechoslovakia 
CD, LP, tapes, video. Selling: post gigs. 

PIECE OF MIND c/o Martin Cesky / Nebrehovice 7 / 386 02 Strakonice 
/ Czechslovakia 

We offer a lot of Czech and Polish hardcore records and T-shirts 
with animal rights theme. We have mailorder and sell at gigs. We 
want publishing records of So.Cal. HC and straight edge bands. We 
are very interested in trading records. 


MALARJE / Ropice 281 / 739 56 Trinec 6 / Czechoslovakia 
Hardcore, punk, political grind and noise core, LP, EP. 

BLACK HAND c/o Petr Bergmann / Korenskeho 13 / Praha 5 / 15000 


^ 00 **** BANDS 

BLUNT c/o Dan / 1 Wooperton St. / Weymouth / Dorset / DT4 7DX 
Reasonably new band, played a few gigs and planning to record 
soon. Politically motivated with an anarcho persuasion, but a more 
personal lyrical approach. Will gig for gas only. 

CAPABILITY GREEN / 12 Bell St. / Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6NN 
/ U K. / Fax/phone 0484/451908. Guitar-heavy core from former 
Insigators. Album and tour soon. 

CITIZEN FISH / 2 Victoria Terr / Melksham, Wilts / SN12 6NA / England 
We ll think about playing anywhere, anytime. 

DECADENT FEW / Kay / 1 Palmerston Road / Walthamstow, London 
E17 6PQ / U.K. Emotional punk band currently getting rave reviews 
for their "Irrehuus" LP on Full Circle. Watch for tour soon! 
DECLINE / Ju 33 Ellenor Drive / Astley, Manchester / M29 7NN / 
England / Tel.: 0942 879788 

Three piece, melodic HC. Two EP's out on Blind Records. Toured 
Europe 1991 with Go!. Touring summer 1992 with Hell No! 
EMBITTERED / PO Box 23 / Middlesbrough / Cleveland / TSi 4YZ 
Crusty anarcho punk rock! Second demo still available for $4 ppd. 
Vinyl out in '92. If you like E.N.T., Nausea, Antisect or Doom you'll 
like us! Lyrics deal with sexism, racism, homophobia, multination- 
als, animal rights... all the usual punk stuff! 

FROGS OF WAR / 12 Bell St. / Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6NN / U.K. 
/Fax/phone 0484/451908. Just back from 5 week European tour and 
currently working on a follow-up album to their "All Said And Done'' 
LP on Full Circle. 

HAYWIRE c/o Nath / 102 Belgrave / Southill / Waymouth / Dorset / 
DT4 9SN 

Long standing anarcho thrash band in an Antisect style, sound 
geezers, always ready to gig for travel costs only. 2 Demos available 
from Moosehead distro. 

HERB GARDEN c/o Box 8/82 Colston St. / Bristol, Avon UK 
Kick ass melodic thrash with its own sound. Tapes and vinyl 
available. Send S.A.E./ 2 x IRC for details. On Word Of Warning 
compilation 12" just out. 

INSTIGATORS / 12 Bell St. / Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6NN / U.K. 
/ Fax/phone 0484/451908. After a 2 year rest period Instigators are 
back, on tour in Europe in spring, new album in the pipeline, 
recording begins in summer, released at the end of '92. 

KITO / c/o Rob Hallowes / 9 Newton Park / Hove Edge / Brighouse 
/ West Yorkshire / HD6 2LW / 0484-715148 
A new band based in Cleveland, Middlesbrough featuring ex- 
members of Soricide and Withstand. The band have a diverse sound 
and different songs have been said to remind of Quicksand, SFA, and 

Infest. The band however feel there is a great deal of individuality 
which stems from their wide ranging influences. 

ONE BY ONE / PO Box iQF / Newcastle, Upon Tyne / NE99 iQF, UK 
/ (091) 273 9206 

We are close friends who care deeply about this fucked up world, 
through music and lyrics we express our feelings. We've made two 
records which you should check out. We'd love to play your town/ 
country. Have a nice day! Ex-Generic, P.U.C., Sore Throat. Melodic, 
powerful, political, in ya face HC. EP out on our own Flat Earth' 
label, and LP out on 'Words of Warning.' Will play anywhere for 
petrol money ♦ a bag of chips (own gear ♦ van). 

SOFA HEAD / 11 Salutation Rd. / Darlington, Co. Durham / DL3 8JN 
/ UK / Phone: 0325 465309 

The Northern masters of imperfection stumbled blindly through 3 
albums and 2 ep's since April '89, playing a varying blend of thrash, 
melodic stuff and mutant funk with 1 tongue slightly kept in cheek. 
The new line up's looking like the best and things look good. 
STOCKWELL / c/o Mark / 45E Fountayme Rd. / London N16 
Stockwell have been around for about 12 months now and play a 
powerhouse mixture of rock/hardcore music. We are keen to tour 
wherever (Europe/States, etc.) and would be pleased to hear from 
anyone who can help. 

TERMINUS / 9 Warwick Road / Scunthorpe / South Humbs. / 0724- 

Melodic edged hardcore band TERMINUS (Words of Warning Label) 
are to release their strongest album yet this summer and hope to be 
touring excessively! If you can help with gigs write or call. 


AARON / 62 Chaucer Street / Ilkeston / Derbyshire / DE7 5JJ 
We stock fanzines, periodicals, comics, poetry— almost anything on 
paper! Plus tapes — punk/indie/experimental. Mailorder and gigs 
in the Derby/Nottingham area. 

ACTIVE / BM Active / WCiN 3 XX / London 

Distributes Punchline UK, Allied Recordings UK, Profane Existence 
UK, Big Bang Comics, Anti-Shirts, Active Badges, and Bottomline 
Press UK. We also try to maintain a mailorder catalog of anarchist/ 
radical books, magazines, papers, zines and records we believe are 
worth support. 1992 will hopefully see us get a new catalogue 
together and help us contribute to bringing back a sense of 
revolutionary purpose to the concept of punk and the "anarcho- 
scene." Please send IRC and SAE for info. 

D.O.G. DISTRO / 77 Heald Place / Rusholme, Manchester / M14 4AQ 
Hardcore/punk/reggae - vinyl, cassettes, zines, books, shirts. 

D.S.4.A. c/o Box 8/82 Colston St. / Bristol, Avon 
Vinyl, CD's, T-shirts, badges, patches, zines and loads of Anarco 
litriture. Bulk rates on anarchist propaganda, stalls at gigs and 8 
page distro list, send 2 x IRC/S.A.E. for details. 

FLAT EARTH STUFF / Box Flat Earth / 52 Call Lane / Leeds / LSi 6DT 
/ England / Tele: 091-273-9206 

Mailorder world wide, send for our latest list (SAE/IRC please). Sell 
at gigs at the 1 in 12 Club, Bradford and at all One By One gigs. We'll 
distribute your stuff if you'll distribute ours! No sexist, racist or 
homophobic crap. We also have a label. Release One by One ♦ 
previous Generic EP's. Stocks of mainly world DiY HC/Punk EP's - 
lots of Finnish goodies!! Trades welcome. Non-profit. Mailorder 
or gigs. Send IRC/SAE for list 

FOR WANT OF / PO Box 23 Middlesbrough / Cleveland / TSi 4YZ, U.K. 
A mailorder that's been in operation over 2 years, massive list of 
zines, booklets and comicsfrom all over the world. Write with an 
I.R.C. for the latest list (updated every 2 months.) We stock 
publications only! No records, tapes, shirts, etc. 

FULL CIRCLE / 12 Bell St. / Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6NN / U.K. / 
Fax/phone 0484/451908. Vinyl, cassettes, CD's, videos, shirts, zines, 
books, etc. Mailorder list 2000 items, wholesale and stalls at shows. 
MCR UK c/o Mike Foster / PO Box 1313 / Bath BAi 3TJ / UK / Tel.: 0225 

We mainly deal in Japanese imports, but also stock a fairly wide 
range of international HC records and CD's. If any label/band wants 
their stuff sold on consignment please get in touch. We operate 
through mail order. New list out every couple of months. 

MOOSEHEAD DISTRO / 102 Belgrave / Southill / Weymouth / Dorset 
/ DT4 9SN 

Cool distro doing zines, records, tapes and patches. Non rip off and 
all proceeds to animal rights, prisoner support group. Write for 
current list. 

PEACE AND TRANQUILITY / PO Box 23 Middlesbrough / Cleveland 
/ TSi 4YZ, U.K. 

A relatively new mailorder dealing in punk/anarcho records and 
shirts, mainly overseas releases, etc. Write with an I.R.C. for a list. 
REACHING OUT c/o Pete / 12 Chestnut Ave. / Clacton-on-Sea / Essex 
/ CO15 2BG / England 

Specialty-anything/everything. Small mail order operation, non- 

SMR / 11 Salutation Rd. / Darlington, Co. Durham / DL3 8JN / Phone: 
0325 465309 

Deals only with SMR/Meantime related products but at cheaper 
than shop prices. LP's, CD's, 7"s, T-Shirts, Videos. Wholesale rates 

TABBY CAT VILLAGE c/o Sean / 48 Ingram St. / Springfield / Wigan 

/ WN6 7NE . 

specialty: D 1 Y released vinyl, grind to melodic. Stalls at gigs in the 
UK, mailorder. Write for list. 

TRIBAL WAR / PO Box 430 / Reading, Berkshire / RGi 6QN 
Records, tapes, t-shirts, patches (from the U.S.). Send SAE/IRC for 

VIRTUAL REALITY / 9 Newton Park / Hove Edge / Brighouse / West 
Yorkshire / HD6 2LW / 0484-715148 

Specialize in distributing punk and hardcore records from all over 
the world. Area of coverage is currently local gigs but hope to 
expand to mailorder soon. VR has a strict markup of 0% and is 
strictly a hobby. 



AGIT-PROP / Box 4, 52 Call Lane / Leeds LSi 6DT / England 
Punk in attitude, but not necessarily in sound. 

BAD VOLTAGE c/o Pete / 12 Chestnut Ave. / Clacton-on-Sea / Essex 
/ CO15 2B9 / England 

Cassette only releases. Looking for bands for LP length releases. 
Small resources so band willing to pay for studio cost's or have 
material already recorded ideal. Send in demo's, practice/live tapes, 
records. All bands will get at least one track on a benefit comp if 

BUND RECORDS / JU 33 Elenor Drive / Astley, Manchester / M29 7NN 
/ England / Tel: 0942 879788 

Started May 1991. Released 2 ep's by Decline. Want to release other 
bands material. Please write with info ♦ tapes ♦ lyrics. Write for 
mailorder list. Exchanges with other small labels. 

BLUURG RECORDS &TAPES / 2 Victoria Terr / Melksham, Wilts / SN12 
6NA / England 

All music is free, it’s just the vinyl that costs money. 

FIRST STRIKE RECORDS / 39-41 Hallgate / Wigan / WNi iLR / UK / 
Phone: 0942 826598, Fax: 0942 821469 

Started in 1988. Put out 20 releases to date by Drive, Jailcell Recipes, 
Libido Boyz, Chain of Strength, etc. Still looking for good bands from 
all over-send demos/info. 

FLAT EARTH / Box Flat Earth / 52 Call Lane / Leeds / LSi 6DT / England 
/ Tele: 091-273-9206 

Available - Generic-’Torched” (w/ Chumbawamba), One By One- 
"World On Fire" (ex-Generic, PVC). Both 7" ep's - 1.60 (UK, pounds), 
2 pounds/$4.oo (Europe), $5.00 (world) airmail. Cheques (UK only) 
to "D Taylor.” Trades welcome. People who owe us money - pay 
up! We're poor. Release One by One -previous Generic EP's. Stocks 
ofmainly world DlYHC/PunkEP's- lotsof Finnish goodies!! Trades 
welcome. Non-profit. Mailorder or gigs. Send IRC/SAE for list. 
FULL CIRCLE / 12 Bell St. / Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6NN / U.K. / 
Fax/phone 0484/451908. Releases by Instigators, Spermbirds, 2Bad, 
HDQ, Sanity Assassins, Frogs Of War, Decadent Few, Cringer and 

LOOKOUT RECORDS / PO Box 2301 / London E17 9DI / England 
Who knows what music lurks in the hearts of punks? Lookout does, 
east bay style. Send a stamp and get the latest news... 

MCR UK c/o Mike Foster / PO Box 1313 / Bath. BAi 3TJ / UK / Tel.: 0225 

(MCR UK 001) Nessun Dorma-Chew it over LP "Hot UKHC.” (MCR UK 
002) Juntess-You Were Free 7"ep "Hot Japanese thrash-core." We're 
interested in trading our releases with cool underground labels 
world wide. 

MUT TAPE LABEL c/o Steve / 25 Elms Rd. / Stapenhill / Burton-On- 
Trent, Staffs / DE15 9AQ / England 

Puts out compilation tapes and split tapes. Usually about 4 tapes or 
so per year. Also comp tapes made by other people are distributed 
by MUT, usually in trade for those people distributing my tapes 
(usually a swap of master CR02 copy). Send $1 or 2 IRC's for a 
complete list of all tapes released by MUT include: Gulag, Psychic 
Possessor, 16B-U-H, Solucion Mortal, Libido Boyz, Identity, Raped 
Teenagers, Brainstorm and many more. All tapes are at a low price, 
mostly $4 including postage in N. America. I'm always wanting bands 
for comp tapes and split tapes that I'm working on. Anyone who has 
recently put out a good quality comp tape, please get in touch if you 
are interested in swapping master copies with one of mine. 

SMR RECORDS / 11 Salutation Rd. / Darlington, Co. Durham / DL3 8JN 
/ UK / Phone: 0325 465309 

When Meantime Records finished at the end of '91, SMR took over, 
carrying on with a new distributor (Revolver), but sticking with the 
style. Releases from Sofa Head and Portland's Calamity Jane with 
more coming from Yardstick, C. Jane, and Exit Condition, etc. 
SUBJUGATION RECORDS c/o Tom Chapman / 6 Woodforde Close / 
Ashwell / Nr. Baldock / Hertfordshire / SG7 52E / 046274-2977 
Subjugation is currently releasing its first 7". It is an animal rights 
benefit that features several UK straighedge bands. It then hopes 
to build from this release and release a number of records over the 
coming months. 

TABBY CAT RECORDS c/o Melanie / 522 Warrington Rd. / Abram / 
Wigan / WN2 5XX / England 

No releases as yet. 7" out by the Wynona Riders summer/autumn 
time. More 7”s to follow. 

TRIBAL WAR UK / PO Box 430 / Reading, Berkshire / RGi 6QN / 

Tribal War is dedicated to the production of low cost/social political 
aware music. We have distribution throughout the world and 
support the DIY belief 100%. 


Some listings here are just of indivuals who help book venues in the 
area listed after their name. 

AIDAN/CHRISTY / Tel. 081-5093654 

ACTIVE MUSIC c/o SMR / 11 Salutation Rd. / Darlington, Co. Durham 
/ DL3 8JN / UK / Phone: 0325-465309 

2 halls, 120 and 350 at Leal Arts Centre. Lodging and food, possible 
but not guaranteed. Usually work with guarantees in big room and 
percentages in the smaller room. 

ALAN / Nottingham / 0602-205152 
BOD / Winchester / 0962-842551 

BOLLARDCORE / 29 Aston Brook Green / Aston, Birmingham / B6 4 AS 
/ UK / Tel: 21 359 8170 

Capacity about 80, lodging definitely, food if we've got any! Work- 
ing terms negoitable. 

D.S.4.A. / Box 8/82 Colston St. / Bristol, Avon UK 

Venues 200 - 2,000 capacity (3 venues in Bristol). Place to crash, 

food. Pay in percentages. 

CHRIS / 10 Wentbridge Rd / Featherstone, W Yorks WF7 502 / 

England / Tel. 0977-793918 

DAVE / Tunbridge Wells / 0892-527959 

THE DEN c/o Sean / 48 Ingram St. / Springfield / Wigan / WN6 7NE 
/ UK or c/o Melanie / 522 Warrington Rd. / Abram / Wigan / WN2 5XX 

On Melverley St, Wigan, UK. Capacity: 300, Lodging/food usually can 
be worked out, yes. Guarantee provided. Differs from band to band. 
Gigs once every 3 weeks. 

FIRST STRIKE RECORDS / 39-41 Hallgate / Wigan, Lancs Wni iLR / 
England / Tel. 0942-826598 or Fax. 0942-821469 (Alan/Melanie) 
FULL CIRCLE / 12 Bell St. / Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6NN / U.K. / 

Fax/phone 0484/451908. 2 halls available. Each show is a seperate 
entity, bands get all cash minus expenses (P.A., etc.) guarentees 
negotiable. Bands worked with so far include Spermbirds, Snuff, 
Slapshot, Sink, Citizen Fish, Leatherface, more. 

IAN / Durham / Tel. 091-3841163 

JULIAN / 33 Ellenor Dr / Ashey, Manchester M29 7NN / England / Tel. 

MATT / Buxton / 0287-632792 
NEIL/JEZ / Manchester / Tel. 0942-876332 
1 IN 1 2 CLUB / 21-23 Albion Street / Bradford, England / 0274-734160 
Capacity: 250 (at a squeeze!). Lodging or food provided: Cheap 
veggie/vegan cafe in the building. No lodging at the venue but cool 
people with floor space around. Sorted out for each gig in advance. 
Working Terms: No guarantees, but we'll work our butts off to try 
and pay you enough for your needs. Bands are paid 2/3 of door 
money, in house PA and engineer. It's a constant struggle for us to 
survive financially. Those with rock star attitudes can just go and 
fuck off! 

RICHARD / Southampton / Tel. 0703-617522 
RICHARD / Stoke / 0782-659395 
SIMON / Newport / Tel. 0633-257244 
SIMON / Nottingham / 0623-29466 

SIREN / 4 Brackendale Grove / Harpenden, Herts / AL5 3EJ / England 
/ Tel. 081-881-9732 or 0582-760806 

London venues capacity 100-700, tours etc. Refreshments negotiat- 
ed, always lodging. Guarantee: usually a payment of set price and 
or % of door takings after promoters cost. P.S. agreements for larger 

ST.PAULS HAUL c/o Dan /i Wooperton St. / Weymouth / Dorset / DT4 

This is a real DIY all ages venue. It's pretty punk rock, so bands who 
want a rock star PA and huge fee forget it! However, we can offer 
you travel expenses, a friendly, enthusiastic scene, food and a nice 
place to crash. If your interested in playing a space which is pretty 
much crying out for gigs, get in touch. We can guarantee you a fair 
non-profit fee, and, more importantly, good fun!! 

TOM / Leeds / Tel. 0532-783323 


S.Y.T. RADIO / io3.5ish FM / Bristol, Avon UK / 



121 BOOKSHOP / 121 Railton Road / Brixton / SE 24 is London's only 
stable squat center. They have a veg/vegan cafe on Friday nights 
from 8-11PM and a bookshop open Wed/Thurs/Fri and Saturday 
afternoon. It's always best to phone first to check (071 274 6655). The 
121 also offers advice on the current squatting situation and 
publishes a monthly guide to what’s happening action/squat/ 
meeting wise in London. 

56a INFO SHOP / 56 Crampton Street / London / SE 17 is a newly 
established anarchist place in Southwark. It shares squatted 
premises with Fareshares Food Co-op so one trip down to the shop 
can be used to stock up on tofu burgers plus piles of anarcho- 
papers, books, mags, posters, and armloads of free stuff! Open 
Monday, Thursday, and Friday 3-7PM. 

ALANS / 39-41 Ha ligate / Wigan / WNi iLR/UK/ Phone: 0942 826598, 
Fax: 0942 821469 

Specialties: Hardcore, noise, indie, some dance. Imports fi domestic 
releases. Decent sized store in town centre that stocks a lot on vinyl, 
CD's, some cassettes, T-shirts, fanzines, concert tickets, etc. Also has 
skate shop on 1st floor. International mail-order service. Publishes 
quarterly catalogue/fanzine. Tow Away Zone. 

FREEDOM BOOKSHOP in Angel Alley / 84b Whitechapel High St / 
London / Ei (near Aldgate East tube) 

FUU. CIRCLE / 20 Bryant Buildings (top floor) / Bryam Arcade (Station 
St. entry) / Huddersfield, HDi / phone/fax: 0484/451908 
lfit'snoisyasshit,wedoit,checkitout. Town centre, 11-6PM, Mon.- 
Sat. Any problems finding us phone for directions. 

HOUSEMANS BOOKSHOP / 5 Caledonian Road / Kings Cross / 
London / Ni (near Kings Cross tube). 

TROUBLEMAKER BOOKS /i Wooperton St. / Weymouth / Dorset / 
DT4 7DX 

Selling a wide range of anarchist and other literature. All profits go 
to local hunts sabs. Write for current list. 


666 1/2 c/o Steve / m Famingham Road / Caterham / Surrey / CR3 
6LN / 0883-347752 / $2ppd / about 2 a year / A5 
The worst layed out, silliest, worst-spelled fanzine this side of hell. 
It's total punk rock in attitude though, so there. 

DARK DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS / 1 St. John's View/ Boston Spa / 
Whetherby, West Yorkshire / LS23 6NQ / England / Frequency 
varied, send SAE/IRC's for info / 5.5 x 8.5 
Dark Diamonds 2: 40 pages, articles, art poetry. 64 P (UK), $2 (Europe), 
$3 (USA) ppd. Dark Diamonds 3/4: 72 pages, third world articles fi art. 
1.34 P/$3/$4 ppd. A Riot Of Emotions i: Art, Prose, Reviews. 54P/$i/ 
$2 ppd. 

DINGO BABY / PO Box 23 Middlesbrough / Cleveland / TSi 4YZ, U.K. 
Issues # i and 2 still available for $1.50 each ppd, *4 is only $1. Number 
5 and maybe 6 will be out now and also cost $1. It isn't an anarchist 
zine, more in the way of communicating personal thoughts through 
either band interviews, fiction, articles, columns, etc. All remaining 
issues are A4 in size, though the earlier issues are much bigger than 
the present ones. 

GIZZARD HEAD / 1 Wooperton St. / Weymouth / Dorset / DT4 7DX 
/ Free with SAE 

With Jon Poreell, Puzzlehead, MTA, any donation for hunt sabs 

MRR-UK / PO Box 59 / London N22 / England (Kent) 

This is the address to write to for info on subscriptions and 
distribution of MRR in both the UK and Europe proper. 

READ IT/EAT SHIT / Box 8/82 Colston St. / Bristol, Avon UK / $2.00 
ppd US, 30P ♦ S.A.E. UK / 3 - 4 a year / 

Anarcho fight back zine. Loads of letters, reviews, articles, inter- 
views. Ad rates available. 

RIPPING THRASH ZINE c/o Steve / 25 Elms Rd. / Stapenhill / Burton- 
On-Trent, Staffs / DE15 9AQ / England / $2 ppd / irregular / 5 1/2 x 8 
1/2, 40 pgs. 

Current issue # 6, with Citizens Arrest, No Fraud, G-Anx, Identity, 
reviews, scene reports, articles, etc. Features the best in interna- 
tional punk and hardcore. Distributors needed! 

SEE THROUGH HEAD / 1 Wooperton St. / Weymouth / Dorset / DT4 
7DX / $1 ppd 

One off zine with Quicksand, Older Than Dirt, art, opinion, etc. 
SHOCKING PINK / c/o 121 Railton Road / London / SE 24 
An irregular "young wimmin's zine" with a strong lesbian flavor. 
Humorous, angry, and not to be missed! 

STANDARD ISSUE # 1 / 102 Belgrave / Southill / Weymouth / Dorset 
DT4 9SN 

Vegan brew guide, reviews, articles, interviews, etc. Animal Sanc- 
tuary ben fit $1 

STEADY DIET / 24 Hopyard Lane / Winyates West/ Redditch / 
Hereford and Worcester / B98 OJH / England / Tel. 0527-29178 / $2.50 
ppd / *1.50 cover price / bi-monthly / A4, 52 pages, no ads, copied. 
Hardcore fanzine that also has an interest in architecture (it's what 
I've studied). Besides band interviews it looks at the cultural life of 
Birmingham (Death Metal capital!) it's multiculture, arts, events etc. 
Zine’s existence will rely on reader feedback. Also stocked in local 

TABBY CAT VILLAGE c/o Sean / 48 Ingram St. / Springfield / Wigan 
/ WN6 7NE / or c/o Melanie / 522 Warrington Rd. / Abram / Wigan / 
WN2 5XX / free w/ SAE/IRC. Write for bulk copies. / Monthly / A4 
Aims to distribute info across the UK about venues, gigs, tours. 
Includes a UK gig guide, venue spotlight, upcoming tour news, 
bands/ tour promoters telephone numbers and addresses, overseas 
contacts etc. Basically anything to do with gigs. 

VISION ON c/o / 27 Springbank Croft / Holmfirth, West Yorks / HD7 
iLW U.K. / tel. (0484) 684544 / $2, everywhere but U.K. - Ei / three 
times a year / 40 A4 pages 


Packed out with loads of interviews from a wide variety of mainly 
fast tuneful, powerful punk stuff, loads of reviews, artwork, 
features and a hell of a lot more!!!! 

YOUTH KR1SIS / 29 Aston Brook Green / Aston, Birmingham / B6 4 AS 
/ Phone: 44 21 359 8170 / $2.00 ppd / Every few months / A5, 32 pages 
Dead good hardcore/pop punk zine with the usual interviews, 
reviews ♦ stupid articles. 


All basic health care in Britain is free 

There are many veggie/vegan eating places around the student 
campus areas of most major towns. 

LONDON! Advice: When arriving in London if you're going to travel 
by underground and bus it's worth getting a one-day travel card for 
all zones, otherwise a couple of trips can easily cost you more than 
a card. Warning: it is not easy anymore to dodge the tube fares in 
London unless you know the stations well! 

HACKNEYi in the Northeast of London has a lot of squats and a 
constant turnover of short term squat centres and/or pubs. Recent- 
ly a popular veggie non-squat restaurant called Pumpkins has been 
set up on Clarence Road, Lower Clayton, Hackney. 

Road, NI is open weekday afternoons to give advice on squatting 
rights and wrongs in the UK 
Also see "Bookshops" for more miscellaneous items 

summer 92. 


SPINEFARM RECORDS / Erottaja 19 A 6.krs / 00130 Helsinki / Finland 

/ Tel. 358-0-611-686 

Vinyl, CD’s. Mailorder S wholesale. 

WIIPURIN A-LEVYT / Ruisvainiontie 9 / 34240 Kammenniemi / 
Finland / Tele: 358-31-789-552 

Only vinyl. Mailorder in Skandinavia, wholesale Finnish stuff to rest 
of the world. Interested in trading records with labels. 



AMAZING TAILS c/o Pena Kaulanen / Tervakukkatie 26 A 20 / SF- 
90580 Oulu / Finland 

Discography: "Out" 7" ep (RM-Records) and "Happy Hour, Unhappy 
Days"-LP (RM-Records) "Melodic harcore in the vein of earlier 
Husker Du, Snuff, Drive and latter day Kina." (MRR # iooA). 

AMEN c/o Spinefarm Records / Erottaja 19 A 6.krs / 00130 Helsinki 

/ Finland / Tel. 358-0-611686 


ANCIENT ASTRONUTS c/o Kis Kontie 5.A.9. / 00280 / Helsinki / 
Finland / Tel. 414720 

We're the Astronuts and we're fuckin spaced. Our music is blood 
drenched hardpunkhorrorcore from beyond the stars. Our lyrics 
are about everything from racism to UFO's. Legalize the weed, let's 
smoke a bong. 

FUMBLE c/o Onska Tappola / Nuolitie 7 / 02240 Espoo / Finland / Tel. 
3580-889988 (ask for Onska) 

Feet on the ground melodic punk band with positive attitude and 
songs about life! 


/ Ukonvaaja 6 E 105 / 02130 Espoo / Finland 

Have been described as postpunk/stooges/funk - hybrid. They've 

got two 7"s. "See the World" and "Psychobeat", on Trash Can. "See 

the World is one of the best songs I've heard in a while."(Your Flesh 


MANIC TOYS c/o Pasi Osmo / Pellonkuja 2 H 14 / 61800 Kauhajoki 
/ Finland 

Listen like a straight rock outfit with understandable yet meaning- 
less lyrics, and a punctuated flaming lick machine-type guitar, all 
melted into catchy, jamming art rock groove. They don't sound like 
all other bands, 1 call that art. Pretty Killer. (Your Flesh *24) 
ODEEMA / Sami / Kalaniemenkaarre 42 / 68660 Pietarsaarig / 

Awesome Finnish HC. For demos, tapes, trades ♦ communication 
write to Sami. 

VALSE TRISTE c/o Mikko Koivuluoma / Opiskelijankatu 4 D 201 / 
33720 Tampere / Finland 

A 5 piece punk band from Finland. We have 2 vocalists. Our music 
mixture of earlier Finish HC and our own style. Discography: "Valse 
Triste" ep (90), "Hyvasti Nielurisat" ep (91), "Sietamisen Olematon 
Keveys" ep (90), split ep with Japanese band "Z" New 7" coming 



GAGA GOODIES / PO Box 47 / 13211 HML / Finland / Tel. S Fax: 358- 

Mostly Finnish stuff with loud guitars, guts and good toons (incl. 
Psychoplasma, Dead Allison, Wanna-Bees, The 69 Eyes, Jolly Jump- 
ers, Isabel’s Pain) plus occasional foreign licenses (incl. Deja Voo- 
doo, Rivera Bros, Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs). With own mail order. 
Over 50 releases in back catalogue. 

JUKKIM RECORDS / PO Box 47 / 13211 HML / Finland / Tel. S Fax: 358- 

7” singles only label. Finnish label licensing foreigh one-off singles. 
Started spring 1992 with releases by The Skydogs (UK), Meanies (AUS) 
and Minstrels (CAN). 

KILL CITY SOUND OY / Box 47 / SF-00531 Helsinki / Finland / Tel: 358- 

HC fi Rock records, propaganda re-releases (Terveet Kadet, Riistetyt, 
Bastards...). Distributors wanted, tours available. 

K1UER RECORDS / PO Box 2 / 28801 Pori / Finland 

Small record label. Always looking for new and interesting bands. 

Send your demos. 

SPINEFARM RECORDS / Erottaja 19 A 6.krs / 00130 Helsinki / Finland 
/ Tel. 358-0-611686 / Fax 358-0-611687 
Metal, hardcore, punk fi noise. 

STIGMA / Ruisvainiontie 9 / 34240 Kammenniemi / Finland / Tel. 

One of the oldest HC/punk/underground labels in Finland. Active 
since 1985. 

STUPIDO TWINS RECORDS / PO Box 301 / 00121 Helsinki / Finland 
/ Phone fi Fax: 358-0-449 881 (no office hours except the fax...) 

Hi, we're the independent kings of the Baltic Sea. Well, anyway we 
try to cover a part of the scene in the Baltic area with 8 Finnish and 
2 Estonian bands in our roster. We've been around for three years 
and have got a catalogue of over 30 releases; not just punk, but 
always with DIY related attitude. Or at least something which 
amuses us and maybe some other people as well. 

TRASH CAN RECORDS / Makasiinikuja 5 / 61800 Kauhajoki / Finland 
So far TC have released 7 - 7”s with such bands as Valse Triste, 
Isebel's Pain, Jack Meatbeat fi the Underground Society, and Manic 
Toys. The up-coming stuff includes a new Valse Triste 7", and a 
Strangulated Beatoffs/Cirde split 7". 


SPINEFARM RECORDS / Erottaja 19 A 6.krs / 00130 Helsinki / Finland 
/ Tele: 358-0-611686 

Capacity 850 to 300. Food provided. Guarantee - percentage. 


RAKARODEO ( at Radiomafia, National Finnish Radio, YLE) / PO Box 
47 / 13211 HML / Finland / Contact: Miettinen / PO Box 10 / 00241 HKI 
/ Finland 

Covers all Finland plus parts of Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia. 
Every Wednesday 10-12 pm; punk, garage, grunge, pop, etc. 


JUNGLE / PO Box 47 / 13211 HML / Finland / Tel. fi Fax 358-17-166369 


/ $4 (over seas), $3 (Europe) / A4, 56 pages / Bi-monthly 
In Finnish, with major distribution locally. Good production values 
crossed with good (?) taste. Lots of pix, discographies, band family 
trees, etc. Covers and reviews anything with guitars and real songs: 
punk, garage, pop, anythingbilly, grunge, younameit. Indies pre- 
ferred but majors tolerated too. One issue each year written in 
English and distributed worldwide. 



CONSTANT SUMMER c/o Manu Othelet / 48 rue Jean JAURES / 59610 
Fourmies / France / Phone: 33-27-60-37-30 
4 pieced band with sax, trying to mix influences. NMN meeting 2BAD 
fi The Pixies? 1 demo, some gigs. We play anywhere for a few food 
and gas for one car, sometimes for free too. 

CONVICTED c/o Ange Grilli / 10 Boulevard de Louvain / 13008 
Marseille / France / 33-91-78-23-63 

Convicted plays-sounds more Discharge than Discharge themselves 
- El Leiki!!! 

GARUC FROG DIET / 18 Rue Nicolas / 69008 Lyon / France 
Hardcore pop. melodic grunge. 

IVICH / Mirguet Eric / 4 Avenue Kennedy / 94410 / Saint-Maurice / 
France / Tel 33-48-85-08-08. 

Tormented and harsh HC as a rightful answer in which pain and hate 
become the reality offered by a society which is founded on lies, 
hipocrisy and brutality. Deny their reality, please. 

JUDGE AK 47 / 39 rue Jean Raynal / 91390 Marsang/Orge / France 
/ 33- 60-16-69-69 

Positive peaceful attitude and power stage. French Hardcore from 
south suburb of Paris. 

MEGA SONIC BOOM BLAST c/o Perrin Thierry / 42 Rue Du Moutier 
/ 93300 Aubervilliers / France / Tel: 16-1-48 34 16 34 
Plays high energy rock n' roll, call it "abrasive punk blues," 
"Hardcore," "timeless," or whatever..^ years old, the band has two 
7 "s out, two totally DIY projects in collaboration with the "Flying 
Charentaise" fanzine... lyrics in english. 

RWA / BP 14 / 33037 Bordeaux Cedex - France / Tel. 33-56-92-39-83 / 
Fax: 33-56-92-52-44 

Doesn't mean anything, rather close to a dog barking. Two self- 
released EPs using a drum machine. Now with both a female singer 
and a great drummer, turned into a noisy hardcore unit. 
VOODOO MUZAK c/o P. Amanita / Ganichenia / F-64780 Bidarray 
/ France / 33-59-37-76-89. 

Exists since 1984. Industrial hardcore. Two tapes, an EP and an LP 
available. Old stuff is more industrial (using machines, tapes.) New 
stuff is more like 'heavy noise rock' but no 'easy listening,' either... 


AMANITA PRODUCTIONS / Ganichenia / F-64780 Bidarray / France 
/ 33-59*37-76-89. 

Mailorder, concerts, deposition in stores, other mailorder services 
in France. We're looking for more foreign contacts for depositions/ 
exchanges. We distribute our own productions, local rock, inter- 
national noise (from Spain, U.S.A....) Records, tapes, fanzines, some 
video. We also distribute American publications, like RE/Search or 
AMOK We try to carry more underground literature and foreign 
fanzines. Catalogue: 1 IRC. 

THE CRAB SONG / BP 77 / 75623 / Paris / Cedex 13 / France 
A mailorder distro born 4 years ago to fill up the gap the French 
underground scene knows. There is no particular specialty as 
everything (vinyl, CD's, zines) from every kind (HC, metal, punk) is 
welcome. Two labels are run by the guys involved in TCS: Stand as 
One and Dog Day Sunrise. TCS distributes exclusively both labels. 
Bands wanted and trades welcome, as usual. 

ERIC / 88 rue du Capt. Jasmin / F-59133 Phalempin / France 
I distribute vinyl, tapes and some zines. the area of coverage is 
France and Belgium. 

PANX / BP 5058 / 31033 Toulouse Cedex / France / 33-61-61-21-45 
Overall International D.I.Y. 7", but also LP, CD and tapes. I usually. 

trade this stuff for French HC/punk labels releases (Panx, Onkra, 
BBS, New Wave...) Only mailorder. 

ROTATION SOUND / 18 Rue Nicolas / 69008 Lyon / France 
We’re new and DIY. And I’m Hugo. 

RARE PRODUX c/o Fred Parin / PO Box 73 / 28232 Epernon Cedex 
/ France 

Sells DIY tapes and zines. 

REACT c/o Eric Wawrzynkowski / 88 Rue du capitaine / F-59133 
Phalempin / France 

Distribution for DIY records, zines and tapes. Get in toudi if you 
want your stuff sold around here. Beware, non-profit, DIY stuff 


AMANITA PRODUCTIONS / Ganichenia / F-64780 Bidarray / France 
/ 33-59-37-76-89. 

Style: from local rock to international noise. 7" EPs, singles, LPs, 
samplers, tapes, CDs. We often partage charges and records with the 
groups to minimize costs and risks. We're looking for noisy, 
industrial, HC bands. It's possible to record in our own 8-track 

ACTS OF DEFIANCE / BP No. 90 / 93270 Sevran / France 
A.O.D. is a tapes label. 28 compilations 6 one split live tape out. 
Booklet with each release. All the bands interested can send their 
stuff and will get a free copy. Looking for distributors. 

BROKEN TAPES c/o J.P. Lemarchand / Route De Cleres / 76570 
Limesy / France 

Bom in '87, twenty-five tapes have been done, including compila- 
tions, splits and bands. We would like to explore all the different 
forms of "punk." Still believe in D.I.Y. and looking for people to 
create a B.T. label in their own country. 

DOG DAY SUNRISE / BP 77 / 75623 / Paris / Cedex 13 / France 
New thrashcore label run by The Crab Song guys. First release is 
Conspiracy of Equals "Grand Illusion" 7". More should come out very 
soon. Desperately looking for fast unpretentious concerned outfits. 
DROP DEAD RECORDS c/o Ange Grilli / 10 Boulevard de Louvain / 
13008 Marseille / France / 33-91-78-23-63 

Didn't put out records yet, only tapes (9) but we look for another 
label to help us to put our first vinyl: a 7" of Convicted (Crust core 
in effect, no bullshit!) 

PANX / BP 5058 / 31033 Toulouse Cedex / France / 33-61-61-21-45 
Panx vinyl zine comp. EP series, ten EPs out now, about forty bands 
on them, HC, punk and energy, the series continues on, bands 
needed. Besides the international products, there's a French HC 
scene 7" available (Pin Prick, BBSG, Legitime, etc...) Distributors 

SLUDGE RECORDS / BP 77 / 75623 / Paris / Cedex 13 / France 
Hey you! If you think you were/are the gods of your street but none 
could understand it, if you still have crusty rehearsals or poor live 
recordings, it's time to move your ass 'cos we need them. Most 
wanted shits: Damnation, Pedifile, Majesty, Cashbah... Death Metal 

STAND AS ONE / BP 77 / 75623 / Paris / Cedex 13 / France 
The first straight edge/NYHC orientated label which have never 
ripped off anyone proudly released Nations On Fire, Insight, Rise 
Above second 7" (unfortunately sold out but you still can get the 
poor boot some belgian money maker did).. .Coming: Exit, Voice Or 
Loyalty 2x7”, Ego 7 ”, Growing Concern/In Touch split 7” and more. 
Stand as One is part of The Crab Song. 


METRONOMICON / 11 Chemin Du Canal / 31400 Toulouse / France 
/ 33-61-25-86-90 (Gilles) 

Hall capacity: 150-600. Food and lodging ok. Working terms: 
guarantees or percentage 

PUSTULENCORE / 40 Rue Alfred Dumeril / 31400 Toulouse / France 
/ 33-61-53-36-95 (Olivier, Eric or Nicolas) 

Hall capacity: 50-200. Lodging and food ok. Working terms: 
guarantee or percentage 



CANAL SUD 92.6 FM c/o Fanx / BP 5058 / 31033 Toulouse Cedex / 
France / 33-61-61-21-45 or 61-53-36-95 

This station hosts seven different punk and HC shows on five 
different nights. 

LVA6H 99.2 / BP 14 / 33037 Bordeaux Cedex / France / Tel. 33-56-92- 
39-83 / Fax: 33-56-92-52-44 * 

Live side of our actual tastes, on the air. The best way to get people 
interested in the things we write about. It's every Mopnday night 
from 8:00 p.m. with Vinz. The show is called "Hello Happy 

RADIO KALEIDOSCOPE / 97 Mhz FM / Tel. 33-76-09-09-09 / Contact: 
Phil Cherence / 13 B Avenue / Rhinet Danube / 38100 Grenoble / 

"Sauce Salade" Monday nights. 20H30-22H. Punk-Hardcore-Noise. 
RADIO MERCURE 96.2 FM / Station address: BP 7 / 60134 Villers Saint 
Sepulcre / France / Contact: Hache Ludovic / 1 Allee Gabriel Faure 
/ 60000 Beauvais / France / 33-44-03-22-90 
Friday 20H/22H. Punk, hardcore, Oi (No Nazis!), ska, reggae, thrash. 


ACCORDS 4 A CRIS c/o Phil Cherence / 13 B Avenue Rhinet Danube 
/ 38100 Grenoble / France / 20 ff / A4 / bi-annual 

HELLO HAPPY TAXPAYERS / BP 14 / 33037 Bordeaux Cedex - France 
/ Tel. 33 - 56 - 92 - 39-83 / Fax: 33-56-92-52-44 

Price depends on issues... latest FF 50,00 plus 15,00 post. Frequency 
depends on the money we get back. Yearly... Size is 21x29 cm. Issue 
# 9 has 125 pp. with a full color cover. Interviews (Nausea, Rudolph 
Grey, Of Cabbages And Kings, Neurosis, Cop Shoot Cop, etc.) / articles 
on music, theatre, video, graphics, etc.... and reviews. BxW artwork, 
as well. H.H.T. will stay alive (ten years old) as long as we will still 
feel good spending the money we have writing about the people we 

TUE MOUCHE c/o P. Amanita / Ganichenia / F-64780 Bidarray / 
France / 33-59-37-76-89. / A5 / xerox / 3 times a year / French 
Graphics, short stories, contacts, reviews. # i (1 IRC), # 2 comes with 
a four-song 7”, # 3 out soon (2 IRC) Graphic contributions are 

UGLY FACE c/o Ange Grilli / 10 Boulevard de Louvain / 13008 
Marseille / France / 91-78-23-63 / Free or trade / Almost monthly / 
51/2x8 1/2 

A fanzine more or less focused on the Crusty /Peace Punk/Stench/ 
Grind scene. # i out now with Dprived/C.F.D.L. / Rupture. *1 out soon. 
Write! (French written). 



BLAST OF SILENCE c/o Ulrich von Bremen / Gertrudenstr. I B / 2400 
Lubeck I / Germany / Tel. 49-451-33011 

Punk/HC somewhere between Ramones and emocore with some 
excursions to related subjects. We are interested to get in touch 
with a label. Also to take part in a sampler-project or a split record. 
Also looking for bands to play gigs together. 

CLUSTER BOMB UNIT c/o Oliver / PO Box in / 7453 Burladingen 2 / 
Germany / Tel. 49-7475-7132 

We started in early 1990 with me on drums/vocals, Werner on guitar 
and Mike on bass. We play sort of old U.KVSwedish hardcore. 
Influences are Discharge, Crude S.S., Doom, Varukers, Anti-Cimex, 
ENT, etc... We have no records yet but we are trying to record 
something soon with a new singer. Also, I'm doing a video 
compilation which will hopefully be out soon. It contains about 50 
bands in 3 hours. If you are interested in that, get in touch. I also 
make copies on NTSC system so you can also watch it. 

HARRY COLTELLO c/o A. Filser / Regensburger Str. 2 / W-1000 Berlin 
30 / Germany / Tel. 49-30-2119712 

Urban folk (rock), acoustic and electric. Harry is an example for the. 

classic singer/ songwriter-type, very like Greg Sage or Bob Mould. 
Vinyl on 42 records: LP" Dead Horse" (42/5) October '91/ 7’-EP 
(realease in May) 

INFIRM / Henrik Zenker / Neckarstr. 71 / W-7730 VS-S / Germany 
INFIRM is often claimed as a straight edge band, course we are 
influenced by that sound, but we try to mix the sound (from emo 
to thrash) to get more variety. INFIRM is a fun band with serious 

SHARON TATES CHILDREN c/o Bautz / Steinstr. 7/ W-7000 Stuttgart 
1 / Tel. 49-711-241864 

"Their songs belong to the most interesting stuff the German 
underground has to offer. Hardcore and and a John Lord-organ 
"blend together without sounding enforced" (German HC-fanzine 
Zap 8/91) 

Vinyl on 42 Records: Mini LP "Reality is" (42/2) December '90 / 7" EP 
"Give It !" (42/3) July '91 / LP (release in June) 

SOULCHARGE c/o Bautz / Steinstr. 7 / W- 7000 Stuttgart 1 / Tel. 49- 

"Great power-chord punk with lotsa nifty guitar riffs... lotsa differ- 
ent riffs all over the place. Powerful and really strong tunes ". (MRR 
No. 92, about their debut LP)? We call it melodic hardcore with 
metalhooks. Vinyl on 42 Records: LP "Soulcharge" (42/1) September 
'90 / 7”-EP "Crossing the line" (42/6) March '92 
SWAY SKID c/o Susanne Weber / Neckarstr. 63 / W-7000 Stuttgart 
1 / Tel. 49-711-2261448 

Lucky mixture of Westcoast-HC of the 90's and British '77-style pop- 
punk. Characterized by vocals merging Poly Styrene with Beki 
Bondage. Vinyl on 42 Records^" EP "Sway Skid" (42/4) August '91 
U.F.D. c/o Arno Hartmann / HirschstraBe 23 / D-6450 Hanau 1 / 
Germany / Tel. 49-6181-272530 
Psycho-power HC,... "Bastards from hell" (MRR 104) 


BACKFIRE DISTRIBUTION/ Henrik Zenker / Neckarstr. 71 / W-7730 VS- 
S / Germany 

I try to specialize more on 7”es/EP's but sell cool 12 's too. I sell that 
stuff at gigs, but mailorder works too. 

FLIGHT 13 / Schumannstr. 20 / 7800 Freiburg / Germany 
Sells punk records and zines. 

FRONTLINE / Lilienstr. 16 / 3000 Hannover 1 / West Germany / Tel. 
49-511-7000519 or Fax: 49-511-7000949 

Vinyl, CD, cassettes, magazines, shirts, books. Wholesale 8 retail 
distributor. Mailorder. 

HORIZONS c/o Sven "Gonzo" Chojnicki / In den Tannen 25 / 4670 
Liinen / West Germany 

Speciality: Everything, personal interest in zines. Area of coverage: 
Mailorder, some wholesale. 

KICK RECORDS-mailorder -distribution/ Schlichtenfelde 13 / 4412 
Ostbevern / West Germany / Tel. 49-2532-7075 / Fax: 49-2532-7075. 
Specialty (CD s and vinyl) mailorder and wholesale, recordfairs 
PROFANE EXISTENCE / Schlosstr. 104 / 1000 Berlin 41 / Germany 
Surprise suprise!!! Distributes Profane Existence magazine and 
records wholesale and mailorder for mainland Europe. Yahoo! 
URBAN DISTRIBUTION / Thranestr 40 / 4600 Dortmund 12 / W- 
Germany / 49-231-202752 (Vasco) 

Portuguese and international stuff, CDs, vinyl, tapes, shirts, zines 
X-MIST / Meisenweg 10 / 7270 Nagold / West Germany / Tel. 49-7452- 
2848, or 2872 / Fax. 49-7452-4124 

X-Mist is distributing all kinds of independent releases from all over 
the world! No musical limitations - unless we dislike the stuff 
strongly or it is somehow racist, fascist material! We do mailorder 
also - our catalog features more than 2000 items! We do wholesale 
for our own label, for lotsa other German, European labels and also 
for some imports. 


42 RECORDS / Nelkenweg45 / W-7303 Neuhausen / Tel. 49-7158-5266 
Absolutely non-profit D.I.Y. label from Stuttgart / West-germany. 
Releasing records in financial cooperation with bands. If you want 
to order stuff - see our ad in this issue. 

BITZCORE / Jurgen Goldschmitt / Reeperbahn 63 / D-2000 Hamburg 
36 / Tel. 49-40-310730 / Fax 49-40-310730 (H) or 782783 (W) 

Bitzcore is specialized in re(re)leasing or putting together rare US HC 
from '80- 87 as well as material from a few assorted active bands 
such as Zero Boys, Flag of Democracy, Alloy, etc. Feel free to send 
material for a possible release! 

BODONSKI RECORDS do Bodo Mikulasch / Obere Stadmuhlgasse 4 
/ 8832 Weibenburg / West Germany / Tel. 49-9141-72730 
German indie with diverse roster including punk, hardcore, oi, 
thrash and industrial. Write or call for more info. 

BONZEN RECORDS / Ziindi M. Laszlo / Bockhstr. 39 / 1000 Berlin 61 
/ Germany / Tel. 49-30-6940-1605 

Not just another label. Formats: CD, LP, 7" (Tapes licenced to QQRYQ 
in Poland). The bands: Assassins of God, Disaster Area, Flower Buds, 
Schwarze Feuer, Th' Inbred. To display original and moving music, 
especially from before unknown bands, in a fair and professional 
way, is the practical side of things. The important aspect is the 
relationship with the musicians. Band and label melt into a family 
and grow together. All this should be self-evident in the HC-scene 
but the "market'' blows away many people's ideals. 

CRUCIAL RESPONSE RECORDS do Peter Hoeren / Kaisersfeld 98 / 
4200 Oberhausen / W - Germany / Tel.49-208-870657 
We re not working with any big $ distributors 8 are basically into 
non-profit 8 DIY along with a straight edge stance 8 social G political 
awareness (which goes or at least should go hand in hand anyways!) 
ECOCENTRIC RECORDS c/o Matthias Weigand / Dresdner Str. 30 / W- 
5400 Koblenz / Germany / Tel. 49-261-51296 
We put out only stuff we like! 'Course we are a multicore label. So 
if your band plays HC-punk in the melodic or the thrash way just get 
in touch. 

HEART FIRST / Florian Helmchen / Bockhstr. 39 / W-1000 Berlin 61 
/ Germany / Tel. 49-30-694 16 05 

Label specialised mainly in new japanese punk ♦ HC plus some US- 
HC shit but nationality doesn't come first of course. Only does 7" 
records because they are more punk. Also distribution and 
mailorder for vinyl.100% DIY though the records might not look like 
it. Fuck your trends! 

INCOGNITO RECORDS / Hochfirststr 23 / 7000 Stuttgart 80 / 
Germany / Fax. 49-711-6874225. US address: c/o Rotz Records / 17 N 
Elizabeth / Chicago, IL 60607-1911 / 312-942-1710 
Pure punk rock. 

KOMISTA c/o Sterneck / Eichenheege 12 B / W-6457 Maintal i / 
Germany / Tel. 49-6181-494040 

Our main aim is to develop and support countercultural projects by 
releasing tapes, records, books and organising concerts and events, 
etc. We released stuff by Chumbawamba, Culture Shock, Soulside, 
Sore Throat, A Artaud, J. Cage etc. about resistance, music history, 
womyn's lib etc. 

LOST AND FOUND RECORDS Im Moore 8 / 3000 Hannover 1 / 
Germany / Tel. 49-511-703320 / Fax. 49-511-7000613 
We are releasingrecordings of great punk/hardcore/S. E. bands such 
as Minor Threat, F.U.'s, Judge, Freeze, Government Issue, Fastbacks, 
Straw Dogs, Fix, (Impatient) Youth.. ..Feel free to contact us! 

REBEL PLANET TAPES do Vasco Nogueira / Thranestr 40 / 4600 
Dortmund 12 / W-Germany or Luk Haas / 28 Rue de Soultz / 67100 
Strasbourg / France 

We release compilations from various scenes. So far, a tape each 
from Hong Kong, Romania, Mauritius/Reunion, Malaysia, Turkey, 

RECORDROM Records c/o Gregor Beckmann / Ruhralle 1 / W-5804 
Herdecke / Germany / Tel. 49-2330-4266 

No restriction to special music style. Interested in bands with 
intelligent political lyrics and melodic sound. Preferation for 
female vocals. Interested in exchanging records in large quanitities. 
SAMARX-TAPES c/o Christoph Marx / Pipinstr. 4 / 5000 Koln 1 / 

We are a non-profit tape label dedicated to the D.I.Y. spirit. We 
regularily release international compilations representing differ- 
ent sounds/ideas from all over the globe, mainly focused on 
hardcore/punk, but always open to anything. Contributions are 
always welcome (good sound quality is a must, no racist or sexist 

shit accepted!). The tapes always come with large booklets. Write 
for more info. Thanks. 

Semper-Weg 36 / 8580 Bayreuth / Germany 
SFT is a new label out of Germany. Our first three releases will be 
7"ers by ITI, Headfirst, and (hopefully) a farewell 7" by Upfront. But 
please don't order any of these records before you have seen them 
reviewed in a fanzine, Okay? Bands/distributors please get in touch! 
X-MIST RECORDS / Meisenweg 10 / 7270 Nagold / West Germany / 
Tel. 49-7452-2848, or 2872 / Fax. 49-7452-4124 
X-Mist label features lotsa European bands, from popular bands like 
Spermbirds, 2Bad, So Much Hate, to the totally new and unknown! 
We also manufacture the SIS 7' series and Strive Music (features 
Nations on Fire, Tiny Giants, etc.!). Distributors and labels to trade 
with are always welcome!!! 

YOUR CHOICE RECORDS / Tobby Holzinger / Mittelgasse 7 / 6501 
Nieder-Olm / Germany / Tel. 49-6136-3975 
Your Choice Live Series is a benefit project based on live recordings 
in a brilliant sound quality/artwork of different bands, labels and 
styles around the punk/HC scene. Please get in contact for further 
info about everything. Every single contact is welcome and will be 
answered directly. 


Stumpf 27 / 5632 Wermelskirchen 2 / Germany 
An alternative youth club near Koln. Capacity about 250 / We have 
mattresses and can make breakfast and dinner. 

Hanau / Contact address do Sterneck / Eichenheege 12 B / W-6457 
Maintal 1 / Germany / Tel. 49-181-22500 

Self organized squat in Hanau, Germany on no-profit basis. No age 
limit. All kinds of music. Vegetarian food, private place to sleep. 
BETTER GIGS / Nelkenweg45 / W-7303 Neuhausen / Tel. 49-7158-5266 
Different venues from 50 to 400 people in the greater Stuttgart area. 
It’s possible to get bigger venues if it’s necessary. Vegetarian food 
or vegan if requested (warm meal, free drinks and breakfast). 
Private lodging. Working terms: No rascist, sexist homophobic 
bands. No major label acts. All ages. All shows get flyered and 
postered. All profits we've made (thank you, NOMEANSNO) are used 
in cooperation with the non-profit label 42 records. 

CAFE TRAUMA e.v. / Robert Koch Str. 15a / 3550 Marburg/Lahn / 
Germany / Tel. 49-6421-66317 

Hall capacity 200-250 / Food and lodging provided / Guarantee and 
percentage possible. 

FISHCORE GIG COLLECTIVE c/o Stefan / Holstenstr. 197 / 2000 
Hamburg 50 / Germany / Tel. 49 -40-434527 
Warm vegetarian meal, sleeping place ♦ breakfast. Bands get door 
money (100 people - $300). Hall capacity 250 people. Shows at 
Stortebeker Zentrum Hafenstrasse (squat). 

FLORA SQUAT c/o Lynn Hiibler / Neustadter Str. 45 / 2000 Hamburg 
36 / Tel. 49-40-354068 

Warm vegetarian meal, sleeping place ♦ breakfast. Working terms: 
50% bands/50% venue. Hall capacity 600 people. 

RADIO DREYECKKLAND c/o Final Solution (Mike) / Adler Str. 12 / 
7800 Freiburg / W - Germany 

I can offer some help to get gigs in Germany, but I'm not a 
professional promoter and I'm not able to organize tours. I got a list 
of 30 venues in Germany 8 Netherlands 8 Switzerland. First I can 
send bands the list, so send a self addressed envelope to the above 
address. Second I can ring up some contacts who set up gigs, but 
these are low budget plans which means not more than $100 - $300 
a show. I love Econochrist, they still play for little money. 

X-MIST / Meisenweg 10 / 7270 Nagold / West Germany / Tel. 49-7452- 
2848 or 2872 / Fax. 49-7452-4124 

Three different halls available for shows - capacities ranging from 
150 to 800 people! Bands get a guarantee, plus percentage after P.A. 
and other costs are covered. Vegetarian food is provided, also 
lodging is no problem - no hotels, but a few beds and some more 
mattresses. Breakfast the next morning is also provided! 



RADIO DREYECKLAND 102.3 FM / Adler Str. 12 / 7800 Freiburg / 
Germany / Tel. 49-761-31028 / Contact: Mike - Final Solution 
Funk HC shows: Final Solution - Wednesday npm-open end. Nasty 
Hog Wash - Friday upm-iam. Punx Against Boredom - Thursday 
4pm-5pm. Metal Experience Friday 9:30pm-npm. Different HC 
shows on Thursday 9pm-npm. A lot more shows from world music- 
blues-jazz-rap-60's-new wave-etc. In the morning ♦ afternoon the 
stress is more on political topics - world news, gay 8 lesbian shows, 
shows in Turkish, Spanish, etc., Youth shows, unemployed radio 
show. The radio is the only free and non-commercial radio station 
in Germany, it was founded in the late 70 s during a campaign 
against the government plans to build a nuclear power plant in our 
area (in these days still illegal). Since 1988 we got a legal license 
though the government wish us to hell. In the booklet is a lot more 
about the radio station, it's in german. We re interested in any kind 
of contact all over the world. Please write to us, send stuff and we'll 
play it. 


CORE TEX / Oranienstrasse 3 / 1000 Berlin 36 / Germany / Tel. 49- 
30-618 30 97 or FAX. 49-30 -618 30 45 

Specialize in HC, punk, metal and hip hop. LP, 7" 8 CD. T-Shirts 8 

X-MIST / Stettiner Stf. / 7270 Nagold / Tel. 49-7452-2848 or 2872 / Fax. 

Located in the AOK-building. Opens April 1st. We carry all indepen- 
dents, some major releases... but no bullshit like Hard-Cock-Rock, 
Death-Metal, Dark-Wave, Glam-Rock, Pop-Muzak! 


EINSEITIG c/o Ralf Titzmann / Boelkeweg 36 / 4400 Munster / Phone: 
49-251-664235 / Self addressed envelope / Size: A5C, 400 in German, 
100 in English. 

"I like the small fanzines" John Sox told me. We do interviews, 
political articles, things we care about and edit everything you send 
us. We also set up concerts! 

ENEMY'S VOICE c/o Jorg Koch / Zum Lohbusch 52b / 5600 Wuppertal 

1 / Germany / Tel. 49-202-771476 

Enemy's Voice is a political straight-edge zine with many articles, 
columns, 8 reviews, but also interviews with Majority of One, 
Nations on Fire, and Go!. It's written in English and is available for 
$3.50 ppd. world-wide via air mail. The second issue will have 1000 
copies printed and will be out in the summer with a 7". I enjoy 
trading and distributing for other fanzines or records. 

FLEX! c/o Burkhard Jarisch / Finkenweg 15 / D-7030 Boblingen / 
W.Germany / Tel. 49-7031-273381 / Ppd differs, sometimes Ep's are 
included / 2-4 per year / 8 1/2 x 11 

Record reviews only, (old*new U.S. punk ♦hardcore records) along 
with cover pics, infos, track listings etc. Kind of an encyclopedia. A 
book with 2500 reviews will be out in Autumn. 

OX FACES THE FACTS / Joachim Hiller / Joseph-Boismard-Weg 5/ 
4300 Essen 14 / Germany / Tel. 49-201-519231 / 7 DM/$4 US (surface 
worldwide)/ Quarterly / Newspaper size/ Every issue includes a 7" 
(no flexi)compilation-EP. Current edition: 1600. Distribution: Main- 
ly Germany. Language: German. Music feat.: HC/punk/alternative 
rock 36 pages. Reviews: records, tapes, videos, t-shirts(!). We print 

TRUST c/o Dolf Hermannstadter / Salzmannstr. 53 / 8900 Augsburg 
/ Tel. 49-821-66 50 88 / Fax. 49-821-666964 / $5 U.S. 8 Can (air), 5 DM 
or $3 Europe, 5 issue sub 20 DM ($12) / Bi-monthly / A4, 68 pages. 
We've done this zine for over 5 years now, so far 32 issues. We have 
lots of music 8 always try to have socio-political stuff. Contributions 
always welcome. If you have questions, ask 8 include IRC. 
VENGEANCE zine c/o Andreas Gruter / Hulsenbruchstr. 35 / 4300 
Essen / W - Germany / Tel. 49-0201-344158 / $3.00 ppd / depends on 
my spare time! So far I did 3 issues in 2 1/2 years / 8 1/2 x n 

I usually print 550 copies! # 4 will definitely increase up to 700-750 
copies! Also the 'zine is in English! The 'zine is pretty much based 
on the straight edge idea which for me definitely includes politics 
8 a strong DIY stance! Of course that doesn't mean that I feature SE 
bands only...! 

ZAP / Zum Klemmloch 14 / 6652 Bexbach / Germany / Tel. 49-6826- 
81572 / $5 ppd / Monthly, 5000 / Size: DIN A4 
A poor joke. 



PAPARI / Alex Z / Iras 3A / 14565 Athens / Greece / Tel 01-8133183 / 
Postage paid price: $2 or trade, free to prisoners / Frequency 2-3 
times per year / 8 1/2" x 12" / Recycled paper. 

Papari which means bollock is one of the oldest zines in Athens. It 
started in 1986 mainly as a musical zine covering HC and alternative 
bands world wide, but over the last 6 years spread it's tentacles into 
a wider spectrum of topics. In its 11 issues so far, it's covered zines, 
movies, underground movements, animal rights, ecology, counter- 
culture, conspiracy theories, anti-fascist actions, squats, etc., al- 
ways through a persoanl humorous approach. Papari is a weapon 
against the ever-growing stupidity both nationally and internation- 
ally against apathy and misery in everyday life. It is engaged in the 
international fight against oppression, religious and mostly Chris- 
tian stupidity, commercialization, fashion, nationalism, fascism, 
racism or any kind of discrimination. No Gods, No Masters. 



ANARCRUST / PO Box 56523 / 3007 EA Rotterdam / The Netherlands 
/ Tel. 0031-10-4852973 (Bart/SAS), 0031-1840-21787 
The name Anarcrust is formed out of Anarchy and Crust. The music 
is a punk/metal crossover. Aggressive music with anarchistic lyrics 
about being free and individualistic. We have existed since Decem- 
ber '87. Our first LP is called "Freedom of Coalescense." 

BACILLUS / Grotekersbuurt 1 / 3322 CA Dordrecht / Holland / Tel 
3178-138-708 (Patrick, Bert) 

Crust-grind political. 

buurt 1 / 3311 CA Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 3178-138-708 (Andre, 
Marko, Steef) 

8 piece band. Humpa, punk, tango's, polka's, political pto. Moving 
Sept. 92 to Schrijuer Str. 16-18 / 3311 BP Dordrecht / Holland 
HUMAN ALERT c/o Martin Fong / Graan Voor Visch 14515 / 2132 VE 
Hoofddorp / Holland / Tel. 02503-16822 
Anarchy 8 Justice EP out now. 

PARKINSONS / Uranken Str. 1 / 3311 SW Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 
3178-316-123 (Petur) 

2 piece band: guitars ♦ computer drums. 

UNION MORBIDE / Lessestraat 88 / 1966 SH Heemskerk / Holland 
/ Tel. 02510-33083 

Idealism as they say, is for dreamers but when we look upon the 
world we rather not wake up. So together we dream, fighting reality 
as we refuse to agree. 


DROP ITI / Suiuerstr. 58 / 3311 VU Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 3178-141- 
363 (Joost) 

Tapes and zines. 


ZOOID / PO Box 5134 / 3502 JC Utrecht / The Netherlands 
Zooid is working on a non-profit basis. The bands which are 
involved are actually Zooid. We work with Dutch bands projects. 
We've got 2 compilations out, 1 LP and a 4x7" box with 8 bands. Check 
it out! 


2 W 1 JNZICHT / Grotekerksbuurt i / 3311 CA Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 
3178-138-708 (Joost, Hanneke, Andre) 

Moving Sept 92 to Schrijuerstraat 16-18 / 3311 BP Dordrecht / Holland 
100-150 people, lodging ♦ food. 

BREEHUIS / Breestr. 19 / 2311 CG Leiden / Netherlands / Tel. 071- 

Capacity: 300 "peopled?). Food (Vegetarian or vegan) and lodging 
provided. We ll work something out (guarantee, door) 

TOPROD '92 / Ton v.d. Werf / Godekeneheerd 47 / 9737 MA 
Groningen / The Netherlands / Tel. (31)50-419821, Fax. (31)50-140174 
Hall capacity 50 to 3000 people. Food and sleeping places provided. 
Doorprice/guarantee up to $1500. Info, tours, shows, festivals. No 
commercial intention. 


ZWARTBOEK / Grotekerksbuurt 1 / 3311 CA Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 
3178-138-708 (Joost, Andre) 

Moving Sept 92 to Schrijuerstraat 16-18 / 3311 BP Dordrecht / Holland 
Non-commercial book/record shop, all volunteers. Open 6 days a 
week, mainly hardcore. 

BREEHUIS / Breestr. 19 / 2311 CG Leiden / Netherlands / Tel. 071- 

Hardcore-industrial etc. We're non-profit ♦ very small. 


6RIEZL / Madoerastraat 12 B / 9715 HG Groningen / Holland / Phone: 
Holland-050-717019 / $1.50 - $2.00 (depend how rich you are) / 3 times 
a year / A5, 50 pages 

In Dutch!!! Every issue another name, fanzine - HC, Punk, Noise, 

INDEX / Postbus 1271 / 6501 BG Nymegen / Holland / $4.00 ppd / 6 
times a year / A4, 26 pages 

Glossy cover. Magazine with cultural, political and musical items. 
TUATARA / A-Kerkhof 33 / 9712 BC Groningen / Holland / Phone. 
Holland-050-183104 / $2.00 ppd / irregular / A5, 30 pages 
In English!!! Dutch fanzine, New Zealand music. 

X-TREEM / G. Terborghstr. 75 / 7545 BW Enschede / Holland or 
Laaressing EL 22-29 / 7514 ES Enschmede / Holland / $2.00 ppd / 5 
times a year / A5 

In Dutch!!! Little rag with political and musical items. 


D.A.V. / Grotekerksbuurt 1 / 3311 CA Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 3178- 
138-708 (Martin, Bert, Andre) 

Moving Sept 92 to Schrijuerstraat 16-18 / 3311 BP Dordrecht / Holland 
Every Saturday a very good meal ($2). 


Grotekerksbuurt 1 / 3311 CA Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 3178-138-708 
Screen Printer. Moving Sept 92 to Schrijuerstraat 16-18 / 3311 BP 
Dordrecht / Holland 

ONKROEG / Singel Gig / 3311 HG Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 3178-314- 
758 (Rene, Amemaie) 

Squat Cafe. 

ZWUNZICHT / Grotekerksbuurt 1 / 3311 CA Dordrecht / Holland / Tel. 

Squat Cafe. Moving Sept 92 to Schrijuerstraat 16-18 / 3311 BP 
Dordrecht / Holland 



HIDEG RONCS c/o Racz Mihaly / Budapest 1172 / XIII. U. 35. / Hungary 
/ Tele: 158-6410 

2 members, 2 bass and a voice without lyrics and percussion. Ritual 
and psychedelic music. Available 2 cassettes C-60 and C-90, 

recorded on concerts and studio. Any invitation is appreciated, we 
only need traveling expenses, accomodation and food. 


MA'SODIK LATA'S (SECOND VISION) c/o Racz Mihaly / Budapest 
1172 / XIII. U. 35. / Hungary / Tele: 158-6410 / $2.00 ppd or trade / 4 
times a year / A5, 80 pages 

9 issues appeared till now. Deals with every kind of music (from 
punk to folk), art (poems, shortstories, photomontages), culture and 
politics. Lots of reviews about fanzines, records. Reports and 
translated lyrics. Distribution of cassettes (international compila- 

ORDITO' EGE'R (SCREAMING MOUSE) c/o Broder Ferenc / Gyoke'r 
Erika / Budapest / Pf. 188 / Hungary / $2.00 ppd or trade / 4 times a 
year / A5, 40 pages - offset 

We are interested in any alternative arts. Mostly music and usual 
arts. If you order this zine from abroad directly from the publisher 
you receive also plus 4 pages in english about Hungarian scene. 
Distribution: Cassettes, zines and any non-profit thing. 



STILL UPP STEYPA / Laugarnesvegur 45 / 105 Reykjavik / Iceland / 
Tel. 354135273 

Strange political band with four members (to get some idea of music 
we play somewhere between the Ex, Poison Girls, Butthole Surfers, 
Flux of Pink Indians but much more varied.) 


GALLERY KRUNK / Alakvisl 54 / no Reykjavik / Iceland / No Tel. 
We release books with poems, information, stories, etc. Records/ 
cassettes with music and who knows... Papers with information, 
news... and whatever we think we should do we do it. 



KING MOB DISTRO / Conor c/o Ummagumma Rose Comics / 8, 
Winthrop St. / Cork / Ireland. 

Stock books, fanzines, badges, T-shirts, videos, etc. from punk/ 
anatrchist/subculuture perspective available through the shop or 
by mailorder. We are the only place in Ireland for this kind of stuff. 
LEE / 82 Dodsboro / Lucan, Co. Dublin / Ireland / No telephone / 
Fanzines/vinyl (small quantities only) / Area of Coverage: Gigs / 
Payment: cash, or trade for my zine (Nonesuch). 


BELEAST GIG COLLECTIVE c/o Flat 2 / 48 Eglantine Avenue / Belfast 
/ Northern Ireland 

Started two years ago and now consists of nine volunteers putting 
their heads together in order to bring vaious bands over, have them 
play a show, then house and feed them for the duration of their 
stay. Usually we wait until any U.S. bands come and tour Britain and 
Europe and then we bring them from there to Ireland. We 
guarantee travelling expenses that occur. Any profit made from the 
gigs is divided as follows: one third to the collective and two thirds 
to the band. Any profit we make goes directly towords bringing 
over the next band and keeping the scene alive. Capacity: Art 
College-450 to 500, Richardsons-200 to 250. Lodging/Food: Yes. 
Vegetarian/Vegan food is always provided. Belfast Gig Collective is 
not part of Warzone. 

HOPE PROMOTIONS c/o Niall / 31 Hazel Rd. / Donny Carney / Dublin 
9 / Ireland. Handle most of the Irish punk gigs on a non-profit basis. 
NIALL / Dublin S N Ireland / Tel. 131-8809 
WARZONE c/o Rick / 9 Eglantine Gardes / Belfast / BT9 6EZ / 

Northern Ireland 

Starting to organize gigs again and all the information about Belfast 
Gig Collective is applicable to Warzone promotions. 


NONESUCH / Lee / 82 Dodsboro / Lucan, Co. Dublin / Ireland / £1/ 
$2 post-paid / Frequency 1-2 per year / size 5 (5 1/2” x 8 1/2”) 

We try to produce a zine that you need to read. Mixing underground 
fiction, music and opinions with equal doses of laughter and anger, 
it's notyour typical zine. Contributions are always needed and very 


WARZONE CENTRE / 3-5 Donegall Lane / Belfast / Northern Ireland 
/ BTi 

In various stages of completion are a recording studio (16 track), a 
practice room for bands, a veggie cafe, an art workshop, and a gig 
hall which will hold about 200 people. Everything should be fully 
operational by the end of 1992. 


Quite a few of the following listings for Italy were compiled by Paul 
"Toast” Eggplant who travelled extensively throughout Italy recent- 
ly. Some of the addresses are incomplete and Paul warns that many 
of the people may not speak English very fluently. It may be a good 
idea to write or call ahead before showing up on their doorstep if 
visiting Italy. 

pf — -* 1 BANDS 

EVERSOR / Marco Morosini / Via F. Cervi 19 / 61011 Gabicle (PS) / 
Itlalia / Tele:0039-549-950478 

One of the youngest bands in the HC/Thrash scene in Italy. They do 
lots of gigs in Italy but are looking for european promoters. Low 
guarantee requested, contact the band for infos. 

KINA / Gianpiero Capra / Via Della Consolata 5 / moo Aosta / Italia 
/ Tele: 0039-165-250821 

One of the oldest Italian punk bands still on the road. We usually 
book gigs by ourselves except long tours. Anyway always contact 
us before, we'll give to you the name of the tour promoter. Records 
distributed by Blu Bus. 

TEATRO QUOT1DIANO / Michele Piccolrovazzi / Via Monta Grappa 
3 / 38068 Rovereto (TN) / Italia / Tele: 0039-464-420549 
A new band in the punk scene in Italy. Claudia sings and plays 
guitar, she gives a very special touch to the sound of the band. They 
have just started to hit the road and are looking for European 


ANTIONE CENTONZE / Via Bormida 21 / 70022 Altamura (BA) / Italy 
/ records, tapes, books, zines, shirts, badges and videos 
A.Z. DISTRIBUTION / Piedro Majocchi / Via Franchi Maggi 21 / 27100 
Pavia / Italy / Tele: 0033-382-28533 

Only DIY stuff; vinyl, tapes, fuck CD!! Mailorder and our town; the 
mailorder is inside a squat— no shops or record stores! 

GAETANO FRIGIERI / Via XXIII Aprile 4 / 4*049 Sassuolo / Itlay / 
zines, tapes, records, videos, T-shirts, 8 books 
Here's a great contact for a catalog of mostly pirated stuff. 
5 - 22100 Como / Italy 

Vinyl, cassettes, CDs, t-shirts 7"s, and zines. 

WIDE / PO Box 309 / Pisa (incomplete address) / Tel. 050/540356 / 
Record Distribution. Should have current info on Florence 


BLU BUS DISCHI / Sergio Milani / Via Avondo 1 /moo Aosta / Italia 
/ Tele: 0039-165-250821 (Gianpiero— in evening) 

Blu Bus is a non-profit label made for Italian bands. We produce the l 

bands we love. We exchange records with many foreign labels as 
we run also our own mail order. Bands out: Kina, Panico, Teatro 
Ouotidiano, Impact, Franti. 

BREAK EVEN POINT / Via Vallebona 28 / 00168 Roma / Italy 
Italian straight edge. 

CIRCUS RECORDS / Sergio Milani / Via Avondo 1 / moo Aosta / Italia 
/ Tele: 0039-165-31780 (Sergio) 

A brand new label for new young bands. We re just trying to help 
new bands putting out their first releases so that they can go on by 
themselves after. Bands out. Eversor, Madhouse, Snowdrops, 

EST / PO Box 113 / 17031 Albenga (Savona) / Italy 
Record label and Distribution 

S.O.A. Records c/o Paolo Petralia / V. ie Beethoven 63 / 00144 Rome 
/ Italy 

S. O.A. Records has been active from the end of '91; We've put out 
two records and we're going to put out lots more 7”. Our prices are 
cheap cos we think everyone should have the opportunity of 
hearing our shit! (and believe us, making records in Italy is 
expensive!!!) For our stuff see our flyer somewhere else here.’ Also 
coming out Growing Concern new 7" (US-influenced posi-core from 

T. V.O.R. ON VINYL / C.P. 804 / Como 5 - 22100 Como / Italy / Tel. 8 
Fax. 39-2-8052403 

We cover Italian HC especially, but not just that. We still print 
masterpieces of Italian HC history like Negazione first LP or Indigesti 
LP 8 lots more. We trade a lot with other labels, distributors 8 
bands. Get in touch. We own a shop too and we review stuff for 
Italians major music magazines, mainly HC, punk, oi 8 ska. We are 
into licensing stuff for printing in Italy and distribution in Europe, 
as well as licensing our records in foreign countries. 

WIDE RECORDS / PO Box 309 / 56100 Pisa / Italy / Tel. 38-50-540358 
/ Fax. 38-50-598234 


CENTRO SOCIALE LEONCAVALLO / Via Leoncavallo 22 / Milano (Not 
complete address) / Tel. 02/26140287 

They do lots of gigs. Take tram *33 from FFSS Central Station or 
Subway stop Piazzale Loreto, then ask your way! 

MACCHIA NERA / Pisa / Italy 

Bands play here— No other info— ask Wide for address. 


UBRERIA ANOMAUA / Via dei Campani 69 / Roma 

Bookstore anarchist center, very close to Toto squat and Train 


LIBRER1A UTOPIA / Dorsoduro 3490 B / Venezia 

UBRERIA UTOPIA / Largo La Foppa / Angolo Via Moscova 52 / Milano 
(Not complete address?) / Tel. / Fax 02/29003324 Anarchist book- 
store. Arrive by metro - Moscava stop) 

WHIP DISTRIBUTION / Via Savona 13 / Milano (not complete address) 
/ Records, Tapes, zines, comics, books, T-shirts, etc.) / Open Tue-Sat 
*5:30-19:30 Take tram # 8, 19 or Underground MM2 to P.T.A. Genova 
NEW ZABRISKIE POINT / Via S. Maria Valle 4 / Milano / Italy / Tel 
8 Fax. 39-2-8052403 

Specialties: independent stuff only. Large selection of HC and US 
indies, new rock punk, grind, death, UK indie and worldwide 
independent productions. Also, ska, oi, mod and a selection of t- 
shirts, videos, cassettes and CD. Plus rarities 8 collectables. 


ASTRO ZOMBIES / Piedro Majocchi / Via Franchi Maggi 21 / 27100 
Pavia / Italy / Tele: 0033-382-28533 / $2 postage by airmail; price of 
zine $2 / out every six months / A4 (cm 30x21); copied / 50 pages 
In each issue there are interviews with HC/DIY bands, articles about 
musical DIY attitude, squatting, vegetarianism, antimilitarism, re- 
views, poetry, drawings, photos, tales, addresses and more. We 

have a tape labels too. If you want promotion in Italy write! 

GAS / Guido Mantelli /C.P. 189 / 12100 Cuneo / Italy 
Puts out a cool zine of "violent revolt". 


FLORENCE: Stefan or Paolone c/o Casa Oceupata BuBu 7 te / Via 

Ponte Alle Mosse 189 / 50100 Florence Italy 

Very cool cool cool folks! Distribution, zine production, gigs, etc. in 

this squat. Take bus 17, 30, 35 (17 is easiest) to Piazza Puccini stop. 

MILAN: Circolo Anarchico Ponte Della Ghisolfa / Via Monza 255 / 

20126 Milano / Tel. 2574073 / Group/center 

ROME: Casa Oceupata / Piazza Dei Siculi 11 / Rome. 

This is a squat with real cool people! they run a zine and 
distribution. It's in Quartiere (area) S. Lorenzo, only 5 minutes walk 
north from train station, since they are facing police eviction soon 
(not that they ain't gonna fight back) here's the address you should 
mail stuff too: Toto c/o Rosso E Nero / Via Dei Piceni 39 / 00185 Roma 
ALSO ROME: Contro Cultura / Via Braccio Da Montine 71 / Roma / 
Anarchist center 

AND MORE ROME: Forte Prenestino / Cetro Sociale Occupato / Via 
F. Delpino / Centocelle (quartiere/area) This is a huge squatted 
social center. It's an old Roman fortress with moat and all! It's the 
oldest squat in Rome (since 1986). That was the location, here is the 
proper mailing address: Ass. Cult. A.C.A.B. / Casella Postale Aperta 
/ Torpignattara Roma 00177 / Italy. Ask for Costa who speaks good 
English, this is a very interesting place to go— not all anarchist but 
a very recommended place to visit. They have a pub, metal and 
wood workshops, indoor and outdoor gig locations, theater pro- 
duction, other art production, tape production, record, tape, shirt 
and zine distribution, annual art show, annual party celebrating its 
founding on May 1st, some beautiful murals on the walls and much 
more. This is hard to find, so try to talk to someone before you go. 
Take tram 14, 19 or 516 from Termini Station towards Centrocelle/ 
Prenestino. A person in contact with Toto Squat and Forte 
Prenestino: Fabriz D'Andrea / Via Prenestina 186 / 00176 Roma / 

VENICE: Centro Sociale Autogestito Morion / Castello 5129 / Venezia 
(mailing address only) / Tel. 041/5205163 

This is not exclusively an anarchist social center but a decent place 
to visit in central Venice. They organize lots of political activities 
as well as gigs, etc. This place was given and paid for by the 
government because their squats were too visible to tourists in 
Venice but they are still squatting other buildings there. 








taru 10-30 / Kuldiga 229500 / Latvia 
Zine, etc. Info on Latvia. 



ERKE MAISE c/o Erke / Antakalnio 99-55 / Vilnius 2040 / Lithuania 
Band that still plays 77 style punk as Exploi and DK. Believe in 
original punk roots. 

KANCIA c/o Rolandas Naujokas / Parko 77-47 / Panevezys 5309 / 

A punk/HC band in darkest town of Lithuania 

NUOGOS VARLES c/o Povilas / Topoliu 4-68 / Alytus 4580 / 


An address in South Lithuania. Band that still plays 77 punk. Archaic. 
PRIEMONES c/o Jonukas / Balninku 4 / Kaunas 3005 / Lithuania / 

An alternative noise band into all sorts of freaks. Pixie style. 
TURBO REANIMACUA c/o Linas / Musninku 7-16 / Vilnius 2010 / 
Lithuania / 416130 

Best Lithuanian hardcore. Uptempo. Also other activities like "punk 
community", cool people. 


ALCHEMY RECORDS c/o Jojo Hiroshege / 1-15-9-202 Nishi Shin- 
saibashi / Chuo-ku-Osaka 542 Japan 

Indy label that emphasizes noise and experimental records. Mostly 
Japanese bands, some punk and grunge. 

RECORD BOY / 3-59-9 Kohenji Minami / Suginami-ku / Tokyo 166 / 
Japan /Phone: 81-3-3315-2682 Fax:81-3-3315-0484 (attn: Erica) Open 
7 days, 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

An all-hardcore record store need especially "crusty" type, "emo- 
core", S.E., Melodic stuff. We stock Japanese hardcore of course! 


FRINGE c/o Akane Nakamura / 3688 Tsuboh-cho / Fukuyama, 
Hiroshima 721 / Japan / tel. 0849-47-0621 / $6 ppd. to U.S.A I z - 3 times 
per year / 7" x 10" 

Everything is written in Japanese but feature U.S./Aussie/Euro 
underground bands. This zine is for giving information about 
overseas bands/labels, etc. to Japanese people. If you have inter- 
ests, drop a line anytime. 

GATVlS VAIKAI c/o Aleksas Navickas / Taikos 1-12 / Svencionys 4730 
/ Lithuania / 51120 / Donation / Uncertain / 10 A4 or different 
Done by activist in Eastern Lithuania who is involved in all different 
strange activities and is a lonely hero there. 

JOKIOS PRASMES c/o Beneas / Taikos 24-69 / Vilnius 2017 / 
Lithuania / 429971 / Free / Monthly / 4 A4 

A Lithuanian young underground litzine, the guy who does it also 
writes unusual poetry, acts in HC band"Depresija" and experimen- 
tal music. 

KOKS NORS K El IAS / PO Box 899 / Kaunas 3014 / Lithuania / 734908 
/ Donation or $3 or Free /3a year and more / 26 A4 or more 
Punk-HC zine sometimes comes out in English, also includes all 
other underground activities and weirdnesses. This address also 
stands for other Kaunas bands, promotion. Also a radio and friendly 
audio/video exchange and other open support. Write in any case. 
Coordinator of the clean punx from colleges, all perspectives (also 
about grind/metal scene I did not (want) to describe, maybe all sort 
of music in radio. 



ANARCHUS c/o Miguel Angel Cortes 0 . / Apdo 17-808 / CP 11410 / 
Mexico DF / Mexico 

Intense and raging grind with totally pissed off vocals, Iconoclast- 
nihilistics-atheists lirix (No black, death metal crap!!). 

SOLUCION MORTAL c/o Death For Profit c/o Alejandro (Boonz) 
Dominguez / Ave: "B" / Fracc: Costa Bella *923 / Ensenada, B.C. / 

Solucion Mortal is a Mexican HC/ thrash band that's been around for 
8-9 years. A mix of hard/speed/power and aggressiveness to get 
their message across. Solucion Mortal mix a message against 
government politics, animal abuse, war, genocide and all the 
darkness you can see all over. Currently working on a split LP with 
Turbulencia Kaotika (from Tijuana). 


EARSHOT c/o Miguel Angel Cortes 0 . / Apdo 17-808 / CP 11410 / 

Mexico DF / Mexico 

We distribute almost all the local stuff including tapes, CD's, vinyl 
(especially 7”) and also bootlegs. Our coverage is mailorder, gigs, 
record stores, wholesale and trade. 

DEATH FOR PROFIT do Alejandro (Bodnz) Dominguez / Ave: "B" / 
Fracc Costa Bella *923 / Ensenada, B.C. / Mexico 
We stock Records, tapes, videos, CD's T-shirts, etc. including our 
own hand-made products. We are particularly interested in 
obtaining foreign material (mainly HC/thrash/punk/speedcore) so 
please contact us now!! Send $1 or l.RC.'s for catalog. 


M.M. RECORDS do Miguel Angel Cortes 0 . / Apdo 17-808 / CP 11410 
/ Mex DF / Mexico 

Nobody Listens Anymore internatiol comp 7d" (MM01), Cacofonia- 
Bloodsoaked split ep (MM02), Cathedral live lp (MM03), Repulsion 
live ep (MM04), any killing stuff. 


Miguel Angel Cortes O. / Apdo 17-808 / CP 11410 / Mex DF / Mexico 
As you can see from the back of this flyer you'll know that I am also 
a promotoer of gigs!!! I'll send more info when I pay the money I 
owe to the phone company.. Arftghhhh!! 


COUP D' ETAT c/o Alejandro (Boonz) Dominguez / Ave: "B" / Fracc: 
Costa Bella *923 / Ensenada, B.C. / Mexico / $3 post-paid / 4 times 
yearly / 8 1/2” x 11" / 20 pages 

I decided to do this zine to spread a revolutionary point of view in 
Mexico; a zine where I prefer to write articles with a wide variety 
of political/social 8 ecological issues. Of course 1 also focused my 
efforts on music (mainly honest/active/positive type bands). I 
created this magazine with the strong idea to increase solidarity, 
action and good spirit!, please send records, tapes, photos, articles, 
etc... Thanx 

Tel. 02-25 58 36 

Hundreds of different titles on CD/Vinyl/Tape/T-shirts/Fanzines/ 
Etc. We have got a mailorder but also sell to wholesale prices for 
those interested, and people are more than welcome to buy directly 
from our office. 


PROGRESS RECORDS / Lilloseterveien 56 b / 0957 Oslo / Norway / 
Tel. 02-25 58 36 

We are a merging between Knallsyndkatet and D.G.F. Records. We 
have also bought up X-Port/X-Tant Records, and plan to re-release 
their old stuff, as well as new releases with Norwegian bands active 
today, which musical styles range from Hardcore to Punk to Thrash. 


BLITZ / Pilestredet 30C / 0164 Oslo 1 / Norway / Tel. 02-1101-09, FAX: 

Hall capacity: 2-500 people. Lodging, veg. meal, beer provided. 
Guarantee. PA system: 4000 W, 1600 W monitor, 26 channel 
Soundcraft mixer. Backline if necessary. 8-channel live recording 



NIKT NIC NIE W1E c/o Michal Halabura / PO Box 224 / 41-900 Bytom 
/ Poland 

We sell all independent/DIY releases: zines, tapes, vinyl, ♦ CD's, 
video, t-shirts. We sell mainly during gigs and through mailorder, 
but when we see that most of the people who could, already used 
this possibility, we also sell some stuff through shops. We want to 
sell more Western stuff in "East'' as cheap as possible. 





IMA HILL RECORDS / PO Box 407 / New Plymouth, New Zealand / Tel. 
6-758330, Fax: 6-7584219 

Distributes New Zealand stuff overseas and foreign stuff overseas 
and foreign stuff inside N.Z. Also new 6 used record store, with mail 
order and label - 10 releases to date. 


ROSS GARDINER / PO Box 78-104 / Grey Lynn / Auckland, Aotearoa 
/ New Zealand 

Planning to visit Aotearoa, New Zealand? Need a place to stay? Drop 
me a line and 1 can provide you with a place to stay in Auckland, and 
may be able to help you find a place to stay in other parts of the 


NIKT NIC NIE WIE c/o Michal Halabura / PO Box 224 / 41-900 Bytom 
/ Poland 

We started as the first Polish independent D 1 Y record label in 
January '91. Since then we released LP's by: Inkwizycja (Polish), SKTC 
(Poland), Heresy ♦ Meatfly (UK split), and Trottel (Hungry) CD. More 
stuff soon. 


NIKT NIC NIE WIE c/o Michal Halabura / PO Box 224 / 41-900 Bytom 

Not so easy to get a phone in Poland, send your number, 1 can phone 
for free. ..We can arrange tour in Poland, Czechoslovakia (incl. 
Prague), Hungary. You can play 2-3 shows in bigger places or 10 for 
100 to 300 people. Ever heard about economical situation in 
"Eastern" Europe? So be sure you get million dollers for show.. .No 
problems with breaking even and having a good time. Lodging and 
vegetarian food too. 


Jf f ' ~ m BANDS 

DISORDER P.B 3420 Bjolsen / 0406 Oslo 4 / Norway / Disorder 
records and tapes c/o Revolver / 3 Dove Ln. / St. Pauls, Bristol 2 U.K. 
Band: c/o Disorder / P.B. 3420 / Bjolsen / 0406 Oslo 4 / Norway 
Tour with Mushroom Attack in U.K. in April '92 as well as split LP 
with 'em on Disorder Records 


PROGRESS RECORDS / Lilloseterveien 56 b / 0957 Oslo / Norway / 

OVERGROUND RADIO - WARSAW / 73.2 FM c/o Robert Stasiak / 
Husarii 8A / 02-951 Warszawa / Poland 

Everyday from 7 pm to 9 pm. Monday- Hardcore, Tuesday-Thrash, 
Wednesday- Punk. 


NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING c/o Michal Halabura / PO Box 224 / 41- 
900 Bytom / Poland 

We also put out zines in Polish under different names each time. 
This is the english issue with: NoMeansNo, Trottel, Terminus, 
Inkwizycja, "Green Brigades" ecological magazine ♦ more about 

situation in East Next issue will be about clubs/squats/other group 
projects to show Foies examples of how to act in this new reality- 
any contributions welcome. 



BETTER WORLD ORGANIZATION / Apartado 1789 / 1017 Lisboa 
Codex / Portugal / Tel. 8484412 

Vinyl, cassettes, CD's, zines and t-shirts. Mailorder and gigs 


BETTER WORLD ORGANIZATION / Apartado 1789 / 1017 Lisboa 
Codex / Portugal / Tel. 8484412 

Hall capacity: 400. Lodging and food provided. Percentage negotia- 


tors for publishers such as Pressure Drop Press, 2:13:61, Re/Search, 
City Lights, etc. We rule. 

INCENDIARY c/o David / 113 E Gerrard St. / Aberdeen / ABi iEY / 

Sells DIY stuff in the Aberdeen area and through mailorder. Mostly 
anarchist punk records, zines and tapes. 

PEACE TERRORIST c/o Andy / 21 Greenholm Avenue / Clarkson, 
Glasgow, G76 7AJ / Scotland 

Large selection of LP's, EP's ♦ tapes from all over excellent DIY non- 
rip off stuff. Send IRC/SAE for latest list. 


PSYCHOMANIA / PO Box 19 / Alloa / FK10 2YE / Scotland 
Releases include 7"ep's from 7 Minutes Of Nausea, A.C., Patareni and 
probably Meat Shits ♦ End Of Silence by the time you read this. 
Looking for bands and foreign labels etc. to trade releases with. 
Anyone interested in any release or mailorder list send IRC. 


Rebordosa / 4580 Paredes / Portugal / Contact. Luis 


UVRARIA UTOPIA / Rua da Regeneracao 22 / 4000 Porto / Portugal 
Anarchist books, papers and magazines mainly in Portuguese. Punk, 
HC, Thrash, Ska, Industrial. 


CRACK! / Apartado 460 / 4400 Gaia / Portugal / $2 (Eur, surface) or 
$3 (air) / Occasional / 28 pgs. A4 
Punk and anarchist stuff. 

UNIDADE MAGAZINE / Apartado 1789 / 1017 Lisboa Codex / Portugal 
/ Tel. 8484412 / 3 USD ppd / Every three months / A4 
Punk-Hardcore-Straight edge magazine. Written in Portuguese. 
Copies printed: 750. 



MOSCOW ROCK LABORATORY / Staropansky Pereulock 1/5 / 103012 
Moscow / Russia / Tel. 923-1604 

Multi-faceted DIY organization, doingzines, promotion, recordings, 
archives, live shows, you name it. Ask for Max or Olga. 



POLITICAL ASYLUM / 3 Balmoral Place / Stirling FK8 2RD / Scotland 
/ Tel. 031 667 1507 

We are cool, we are aliens, we rock, we are writing new material/ 
recordings. We still have a few old classic records available and a 
range of incredibly stylish fashion wear. 


COUN / Edinburgh / Tel. 0968-82348 
JER / Glasgow / Tel. 041-339-8301 


AK PRESS / 3 Balmoral Place / Stirling FK8 2RD / Scotland / Tel. 031 
667 1507 

Publishers of a wide variety of books, pamphlets, and other printed 
matter. Everything from Poetry to politics. Recent titles include 
new works by Chomsky, Class War, a history of the Anti-Poll Tax 
Movement in Britain, and a collection of collage art of Freddy Baer. 
Forthcoming titles include "best of' collections from Punchline, 
Vague and Winston Smith. Send $1 for latest catalogs. 



M.K.N.Z. c/o Leon Rolih / Zupananciceva 1 / 66250 Ilirska Bistrica / 
Slovenia / Tel. *38 (o) 67 81326 - Weekend or *38 (0)61 273503 - Monday 
to Thursday 

In the town of Ilirska Bistrica. Club for 200-250 people. Hall for 350- 
400 people. Lodging and food are provided. Guarantees or percent- 
age. We prefer to do concerts on Friday or Saturday. We can help 
with one or two more concerts in Slovenia. We can help bands if 
they have day off or cancelled gig, especially on weekends. If they 
call me a few day's before or early on that day we can make a gig for 
them for food and lodging and all money after expenses. 



FOBIA / Apdo. 46443 / 28080 Madrid / Spain 
We are an alternative collective from Spain. We have a mailorder 
service: Records, tapes, bootlegs, videos, zines, T-shirts, etc. We are 
interested in trades with other labels or distributors. We are 
activists who work to promote veganism and fight fascism, sexism, 
racism and police violence. Our label is anti-commercial and 
although we aren't non-profit, we support fi will produce non- 
profit records. 

AK DISTRIBUTION / 3 Balmoral Place / Stirling FK8 2RD / Scotland 
/ Tel 031 667 1507 

Specialty: The printed word; books, magazines, fanzines, comics, 
graphic novels, journals, etc. Area of Coverage: We sell wholesale 
(to bookshops, record shops, other distributors, etc.) Mailorder 
(our latest catalog has over 4000 items— we also produce specialty 
lists of comics, fanzines and second-hand books) and at gigs/ 
meetings/conferences/events, etc. We specialize in in independent 
publications, but also stock other anarchist/radical publications 
from more mainstream publishers. We are the European distribu- 


FOBIA / Apdo. 46443 / 28080 Madrid / Spain 
We are an alternative collective from Spain. We have a mailorder 
service: Records, tapes, bootlegs, videos, zines, T-shirts, etc. We are 
interested in trades with other labels or distributors. We are 
activists who work to promote veganism and fight fascism, sexism, 
racism and police violence. Our label is anti-commercial and 
although we aren't non-profit, we support S will produce non- 

profit records. 


— ** BANDS 

CRY c/o CBR Records / PO Box 3016 / 125 03 Alvsio / Sweden / Tel. 08- 
47-1330 / Fax. 08-86-0070 

RAPED TEENAGERS / c/o CBR Records / PO Box 3016 / 125 03 Alvsio 

/ Sweden / Tel. 08-47-1330 / Fax. 08-86-0070 

THE NEW WIND / Stovarg 37 KV / S-124 41 Bandhagen / Sweden / 08- 



stjamevagen 2 / 4tr 554 64 Jonkoping / Sweden / Tel. *46 36 13 02 97 
Specialty in vinyl, zine's and cassettes via mailorder and gigs, also 
have some Swedish stuff available for wholesale and more to come, 

FINN RECORDS c/o Jari Juho / V.Storg 11A/ 63342 Eskilstuna / Sweden 
or c/o Jallo Lehto / V.Storg 7B / 63342 Eskilstuna / Sweden 
We sell lots of Scandinavian HC records (send an IRC for a list) G we 
release records with HC bands. Write for more information (w/s 
prices etc. etc.) P.S. We want to trade records with other labels, 
bands, etc. 


CBR RECORDS / PO Box 3016 / 125 03 Alvsio / Sweden / Tel. 08-47-1330 

/ Fax. 08-86-0070 

Home of the Raped Teenagers. 

ELDERBERRY RECORDS c/o S. Hakeskog / Polstjarnevagen 2 / 4tr 554 
64 Jonkoping / Sweden / Tel. 46-36130297 
Have three releases out and always available. G-Anx-Masterpeace 
7”, Civilisatinens Bakgard-Benefit comp. 7" for ALF, Sweden, Dom- 
Dar-Revo.. /Stench 7”, Distros ask for wholesale, trades welcome!! 
See Ad. 

FINN RECORDS c/o Jari Juho / V.Storg nA/ 63342 Eskilstuna / Sweden 
or c/o Jallo Lehto / V.Storg 7B / 63342 Eskilstuna / Sweden 
We sell lots of Scandinavian HC records (send an IRC for a list) G we 
release records with HC bands. Write for more information (w/s 
prices etc. etc.) P.S. We want to trade records with other labels, 
bands, etc. 

JUST FOR FUN / Myrmalmsvagen 17C, 3 tr / 612 36 Finspang / Sweden 
Lotsa Plague (Cleveland, OH) releases. 

REALLY FAST RECORDS c/o Patrik Jonsson / Ekgatan 12A / S-595 00 
/ Sweden / 46-142-19154 

At it over 10 years, putting out co-produced compilation LPs (with 
the bands) and various other 7"s. Always looking to trade with other 


BACK BEAT BOLAGET / Fredriksgatan 37 / 811 33 Sandviken / Sweden 
/ Tel. *46 26254881 

Capacity is varying because we arrange concerts in different venues. 
We always supply food and accomodation. The fee is always paid in 
cash. We are a non-profit-making-association and we arrange 
concerts with all different kinds of bands. 

LUGER PRODUCTION / Fredriksgatan 37/811 33 Sandviken / Sweden 
/ Tel. 46-2665 2222, -46 2625090 

Booking agency and management owned by a non-profit-making 
association. Works with all kinds of music. Folkmusic-pop-hc- 
deathmetal. Also co-operation with booking agencies in the rest of 
the world, foremost Europe. 


Sandviken / Sweden / Tel. 46-26254888 

All kinds of music. Tuesday 22.00-23.00, Thursday 18.30-21.30, Satur- 
day every two weeks 19.00-23.00 


y - — m BANDS 

EARTH CITIZENS c/o Resistance Productions / PO Box 426 / 8026 
Zurich / Switzerland 

Earth Citizens are four individuals trying to make a "band" with the 
purpose of inspiring/informing people about serious things in life, 
statements, actions, thinking (thought provocation) etcetra. Our 
message stays with our music (which is a bright mix from "ska ♦ oi! 
over to Hard Core ♦ noise"), music as a form of expression of feelings 

IAMENTO c/o Ph. Oesch / In Den Gartenhofen 10 / CH-4153 Reinach 
/ Switzerland / Tel. 061-711-8407 

Noise-rock-power-5-piece. Mostly German sung texts about fuckin' 
life and human errors. Owning shitroles of papers. 

WORNOUT c/o Peter Bader / Scholastikastr. 24 / 9400 Rorschach / 
Switzerland / Tel. 071-42-11-03 

Starting May 1990 until today more than 30 gigs in 4 different 
countries, gigs with bands like Accused, SFA, Cro-Mags, MDC, Profax 
and a lot more, we have a 5 song EP (Far Out Rec.). 2 songs on the 
Avalanche 2 Swiss underground comp (Far Out), a split ep with X- 
Large (benefit for ALF) and 1 more song on a local comp do ep. to say 
something about the sound from Wornout: it's rough Hard Core 
sometimes we get compared with Accused. Feel free to write us, 
every letter gets answered! 


ANTI-CD DISTRO c/o Resistance Productions / PO Box 426 / 8026 
Zurich / Switzerland 

Specialty: VinyKespecially 7" ep's), cassettes, zines, leaflets. Cover- 
age: Mailorder and at gigs. 

NO NAME c/o Pascal Claude / Steinersmatt 113 / CH - Stans / 

Sells DIY punk and hardcore records, zines and tapes. Wants to 
concentrate on thought provoking and challenging material. 
PRAWDA c/o Peter Bader / Scholastikastr. 24 / 9400 Rorschach / 
Switzerland / Ph: 071-42-11-03 

More than 300 different titles, LP's CD's 7 's tapes fanzines T-shirts 
available. Wholesale list available too. Every month a complete new 
catalog out (free for all buyer, can be ordered for IRC) Coverage 
through mailorder, gigs, wholesale, at home (visit) 


FAR OUT RECORDS c/o Frank Scheier / Stettbachstr. 39 / CH-8600 
Diibendorf / Switzerland / Tel. 0041-1-822-13-41 
Vinyl G CD's label onely (Mailorder G wholesale for a few non-label 
items too...) 99% Swiss bands produced (so far only exception's 
Underdog, NYC) Non-profit volunteer fun. Editions between 500 % 
2000. Other band names: Real Deal, Profax, Fleisch, Zot, Dark Age, 
X-Carge, Infected, a.m.o. Best-known for Avalanche Swiss under- 
ground comp LP's containing 60 minutes of Swiss underground 
music as well as thick booklets full of infos, news and politics (not 
statements, etc.) Send an IRC for regularly four paged info newslet- 

MUGGLEWUMP RECORDS c/o Carsten Nebel / Roswiesenstr. 13 / CH 
8309 Birchwil / Switzerland / Tel. 1 836 5607 
"Fuck your glossy 4-coloured covers. Fuck your UPC codes and your 
computer layout. Fuck your standardized little products ready to be 
shelved and forgotten in your perfect little world." 

RESISTANCE PRODUCTIONS / PO Box 426 / 8026 Zurich / Switzer- 

An anarcho-punk label givingattention to smaller, unknown bands/ 
groups with message etc. Our work is producing 7" eps, cassettes 
and a zine, leaflets, on total non-profit basis. 

RADIO BACK BEAT 90.0 MHz FM / Fredriksgatan 37 / 811 33 


LORA / PO Box CH 8026 / Zurich / Contact: Robert Zollinger / 104.5 

Every two weeks is a hardcore show from 12.00 to 23.30 called 
Hardcore hour and Speed Air Play. I've done a few special shows 
(Interviews with 10 bands, animal rights show, NY HC show, 
Medellin fi Columbia show, Japan, etc.) Every Show is available on 
C90tapefor$5ppd. (w/ cover and playlist). The radio station is 100% 
independent and promotion/commercial free. All work is done DIY 
and for free. Everybody can do a show. The station is local for 
Zurich and area. Mainly shows for minorities (over 16 different 
languages— shows for immigrants. It's the only alternative radio 
station in Switzerland. 


ROMP LADEN / Denkmalstrasse 19 / 6000 Luzern / Switzerland 
Sells records, t-shirts, zines and tapes, specializing in Hardcore, 
Funk, Noise, Independant, Metal and Thrash. We try to keep things 
as DIY as possible. There is an autonomous library inside the store. 
We also do mailorder, so get writing! 


NO SANCTUARY c/o Resistance Productions / PO Box 426 / 8026 
Zurich / Switzerland / $2.00 (U.S.) ppd - air mail add $1.00, Subscrip- 
tion 12 issues $18 (US) ppd air mail add $2.00 / bi-monthly / Size: A5 
No Sanctuary is a "protest-punk" zine giving international infos, 
interviews, articles, art, etc. on the worldwide punk, anarcho, 
resistance-etc. -movement (send in your stuff!!!). Xerox printed. 
PRAWDA c/o Peter Bader / Scholastikastr. 24 / 9400 Rorschach / 
Switzerland / Ph: 071-42-11-03 / $3.50 Europe, $4 all others / 52 A4 pgs. 
Written in German. 5 issues out. No. 6 out in July '92. Edition 800 
copies. Featuring all that we like and what we think is ok to support, 
also a lot of fun • sarcasm, reviews and a lot more. Not only an 
information zine but interviews too. Feel free to write! 

TROTZEN c/o Ph. Oesch / In Den Gartenhofen 10 / CH-4153 Reinach 
/ Switzerland / Tel. 061-711-8407 / $3 (World), $2 (Europe) / Biannual 
/ Half A5, 30 pgs. 

Written in German. This zine has had reports on acts like "Bored!”, 
"Jesus Lizard" or "Urge Overkill" but tries to enlighten the Swiss 
scene with features on inland-events and bands. Includes silly 
games, graphics and personal drug thoughts. 



SPINNERS c/o Zumal Kececioglu / PO Box 154 / Kavaklidere / 06692 
Ankara / Turkey 

8-song cassette from all-girl Turkish punk band $7 ppd, cash only. 


Vinyl, tapes, CD's, zines and T-shirts. Animal rights literature- 
leaflets. Mailorder service SAE/IRC for latest list. Wholesale rates 
for other distros. Stall at most local gigs in south west area of UK. 


WORDS OF WARNING / PO Box 119 / Newport, Went / NP9 7YD, 

Top UK DIY label. Releases from Oi Polloi, the Blaggers, Cowboy 
Killers, One by One ♦ lots more. LP's, EP's, T-shirts - send SAE/IRC 
for a list if you want to stay hype to what's what. 



BRAINSTORM c/o Gvido Obradovic / Strahinica Bana 43 / 11106 
Beograd / Yugoslavia / Tel. 011-182854 

E.H.E. c/o Zivkovic Dejan / Vodovodska 57 / 11134 Beograd / Yugosla- 
via / Tel. 517 691 

EXCESS c/o Andrea Tomasevic (za Hansa) / Nova Skojevska 67 / 11090 
Beograd / Yugoslavia / Tel. 563 143 



INTERMUSIC / Goce Delceva 11/1 / 11070 Novi Beograd / Yugoslavia 
/ Tel. 011/601 319 

Punk, thrash, metal and everything else! 

Skreliceva 7 / 21000 Novi Sad / Yugoslavia / Tel. 601 319. (021-) 


NO TIME TO BE WASTED RECORDS / Strhinica Bana 43/2 /11106 
Beograd / Yugoslavia 

PREDSKAZANJE TAPES c/o Branko Kunovski / Gocka 47 / 11090 
Beograd / Yugoslavia / Tel. 533404 

UNITED PIRATES TAPES c/o Sunjka Dejan / U1.80 Nova 1 / 11030 
Beograd / Yugoslavia 


sic/ Goce Delceva 11/1 / 11070 Novi Beograd / Yugoslavia / Tel. 011/601 

Capacity 500-700 people. Lodging provided. Percentage from door 
or from tickets. Best to use the contract. 

DISKOTEKA "ON A" c/o Zugic Vojislav / Skreliceva 7 / 21000 Novi Sad 
/ Yugoslavia / Tel. 601 319. (021-) 

KBO c/o Vojinovic Aleksander / Por. Spasica i Masere 14/36 / 11000 
Beograd / Yugoslavia / Tel. 504 101 

MARKOVIC DRAGAN / Gale, Filipa Visnjica 10 / 11420 Smedersvska 
Palanka / Yugoslavia / Tel. 026-36003 



RECTIFY / 30 WaenGron / Cwm-Celyn. / Baina / GWENT / S. Wales, 
UK / NP3 3LP / Tel. 0495.309737 (Chris) 

Formed 4 years, released a self financed E.P. titled "20th century" 
(1987), also a split LP "Piece By Piece" on Blown to Bits Records (1988) 
still available. Featured on Words of Warning new comp LP "Mind 
Pollution" (1991). Toured Europe Oct-Nov 91 supporting Chaos UK. 
Had good reception to our mixed hardcore style. 



FLASHPOINT / 30 WaenGron / Cwm-Celyn. / Baina / GWENT / S. 
Wales, UK / NP3 3LP / Tel. 0495.292385 

THRASHER 92.5 FM c/o Intermusic / Goce Delceva 11/1 / 11070 Novi 
Beograd / Yugoslavia / Tel. 011/601 319 


24 HOURS / Strahinica Bana 43/2 /mo6 Beograd / Yugoslavia 
KEROSENE c/o Pedja Delibasic / Veljka Vlahovica 8 / 11420 
Smede. Palanka / Yugoslavia 

PREDSKAZANJE (Oil) c/o Branko / Gocka 47 / 11090 Beograd / 

SAD TO BE c/o Stasa Kovic / Gramsijeva 2/58 / 11070 Novi Beograd / 

SHAWED WOMEN c/o Andrea) Tomasevic / Nova Skojevska 67 / 
11090 Beograd / Yugoslavia 



1=0 BOX 1 S O © & 1 

I'-jasi-i-v'ili-.e: . tint. 

O '7' S 1 S 

■ nawwaaaA^ 




decide TO 

Go to a friends house and tape these new records: 

NOFX "The Longest Line" 12"-$6 CD-$8 
NOFX "PMRC Can Suck This" 7"-$4 

LAG WAGON "Angry Days" 7"-$4 

prices include postage in US I 

Please send cash, checlcs, and 
Pictures of you and your friends to: 

PO BOX 460144 SF CA 94146 




R/iusfC record store 

NEWWAVE 1000's OF 
HARDCORE & 45 s 


M i 1:30 -7 

T, W, TH 11:30-8:30 
F 1 1:30 - 9 

S 10:30-9 

13 E HjfLsdafe Ave (Four Corners) 

1 to ruddle. NY 10530(914)684-9777 



P. o . 


n_ * 

<3 A - 

1 H 

9 H 







BAD NEWZ is in San Francisco and we are going to kick you 
out of your comma and make you produce. Rewards to those 
w ho are righteous and reviling for the redundant. 

X Band interviews. Art, Ranting, Raving, Reviews, and Offense. 


Records, Inc. 

Paul Kasprzak, the wicked child 

Wierdo Love Songs, PK2001 

Young Lords, BUCKET! 

Heavy, Heavy, Heavy PK2003 

Paul Kasprzak II, Paul-O-Riffic 

More Wierdo Love Songs, PK2002 



Paul-O-Riffic, 2944 Glacier, Box 30B-6, Porter, IN 
46304. Make Cheques Payable To: Paul Kasprzak 

High Quality 
Chrome Cassette 
Only Releases 


Dr.. Strange Records proudly announces 
the debut release from one of bo.CaV.s Most 
promising now punk bands 

face to face 

DSR-12"No Authority" 3 song 7’ E.P. First 500 are hand numbered, 
on white vinyl & come with poster sleeve. 

$3.50 Ppd. US., $5.50 Elsewhere Dr. Strange P.0. box 7000-117, 

Alta Loma Ca, 91701 USA 

band info, booking, shirts, free sticker: 

face to face P.0, box 1132 Victorville Ca. 92593 

LOVE BUNN I PRESS takes care of its own.#. 

12622 princeton road 
cleve hts oh 44118 

send stamps .. ieath to the 
attitude. • . 


Think of us when you're naked 

PO BOX 5068 
Pleasanton, Ca. 
94566 U.S.A 

44 pages $3 ppd or trade 


^ilTATRSE PecoRX>5 

- * 



or i-iuAAWS"t 2 


•(blue v«Vy/)i 

K^kobn>ujk+-W\e | |^;ilATwe^ 

course KeJ I e 

*4$ A4 «A*vl I $AHtARoSAvCA 
J us" Want-P 

WH*N iN the bAY AT*A, /tAY MAutrAL 

....AMd yi/it both /idf>/ of th* bAY: 






Show Mo: (510)525-9926 
Booking: (510)524-8180 


, Hours; 

Tues-Fri 3-8PM 
Sat noon-8PM, Sun noon-7PM 




buy merchandise revolt 

E film • An V Sex? clothing • Ho! zine • xinema pobresa 
1 . HEAD DIVE CATAZTNE has info on all our stuff. Send 2 stamps 
for a copy + stickers. 2. UNFUHKED HOME VIP. SAMPLER 
-contains the experimental sight-and-sound-overload flick 
premadonna & a gooky film hommage titled POKA DOT NINJA. 
Each box is numbered, with film-maker's bloodied thumbprint for 
authenticity. RESPOND NOW! Send $10 (payable to M. Revolt) to 

Merchandise Revolt, Box 1 05x, Brandon FL 33509 

•s (402) 346-8843 

Pax (402) 346-2947 


P.0. BOX 8005 OMAHA, NE 68108-0005 

Custom T-Shirts for your Band • Design • Distribution 

Quality merchandise at affordable prices 


mailorder & distribution 

A non profit function with the purpose of helping out all 
labels, bands, etc... (provided they aren’t morons...) to get 
their stuff out. We do mailorder and also sell stuff at shows 
and out of our house. Send a sample if you want to be 
carried. We also book shows in write or call. 
Send stamp for mailorder list. Thanks, and Satan bless. 

PO BOX 655 • KALAMAZOO Ml 49005 » USA • (616) 344- 5707 

P.O. Box 41836 - Memphis, TN 38174-1836 

— — — — — - — - — - — Managing — : y 

+ - Booking - 

Complete Promo Packaging + Record Label 

Fish * n Buddy Productions — 

1 655 Madison Ave - 

- Memphis, TN 38104 ---------- 

"Any Time — Anywhere " 

Decadence Performance Hall — ' 60 ' s 

1 655 Madison Ave — Coffeehouse 

- Memphis, TN 38104 Space 

For further information — contact z 

BUDDY DOUGLAS - (901) 726-5636 

Soul Side 
Six Ways... 

1 8 any use of the ropes - 2x7" 
Recorded live on their european 
-tour in 1 989 

7“-Compilation with Sore Throat 
& 5 more bands... Noize... 
comes with small booklet 
Sei tot ! LP + 32 page booklet. 
Psycho-Power-Hardcore from 

Distributed by Profane Existence (USA), X-Mist and KomistA (Europe) 

c/o Stemeck, Eichenheege 12 B, D-6457 Maintal 1, Germany 









P.O. BOX 424756 • SAN FRANCISCO • CALIF. 94142 

6, OX DUfeWtf)!- 

PM-TPN, MA 0/227 -0183 

nr> zx v* . 

For a catalog of RARE, RADICAL 

send your name, address 
& a stamp to: 

330-JPL W. UINTAH #224 



/».<>. 3 at< 


p.o. box 1112 

► ArranfS* . PA . 

All VJ&. 

recess it 

f .Y,P-*extra credit" 7’ 
recess #2 

F.Y.P-"«wde In u.s.a. 



f.Y.P I'-**'*' 

Ar J\C, PPD X* 0-6 


"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right 
side of the world revolution, we as a nation must 
undergo a radical revolution of values." MLK, Jr. 
"1 knew my youth couldn 't last forever/knew some 
chords sol got the band together/now you don't 
see me/now you do/pretty soon you 're going to 
see what punks can do. " the Adverts, 1977 

3510 N. 8th St. Arlington VA 22201 

is active after 10 years 


27 TDK-D tapes, C-60s by RAW POWER (83-84), TK 
+170 world HC bands , regular demo release, live 
Quality music that has stood the test of time. 
Music of 81-86. Includes Brazil, Spanish, U.S. 
Finnish, Italian, & int'l comps. Still $4 each 
any 5 for $17, PPD . Overseas or chrome add $1 
each / + 7" comp $3, FUNERAL ORATION 1st Lp $8 
INDIGESTI Lp $7, + 3900 live tape trade list & 
+ 1200 record sale list , + FREE BCT CATALOG . 
Chrisbct,PO BOX 16205, San Diego, CA 92176 Thx 

Need help with mail order and/or distribution? Tired of Doing 
It all Yourself? Sick of all the run-around from the big guys? 
Forefront can help! We do mail order, a label ,and distribution. 

Contact us with W /S prices for 10, 25, 50 copies and a sample: 

Forefront Records™ 

PO Box 1964 
Hoboken, NJ 07030-1308 

Stores: write or 
call for low W/S 
price list!! 

Phone: (201)653-1990 Current NEW stuff:A.G's: "Cirkus 
FAX#: (201 >653-201 1 Berzerkus” LP/CS/CD, Soda Can 7" 


Reagan Youth 

• Pop Classics CD 

• Vol 1 LP/Cass 

• Vol 2 LP/Cass 

• The Movie CD 

• An Adjustment.. LP 

• Night of Rage (Live) LP 

• Adjust/Night Cass 

• Awol Mini LP 

• Killing Time LP/Cass/CD 

For Catalog - SAE. To: - 

New Red Archives 6520 Selma Ave. #1305 Hollywood, CA 90028 


UK Subs 



Profane Existence is a multi-faceted collective involved in numerous 
projects within punk counterculture. Some of our projects include a 
bi-monthly magazine, a record label, distribution sevice, screen- 
printing shop, etc. We involve ourselves with local struggles for 
autonomy as well as support others world-wide. We are revolution- 
ary anarchists and encourage the formation of similar collectives to 
re-organize society without rulers, bosses, and exploitation. 

P.O. BOX 8722 • MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55408 • U.S.A. 


n ion . . 

r i aoCjU 

A Division of the Anarchist Punk Community 
U.S. Postal Office Box 8722 • Minneapolis, MN 55408 


Chicago area underground music 
from an independent, collectively 
run label. We distribute other 
labels'/bands' stuff, too. 
BigTkne® music biz sucks. 
We’re friendly, too: this is fun. 

send stamp for catalog/newsletter 

P.O.Box 14182 
Chicago, IL 60614 

(312) 772-4545 

gPEN - PAW+g 2 FflM-r , w, | 1W 

2 wimmin from Hollywood and 
their slave drum machine, 
gloomy, sonic, sensuous, loud, 
"probing the gash in her head" 
7" HP $3 PPD. 

ASDUCK-new 7" HP, out in May. do not order yet. 
HDGEV/ISH -new 3 song 7" out in June to coincide 
with LP release, do not order yet. 

I also sell plastic sleeves for your records. 

Send stamp for complete distribution list. Ho 
seven inchers over $3, all orders shipped fast. 
Updated 2 times a month. Free stickers. Feace. 
greg 1-215-429-0781 

P.O. BOX 912 
NY 11731 
■ 516-751-3983 

8 Haddon Road 
Hewitt, NJ 07421 USA 
(201) 853-4420 


Video List & Sticker 

Send a stamped self addressed en- 
velope or $1.00. BIG list! Over 
1000 shows available! Alternative - 
Punk : Hardcore - Industrial Noise - 
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Available in PAL or NTSC (USA or 
European System). 


Video Transferring 

PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL. 

We make all video systems compatible! 
$20.00 Per Hr. Plus $5.00 Per Tape 

P.O.Box 55115 
Omaha NE 68155-0155 

Culture Rag 

Issue #l$2ppd-June92 

Dan O.Mahoney Interview 
Omaha Scenes &Scene 
Youth For Peace 
Politics, Art, Music 


How To 
And Sell 
Your Own 

The Complete Guide To 
Independent Recording 
by Diane Sward Rapaport 
STILL Available! 

This 'musician's bible' is a must have for 
anyone setting up a recording label outside the major 
label rollercoaster. A step by step manual on every 
aspect of making and selling vinyl, cassettes & CDs. 



(Republic of California) 

• Home Of Fine Audio Infotainment Since 1990 - We Like To Build Things, And It Shows • 

Independent Record Construction In 7 Inch And 12 Inch Sizes. Music For The Proletariat. 

Previously built individual records by ANTISCHISM. BU2Z0V*EN, NAUSEA, NOMEANSNO, PHLEG CAMP, STRAWMAN and UNAMUSED, 
plus several compilation 7 inch EP’s. Plan to construct recordings by J CHURCH, THATCHER ON ACID/WAT TYLER in the near future. 
Self-Belief. Ignore Competition. Do It Yourself. Drop The Bomb. 

ALLIED RECORDINGS - U.S. Postal Office Box 460683, San Francisco, California 94146 United States of America. 

ALLIED RECORDINGS (Yurp Office) BM Active. London WC1N 3XX England. 


Idom dar-revolution 7" 

|$ 4 ( EUR ) ,$5(R.O.W)AIR 

| $ 4 ( EUR ) , $ 5 ( R • 0 ._W_)_AI_R 
[V . BAKGARD-COMP . 7" , BEN- 1 


G-ANX , NO SECURIT Y. $5_( EUR ) ,$6(R.O.W) 



^ t z,p<^ 5 ^S(iCKl^ s 
s H ....SS c re/ 

}write For free catalog. 



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P.O. BOX "N” • JEROME, AZ 86331 




all on beautiful shiny discs! 

send your recordings for consideration to: 


Hi folks! We're FAR OUT RECORDS hailing from .Wzerland. Oar main purpose s j 
to support the local scene, i.e. to help the local bands to release their stuff. 1 
Nevertheless, we have also released a LP by NYC's UNDERDOG which contains-; 
their 7" & demos. Other bands we've released vinyl ,&/ or- CD's of are: REAL DEAL 

We have a 4-paged A 4-newsletter coming out reglarly and whereon you can read ail 
the latest news' not only about our label, but also about the whole Swiss underground 
& political-scene in general! It is available for 1 IRC worldwide. 

Write us for further information on merchandise &/or wholesale 

FAR OUT c/o Frank Scheier, Stettbachstr. 39, 8600 Dubendorf (new address!) OR 

FAR OUT c/o Andy Burkii, Horburgstr. 1 1 , 4057 Basel, both SWITZERLAND! 

Central PA’s Hottest New 

Under 21 

Capacity iooo*!f! 

7 silver Drive, Mechantcetourfl. pa tzoss 

(Behind Supor Sho*& oH Cartel* Pfke) 

Contact- DeVin y B urd (7l7) 7&5-5630 


D - 2000 HAMBURG 36 782 783 



'* vf 'O 

''tejfsi. BLU BUS — 


i,. i Sergio Hilani 
*\>\ Via avondo 1 
11100 Aosta 
. 4 - 4 v. • Italia 

■> a 

k, »*\ ^ ** 

- KINA "Se ho vinto..." UP j 
_ DEITY' GUNS "Electricity LP 

- KINA/ ACT Split 7" 


- KINA live tape TOUR '90 

, •* . * . 

• **• ^ ) 
?;• -‘5 

: U.S.A. — 

i Black list 


UIj 3 bucks pp in U.S. - 
all others $4.50 postpaid. Fe- 
tish 69, Mother’s Day, + Dog 
Faced Hermans 

S.A.S.E. for Catalog 

lUSfiiiaJ Jonestown "All 
Day Sucker" Coming soon 
Dog Faced Hermans "Men- 
tal Blocks For All Ages" CD 
only+Mothers Day 2x7" 

LP + cass. 8 bucks, CD 10 bucks - all prices postpaid! 
Project A-Bomb 2541 Nicolett Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404 


95061-7768 Ph. (408 )-464-80.84 p 

[ 'ft M ; ;UO 7c- . r\ r \l *S'V ' 3^ t) 

! BOTH : $5-. 00 USA / 

* * * TRADES 


$3.00 USA /$5.00 woH 
■p. $3 US/ $5 WORLD '(] 

$8.00 WORLD V 

Dresdener Str.30 
W-5400 Koblenz 
- Germany - 


We are into HC, Punk - melodic or thrash- 
we love both! Feal free to write today! 


Send for a catalogue or send us your wants lists 



Write with details of your releases 

Whatever your request contact us: , 


: ~ J PHONE: (06) 758-3301 

FAX: C/o (06) 7584219 


197 E. Clayton St. 
Athens, GA 30601 
Ph. (404) 369-9428 
FAX (404) 548-7703 


2096 N. Decatur Rd. 
Decatur, GA 30033 
Ph. (404) 329-0020 
FAX (404) 248-9679 






388 w. 6th ave. 
we buy new & used 

• new • used 

• ip's* tapes 

• cd s • singles 

683-1 584 

• garage • grunge 
• grind • punk • pop 
• psych • Indie 

£ jg 



iij o 

P.O. BOX 9033 
FARGO, ND 58106-9033 
(701) 293-9040 

388 w. 6th • eugene, Oregon 97401 • 503-683-1584 

"... oh, let me be true to myself, 
and in a rough manner express severe, 
rough, but true things." 

Vincent Van Gogh 

5 MAE -*<GHV 1 E" 

©uiift ILemisur 

$7.00 USA, $8.50 in Canada and 
Europe. Lemur Records, 2410 Trout Gulch Rd., 
Aptos, Ca., USA 

fwpne-wc #* coRot. 

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’^iives,. .R^eAftcHT 

.. MKe My More... URp/*; 

i5°L^PuvE wAy^ 15? 

SEMTIC , M . 98^1^ -F 


WC1 N 3XX (W 

IdED BEET RECORDS ^ 7327 33rd AVE NE, SEATTLE, WA 98115 1 


" I 'll— P* 1 1 * 


10:07 "H APPINESS BREAKDOWN 11 *! 45 
■ ® ^"^ 5 $3 ~ct "$ 8 > ALL pro! 


t— ---Ss FAX# (206)323-0112 a 

LMELS! I WANT TO DISTRIBUTE! | phone# (206 ) 523-2958 1 

If you're ever in Seattle, come visit our stores! 

ILeft Bank Books 

192 Pike St. (in the Pike Place Market) 1 
Seattle.WA 98101 (206) 622-0195 


&Left Bank Distribution 

g(also the home of our used bookstore. 

We also carry : 

" 1 tapes 



gh4142 Brooklyn Ave. N.E. A.K.A. Books} ^ & periodicals 
g Se ^Jje,W^981 05 (206 ) 632-5870^w " ~ 






W*ONE: 07158 / 52M (HALF) 

We are a DIY record-label from Germany. Our releases 
so far: 

DREN MINI LP (sold out) - 42 3 SHARON TATE’S CHIL- 
COLTELLO LP - 42 6 SOULCHARGE EP — for informa- 
tion see the band descriptions this issue. 

1 992 there’ II be LPs from SHARON TATE'S CHILDREN, 

You can order our records they are 5$ EP & 15 $ LP 
(postpaid, surface) Only cash in advance -sorry!!! 

You see it is very expensive if we mail single copies, 
therefore we need distribution worldwide. Mailorders/ 
Labels please contact us. Get our wholesaled. 

We’d like to sell or trade! 1 1 

We organize gigs in the greater Stuttgart area (south- 
west Germany). 

For details see the BETTER GIGS description this 

Contact us at the adress above. 

bands will be booked III 

Call 0049 7158 5266 



Ready to tight terrorists, drug lords, rogue dictators 
and Japanese zaibatsu for the USA ? 

No? Then you better read this 

“Be not as mad bandits — know the enemy “ — Sun Tzu 

(36 pages) $3.00 from APEX RESEARCH 
PO BOX 64882 CHICAGO, IL 60664-0882 

PUDCHAIN # 1 -Sold Out. 

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Pudchain 1107 Severnview Dr. 
Crownsville ,MD . 21032. 


i 1. NO WAY 7" (sold out) 

5 3. MAZE 7" 



6. HIDE OUT 7" 

7. FRATELU 7" 




compilation 7" (out in 93!)l 


i 75011 PARIS SEINE 

PO Box 11374 
Berkeley CA 94701 


PO Box 2301 
London E17 9D1 

send a stamp or IRC for a 
catalog for info, records, t- 
shirts, c.d's, and 7" ep's 
from bands like green day, 
cringer, fuel, operation ivy, 
crimpshrine, blatz, neuro- 
sis, mr t experience, 
fifteen, screeching weasel, 
nuisance, samiam, and 
fanzines like the Lookout, 
Cometbus, Absolutely 
Zippo, and Puddle. 

j> 3 F 5658 , miTotHOUJi' 




_ 'IV before Any f bii asshole^!’ ’ 

Check out our current LP/CD releases by: Sandy 
Duncan’s Eye, Bibyland; Dif Ciod Fight, Paper 1 
Tulipa; Popdefect, TVTV$, the Big One LA/SF comp 


A music quarterly with an international focus seeks activity 
reports and regional news items from active individuals and 
companies thoughout the world. 

Send all press and promo materials to: 

PO Box 1428 

New York, NY 10276-1428 


We provide a full worldwide mailorder service, distribution in the US, 
import as well as export to any store /distributor / mailorder company 
all over the world. We're not only the fastest, we also provide the best 
service. Even so everybody here is a music junky, we do work harder 
& more professional than most other independent distributors. We 
like to work with upcoming HC, Thrash, Rock, Alternative, Metal and 
Crossover labels which know what they want and where they are 
going. Teamwork is the key! Please, be patient if you send in samples. 
fp^7 17 N - Elizabeth St. 

Chicago, IL 60607-1911 

’ TP| Damn Nation is an irregularly published politi- 

xmmn cal journal with an anarchist, 1 bertarian, atheist i 

. CCC editorial policy. #2 out in August-articles on 

atheism, anarchist theory /practice, nation-stales, 
rr a view of existence, a short story', record re- 

vtlTOlT views, etc. 24pp. $1.00 ppd.#l still availablc- 

CC $1.00 ppd. Intelligent contributions welcome. 

Vissentma veivs abound No fasc,st malcrial wUI be BandS; 

send vinyl for Iree ad and review, /me editors: 

send Vine of comparative price/length for trade. Distributors: 50% off cover for 
20 copies or more (i.e. 20 for S 10, 30 for $15, etc.). Write for more info. 

' Dave Scfiufz •TO‘Bo\39Q2 •CXfyrtCe 1 Beach , SC *29 57 8 -3902 

we figured out how to do this... 

the machine T s 

inclined plane 

other 7"s and LPS 



tear J erics 




"tool set" cassette series 

J'ortxxrxe coohzie prize 
a beat happening tribute 
benefit LP/CD 


^ machines 

p.o. box 10290 
aldington, va 

..and you can, too. 

send $1.50 for our 
mechanic's guide to 
putting out records 

our AOW OA 

The Masters Of Noise” LP 
featuring: Agathoctes, Anal Cunt. 

— , End Of Silence, Meat Shite and 7 
Minutes Of Nausea. 

More than 40 minutes of afl the 
noise you have ever desired! 

C, Only 1000 oopiea preseed, so 

$ 10.00 PPD for 1 copy, S 60 for 10. 

5.Q.A. KZGOKD 5 

DISRUPT Live 7” 
From the USA. the E.N.T. diecipiee ^ 
are back with 10 grinding tunes O 
from a great gig (supporting 

MetalBca & Quoensryche -17- In __ 
front of 600.000 people). 

Only $3.00 PPD. $5.00 by ak PPD. 

$30.00 for IS oopiosl 


DUlrtbulora, bands, label*. let's trada! 


S.OA. c/o Paolo PetraMa, V. Beethoven 63 , 00144 Rome, Italy 

Slipped Disk Prod. 


only all ages volunteer venue 
since 1990, 214-637-4404 
3430 IRVING BLVD 75247 


P.O. Box 912, E. Northport, NY 11731 

(516) 751-3983 


0 I. M 


Tpl 0 

cc^x*cX Hoea. oe 

c/o 88 



t\ ^ , :r*e fuck did t myself - and am still doing it today!! 

Also known as: alienation and frustration overcome by 
stayed moments of exictation. 

by Aron Naught. 

About five years ago in a cramped, smoky basement 
r e: me ^cuse 0 Voodew, I grew into the underground 
methods of organization and out of mainstream force-feedings. 
E:. oped w fth six-foot ceilings, cheap beer and active minds; my 
and I created a space for ourselves and other weirdos 
"ms basement. Not that it was the most original or righteous 
s jbcfmre, but it did provide a fresh source of entertainment, 
ecjcation and social/political relations beyond the typical 
college crap offered. 

It was weird living in this mid-size college town in southern 
": s called CarbondaTe.The name alone implies a backwords, 
:5:<woods type of environment, and not much was truly going 
cr due to the lack of an urban landscape. Enough pissed-on 
/Dung people existed to do something about it, and with some 
"sc ration from others, I was motivated to create my own 

If I wanted to see butt-stompin' bands such as Neurosis 
e first and best band I ever booked), Plaid Retina, Generation 
/. aste, Victim's Familyor Dissent, then I had to do it myself, or 
~e □ my friends do it. Otherwise, these shows would not have 
:een provided for myself or anyone else in that town who wanted 
m experience the snrill of p^ock, beyond the scope of a 
rouse local bands (Diet Christ R.I.P.J. It was not an 
ego trip but rather a necessity to my reality 

It was an essential time when I finally 
‘-oo< action to alter my existence by flexing 
a r at free will I could muster up and helping 
x ac tate a collective reality through 
Tjsic, distribution of literature, and 
setting up cultural events. Gut of 
Doredom, frustration, and alienation 
mom society we took a serious jab at 
cutting some intensity into an 
ocnerwise mundane environment. 

In other words, I began to "book 
ly own fuckin' life!" instead of bowing 
down, bending over and letting the 
mainstream consumer think tanks 
control my [profane] existence through 
subliminated psycho-sexual t.v. 
idoctrination disguised as a religious 
commodity. Shucking these first corporate 
shackles, i set out upon my way to change the 
way i live, and to inspire others into action. 

Of course, to this day I am still not completely 
^ee of the corporate handcuffs, but creating my own 
reality through the punk scene initially openedmy mind as much 
as anything else ever has. One wrist nas slipped out on its own, 
with the other close behind. Once you’ve kicked that door wide 
:pen, there’s no turning back... 

After graduating from the higher brainwashing edu- 
ndoctri-cation of college, I’m back at it again. Fuck this thang 
authority figures call "tne real world". It’s a world full of endless 
t.meclocks melting your brain into conforming mold of living. I 
chose to get back to mv punk rock basics: putting out another 
publication called Art Flux fl used to do Extortion), starting 
another grassroots musical project, helping put together a 
community center and writing for Profane Existence, amongst 
other things. 

So get off your apathetic ass (as I scream this to myself 
everyday), shake yer boody at the system, do the twist on blind 
consumerism, and act as a catalyst within whatever sort of 
“scene” you choose. All the resources are easily acquired, so 
what the fuck are some folks waitinq for? A nuclear war to make 
them self-sufficient?!! ARRGGHHHn!! 

So until the bomb drops, turning the sky into a deathly 
beautiful array of orange, red, blue and purple hues, I will 
organize my own fuckin existence, thank you!!! 

Homebase can get calls from promoters for you and can 
somehow help you out if say someone in your group gets lost or 
there’s some emergency or other shit that happens. 3. It’s 
worth it to askthe promoter in advance to help you set up a place 
for you to sleep over while you’re in their city, often it’s a living 
room of a local punk. Or ask around that night of the gig. 4“ 
Avoid using credit cards, if you have one, since it's an easy way 
to spend money you don’t have, even though it helps make the 
tour go more smoothly. 5. You don’t usually seem to have much 
to say about how a local promoter promotes your upcoming gig. 
Maybe you can mail them some poster or flyer or record 
(jacket?) to help encourage some distribution or flyers in that 
city. You might askthe promoter about their usual promotion 
activities. Sometimes you get an experienced promoter, 
sometimes it’s a newcomer. 6. To find a promoter initially, read 
this resource zine. Before that it was smart to go through the 
scene reports in MRRs &/or look through other U.S. zines &/ 
or ask punk types you may be in contact with by mail or that you 
otherwise know in other cities about who to get in contact with 
to set up your show in their city, who knows maybe that person 
will help you out. 7. Avoid staying in hotels, it’s obviously more 
expensive and boring, since hanging out with some locals is 
funner than a sterile hotel room. 8. I recommend you avoid fast 
food joints. It seems like the food is cheap but it adds up quick. 
Maybe hit a supermarket and bring a cooler or two along to 
make the cool drinks last. 9. Try to set up the tour in a 
geographically sensible way so you so as little back 
tracking as possible, (duhl. IQ. Being part of a tour, 
even just part of it, can be great, I recommend the 
experience to everyone who has the time etc. 
k 1 1 . It’s nice if you have your own equipment. 
If you borrow some from the local band it’s 
'V-W nice not to break it, which can, of course, 
lead to grief and financial hassles. 12. If you 
can figure out how to do a tour without 
losing money, or know someone who does, 
talk with them, and then tell me how to do 
it. 13. If you want, have someone stay up 
with the driver to cut down on the 
possibility of crashing and dying. 14. Most 
of us liked to take a shower whenever we 
had the opportunity, which was now and 
then. 15. You may as well try to book every 
single day of your tour since some gigs will 
get cancelled for whatever reason. At least 
try to have a gig going each Friday and 
Saturday. 1 6. You might try avoiding the snow 
and it’s problems of winter and watch out for 
overheated engines in summer. 17. There must be 
1000’s of people around who have done this, getting 
contacts and insight from them is usually a plus. 18. If you 
want, try to soundboard record & even video your gigs. 1 9. 
Most people don’t get many opportunities to do tnis, enjoy it, we 
did. 95% of the people we met were qreat, thanks. See ya, 
ChrisBCT, PO Box 16205, San Diego, CA 92176. 

Yes, BCT is still around. 

More of Profane's endless humor: 






Here’s some stuff we learned doing_the Raw Power & 
Riistetyt U.S. tour in 1 984 and the FollowTashion Monkeys & 
Indigesti U.S. tour in 1 986. 1 . Transportation is crucial. If you 
can get a car or van that runs & is dependable as you can get 
it you hopefuljy avoid blown engines etc. Maybe your U.S. band 
has a vehicle? Or you could even buy one used and some band 
fete.) member keeps it after the tour? 2. The phone is a friend 
for setting up gigs as much in advance as possible and for 
continuing to set up gigs as the tour progresses and to stay in 
touch with your homebase, if you find that to be useful. 






G.U.I.D.E. which means Great Useful Independence Diction &